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Part 109: Luca's Soulspace, Level 3

Loading Excerpt: Personal Log, C Bartel
: Luca wanted me to dive before the ceremony. I think she was trying to take my mind off Lady Cloche. Also perhaps get my mind on her.


: Heeey! How amazing! I knew there was a world out here!
: Luca took down the wall in the last level... but I didn't know there was another in the back.
: Well, she can't show you everything from the beginning, right? Isn't it right?
: Yeah, you're right. We can work on it little by little.
: That's right!

: Oh... you are...!? Are you from the Eastern Village?
: Me? I'm just from the outside world...
: Why would I believe that. I'm going to capture you and make you confess your wrongdoings.
: N, no, wait a second! You got it all wrong!
: Wait! Mayor Fuglycool!
: Mayor Fuglycool...!?

: This person is my friend. He is not from the Eastern Village.
: Oh is that right... Well, excuse me and my rude attitude.
: ...She's so trusted.
: Yes, or course. She is our savior! She's helped us survive our poverty. She taught us a magic to open the key to the food storage in the Eastern Village.
: Oh no, I didn't do that much! Everyone's health is my number one priority!
: Oh, you great magic caster! You're so generous. The people in the Eastern Village need to be more like you.
: ...Heh, hehe...
: We're so poor and we can't give anything in return... but please keep helping us.
: Oh, sure! Seeing everyone doing well is my happiness!
: Oh, I don't even know how to express my appreciation! You are our savior! Our hero!
: ...She's so popular...

: Hm...? A stranger. Who are you?
: Oh? Me? Um, I'm here from the outside world...
: Could you... be from the Western Village!?
: The Western Village...? No!
: So suspicious. I'll need to take you to ask you some questions.
: H, hold on! You're not making any sense!
: If I'd known then I'd be nearly executed by Alfman over rescuing Cocona, it might have made more sense.
: Wait! Mayor Vortexal!
: Mayor Vortexal...!?
: Well, well! The great magic caster, Luca! So glad to see you.
: That person is not from the Western Village. He is my friend.
: Oh is that right. Well, excuse me then. I will welcome you.
: ...Looks like you're being treated pretty well. Luca... what are you doing?
: Master Luca is a very intelligent and great magic caster for this village. She can solve any problem. She made a bomb to blow up the hated Western Village for us the other day.
: What...!? She made what...!?
: Heh, hehe! I will do anything to help! I live to see everyone smile!
: Oh, the great magic caster! If you like, please come over to my house again, so we may treat you with a banquet!
: Thank you very much!
: ...Luca, she's so popular. But making bombs...huh?

: Luca... are you okay!?
: Hey Croix......I can't stand this life... I'm going to sleep...
: Are you tired...?
: Of course... It requires so much care.
: Yeah, you're so popular. Both villages are calling you the great magic caster.
: Uh huh. The two villages don't get along at all. It's so stressful to visit them.
: I was just wondering, since you're doing favors to both villages...are they okay with that?
: ...Of course not. If they found out about it, it would be horrible. That's why I'm so tired!
: Well, you should stop doing that then, right?
: I can't! If I don't they will stop respecting me. I want to be the magic caster that everyone loves! I don't want anyone to hate me.
: That... might be kind of difficult...
: That's why I'm working so hard. It's paying off for now, so I don't care.
: So why do you care so much about being likeable to everyone?
: Because... Oh? It's a guest. Hello!
: Excuse me, the great magic caster, master Luca.
: Mayor Fuglycool! What's the matter? It's so late.
: I have a great favor to ask of you. I don't know of anyone else who could help me with this.
: ...Alright! Anything I can do!
: Thank you so much. I'm so glad you're so helpful. Well, our village has been suffering a major food shortage. We were able to temporarily relieve that when you told us about the storage room in the Eastern Village... That was just a temporary solution... People are still dying of starvation everyday.
: Oh, is htat so...
: I actually found out about something amazing, and that will save our village.
: ...What is it?
: I heard of a Food Spirit at the End of the World. It apparently lives inside of a wooden chest.
: A Food Spirit...?
: If we have that "Food Spirit", we will never have to suffer from a food shortage. If you could, by using your great power, bring that spirit over to our village. If you could do that, you will be a legendary hero of our Western Village.
: What!? Really...!?
: Yes, of course! Please, save us!
: Of... of course! That would be just a piece of cake.
: Thank you so much! I will be preparing for a great prize for you, once you get back with it! Well then, I'm counting on you.
: ... *Sigh*...
: Hey... are you sure? That kinda sounded like a very irrational decision.
: Oh, I'm sure it will be fine. It's like that every time.
: ...Oh.
: Magic casting is just a cheap business. If no one counted on me, I would just be a normal girl. I need people to like and depend on me. I would go out of business if people hated me.
: Everything should be fine if only Eastern Village shared their food with Western Village.
: This sure seemed less complicated than the real life conflict between Alfman and Chester's factions.
: You're right, but... things don't work out so easily sometimes.
: ...
: Here, no time to waste. Let's head to the wall.
: Am I going too?
: Why not. It's not like you have something else to do, right?

