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Part 108: Luca's Soulspace, Level 2 Part 2

: I'm sorry. It's all because of what I said.
: It's not your fault. Here, have some coffee and relax.
: Oh, thanks...
: ...
: Anyway, you're all dressed differently. It suits you pretty well.
: *sigh* See?
: What?
: That just confirms why I don't want to let you in.
: W, what do you mean...
: This only the 2nd level. I can still recognize this level in reality. I mean, it's not like we're dating or anything.
: ...?
: I'm sure you didn't know that I actually like these simple outfits better.
: Oh... I see. I thought you liked all the fancy clothes since you wore them all the time. I never even asked.
: They're all for my work. I'm not wearing them because I like them. What I really like are these basic-colored, easy-to-move-in clothes. I love this mature look.
: I never knew.
: That's what I mean. You see the reason why I don't want you in? We're not even close enough in reality. You should come back after you get to know me there first.
: ...I see. You're right... We're not really that close.
: Well... yeah, but that's what I wanted so it's not a big deal. No like I don't like you.
: So Luca... I want to get to know you better.
: Huh?
: I realized something... that I was never interested in getting to know you. But you mean a lot to me... so I want to get to know you more.
: ...... ...That won't happen.
: What?
: Because I want the relationship we're having right now, where we don't interfere with each other. I will probably still keep rejecting you even after the wall comes down. ...
: That kind of a relationship could be good, but that also means that I can't get any closer to you. I've never thought of it this way... but thinking about it is making me kind of sad.
: ...
: Thanks for the coffee. I should be going now.
: ...Sure.

: Luca... I'm sorry. It's all because of what I mentioned.
: It's not your fault... It was my decision to do that. I thought I could have a Paradigm Shift, and deal with the problems later. But I guess things don't work like that...
: ...
: I had a Paradigm Shift, because I didn't want to disappoint you, but... I didn't want to show you anything in the next level yet... Those two thoughts confused me, and so I created that cube. I can easily break this wall down. But there's also another me in this world... who doesn't want to break this wall. Even if I tried to break the wall down. I'm sure she will come back to stop me.

: I'm sorry, but I came to realize that as long as you're here, there will be problems. That's why I want you to stay away from now on.
: Luca...
: I'm scared that I will disappoint you. I'd rather stay how we are now. Even if I tried to make you happy, I couldn't ensure it wouldn't be like this time around.
: You're not disappointing me at all.
: ...It's not ok with me!
: I talked to Luca in reality. We wanted to acquire stronger magic to make traveling easier.
: I'm sure that Luca doesn't understand how much I'm struggling.
: Luca... I was thinking... Nothing will change if we just sit here...

: I... want to get to know you Luca.
: What!? For... what...?
: I want to protect you.
: ...What are you saying...
: If I could get to know you more, I'll know how to make you happier. Not just protecting you during the battles, but protecting your happiness in daily life.
 Remember how long it took Lyner to get that concept, and now Croix gets this on his own in Dive #2. 
: W, well... it's so sudden...
: I'm sorry, I know I might sound selfish, but I realized it after talking to Luca at the coffee shop. It's easier to go back and leave you alone, but that's kind of sad...
: ...
: I really like Luca. That's why I want to get to know you more. If I left now, I thought I'd never be able to get closer to Luca. I might just annoy you now... but I'll try my hardest to make up for it, so we can live happily together later.
: ...Croix...
: ...I'm sorry for being selfish, but this is my honest feeling now.

: ...Fine. I'll try and take the wall down.
: Really!? You don't need to right now, if you can't.
: Yeah, I mean I wouldn't deny that I'm scared, but you are really important to me. I was kind of expecting it.
: ...What?
: I forced the Paradigm Shift to happen, but that wouldn't be possible if I didn't trust you. I was surprised when it actually happened, and I started thinking you might be the one. It didn't really work very well for long... But I feel like I'm starting to think that I can count on you again.
: I see...
: So let's go take the wall down. I think I can do it now. I'm the one who made it anyway, I should clean up my own mess.
: ...Alright, thank you.

Loading Excerpt: Personal Log, C Bartel
I knew Luca had to take down that wall. Based on what I knew about cosmospheres (which wasn't much, admittedly) I figured it was the task she had to accomplish in this world.

: ...I don't know.
: Croix... I have a favor to ask. I know it's kind of ridiculous. Please... will you accept me even if you see a bad side of me?
I didn't expect that question, though.
: ...Hm?
: ...I don't want to disappoint you. I don't want you to hate me. The Paradigm Shift was a result of that... And taking down this wall... I get a little scared when I'm here. So...despite what the world behind this wall looks like... Will you still accept me?

I had to weigh my options. Right then I was imagining a lot of bad things. I decided I'd try to be realistic.
: Sorry, but I can't promise you that.
: ...I see. I mean I should've known. I'm sorry that I bugged you about it.
: I...
: It's got to be ask you such things.
: I just don't want to give you an answer when I have doubt in myself, because I care about you.
: Huh!?
: But I won't change my mind about accepting you all the time. Is that not enough for you?
: ...Yes, that's fine! Thank you... for thinking that way about me.
I'd like to think I did the right thing there.
: I'll do my best to break the wall! Hehe, I wonder if I can do this... This is my first time making my own magic.
: Oh really...? What about Smiley Girl in the last level...
: Oh, I learned that from my trainer so it's not my original.
: I didn't know that's possible...!
: I know! A lot of therapists actually follow the manuals to acquire magic to use for therapy. The real magic born from their emotions could be dangerous to use for therapy.
: I see.
: So, anyway... hm... I am going to make my first magic!
: Yeah, good luck.
: Okay! Alright, here I go... Yaahhhhhhhh!

