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Part 113: Luca's Soulspace, Level 6

: Now we're done with the Infelshpere, so it's back to the main event!
: You get really annoyed when you don't get to see all of the story I take it?
: It's one of my pet peeves.


: This world is pretty ridiculous...
: As Luca mentioned, this world is going to be a lot harder... I can't really help you much from here either, so I'm sorry if I can't save you, ok? Oh, but your insurance policy will still cover some things that you can't do.
: That's still not very encouraging.
: Well, it's because you've come so deep. I've never been this deep before either... I'm actually getting a little dizzy from the power...
: ...Are you okay?
: Yes, yes, I'm fine! I can't complain, or I'll fail as a receptionist.
: You've been acting a little strange lately...
: Meh? What? I'm not acting strange.
: Oh...

You can also get Luca's Mind Guardian (the boss at the end of Gaea) as a song magic here. It's not in the video because it's a replay.
: Poppook poppoopoo!
: Wh-what...? Did I do something wrong?
: Nope! It's a fanfare for congratulating you!
: You should correct your taste in that onomatopoeia... What are you celebrating anyway?
: Congratulations! You have been chosen among the million people!
: For what...?
: ...Just kidding. I just felt like saying it.
: I can't even talk to you...
: To tell you the truth, I was trying to acquire a magic the other day. I wanted to let you know in case you didn't.
: A magic...? When did you...
: Remember when you fought against the "Mind Guardian Spirit"? Unexpectedly, that "Mind Guardian Spirit" has turned into a cute little magic!
: You sound like an advertisement.
: Hey, be quiet! It's because I'm studying marketing right now!
: What kind of a guardian are you...
: Anyway, you can use that "Mind Guardian Spirit" as magic now, so use it wisely. If you take one home today, you will receive another one for free...
: No, I just need one! Just one!
Magic [Super Potential: Lv 2A] "Guardian Spirit" acquired!

: What the hell is that?
: Whoa, that's quite a strong reaction.
: Image identified as Nenesha, former maiden. Background object appears indicative of D-Cellophane.
: Didn't you kill the hell out of Nenesha?
: This unit attacked Nenesha until she ceased singing.
: Why is she here...
???: For... the key...?
: What!?
???: Protect... the key...!
: What!?

: Whoa!
: Gh...! Ow...
???: The key...
: Okay, okay, I get it, just stop!

: What's wrong?
: I just saw someone like you here, and she attacked me... Who was that?
: What...? I don't know anything about it.
: ...Are you sure?
: Ughh! You're so annoying! I said no, so I don't know!
: Okay, fine.
: ......
: Hehh, what's wrong?
: What's wrong? You just suddenly started attacking me...
: What...? I don't know anything about it.
: ...Are you sure?
: Ughh! You're so annoying! I said no, so I don't know!
: Okay, fine.

: He's going into the house.

: Whoa!
: Whoa!
: Owww...
: Luca! Are you ok!?
: Oh...Croix!
: Tehehe! I'm glad you came...
: Well I promised you that I'd be back. Are you fine?
: Yep, I'm fine! I just messed up the amount... It happens all the time!
: Oh, oh...
: Yep! Sorry to surprise you like this.
: Anyway, thanks for coming... I was kind of worried that you weren't going to come.
: Oh... sorry that I took so long.
: Anyway, this world is so hot...
: Yeah, it's surrounded by the sea of lava. I am controlling the air in here with magic though.
: And this is the coolest it gets huh... I can't believe you're still standing.
: Tehehe... Well, I'm dressed pretty lightly as you can see.
: I'm worried about you though. I feel sorry that you have to be in this heat.
: So why is this world like this...?
: The lava is my boiling heart. All my incomplete wills are gathered here as energy.
: Incomplete wills...?
: Yes. My heart is made up with a lot of personalities that are rejecting myself. Self rejecting me, regretful me...
: Me who is holding back, me who runs away from everything...
: All those stresses come and stay here, and all that energy turns into lava and pours into this world.
: As you can see, this world is reaching its limit. The world will sink under the lava anytime soon.
: I wanted to do something to stop it. That's why I was waiting for you to get here.
: I'll do anything to help.
: Thanks! I'm glad...
: Well, shouldn't we hurry? Just tell me what to do so I can start doing something.
: Tehehe! Well, if you say so...
: I need you to go find a lamp called a "EucaLamp". It's a very important ingredient.
: I just don't know where it is... but I still have to do some preparations so I was kind of lost.
: Alright, I'll go and try to find it.
: Thanks! I knew you would.
: Well, where should I start...

