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Part 11: Chapter 10: Darkness Part 2

The I.P.D. Labs, the Grand Bell's dirty little secret. I'd never imagined the scale of the place, and searching it was proving to be a real hassle. It was pure luck that we heard a familiar voice deep within the facility.


That voice!
I'm okay now!
Knight: You're not okay! Just calm down!
Let her go!

None of us hesitated, not even Croix or Lady Cloche. One thing we could all agree on was that Cocona didn't belong in this horrible place.

Why... is Cocona here?
While you were passed out, she went I.P.D. positive.
What I wanna know is... isn't it kinda bad to beat up your own comrades?
Rescuing Cocona is more important at this point.
I think Cocona's more of the girlfriend type.

I thought when I finally found the I.P.D. Labs everything was going to be fine again. I thought I'd rush in and save Leyka from the terrible place they were keeping her.

Uh, Luca?
Leyka... It does say Leyka!
Leyka! Leyka!
???:*sob * *whimper *
Someone's crying...?
???: Who... are you?
It's not her...
Who are you?
Girl: I was moved here the other day. My name isn't Leyka.
Then... where's the girl who used to be in this room?
Girl: She died... At least that's what I overheard.
I bet they did a lot of experiments on her. They said this room is for high level I.P.D.s.
They said high level I.P.D.s like me and that Leyka girl are rare...
Leyka... Was killed...

It had simply never entered my mind that in the intervening years Leyka might be gone. My entire life had led up to this, and what had it been for? Nothing. And things only got worse.

Amarie... So, you were a spy of the Sacred Army after all.
No wonder they were never far behind. You traitor!
The Grand Bell is tearing this world apart. I can't allow that.
The outbreak rate is ten times that of ten years ago, and the capturing of high density I.P.D.s...
You claim to be helping I.P.D.s, but instead you're cultivating them.
Just to make soldiers for your war against the Goddess!
Captain... Is this... true?
Are you gonna take Cocona back?
No. You can take Cocona with you.
But in return, you can't tell anyone about this... Understood?

I'm really not proud of what happened next.

Don't even try to deny it. After all, you are in charge of the Grand Bell.
I've heard your speeches about going to war against the Goddess.
All those times... banding the people together, but your real power laid here.
These people can be cured with Dive Therapy.
Of course you had to make that illegal, so you could exploit their sickness.
You sicken me...
You killed my little sister...
You killed Leyka!
Everything you've said is a lie! You've betrayed everyone's trust!
I can't believe I ever though you were nice!
You don't protect this world, deceiver!

I've allowed you to speak your mind, but what do you know about politics?
If you think honesty will solve this problem, you couldn't be more wrong!
You will never understand my pain and suffering!
I mean...
Haven't you noticed any differences since you started being praised as the real Goddess Maiden?
If you were legitimate, what would you do?
All that I have done has been for the people, even when I knew it was wrong.
Do you know what that means? Do you understand how painful that is?
So you found out a sibling died... Is that any reason to treat us differently?
It doesn't give you the right to judge us and claim the title of Goddess Maiden!
I never claimed that!
I just... wanted you to understand how I feel!
Why should I when you don't have the slightest clue how I feel?
I hate you!

I threw the present she'd given me to the ground. They took us down to the prison block and locked us up.


...Cheer up, Luca.
If there's anything I can do, just tell me.
...What am I supposed to do at a time like this?

I've regretted what came next every day since, and I'll keep regretting it until the day I die.

Just stop.
I'm tired.
Of what?
Pretending there's something between us.
...That's pretty harsh.
To be honest, I never even really liked you.
I was only using you to sneak into the Grand Bell so I could find Leyka.
I became a Dive Therapist because it pays a lot.
I helped you get to Pastalia so that I could live with you there...
With your access to restricted areas, sticking with you was my best bet at finding her.
...I just rode that bet all the way to the end.

There's nothing quite like pushing away everyone who might care about you for making a bad time even worse. Croix quickly recovered, and boy did he come out swinging.

Wait, you were lying to me all along!? You don't really like me!?
Hell no! Even if you were my childhood friend, this is way over the line!
You can't play with people's emotions like that!
Shut up! Just... be quiet. I'm tired...
Don't tell me what to do! You better stop acting like this or...

Of course not... Can't you see?
...What's wrong? Are you sick?
You talk about your feelings and all, but in the end, they only go so far. Hehehe...
What are you talking about now...?
Did you forget...?
It's almost time...
...The life extending agent?
Do you have one? I'll...
Don't bother. I can put it in by myself...
Luca! Don't push it!

It's not like it's his first time or anything, right?
Actually, I've never done it with her before.
What? You guys were taking this dating thing really slow.
I think you need to get closer. It's kind of hard to put it in.
Alright, here goes.
It's done.
Thank you.
...Did it... hurt?

Well, it didn't look like it hurt...
Why? Because I didn't scream? Trust me, it always hurts.
Screaming's just a waste of energy.
*gasp * ...Do you like it better when you make us scream?
...What are you talking about?
...Just kidding.

Go find yourself a real boyfriend.
Don't worry, I get your message loud and clear. And I'm not a stalker.
Knight: Croix Bartel, get out.
Hey, Luca...
I know this isn't the best place to say this but, wanna come to our side?
You saw how the Grand Bell works. What's there to think about?
...It's okay.
Is it because you wanna stay on Croix's side? That can't be right.
You just dumped him. You're twisted.

...Wow! Then, why did you say all that?
It was...
All of it was true...
But you like him, right?
You are beyond twisted...
Knight: Keep it down in there!

My day still had room to go down, somehow.