: Despite Luca being more active than Cloche, my natural walking pace is a bit faster than hers, and I got ahead of her.
: Hm? Is someone there...?

: ...?
Unproblemize: No problem... No problem...
: E, excuse me... What are you doing?
Unproblemize: Oh, you are...? Are you from the outside?
: Um, I guess you can call me that... and you are?
Unproblemize: I'm just someone who likes gardening. Call me Mizune.
: Mizune...? WHat are you doing spraying water here?
I have no idea if Mizune/Unproblemize is NISA or what. She says to call her Mizune, but the dialog box labels her Unproblemize.
Unproblemize: Well, this wall... is very plain and dry, so I was thinking about planting flowers. I think it will look very beautiful, and less intimidating. Don't you agree?
: Yeah, you're right...
Unproblemize: I'm glad you agree with me! DO you want to help me grow the flowers on the wall here?
: Oh, sure. What do you need me to do?
Unproblemize: I need your will power. I just need you to pray for the beautiful flowers to grow, while I spray the water.
: Oh, yeah that's nothing.
Unproblemize: Thank you very much. Well, I will begin watering. No problem... No problem...

Unproblemize: No problem... No problem...
: .......
: I was starting to get a little creeped out, but also a little curious.
Unproblemize: That's all. I fell like beautiful flowers will start growing here.
: Alright...I'm glad. But why are you saying "no problem" while you're watering the wall?
Unproblemize: Well...I wonder why? I don't know, either.
: Oh, really... That's strange...
Unproblemize: Anyway, thank you. I'm going to keep watering for a little bit.
: Okay, good luck.
Unproblemize: Yes, thank you.
Magic [Easy Chorus: Lv 1A] "No Problem" acquired!

: ...Where is Mizune? I wonder where she went?
: Who? Anyway, let's call taht "Food Spirit" out.
: How do you do that?
: With our will. We will summon it with our will!
: R, really...?
: We will send our will like this... "Come out... Come out... Come out..." Here, you do it too.
: Oh, okay...
: Okay, ready!
Come out! Come out! The Food Spirit!
Come out! Come out! The Food Spirit!
: ....

: Yes! We did it!
: Yeah, good job.
: You're the Food Spirit, right? I have a favor to ask. I want you to come to the Western Village with me.
Spotty Tie: Um, I don't mind that... but...
: But?
: That's our village's guardian.
: M, mayor Vortexal!
: Master Luca, this is too bad. I didn't think you were with the Western Village... and trying to steal our guardian on top of that.
: N, no! This is all a mistake! I was threatened by the mayor of Western Village... and...
: ...L, Luca...!?
: Plus, I didn't even know that this was the guardian of the Eastern Village!
: Oh I see... Well that's a relief. I knew you wouldn't do such a thing.
: Heh, hehe! Of course not! Anyway, excuse me now!

Croix: Naturally, things are never easy in here.

: The mayor of Western Village probably knew that, and was just testing you.
: Do you think so...?
: Well, you should interrogate him.
: N, no! I can't do that...
: Well, you can't keep doing what you're doing forever...
: Ugh! I know that! But I told you why I can't stop doing this! You don't know what I'm going through!
: Luca! ...This isn't good...

: Luca...?