: So this is Luca's weakness... The energy is tremendous...
: I'll have to something fast.

: I guess there's nothing here.

: ...Let's go inside...

: Let's just feel around...
: Whoa!
: N, no... I need to get out of here...
: I wonder if there's a better way...

: I don't think there will be a lamp here...
: ...
: You are...
: Are you helping that witch?
: What? Um, yeah...
: Don't! That witch is dangerous!
: Dangerous...!? But you two helped me out together in the last level.
: That's because we both wanted to save you for different reasons. I don't trust her at all!
: Um, oh...
: Yes!
: Then, I guess I shouldn't ask you...
: Hm? What?
: Well, I'm actually looking for a "EucaLamp", and I was going to see if you knew...
: Is that what the witch is looking for?
: Um, yeah...
: ... I wonder what that witch is trying to do...
: I have no idea... Well, I guess I'll go look some more.
: Fine, I'll tell you where it is.
: What!? You know where it is?
: But let me just warn you. You will not get anything good out of hanging around that witch.
: Oh, alright. Got it.
: If you still wanna know, I'll tell you where it is since you were honest with me.
: What?
: You said you shouldn't ask me this... It means that it's got something to do with the witch, right?
: Oh... you're right.
: "EucaLamp" is hidden inside the Charcoal Shop.
: I know where it is so I can get it for you, since it's really dark in there. I'll go there with you.
: Thanks, you're a good help.

: Wh-what are you talking about all of a sudden...
: You get to sleep with 2 girls. If you thought I didn't know, that's a big mistake!
I'm a bit behind on this, so a reminder this is referring to the Infelsphere where Croix entered and nothing else.
: Uh... W-well I won't deny it but... It's necessary, so I can't help it.
: Well, whatever. It doesn't matter to me who you sleep with.
: Hehe. I'm so glad I checked this out! Spicy!
: I'm ashamed on your behalf.
: I have learned today I am programmed to feel shame.
: Anyway, have you ever been hugged by Luca? She has a habit of hugging things close by in her sleep.
: O-oh really...
: yes really. I've been squeezed to death so many times. It's pretty painful actually.
: I-is that so... I don't ever remember being squeezed though...

: ...
: There, here you go!
"EucaLamp" acquired!
: So this is it... Thanks for your help.
: ...
: Hey, can I ask you one thing?
: What?
: Why don't you trust the witch Luca?
: That witch is trying to destroy this world.
: What...? Really? She told me she was trying to save this world.
: Sure she did, otherwise you wouldn't help her.
: Why is she trying to destroy the world...?
: She's trying to use the power of "D-Point".
: "D-Point"!?
: Yes, the ship of the crimson gem, "D-Point". It came from outside of my spiritual world.
: It's not working anymore. I've never been inside since there's a guard there, but I heard it has a great power.
: ...Really...
: The "Harvest Cane" was made with the power of "D-Point".
: You can't make something that will ruin this world with something that will make this world.
: It possesses great power. If "D-Point" is activated, the world will change completely.
: So that means...
: I won't be able to be myself anymore.
: ......
: Anyway, watch out if she starts wanting to go to "D-Point", okay? Remember this warning.
: Oh, alright... thanks.
: Okay, well I better get going now. Bye!
: ......
: "D-Point"...