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
You ever had one of those days? You know, the sort where you find out you're working to help some diabolical plot and your girlfriend never liked you and was just using you to try and find her sister? Those days really suck. Anyway Leglius had me sprung from jail, he had an offer to make.


...So why'd you do it?
The Grand Bell is out to punish you severely. But I can't let them do that.
We can chalk this up as a training incident.
You bring hope to the knights...
Of all our knights, you're the most powerful and skilled. Not to mention you're loyal and honest.
I have high hopes that you'll be my successor one day.
Don't say it. Everyone knows, and it's something nobody wants.
However... to maintain this world, we must rely on this drastic measure.
The Grand Bell will excuse your conduct under one circumstance, which also coincides with my wishes.
Croix, you are to protect Lady Cloche until our war with the Goddess is over.
And you shall lead us to victory.
That's our only condition. You can decide for yourself.

During that time, you're free to move around the Grand Bell.
If you agree, come find me and let me know.
Leave this place before I find out...
I'll think about it.
Oh, and by the way...
Lady Cloche wanted to see you.
Looks like she sees much in you. Go to her room.
Yes sir...

Lady Cloche had clearly been crying for quite some time when I entered.

Don't you know you should always knock before entering a lady's room!?
I did... about 30 times.
...When that fails, you should cautiously announce yourself!
I did, about 8 times.
Forget it... Please state your business.
Lady Cloche, were you crying?
Don't be silly! Why would I ever cry?
...I'm sorry about what Luca said.
Why are you apologizing for her?
...Because I feel like crap.
I knew... And I helped them do it anyway.
I don't need Luca to tell me that our plan is soaked in blood...
But it's the only way we can defeat the Goddess.
I had no choice. I'm the symbol of the Grand Bell. I'm the Goddess Maiden.

Honestly, it'll all be worth it once we create our land...
I bet you thought I was heartless...
No, that's not true.
It's okay. You don't have to be nice.
I've never had the luxury of having someone to lean on for support.
No one can truly understand how I feel.
I'm the Maiden of Disaster. I shouldn't even be allowed to exist...
I'm not the daughter of the previous Goddess Maiden, Lady Arshe.
But I didn't even know that until now. They tricked me as well...
I've always been alone. Now, and forever...
Lady Cloche...

But we can no longer talk to Her. We don't understand each other.
So I will take all of our sins, and kill Her...
I've been soaked in blood. I was born to take the blame...
I'm prepared for it. I knew this was going to happen.
But... I'm not doing this because I want to!
Please tell me... How can I create a paradise for everyone...
How can I save this world from its terrible fate...

I stayed a short while, until she stopped crying. I excused myself and went down to the cell block to see how Cocona was doing.

I'm so glad! I thought I was gonna have to live there forever.
You know, not everyone's allowed to leave yet.
A little courtesy would be obliged!
They won't let you out?
I asked them, but they said no.
They said they let me out because of your trust in me.
...I see.
Wait, where's Luca!?
Oh, some weird old geezer took her away a while ago.
A weird old geezer...?
Anyway, we need to do something about Amarie.

She was oddly unconcerned by her present plight.

I'll sit back and wait for my charming prince to arrive.
But of course I'm not referring to you.
You seem pretty calm, but they can still kill you if they want. We have to do something...
Stop worrying about me, and start worrying about Luca.
That old man was Alfman's personal advisor.
What!? ...Sorry, but I need to find Luca.
I'll be back.
Yeah, yeah. I won't hold my breath.


The Heaven's Descent that Chester performed... Are you telling me it wasn't a trick?
No, not at all.
This girl is the true 33rd. She is Cloche, daughter of the late Lady Arshe.
Which means she is the Goddess Maiden...
Do you still have doubts?
It is rather hard to believe.
We have been on a hopeless search for the Goddess Maiden for these past 18 years.
Granted it was quite difficult to do so without alerting the public...
That's why I want to doubt this claim.
If you say this average girl is that maiden, there must be some proof of it.
Then let me give you such proof.
D Cellophane is installed in this girl, proving she is legitimate. Allow me to demonstrate.
What are you doing!?

En chsee fwal fwal yor
Exec adrone x
Oter Freria_Unsul_Solmarta
Why...? Why such terrible...?
Convinced? I'm sure it's your first time seeing D Cellophane.
Proof of the true maiden, the crystal that can contact the Goddess, and access Her Divine Power.
We have finally found the Goddess Maiden.
We're one step closer to creating Metafalica.
However, if we attempt to create Metafalica now, it'll be no different than 400 years ago!
First, we must win our war against the Goddess!
This world may fall at any time! We must defeat Her as soon as possible...
...The time has come.
Call the Maiden of Disaster immediately.
We are going to war!

I ran into Luca outside of the main hall. I'm not sure what had happened to her but she looked terrible.

Are you alright?
Why do I have to go through all of this?
I just wanted to live with Mom and Leyka, like a normal family.
I never wanted to be a part of high society.
Luca, what happened?

Out of nowhere that weird blue wolf appeared.

Calm down. We're travel companions, remember?
Don't stare at me, kid. I only came to rescue our Holy Maiden.
Lady, come with me. We'll patch this world back together by walking alongside the Goddess.
Croix, I can't stand this place anymore.
I'm going with Amarie.
Would you like to come with us, young one? It's a tough decision but you better make it fast.
We'll be happy to take you, but I honestly don't care.
But, someone wishes to extend you a warm welcome.
If you feel up for it, we'll wait for you at the Grand Terrace.
Come before dawn. If you don't... we'll assume you're an enemy.
I hope to see you again.

So that's where I'm at. How the hell did it come to this? I'm so damned tired. I'll figure it out in the morning.

Screw it. There was never a choice.

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