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Part 115: Luca's Soulspace, Level 7 Part 2

Recovered Video Loaded.

: That looks different, by the Stonehenge.
: WHOA what the hell?
: It just connected to something in the Infel Pira, then closed the connection again. I think it might have connected to Cloche's real cosmosphere.
: It's probably nothing to worry about. The connection was only open for a moment and there's nobody there to notice it now.

: ...!? Who are you...?
: Leyka... Leyka Trulyworth
: You're Leyka!
: Big sis' such a mess.
: Yeah, something bad is happening right now, and I just can't do anything anymore...
: ...Are you stupid?
: Oh Cloche hehe.
: ...What?
: Can't do anything...? Are you serious? Do you really care about her? If you really do... you wouldn't say that. I don't know how much she's opened up to you... But if both of you loved each other, and if you had opened up to her too, this wouldn't have happened.
: ...
: If you're not really into this, leave now. I don't even want you here.
: ......
: Why can't you be honest with her?
: I don't... want to lose her. I don't want to hurt her by being honest with her... and I don't want us to become awkward.
: Not honest with her? Man, -force really had to bend him to make this work.
: So you're ruining her life because of that...? How low of you. Where is this place!? This is the 7th level of the Cosmosphere! She's working so hard to accept you in this far! What are you doing not responding to that!?
: Yeah... you're right. I was the one who wasn't being honest with her... No wonder why I can't change anything. I... will go tell Luca about my feelings. If that doesn't work... oh well.
: Yeah, that's the right thing to do... I'll help you with it.
: Yeah, thank you...

: Leyka!? I didn't think I would see you again... Are you here to help me!?
: Well, something like that. Hold on, let me open the lock.

: You had the key, Leyka!?
: My memory, my very old memory... It's true that I closed up from losing Leyka. That's why Leyka held on to the key to my heart.
: I see...
: Anyway, we need to do something with Luca!
: That's right! Let's go!

: Let's see if they can finally get some sense into you!
: I finally got out! I'm so exhausted from being locked up in there for so long!
: Hey, what happened? You're not the big sister I know...
: You... Leyka...!?
: Croix... If you really care about her, let her know of your honest feeling.
: ... Luca... Let's stop this. Let's stop living in lies...
: Are you telling me that I'm wrong? I have so many people on my side. I have so many slaves! I did everything to have this. I live to be liked, and got to a status where everyone envied me. That's why I'm here... I have so many people on my side... I have countless people who will help me if I cry. They will all get back at who ever will hurt me... Now I'm invincible!
: I hate you like that!
: I was not expecting that from Mr. Doormat here.
: ...What...?
: To hell with being invincible! To hell with the complete body... That's not why I love you. You're not Luca. You might still be the Maiden, and the popular therapist. But that's not the Luca I want! I'm not in love with the Luca who only cares about her title and her status! That's why you're never happy! Of course people will follow a Maiden, or a therapist.
: ...No...
: No one likes "Luca"! You should know that by now!
: No......No...
: No one's gonna like a tiny, filthy, selfish Luca... Isn't that what you're thinking...!?
: Nooo! Please! Croix... don't hate me!
: ...!?
: Please! Please...! I'll do anything! You can do anything to me! Don't hate me! Please! Please... Please! Please!
: Wow, look at that instability. She's gonna break herself in half.
: Luca... calm down!
: ...What!?
: The hole... the hole is expanding...!
: Wh, what...!?
: No! Croix! Don't leave me! I'll be a better person! I'll be the girl you like!
: Whoa! Luca!
: Oh no! The world is going to fall...!
: Wh, what...!?
: Croix! No! I'll do anything for you!
: That's not what I want. What I want is...
: Nooooo! Croix!
: Whoa!
: We're falling!
: Noooooo!

: Man, next level's going to be painful. That wasn't a paradigm shift so much as a level break.
: I wonder if she can make it. You don't normally recover from something like that.
: Hey, you've seen what Luca can do. Virtual Luca will pull through fine.

Uplink on SComChan 411-E ........ timeout.
Uplink on SComChan 412-D ........ timeout.
Uplink on SComChan 413-E .......  success.
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