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Part 114: Luca's Soulspace, Level 7 Part 1

: Man these things take forever to load you know?
: Actually, it's just the simulator churning through all the real-life events before this.

Loading recovered video...

: The earth is almost gone... This is bad!
: Goro! You're back to how you are!
: How I am...? Wh, what are you talking about?
: So you're just gonna keep pretending like you don't know, huh? If you don't want to tell me, I'll stop asking.
: ...

: What's that...?
: It's a special day for customers who are using my insurance! So, I'll tell you one thing you want to know about Luca.
: Uh, well that was out of nowhere...
: Anything's fine, so just ask!
: Alright, alrigth! Then... Oh I know! Why doesn't Luca grow out her hair?
: Eh? ...That's it? How boring.
: He probably thought it was a trap.
: Yeah, that's what I'd feel.
: What did you think I would ask...
: Well fine. I'll answer you. She hates it when her hair gets oily when she sweats. And long hair takes more time and shampoo to wash it. And that is a very ineffective matter for Luca. That's why she keeps her hair short.
: ...That's so very Luca.
: See. It's nothing that interesting.

: Still there... I should stay way. That person is always there guarding. I wonder how that guard is related to Goro.

: Oh, hey Croix. I didn't think I would see you here!
: Oh, Amarie. Hey, do you know where Luca is?
: Wh-whoa! What do you think you're doing calling her like that!? She's the sacred Lady Luca.
: What? Sacred!? What do you mean by that?
: I have a bad feeling about this.
: What do I mean? L, Lady Luca is the one who is going to stop the destruction of this world! She is a very great person. Ah... I would do anything for her.
: Really...!? ...You sound sarcastic...
: OW! Another slap in the face there.
: Ouch!
: I won't let it slide like this next time... Leave this town while I'm still nice about it...
: What...!?
: Leave now! You rude and degrading pagan!
: The world is being eaten by this hole because of people like you bastards!
: ....
: W, wait! I don't understand what you...
: No need to be listening to you! Glory to Lady Luca! Yaahhhh!
: Whoa! ...Crap... I better get out of here for now!

: There he is!
: Damn... they're still after me... Wait, there are more of them...!
: Push him into the hole! Pagans must be exiled! Otherwise, Lady Luca will...
: Push him!
: Push him into the hole!
: ...I'm, I'm sorry! I don't want to do this to you, but...
???: Watch out!
: Noooo!
Flying Clog: That was close! Here, let's run!
: Wh, who are you...!?
Flying Clog: I'll explain later! Let's go!
: Oh, alright!
: They got away!
: Damn those pagans...

: Who are you!? What about Luca...!? What is she in this world...
Flying Clog: I'm a part of Luca's old memories. I was told to come save you by Luca.
: I see... thank you. So why is your master, Luca, doing this...?
Flying Clog: No, the Luca in this world is the completed body, and she's not my master. My master is still a child.
: The completed body...!? Is she that one who was created in the last level...
Flying Clog: Yes, that thing that absorbed all the personas. Looks like she's being worshipped here.
: So what is going on...? I heard something about filling the hole, or something...
Flying Clog: I'm not sure. I think my master might know a little more.
: Where is she...?
Flying Clog: She was captured and locked up in a jail.
: Why...!?
Flying Clog: That's because Master is in the way of that "completed body".
: Take me to the jail. Let's go save her!
Magic [Easy Chorus: Lv 3A] "Flying Clog" acquired!

Flying Clog: Just on the outside. You will see once you enter. The only reason why it looks like it is because that "completed body" holds a strong feeling about this place.
: A strong feeling...huh...

: ...What!?
: Luca!?
: Croix! You're here!
: How did you end up in this place...
: That robot chick put me in here a long time ago...
: Robot chick?
Flying Clog: That "completed body" thing. She's insane! Don't you think she's too over the top? It's ridiculous!
: What!? Y, you're right...
: Croix, what do you think is most strange about her?