: If I take the spirit, the Eastern Village will hate me, and if I don't the Western Village will hate me... I worked so hard to build up the trust I have...
: Luca... why do you want everyone to like you so much? I think you're going too far with it.
: You've never been in customer service, so you wouldn't understand. You don't know what it's like to lose your best customer, or how hard it is to earn the trust of another one. No matter how hard it is, I'm not supposed to be rude to the customers!
: ...I see. I agree with you on that. looks like you've forgotten something more important than that.
: What...? What is that...?
: To be honest with yourself. That is... I didn't say being a people-pleaser was a bad thing. It's always good to be dependable. You can still choose to be a good person. And you'll feel more satisfied in the end...
: ...What do you mean?
: I think you can be more honest about your feelings, don't you think so too? It's important that people like you too, but you shouldn't hold yourself back and do things that you don't want to.
: ...
: I think you should try to be the person who you think is great. It would be a lot different but you can still please people.
: ...I see. You're right. I can't just keep worrying about being disliked. It would be better if I could just say what I really want to say. I always cared about protecting myself...because I loved myself.
: I should have considered that an early warning. Writing this after the events of today, it seems I really should pay more attention to things.
: Now that I think about it, I know there is a part of me that's not like that.
: What do you mean...?
: Isn't it best for everyone to be happy? If I don't have anything to lose, I'd rather make everyone happy. I think it's worth it to try that!
: ...Yeah.
: Good! I'm glad you agree with me! Alright! Well I'm going to go steal the Food Spirit for everyone's happiness!
: What...!? Really!?
: Yep, that's right! Let's go!
: ...I wonder what she came up with.

Spotty Tie: Oh? You again?

Spotty Tie: A conclusion?
: Yep, a conclusion. I'm going to take you out of here.
Spotty Tie: ...What!?

: Master Luca! What are you doing!
: Crap! Croix, let's run!
: Oh, alright!
Magic [Easy Chorus: Lv 2] "Rolling Riceball" acquired!

Spotty Tie: No, where am I?

Spotty Tie: Huh? But...
: Hello!
: Madame Luca, how do ...Is that!?
:, this is-
: Madame Luca! Excellent! That is the Food Spirit! Thank you very much! I am going to offer it to our village...
: No, you can't have it.
: What do you mean?
: Mayor Fuglycool, you knew that this Food Spirit belonged to the Eastern Village, didn't you?
: ...!
: That was a dirty trick you pulled, not telling me...
: Oh,
: I fell like you were taking me for granted... Since I always do favors for you with a smile, you thought you could just lie to me.
: Oh, no, that's not...
: Madame Luca, what's going on!?
: ...!

: Running away with our guardian? This is unacceptable.
: Um...I... I...
: It was obvious her resolve was wavering. She had never stood up for herself to this extent.
: Luca, go on and tell them. You know what you want to do and become, right? Try to make it happen! Don't worry, you can do it!
: Mayor Vortexal! I want you to share the food that this Food Spirit produces with the Western Village!
: Why?
: ...If this situation continues, something like this will happen again! I always wanted to look good and have everyone like me. That's all that I cared about. I was scared I'd become a bad person.. I'm not even sure if I should be saying this...
: .....
: But no one will be happy if I don't speak up now. I just can't stand it anymore. I hate seeing your two villages fighting all the time. If I'm gonna be a people-pleaser, I'm going to do it by helping them from now on!
: What are you talking about!?
: Stop saying all this nonsense, and hand me that spirit!
: I'm not giving it to either one of you, I'll take care of it from now on, and distribute the food equally!
: ...What!?
: What do you mean?
: Well, the reason the Western Village attacks the Eastern Village is for food, and then comes the retaliation. If the food was equally divided, there wouldn't be any battles. That's why I asked Mayor Vortexal to share the food. But you declined to, so I'm gonna handle it myself.
: What gives you the right to control the Food Spirit!?
: I should ask you the same thing. You can't take all the food from the spirit and not share any of it. So, do you both understand how this is gonna work?
: Heh, I'm not convinced!
: Please hand it over to our village!
: No! Whichever village complains will miss a meal today!
: ugh!
: How disappointing...
: Well...I have no choice. THe Food Spirit is here now.
: ...Well, I'm okay with it as long as we'll have more food.
: You better handle this right! Don't bother our people!
: We're counting on you. Please excuse me now...
: *sigh*
: Luca, you did it...
: Yeah. It was nerve-wracking, but I feel better now! I was always holding myself back. Sure, it's important to be nice to everyone... But I can't do everything someone tells me. That's what I learned from this.
: That's good.
: Yep! It's not so bad to follow my heart when I'm making people happy! I was trying too hard before, Croix. Thanks for opening my eyes!
: You did all the work. And you did a great job by talking to the two mayors.
: Hehe...