: What?
: Do you know anything about "D-Point"? I heard it possesses great power.
: Hmm, nope.
: Are you sure...?
: You're so annoying! I said no, so it means no!

: Yeah, I found it.
: Yes! Now I have all the ingredients. Thanks, Croix!
: Sure.
: Okay, well I'm gonna start mixing them. Just sit and relax. Sorry about the heat though.
: ...
: So Luca...
: What?
: What's wrong?
: I just met the little Luca, and she told me something.
: Luca, are you heading to "D-Point"?
: ...What!?
: Well, that little Luca said to watch out for "D-Point"...
: She pops out now and then... but you shouldn't take her seriously.
: Well you see, she...suffers from a very serious pain, and wanders around everywhere.
: She's really pessimistic. I bet she told you that "D-Point" will destroy this world.
: Oh, yeah... she did...
: Tehehe, don't worry. I would never try to destroy my own world. Plus I wouldn't call you here if it was true.
: You promised me...that you wanted to understand me better.
: I felt the same way about you too...
: I...want to be with you forever.
: ...Good.
: Heh, hehe. This is kind of embarrassing.
: If this world wasn't like this, I would be able to hang out with you more...
: ...
: A, anyway! I need to do this right now! I'm gonna continue with this.
: Oh, yeah, sorry for interrupting you.
: It's fine! You're just worried about me... It makes me happy...
: But really, just be careful around her. I'm sure you will run into her again... but don't listen to her too much.
: Alright...
: It's done!
: Croix! I did it! It's done!
: Good!

: Wh, what...!?
: The Lamp Spirit, Sweet Incense! I can save the world with her!
: Oh, oh...? She doesn't look like she can...
Sweet Incense: Oh, how rude! I'm stronger than I look, you know?
: H, how...!?
: Tehehe! That, you will find out when it comes to it!
: Alright! Let's head to "D-Point"!
: What...!? D-Point...?
: Yeah... Are you worried...? Do you not... trust me...?
: No, that's not what I mean...
: I really want you to be at the ceremony at "D-Point".
: I'm sorry to put you through this...
: No, it's fine. I'm here to help you. I'll go wherever you need me to.
: Really!? Tehehe... I'm glad...
Magic [Guardian Curse: Lv2]"Sweet Incense" acquired!

: Yeah. Is it really that bad to go there?
: You have to choose who to believe, but let me tell you something that might come in handy some day.
: If you ever want to stop the power of D-Point, just thrust a sword or spear into the center of the magic seal.
: That'll temporarily disrupt the power long enough for you to escape, but only if you really hurry.
: Ok, got it. Thanks.
: I really want you to get to my level fast. Good luck!

: That thing is so annoying. It's too powerful!
: What are you going to do about it?
: I have a good sleeping spell for this thing. We'll just run through while it's sleeping.
: Fair enough...
: I've only done this by myself, so I don't know if it'll last long enough for both of us to pass.
: There's only one way to find out...
: Alright, here I go. Yahhh!
: Now!
: Okay!