: How she locked you up in here...
: ...Not about me. You're pretty simple minded... I'm kind of disappointed.
: ......
: What I don't like is that I don't feel like I'm looking at myself. She's like... someone else.
: ......
: Anyway, we need to do something about that robot chick.
: What is going on with her and this world...?
: As you can see, Luca has molded herself in, and doesn't even have the freedom to control herself.
: Looks like she's living pretty freely to me.
: ...Croix, you still don't get it. What were you looking at until now? Luca already threw away the hope to live freely a long time ago. Me... I was thrown away.
: Thrown away...
: ...Doesn't matter. I don't need to talk about the past. I just want to do something about that Luca. I have no choice but to count on you, since I'm all locked up, even how dumb you are.
: You're pretty straightforward compared to Luca.
: Hah... so is that what you think? ...You really don't get it, huh. Just so you know, I'm not a product of some made up imagination. I'm a part of Luca's real memory. I don't think you know, but I'm what Luca is supposed to be. She only turned into what you know.
: ......
: Anyway, you're the only person I can count on, so get a hold of yourself! You can take the Flying Clog with you. It might come in handy when you're speaking to Luca.
Flying Clog: Hello, nice to meet you!
: Weren't they introduced earlier?
: Who is this?
: It's my sister, Leyka and my old memory.
: ...I see. Thanks for everything. I saw the power of this Flying Clog earlier, so I feel better to have it with me.
: Good! Well, take care of Luca for me!
: Alright.
: I'm serious! Take care of her...
: Yeah... I know.

: Luca...
: Croix, did you see the town? Everyone here respects me so much. Tehehe, isn't it great!?
: Luca... don't you think this is too much? I don't know how they became this way, but they're not just respecting you... They're more like fanatic about you.
: Fanatic... huh. Tehehe, that's such an exciting word!
: Exciting...? Are you serious?
: Yep! Of course I am! They like me so much that they're fanatic! I can't be happier than I am now. Everyone listened to anything I say.
: ......
: They're always thinking about me, and... They will even sacrifice their bodies for me... That's how it should be anyway, right? I'm the "completed body". I'm at the status where no one can beat me. I'm a Maiden, and a popular Dive Therapist.
: Everyone respects and worships me. They would be crazy not to like me. Anyone with morals likes me.
: ...Is that what you really think? You can't make all the people like you all the time.
: Yes I can! Because I'm the "completed body". Everyone would go on their knees for me, and praise my power.
: ......
: ...Oh! But, actually...there was one girl who wasn't like that.
: What...!?
: Alright! I'm gonna go see her myself and teach her a divine lesson.
: Hey! Luca...!? Wait a sec! She's gone...
Flying Clog: Hey! There's no time to be wasting! I have a bad feeling about that godly lesson thing...
: You're right... I need to go look for her...!

: Hey you! Come listen to Lady Luca, she is about to give the sacred oracle. Hurry, and get over here!
: What...!? Y, yes...
: ...Well then, I'm going to give you a trial, Cocona.
: Y, yes...
: Do a handstand, and walk around town 10 times naked.
: What.
: The.
: accessing database Fuck.
: Wh, what is she talking about...!?
: Whaaaa! No way! There's no way I can do that! Boo!
: Oh... You think you can say that to me? Well, if you refuse, that's fine.
: ...What...!? No...
: Let's have the devoted people punish you for speaking out against me.
: ......
: ......
: W, wait!
: A girl like you would be a heretic, you know? Everyone, let's go push her into the hole!
: What!?
: What!? W, wait! I'm sorry! Let me re-consider!
: Here, come!
: No, no! I don't wanna die!
: ...Forgive me!
: Oh...!
: Here! Let's go!
: Wait a sec! Hey!
: What do you think? Isn't my power amazing? I'll ask one thing, and they will all do it for me. Except for those people like Cocona, but they will be punished by my slaves in the end. I have countless slaves! Slaves of my therapy, slaves of the Maiden, slaves of my cute appearance... Slaves of my friendliness, slaves of my weakness... Everyone is working for me. Everyone will do anything for me. See, Croix! Isn't it amazing? I don't have a single enemy around me! Everyone is here to serve me!
: No... this is... wrong...
: ...What!?
Flying Clog: We need to hurry, or Cocona will be pushed into the hole!
: Oh, you're right. Let's hurry.
: ......

: Damn! She's conscious again! It would've been better for you to be passed out...
: Let's hurry and push her in!
: Stop it! You think you have the right to do this!? You guys are like Luca's slaves!
: Shut up! We all already know that!
: Forgive me. I just don't want to die yet. If I don't do this, I will be next.
: There are so many people that will listen to what Lady Luca says.
: Hold up right there!
: Hah, another traitor!
: We wouldn't hold just because you told us to! Let's hurry up and push her in!

