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Part 116: Luca's Soulspace, Level 8

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: ......
???: Croix!
: ...Who's there?
: It's your next-door neighbor, Luca!
: Luca?
: Um, mom said you're going to start living with us today.
: You're gonna be a part of my family! I'm so happy! Hehehe!
: Family...starting today?

: Oh good, you're awake!
: I thought you were never going to wake up.
: *sigh* Little Leyka, you always say too much!
: ...Where am I!?
: Near my house. Croix, please, we need your help.
: Luca really turned into a robot...
: That doesn't make any sense! Um, body won't move, so I wanted you to take a look at it.
: I don't understand either one of you. Hmph, I guess I better check out Luca to see what's going on.
: Okay! Luca is at the "Divine Altar"! We're heading out now, so see you there!
: ......

: I bet it does. This world is from Luca's childhood. It's only natural, since you lived with her.

: Whoa...! Wh, what's wrong? Did something happen?
Crylady: I'm so sad... I'm in so much pain... *sob*
: What happened? Are you lost?
Crylady: No... I forgot... something really important... I just can't remember what it was... and I'm so sad... It's something really important...
: Really important...?
Crylady: How can I remember it...? I wonder if I never will... Wahhhhh! Wahhhhhh!
: ...I can't do anything about it for now...

: ...!? Luca...!? What the...
: See, I'm not moving any more... I wonder what happened...
: ... Hey! Luca...!? Are you ok?
: ......
: Luca! Wake up...!
: ......
: ...She's like an empty shell... How did it end up like this...
: See? She's like a robot, isn't she?
: So Croix can't do anything about it... I thought my body would start working with Croix's love.
: ...How?
: Anyway, we have to go find another way! Will you help us, Croix?
: Yeah, of course.
: Yay! Thank you!
: Tehehe.

: We're home.
: Who is it? ...! Croix...! You're back...
: Ah, yeah... I'm glad you recognize me.
: Oh, of course I do. You're part of our family. I'm just preparing for dinner.
: She remembers about Croix.
: Oh, who are those girls? They're very cute. What are their names?
: Wh, what!? ...Ms. Reisha?
: I'm Luca.
: I'm Leyka.
: Little Luca and Leyka. Well, what a good timing. Would you like to stay for dinner too?
: Okay!
: Thank you.
: ...S, so... Luca...
: What?
: Ms. Reisha is your mom, right...?
: Yep! But she always forgets us every time we leave the house.
: Little Luca, we're having soup with Kururuku ball, what do you think?
: Nooo! I don't like Kururuku balls!
: Oh, you shouldn't complain...
: Ms. Reisha! You really don't remember these girls?
: No, not at all. What's wrong? Croix...
: Luca and Leyka are your children. Do you not remember that?
: Oh boy... I just don't remember...
: ......
: It must be shocking to Luca that Ms. Reisha doesn't remember...
: Especially because they used to get along so well.
: Did they? I don't know much about the past.
: I don't know how it was when Leyka was there, but Reisha used to sing a lullaby for Luca every night. And watch Luca fall asleep...
: Sounds like you know a lot about it...
: ...... ...... ...Yes.
: ...Hey, Goro?? Goro!?
: Meh!
: Are you okay?
: Oh, yes yesh!
: ......

: Whoa! You're louder than ever!
Crylady: I remember now! I remember what it is! Wahhhhh!
: Okay! Okay, I get it! There, there... So, what is it?
Crylady: My important memory... My important song...
: A song?
Crylady: Yes... the song that my mom sang to me every night.
: The lullaby!?
Crylady: Yes, I couldn't fall asleep without it. I cried and begged her to sing it every night.
: So it was the lullaby...
Crylady: Yes... Luca wants to forget about the memories of her mother. That's why she put away all the memories of her mom singing and sleeping in the back of her mind. That's why I couldn't remember either... but now I remember... and that's making me sad again... I want to hear that song... I want to hear it again... Wahhhhh!
: Okay, okay! Let me go ask Ms. Reisha to sing it for you. Just wait here.
Magic [Hidden Enchant: Lv 1B] "Crylady" acquired!

: I'm gonna return you back to how you were...

: Oh, what is it? It's not like you.
: Do you remember the lullaby you used to sing for Luca? Do you remember how it went? I want you to sing it again.
: Lullaby...? Me...? Lullaby...?
: So she doesn't remember that either...
: It won't work. Mom isn't our family here.
: She wouldn't sing a lullaby to someone that's not even her family.
: What do you mean, she's not your family? You guys are a family, aren't you!?
: Yeah... but we can't find any of the "Proof of Tie"... We may never be family again.
: The Proof of Tie...!?
: Yeah, like...