: Isn't that similar to...
: Yes.
: There is a high degree of correspondence in the floor patterns.
: Isn't it cool? Come over here!
: What!? Power outage...!?
: ......
: ......
: ......
: ......
: What's going on?
: We're going to conduct a ceremony now, and I wanted you to be here.
: Sweet Incense...
Sweet Incense: Yes, ma'am!
: Get ready!
Sweet Incense: Yes, ma'am!
: Whoa, wait. I'm getting smoke in my eyes...
: My body's feeling numb. Hey, Luca...what are you doing?
: I'm sorry, Croix. Your life just might end right here.
: What?
: You said you'd help me. You said you'd save me.
: I told you that you'd have to commit your life to this, and you agreed.
: What are you doing?
: I'm gonna create a complete personality using the power of "D-Point".
: Huh!?
: I'm gonna mix all of my personalities together to make one complete person.
: I won't be scared, I won't care about what other people think, I won't run away from things...
: So...why do you want me?
: ...I still need help with two things? calmness and the power to make my own decisions.
: And you have both of them inside you.
: ......
: I always envied you. You were able to observe things calmly and make decisions accordingly...
: I always wanted to be like you...and then I found a way.
: I always wondered what would happen if I used the power of therapy in a deeper level.
: ......
: It scared me to find out that I could transfer memories and personalities with it.
: I decided to hide that idea behind a wall where no one could see it.
: So, are you not scared of it anymore?
: I'm not. It was another me who tried to stop you before.
: You see, I'm the most curious personality. You're just a tool for my experiments.
: What!?
: Let's start one now.
: If I die here, the real Luca will be sad. Are you okay with that?
: Hehehe, don't flatter yourself. Besides, it would be interesting to see how she would react.
: ......
: Well, here I go...
: ......
: ......
: ......
: ......
: Lar lar machina khemia sese maner kia...
: Damn, I need to find a way...
: ...! Oh yeah...
: You have to choose who to believe, but let me tell you something that might come in handy someday.
: If you ever want to stop the power of D-Point, just thrust a sword or spear into the center of the magic seal.
: That'll temporarily disrupt the power long enough for you to escape, but only if you really hurry.
: Alright, I gotta try it!
: Hah!

Sweet Incense: Pause?
: Ah! I can move my body a little bit...
: Croix! What did you do!?
: I need to run!
: ...I better catch him.

BTW this next part is voiced. Goro has a cute voice.

: I was not expecting that.
: Uh...Goro!?
: What's wrong? Is there something on my face?
: No, it's not your face... Are you really Goro!?
: How rude!? I'm Goro from every direction.
: Okay, never mind! Can you please take me back to reality?
: Hmm, sorry. A guardian can only do that when their master deactivates the bond.
: It's still active, so I can't do anything.
: Ergh...damn. Guess I have to keep running then.

???: Nope, too bad!
: What...!?

: Whoa! I'm falling...!
: Croix, you told me you will help me... so why are you backing out now?
: Backing out...? You didn't even tell me about it!
: What...? You were going to decide according to what I was going to do? What a bummer...
: You said you were gonna do anything for me...
: J, just... pull me up... I might...
: Why don't you fall and die?
: What...!?
: Well, the ceremony failed, so I'll have to do some more research until someone else appears for me.
: Luca......?
: Luca... Wh, what's wrong!? You're not like yourself...
: ...What?
: Did that D-Point energy do something to you? Please! Wake up!
: Wake up from what? ...I haven't changed a bit...
: That's not true! You said you needed me! You said you felt stronger when you're with me...
: You said you're happy that I'm here to help...
: ...
: I...