: Croix just wouldn't be Croix if he didn't save people in trouble.
: I guess I can't reach them with my words... I have no choice... Yahhhh!
: Ghahhhhh!
: *gasp* Crap... Run!
: ......
: Th, thank you! You saved my life!
: Are you ok!? How did you end up like this...
: Miss Luca has been eyeing me all this time... I think that's why she told me to do such thing... But I can't believe everyone is following Miss Luca! Boo!
: Hmmm? I just came too see how it was going, and it looks like it turned into a huge mess.
: Oh, no... Good bye!
: Luca, don't you think this is wrong?
: Why? It's so amazing. Everyone loves me so much.
: ...Are you serious?
: They'll do anything in the name of love. Even sacrificing their lives! How beautiful...
: ...Luca.
: Well?
: ...Well what!?

: You said you'd do anything I asked you to, remember? Well, we're together and we love each other... So you should be happy to sacrifice your body for me. Ooh, the thought of it gives me goosebumps...
: Luca, that's not right.
: What? Why are you talking back to me? You love me, right? More than anyone else in the world? So just agree with me. Show me that you love me! Do anything for me! Sacrifice yourself for me! Die for me.
: I won't be able to do anything else for you after that. Do you still want me to die?
: Don't worry, I won't let you die. I'll make sure you live, no matter what it takes. I can feel your love, there's no need for you to die. Even if your body splits in half, and can't move your fingers...I'll find a way to save you, okay?
: Is this what is known as "Yandere"?
: Yes.
: But that's impossible!
: Oh, it is possible because I'm the "Complete Body". I'm the Goddess. There's nothing I can't do. That's why everyone worships me on their knees! People will do anything for my love because they crave it!
: That's not love! And if you claim it is, then I don't love you.
: ...What? Why not? How can you say that!? You're a con man! A grifter!
: A con man!?
: I did everything for you! I overcame every obstacle... I gave you all the love I had, but you never gave me anything in return! How are you going to pay me back for everything I gave you!?
: Ugh! What are you doing!?
: Why won't you give me anything!? Everyone else helps me! They cheer me up when I'm sad! Why won't you do anything for me!? Why won't you love me?
: Stop...can't breathe. I'll die...if you keep...choking me.
: Then start loving me! Love me thousands of times more than you do right now! Love me to the point that you'll die for me! Love me by doing dangerous things for me!
: you...more than anyone...but I'll never love you like that... Ugh!
: Do it! Love me! Love me so much that you'd die without me! I did everything for you! I became the perfect lady! I fixed all of my weaknesses! I'm perfect! There's nothing for anyone to hate! You're the crazy one who's sick in the head!
: I can't breathe...
: That's only the beginning. No matter how hard I hold you, it's not enough for me! I wanna squish you so hard your blood and flesh rains down on me, but it still wouldn't be enough! I have to do this. I'm scared. And lonely!
: Gahhh...ahh...

It's hard to see in screenshots but the screen is shaking pretty bad there.
: *Screech*
Flying Clog: That's enough!
: Ungh, Flying Clog!? ...You saved me?
Flying Clog: Croix, we have to run away! We'll explain this to our master! She might know what to do.
: Oh, right. Gotcha.

Flying Clog: It was so close! Her will is stronger than we imagined. Croix almost got killed by her...
: What!? What do you mean? Why would she do that to Croix...
: I don't know either.
: Ughhh! I wish I could get out of this place!
: Can't we open this some how?
: Nope. I tired[sic] different things, but you can't open it with force.
: So, why are you locked up anyway?
: ......
: Luca is rejecting her childhood memory. She doesn't accept herself being free and honest.
: She began to care too much about everyone's eyes and she will only be satisfied with the love she receives.
: ...
: I'm not an expert about the Cosmosphere... but isn't it bad for her that you're here for so long?
: ...You're right. A lot of things are slowly getting messed up.
: Then we better find a way for you to get out of here fast...
: But it's true that way doesn't exist in this world...
: ...Really...
: Yeah.

: Ok let's see if we can get this rolling...
: You know you can't do anything here? I can't get out of here anyway. It would be different if you can find a person who can let me out. Oh man, if little Leyka was here... She would definitely help me out.
: Huh...
: You know you can't do anything here? I can't get out of here anyway. It would be different if you can find a person who can let me out. Oh man, if little Leyka was here... She would definitely help me out.
: Let me try...
: You know you can't do anything here? I can't get out of here anyway. It would be different if you can find a person who can let me out. Oh man, if little Leyka was here... She would definitely help me out.
: There's got to be something we can do to get this moving again. Fully closed loops can't exist. Elano proved it.