If you fail here, Luca can't remember and gets mad at you.
: Goro...!?
: Goro is a stuffed animal that mom made for Luca. She might remember us if she's able to see Goro again...
: Goro... Alright, so if I get Goro to come over...

: W, whoa! For how long have you been here...
: I... I was running away all this time... but I won't today!
: Running away...!? What are you talking about!?
: Ms. Reisha! Ms. Reisha!
: Oh my, we're having a lot of visitors today.
: Ms. Reisha! ...It's, it's me! Goro!
: ...What...?
: A stuffed animal that you made.
: ...Hm? I don't recall making such cute thing...
: So... So it's too late...! Wahhhhh!
: H, hey! Goro!
: Oh my, today is a busy day.

: I wonder where she went... I didn't even think she was going to come out. I need to go find her...

: Goro! There you are.
: ...
: Goro, what happened just now? I thought you didn't like seeing other people.
: You're right... but I couldn't hold myself back this time. I'm the stuffed animal that Ms. Reisha made for Luca. Ms. Reisha stayed up late every night to make me, so that Luca won't be lonely after Leyka was gone. I know how they were feeling at the time. I know how much happier she was when I was with her. That's why... that's why I hid myself when the relationship between Reisha and Luca got bad. Because the stronger feelings will turn into bigger pain... I didn't want Luca to have to face the problem she had with Reisha every time she saw me. So I changed my form by contracting with "Will of D-Point".
: I didn't know you had a past like that...
: But one day I realized that Reisha was completely gone from Luca's heart. I was just gonna hide for a little bit and give her time. I just wanted her to have time to think on her own. But her heart was already empty... I felt like I had done something I can't take back, and that's why I rushed out earlier... but it was too late...
: ......
: I'm sorry Luca... I'm supposed to be your guardian...but I ran away and left an empty space in your heart.
: Goro... Do you want to try and go back to how you were?
: What...? How...
: When I stopped the power of D-Point the other day, your body temporarily turned into a penguin. So if we do the same thing again, I'm sure that will happen just for a short amount of time. Just go see Ms. Reisha while you're like that, and she might recognize you.
: What if that doesn't work...?
: What?
: If she doesn't recognize me, then I won't be able to be here anymore...
: ...What are you talking about? You're Luca's guardian, aren't you!? You can't give up, even if she doesn't recognize you. I'll help you out.
: *sob* Thanks...hey...

: That's the problem... I know she will start shooting if I get near...
: Don't worry... Go turn down the power while I be the decoy.
: That's too risky!
: It's okay, I know how to talk to her since I've signed a contract with the Will of D-Point before. So it doesn't mean that I'm going there to get attacked.
: Alright...
: Well, I'm going now, so do what you need to do while I attract the[sic] attention! Hey little Nenesha, remember me? It's me! Long time no see!
Reception Lights: What are you doing here? You promised that you will not come back.
: Oh, c'mon it's just this one time! You're so boring... Awww.
Reception Lights: ......
: Is it fine now...!? I shouldn't waste any time... I'll just dart through. Quietly...
Reception Lights: ...Who's there!? Sensing trespasser!
: Crap! She found me!
: Yahhh!
Reception Lights: Wh, what are you doing!? Are you a part of this too!?
: Croix! Hurry!
Reception Lights: Ughhh! Let go! Let go!
: Thanks Goro! I'll be right back!
Reception Lights: Yah!

Reception Lights: You traitor! I changed your form for you because you said you would help me.
: And I did help you! Didn't I let you use my body when the key was unsealed!? I let you use my body every time you needed it! I'm not doing anything to break the contract!
Reception Lights: You're helping the invader right now. I thought I told you, you're not allowed to let anyone through.
: Please, let it slide this time. It's really important to Luca and my past.
Reception Lights: There is no exceptions. I'm sorry but I'll have to get rid of you.
: ...!

: Mehhh!
: Goro!? Crap, I need to hurry... Yahhh!

: Goro! Goro!

: Are you ok!? Goro!
: Let's Reisha...before D-Point comes back...
: But you're...
: I'm fine... this is my only chance...

: Hey Croix, what's the hurry? You're out of your breath...
: Ms. Reisha! Look at this!