: I did it...! I did it!
: Whoa! Good job.
: Hold it right there!

: I knew they were coming...
: Duh! Don't you dare make a mess in my world!
: I'm sorry that I made a mess in your world, but I think I do want Croix to see more. I asked Croix to do this in the first place, so I can help out while we travel. It would be rude to turn him away now. I'm going to take this wall down, take responsibility for what I said to him, and also clean up after what I did.
: ...Alright, fine. How about we see how strong your will is? Try and take this down with that magic, and I will try and protect it with my Brilliant Ring. Whoever has the stronger will should win. Sound fair to you?
: Sure. Alright, I'll do it! Croix... Please, pray with me. Your strong will adds more power to the magic.
: Alright.
: Alright, here I go!
: Bring it!
: Yahhhhhhhh!

Rumble rumble...
: ...!? Brilliant Ring...? No...
: Yes... Croix, we did it! The wall is coming down!
: Yeah! Luca... you did it!
: No... so des that mean I wanted this to happen deep inside...!?
: So it seems! Looks like my will was stronger. I'm sorry but that means in total, Luca's will is to take Croix in.
: I... guess that's how it is.
: Really...?
: Yep. The battle between two wills is like a dilemma inside your heart. Your wish must have moved my heart.
: Whoa!
: Oh no! We'll be buried under the wall if we stay here!
: Let's run!
Magic [Chilling Song: Lv 3] "Snowy Flower" acquired!

: We need to head to Stonehenge then.

: Oh? You're... Where's the other Luca...?
: She went back to her world. THis world is supposed to be mine to start with.
: Oh, alright.
: ...Are you worried about doing this with me?
: What? No...
: Don't worry! We already made a decision, remember. If the total opinion of Luca is to let you in, then I'll have to agree to that too.
: I see.
: Well, I kind of changed my mind half way through anyway.
: What!?
: Honestly, I didn't think it was possible. I thought that other Luca didn't want you to go on either, even though she was saying she wanted you to. I'm sure that was true, too. She wouldn't have made this wall if she didn't care. But you broke this down. You know, this is like a miracle.
: Oh, I didn't know that...
: Yep!
: I wanted to say something too. I don't know what I'm going to see from here on, so I can't promise anything, but I will never hate you. I might be shocked, or mad, but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to accept you.
: O, okay...
: What's wrong? Is that bad...?
: Oh no... but um... I was just trying to imagine you being mad, since I've never see you get angry...
: Oh, you're right.
I just have a tendency to stay calm.
: Hopefully... you won't get mad... That kind of scares me...
: I see... Well, I won't get mad for no reason. If I do... it will probably be because I like you a lot...
: ...Oh? Oh, okay! Yeah, I'll think about that, too. Hehe!
: ...
: Thanks for everything. Sorry I made you worry so much. But now I know that I want this for sure. I don't know what the next level is going to be like... but I'll just pray that it will be nice for you!
: Yeah, sure.
: Hehe, thanks! Well, I'm going now.
: Alright.
: Well, good for you, hey! I didn't think she would let you in, hey.
: I believe in her. I knew what she wanted, so I just needed to tell her my feelings.
: Ohh, so you love her.
: Um, maybe...
: Yes you do! You're making me blush here, hey... Anyway it won't be like this once you go deeper. Flirt around while you can, hey.
: R, really...?
: Okay, okay, that's it for now! You don't have anything else to do, so go back already!

I'm a little worried. Luca's cosmosphere has already tried to kill me once, if it gets worse... I don't want to think about that.

 If you're wondering about the "Unholy Error" thing, that's a reference to a piece of software I used in High School. It represents an error the developer never expected a user to see. 

Talk topic: Dive #2
Note that this uses a different recording method. How does it look?

: Yeah, unless you don't want me to... Why?
: Oh, yeah... ...I suddenly feel a bit scared...
: Really...
: It's weird, isn't it? I've already experienced a paradigm shift twice. I should be used to it by now.
: You don't need to force yourself to let me Dive. If you don't want to do this, please tell me so.
: ...To be honest, I'm afraid of showing myself to you any more. So, maybe, I don't want to... I'm not quite ready for you to know what I've never revealed to anyone else about me...
: ...Luca, no matter what I get to know about you, I won't like you less.
: ...... ...Did you tell that to me in my Cosmosphere?
: ...I don't know.
: Hey... ...But, I believe you.

Talk topic: Costume #1
: Ah, I have a question about a costume...
: Costume? The one you're wearing now?
: No. Well... Transform!

: Ah, the bartender costume? Don't you like it?
: No, I really like the costume, but... But...
: I think it looks good on you.
: ...Well, I'm an under-age girl. I don't know if I like it when you tell me the bartender costume looks good on me.
Luca is 19. Unless the drinking age in Japan is 21, I'm not sure what to make of this conversation - did the translation team rewrite it wholesale?
: ......
: It is illegal for you to even drink alcohol so it might not be the best outfit.
I'm sure there's someone (BlondeRobin?) who could answer this.