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Part 112: Luca's Soulspace, Level 5 Bonus Content

Wdarkk's shouts from the fourth wall: Alternate Paths
There are three alternate paths throught Luca's cosmosphere. I decided to make the most JAPAAAAAN one canonical for this LP. Although you'd think there would be four paths based on those two choices, you'd be wrong. If you don't give Cloche seeds you get the path above.

Alternate Path 1: Don't Throw Bag / Give Cloche Seeds
The second of the three slightly lower quality vids.
...Okay, so we have the total! The person who had the most is... Me, with 482 seeds! And the person with the least amount is... Croix, with 34 seeds!
That's not fair! You know so much more about this place than we do! Boo!
That's right! I was just wandering around aimlessly at first!
Hey, hey, quiet down! A promise is a promise! Croix, you will have to do whatever I tell you to!
Dammit! this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Fine...what is it?
Hehehe... Okay, follow me into the cottage!

Whoa...I can't see anything.
Are you ready? Umm...hold me tight.
What was that!?
You promised, remember? You have to do what I say.
Yeah, I remember... does it feel?
Um...well...I don't know. Why am I doing this?
Because I told you to!
Well, yeah but...are you file with this? It's more like you're doing a favor for me...
How so?
By the order you're giving to me.
Well, of course! I'm a Dive Therapist aren't I?
Therapists are supposed to bring out the hidden desires of their clients. We're not supposed to just do whatever our clients ask. Every therapist is supposed to question and observe their clients, and seek out their real desires.
And this is my desire? You've gotta be kidding.
Well, didn't you just say that this was like doing a favor for you?
Just relax. This is an imaginary world. It's not going to affect reality in any way whatsoever. The real Lady Cloche and Cocona will never know about this, either. You're free to do whatever you want, so enjoy yourself. It'll help you in real life, too.
There's so much stress and pressure in real life. If you take it back with you to reality, it'll cause a big mess and you'll never turn back to normal. But if you take care of it here, it'll be disposed of quietly.
...Luca, do you do this with other people?
no! I can promise you that! I can even show you proof. I'm only doing this for you. I wouldn't do it for anyone else.
But, you said this is your job...
...I'm sorry. I was lying to myself. I was too embarrassed to tell you the truth. I want you to hold me for my own desires.
Croix, I love you. Please hold me tighter... Umm, I... I collected all those Kururuku seeds so that I could do this with you... Hehehe... Sorry.
I'm so happy...
Me, too...

Alternate Path 2: Throw Bag / Give Cloche Seeds
The last of the three slightly lower quality vids.
...Okay, so we have the total! The person who had the most is... Croix, with 325 seeds! And the person with the least amount is... Me, with 45 seeds... Me!? Really!?'ll do whatever I ask you?
Wait, taht's cheating! You threw my seeds away!
There wasn't any rule against that. A promise is a promise. Now listen to me...
...... Fine, what is it?
Free Luca from those rose vines.
You have to do whatever I say, right?
...Fine. Now I know more about you, so it was a good therapy exercise.
How's that?
Never mind. Alright, let's make those Kururuku balls!
Hey! Aren't you going to free Luca?
OF course I will. I never break a promise, and that includes the one I made earlier. Don't you remember my first promise? I'll let her go when we're done playing.
That was the first promise I made, so it has first priority, right?
We just have to make Kururuku balls and eat them. We'll be done after that.
Alright, fine... Let's go.

Wdarkk's Fourth Wall Shouting Redux
Yeah, failure is the only option there. Croix just can't win, even if he wins. They don't even give you a third picture for that.
Here's the conversations Cloche and Luca have if you don't do what I did in the narrative, and what happens when you pick Luca for your ending girl.

Lady Cloche, if you want you can take half of mine...
No! I will not take a hand out just because I can't find my own!
No, no... I just don't want you to lose. It's a long story... I just can't tell you why... but please, take this. I can go find more.
...W, well... Fine... Looks like you ahve something going on... I don't mind taking them if you say so.
Oh, I'm glad...! Thank you!
Anyway, how can these seeds turn into something that tastes good? Well, I'm heading to the cottage now.
Okay. Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
*sigh* I don't think she'll come in last with that many seeds...

<sad music starts in>
...Croix... what are you doing...? What are you doing!
There's no time for this. I want you to free Luca from the rose vines.
Why...? I promised you I would after we play! I was gonna keep the promise... why... why are you... You're so mean... Croix... *sob*
 Luca's primary social defense is to make the other person feel like a total asshole. 
I worked so hard to collect them... I thought it would be so fun to eat Kururuku balls together... I ran around to find them so we can all eat as much as we want... *sob* *sob*
...I'm sorry.
...Gh! *sob* Fine..fine... I don't care anymore... I can just go find more again... It's all gone... but I can go find them again. I want you to eat good Kururuku balls.
I'm sorry for freaking out... but you apologized so I'll let it go. I know... I'm sure you're worried about that Luca... She's bleeding and getting weak...
I'm sure she's in so much more pain than me... so I'll do my best too. You can go get some more Kururuku seeds too and then we can eat them, so we can go save Luca, ok?
Okay, I'll be back! I might be late, but just wait for me at the cottage!

This is one of the good movies.
Are you sure? Do you really feel that way?
...Yes, of course.
Do you know what those words really mean?
Like I've already mentioned, you need to commit your life to this once you've chosen to step in.
And you decided to...
So that means you will accept me as I am, no matter what.
If you ever reject me...I will never be able to become my normal self. Do you understand that?
Yes... I considered all that, and this is the decision I've come to.
...Alright, that's fine then.
...I'm so happy. Croix... you decided this... Croix... thank you!
You must be prepared...
Well, Croix...
let's do this...

Thank you... I feel just a little bit better. The Luca in the next level might be a ridiculous one, but I'm counting on you.
I'm the Luca from the next level.
....... Sorry, I slipped up.
Well, we should get going.
: So you've decided!
Yeah, I did.
: Well, whatever happens... I will always be supporting you, so don't worry!
Yeah, you're right... as long as you don't freak out like last time.
: ...I told you, I don't know what you're talking about.
And that's my biggest concern...
: ...Whatever. Well I wish you good luck. This world is collapsing anyway, so we better escape!

Talk topic: Costume #4
...Croix, about this know what I'm talking about.
...That costume, right?

If you made a male version of that costume for me, I would never wear it in public.
Why do you make me wear it, then? ...Is that your taste?
No, no! You're misled! Anyways, I understand that, now. I'll give you another costume from now on.
It's too late... But...when we're alone, I'll wear this for you as much as you want.
(No thanks. That would be scary.)

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