If you fail here, Reisha fails to recognize Goro and then s/he dies. Naturally s/he's fine next time you return to the cosmosphere though.
: Ms. Reisha...
: This is... Goro...
: Oh...!?
: Oh my... I was looking for it, but it's so dirty... I'll need to fix it up.
: Ahhhhh! Goro!
: Goro?
: Look Luca, we found your Goro.
: Goro... it's all dirty...
: Hehe... Don't worry, I'll fix it for you.
: Yay!
: Goro?
: Oh, I forgot it's your first time meeting Goro! Mom made this for me! It was a replacement for you!
: Whaaat...? I don't have a funny face like that.
: Hey! Don't say that! Mom spent a long time on it!
: There, there, stop fighting!
: You made Goro for me, right?
: Yes, that's right.
: I know you stayed up every night to make this for me, because I was so lonely after little Leyka was gone. That's why...I was so happy when I got this. That's all I could do when I was little, but... As I grew up, I realized that was the best you could do to cheer me up at the time... I couldn't stand looking at it when mom started getting dry with me... I kept trying to tell myself... That this was just a stuffed animal... That it didn't mean anything to me...
: ...Really?
: I'm sorry, Mom... I was really happy. I was so happy that I didn't even know what to say... But I never showed you my appreciation... Thank you... mom... Thank you for making Goro for me.
: Check the timing. Wouldn't this have occured after Luca's mother has died in real life?
: Yes. We should maybe be sensitive about this.
: I was able to go on because of Goro. Goro was the one that cheered me up when I was lonely. Goro always cheered me up... That's why I was able to live happily... So... thank you... I'm sorry I never told you this...
: Luca...
: *Sob*......*Sob*......
: Good job, Goro...
: I'm so glad...

: Whoa! Goro turned into a girl!
: I'm sorry... I'm sorry... hey...
: What's wrong? Goro...
: It... was too painful to be what I was... so I turned myself into this form to escape.
: Oh... that's what happened...
: That just made everything worse...
: No... I'm sorry to put you through this.... I'm so sorry... I... was trying not to face the fact... that Luca will eventually get taken by the Grand Bell. That's why... I kept a distance away from her... I thought I was doing that for her. But I was actually just trying to escape so that I don't have to face it.
: ...You still look at me as Goro, even though I look like this?
: Hehe, of course... You look so cute...
: Meh...
: I'm sorry that I put you through all that. Go get some rest for tonight, alright? I'll sing the lullaby for you...
If you're watching the video, Reisha's lullaby starts here.
: Oh...!? Ms. Reisha... the lullaby... She remembered it...

: She's not crying anymore!
Crylady: I thought I'd never hear it again... Did this for me?
: Yeah, I did.
Crylady: Thanks... Thank you so much... You have no idea how much I wanted to hear this... How long I've waited to hear this... Now I can fall asleep... Thank you... so much...
: ......
Crylady: Zzz... Zzz...
: Looks like she's asleep now... Good... Wh, what was that...!?

: Clearnight Bell...!?
Clearnight Bell: Yes... My task is to re-generate confession and soul. I will ring this bell to purify all souls to start over again. This is how I'm supposed to be. I rang the bell everyday. If I keep ringing the bell, Luca can use the past to live stronger in the future. After Batz's death and Leyka was taken away...and when things fell apart with Reisha, Luca lost her hope. She lost her will to live, and cried everyday. She looked happy on the outside, but it was like hell inside. She regretted that she couldn't help Leyka, and her falling out with Reisha... All that conscience lead her to reject herself... and I was sealed. She was like a living corpse that lived to save Leyka and pay back her dues. She never once forgave herself. She didn't allow herself to anything she wanted to do.
: ...Luca...
Clearnight Bell: The returning of my existence means that some significant change has occurred in her heart.
: Luca... I never knew you were in so much pain everyday... I didn't understand a single thing about you... I'm sorry... Luca...
Clearnight Bell: ... Let's go forgive her. She's completely lost herself in her own guilt. I will give her hope and mercy to every single one of her guilt...[sic] I need your help...
: Yeah, of course.
Magic [Soft Tune Heal: Lv 3] "Clearnight Bell" acquired!

: Luca, I'm sorry for not understanding anything about you. I'm ashamed of myself for coming so deep into this level. I'm sure it was hard for you to accept me like this... First of all, thank you for opening up to me so much...

: ...Approve them?
Clearnight Bell: You have to tell them that they're all an important part of Luca. But, you have to mean it when you say it.
: Sounds pretty hard...
Clearnight Bell: Do you want to stop right now? I can't believe you're still saying that at this point. You're being so rude to Luca. Aren't you here because you still care for her after going through and seeing everything?
: He's here because of the -force flag.
Clearnight Bell: If you're here to accept Luca, you would be able to approve of all of her personalities.
: ...Yeah, you're right.
Clearnight Bell: Don't even think about it. Just follow your heart... Alright, here I go...

: You're the one from the world that turned into a cube...
: I'm...the cowardly Luca. I didn't accept anyone, so I isolated myself from the world...
: You help make up who Luca is now. You block out things that would hurt her, thus protecting her heart. So, thank you...for protecting Luca all this time.
: Hehehe...I'm glad.
: She's gone...
Clearnight Bell: She went back to her world. Okay, moving on!