: Congratulations! Yay! Yay! If you can cause 10 Paradigm Shifts, you'll receive the grand prize!
: Really? That sounds kind of suspicious.
: Shhhh!

: ...Oh no! I've forgotten something really important!
: What is it!? Luca....
: I need to make the food to provide to the villages.
: What...!? Well, the Paradigm Shift is already happening...
: No! I promised that I will be providing the food. I won't forget about it, so let's go back home for now!
: Oh, alright...

: Alright, let's hurry up and make something! I can't break my promise!
Spotty Tie: What are you making?
: My best recipe! I'll teach you what is, so you can make them on your own!
Spotty Tie: Okay!
: What kind of food are you making?
: I've seen food cooked by Luca when I was younger. It's the reason I no longer fear death.
: Just watch. It's a really easy gourmet recipe!
: Really easy, huh?
: Oh yeah! I need them to taste it, too. Croix, can you bring the two mayors over here?
: Uh, sure, okay. At least I don't have to taste it...
: All done!
Spotty Tie: This is it?
: Luca, I brought them.
: I heard that the food is done. We came to see it.
: Our people have gourmet tastes. It'll be hard to please them.
: Maybe you're short on food because you eat too much...
: Don't worry! I'm proud of this! Tada!

: I call it "Chalon de Trois"!
: What in the...?
: How...revolting.
: This is witch food...
: Here, taste it!
: Oh,, Mayor Fuglycool. Eat up!
: Oh no, I couldn't possibly try it before you.
: Stop fighting and eat it already! Don't worry, there's enough to go around!
: Oh... I would've agreed to share the food if I had known that this was going to happen...
: Serves you right. But now we have to put up with this, too.
: Well, Mr. up.
: Y-yes. Let's eat this together. In three....
: Two!
: One!
: ......
: .......

: Mwaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
: Ughhaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
: ...I kinda feel sorry for them.
Magic [Easy Chorus: Lv 1B] "Easy Fullcourse" acquired!

: Everyone would've starved to death if I didn't!
: I think they would've been better off if you had just forgotten about it...
: Croix, thanks for everything. I fell like I'm allowed to speak up more...
: That's great.
: I thought it was easier to just go along with the crowd, but it turns out that's harder than it looks. Plus, I feel so much better being able to speak out.
: I guess that makes my visit here worthwhile.
: Yep... Well, I should be going now...
: Alright.
: ...Things are getting deeper and deeper. I wonder what's next? It's making me a little nervous...
: It'll be fine. I'll accept you, no matter what.
: Obviously, this was before that business in the jail.
: ...Okay! Hehe, I feel a little better. Well, see ya!
: ......
: That food looked crazy!
: The best thing that happened this time was that I didn't have to eat it...
: I know! Those two guys saved you...
: Yeah, I know...

Talk Topic: Costume #2
: By the way, the new costume...
: The new costume?
: Okay... ...Tra-transforum!
: This costume...
: Ah, that one? It looks heavy.
: It is heavy and hot. It's not the best costume to wear when I create Song Magic. Besides, its shoes have thick soles. I easily trip over, so I can hardly concentrate on Song Magic...
: Sounds like there are too many cons, huh? Okay, you should change your costume.

Talk Topic: Dive #3
: Hey, Croix, you made me have a Paradigm Shift again.
: Ah, yeah, barely...
: What's wrong? Was it too much trouble this time?
: Yeah, I had a big issue at the end this time. ...If they hadn't sacrificed themselves for me, I wouldn't be here alive.
: ...They?
: I just had a lot of trouble. So, do you feel any different?
: Yeah, well... I used to suppress myself from expressing my true feelings. I couldn't say "No" to people who asked me for help. I was concerned about their opinions about me...
: Yeah, I can see that. I could even tell you were trying to act like everyone's friend.
: You're right. That was the way I was. By being that way, I could live without enemies. However, I feel I shouldn't act friendly to everyone just to defend myself. I should respect myself more, and I still can be friends with everyone.
: Yeah...That's right.
: I'm glad you understand me. If I am that way forever, I'll eventually hurt myself badly. I started to feel scared. I might have accepted some unworthy request and been taken advantage of by a bad person. I'm glad I realized I should change. Thank you Croix. It's all thanks to you.
: ...Anyway, I'm glad, too.