: Croix, don't grow a brain just yet!
: Was I being tricked...?
: I wasn't trying to trick you... I was just doing things so everything will go just the way I planned.
: We were able to live so happily because of that, you know?
: All this time...?
: ...I can't believe you just realized that.
: A relationship with someone all depends on how much that person will be useful in your life.
: Is that how you look at me...
: Hm? Is that wrong? I needed you, and I kept telling you I need you, didn't I?
: Plus, you're the Grand Bell's honor knight! I'd be proud to be your girlfriend.
: You're so handsome, and cool and every girl looks up to you...
: but you're not cocky at all. You're nice and you will save me from any danger.
: I needed you to live in Pastalia so I can save Leyka...
: On top of that, I can say good bye to my poor life and the stupid lady.
: ......
: So... I love you Croix!
: So what about you, Croix...?
: Is it because I'm the Maiden? Or a popular Dive Therapist?
: Or... you like how I look? Oh... wait a second...
: Is it because how I'm dressed all the time? Am I tempting to you... Hehe, I wouldn't mind that either.
: That's not it! I like you, as who you are. I like you because you are Luca.
: ...Your bullshit is pissing me off.
: What...?
: So if I was ugly and had a personality, and if I wasn't a therapist or the Maiden...
: Would you still like me?
: W...well...
: Oh, well I guess I already have a bad personality, tehehe.
: ......
: Croix, whatever you say... all that matters is either you get used, or not used in the end.
: I saw that you would be a good help in the long run, so I invested in you.
: Didn't I help you when you lost your parents? I took you into my house.
: Didn't I give you the money to go to Pastalia so you can go take the entry test to become a knight?
: I sent you money every month while you train to become one.
: I told you that I "Love" you when you were down and stressed, remember?
: I wrote to you all the time so you won't be lonely... I supported you, and cheered you on.
: ...Why do you think that is?
: ...
: It's because you were in the best place to save Leyka.
: Is... that why... all these time...
: Yeah?
: You just said that I'm not like me... but I haven't changed a bit.
: I can't suddenly ask you to sacrifice yourself for the experience as soon as you entered this world, you know?
: So I warmly welcomed you in.
: ...
: But I don't need you any more.
: Leyka thing is all over, and I was gonna take your personality in this world, but that failed too.
: You're just a scum that knows all my deep secrets! A waste! An extremely hazardous waste!
: ......
: You understand why I want to kill you now, right?
: I'm sorry... Luca... but I'm glad I didn't help "you" out.
: ...What?
: I'm sorry but I'm not as cool as you think I am. I'm different on the inside too.
: It would've been terrible if I became a part of you, because you got me completely wrong.
: ......
: I don't know anything about "you", but "you" don't know anything about me either!
: We didn't know anything about each other.
: Shut up! I'm so tired of this! It's a waste to talk to someone who brings no good.
: Just fall off already!

: Wh, what...!?
: Whoa!

: Y, you are... no...
: ...Hello... Master.
: ...The complete body...
: ...
: No...! That ceremony was interrupted!
: No... it was continued, and I'm here to get you.
: ...What do you mean...?
: A complete body will be completed once it absorbs all of Luca.
: Meaning... I need you to be a part of me too.
: ...No......No...
: No! Plus... you won't be complete if Croix is not a part of it!
: I will be complete after you. A complete body is the unification of all personae of one person.
: There, let's be one.
: No...!
: Noooooo!
: Luca!
: Whoa! What the... I'm falling...!
: Croix... I'm coming to help you...
: What... is going on!
: You can't exist in a world with no master.
: Whoa!
: Escaping.

: ...Luca......
: Are you ok?
: Yeah... Thanks.
: I'm sorry... about her.
: Wh, what is going on...!? What was that witch Luca trying to do?
: She was trying to solve the confusion inside me.
: Confusion...?
: A girl who wants to be the best, and the girl who can't. A girl who wants to be likeable, and the girl who's too lazy.
: Those contradictions are constantly fighting each other inside. If they could unite, that would be perfect.
: ......
: A completed body will be able to make decisions according to the total answers of every persona.
: I can control myself a lot better than I used to.
: I wouldn't have to blame myself for lacking something, and I'll never have to regret the decisions I make.
: I can be a person that everyone likes.
: I'm sorry, but the witch Luca was not trying to do anything wrong.
: She went a little too far and started wanting something that she didn't even have to start with, but...
: ......
: I'm not complete and that's what I always wanted to be. I can now return to the root of my will.
She means "now complete" but that typo is NISA's.
: The root of your will...!?
: Yes. The place where I'm supposed to be what I'm supposed to be. A place that produces my will.
: A source of my weaknesses...
: ...A source of your weakness...
: I'm finally able to complete myself. I am heading over to the root of my will.
: If you want to come, you can.
: Oh, alright.
: You better rest up that tired body though. Why don't you go back to reality for now?
: You're right...
: If you want to come back, I will welcome you. Of course, not like the witch did.
: Well, I'll see you later...!