: Luca only has distant relationships because of me.
: You created the Luca that everyone loves. Sure, those relationships may not be enough to satisfy her... But everyone has relationships like that. And those are the first steps in creating closer bonds with people. Luca is loved by everyone in the town because of you.
: I see... So I am good for something. Thank you...for approving me.
Clearnight Bell: Who's next?

: Because of me, Luca gives up on everything before she ever speaks her mind.
: That's why Luca is so sympathetic to everyone, and understands their pain. You make her a generous person.
: You really think so? Hehehe, that might be true. That's why she was able to accept her title as a Holy Maiden. Thank you...for approving me.
Clearnight Bell: The next one is gonna be pretty tough.

: I shouldn't exist.
: That's not true. You're one of Luca's greatest gifts. Dive Therapy is healing people's minds. It really works. Luca's great at helping people. That's why she's so popular. You can only help someone if you truly understand them. Luca always cared about bringing people happiness when she was giving them therapy.
: But I was using them...
: Of course you were. You're not a Goddess. No one can resist temptation all the time. And I think it's great how you can still bring people happiness like you do.
: Alright, I'm glad you said that. Thanks...for approving me.
Clearnight Bell: Next up is Little Miss Honesty.

: Thanks for being honest with me. I only felt closer to Luca because of you.
: Nuh uh! I'm just here to hurt people. I always say the most hurtful things.
: There's a part of me that does that, too. It's the only way for people to grow closer to others. Honesty makes people reconsider their lives. That's why you're definitely needed. You make Luca who she is.
: ...Are you sure?
: Cross my heart. Besides...I like you a lot.
: ...Hehehe, alright! I'm glad. Even if we are super poor, and our future lies in total darkness...
: You shoot from the hip, but your words make me want to try harder. Thank you.
: Thank you, too...for approving me.
Clearnight Bell: we have any more? That must've been the last one...
: ......
: Wait! Luca's main body...
Clearnight Bell: Huh!?

: Whoa!

: Her body...
Clearnight Bell: Luca is regenerating...
: ...Croix?
: Luca?
: Ngh... No! Stay back! Go away!
: What's wrong!?
: Don't look at me like this! I'm not wearing any make-up!
: Luca!
Clearnight Bell: I know what she's going through. This is the first time she's showing her true self to anyone like this. She always pretended to be good, and wore make-up so that people would like her. It must be embarrassing for her to reveal her bare face.
: ...Oh, really?
Clearnight Bell: ...Go over to her, and hold her gently. Your true approval of her is just beginning.
: You're right. Thanks...

: A Paradigm Shift!

: Luca... I...
: No! This is so embarrassing... Just stay where you are, or your eyes will rot! You're[sic] stop liking me!
: No, I won't stop liking you. You are beautiful right now. More than you have ever been.
: Yeah right! I'm not wearing any make up, or fancy clothes! I'm not worth anything like this!
: Luca... I...
: No! Don't say anything! Stay away!
: Luca! ...Luca.
: What are you so upset about. You guys are finally at the starting line.
: What?
: Luca held a pile of guilt and obstacles in her heart. That's why she didn't allow herself to be happy until she found Leyka. Now she can face you for the first time after being freed from all of her conscience[sic].
: I see...
: You're the main person in the next level. You're going to be the main person in the level for the first time. Good job for all your work, hey. Croix...I believe you can really care about Luca. This is the 8th level and you were always the side character of the story. But you always supported Luca from the side. That's something not everyone can do... You're going to be fine. You're the only person who can hold her.
: ...I see... I still don't know what I can do for her... but I'll do whatever it takes to know.
: That's good enough. And... thanks for everything... not just about Luca, but you saved me too...
: Yeah... I'm glad.
: ...... Just one more to go. Good luck for the rest.
: ...Yeah.

: So, that was actually kind of sweet. I think Luca might become more likable now.
: Maybe we misjudged her.

: she's charging me 10 leaf per second for this call.
: That's a lot!
: I'd authorize a stipend for that, but... I have no idea how to transfer money to you.
: Let's just get to the point. Here's a pointer to the buffer it's being logged to. Since there's a lot of simulation overhead and skipping forward you should be able to reach the end of the buffer before the elevator reaches the top. I'll leave it up to you what you do about it. Now cya later! *click*
: Jacqli?!?! She's hung up. Ok, let's see.... .... .... This is... the Grand Bell Palace? With me and Shun?
: What the?
: It looks like we're going to have some more stuff to talk about when we get there.
: You're scaring me, sis.