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Part 118: Jacqli's Costumes

Gallery: Jacqli's Art

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So here's Jacqli's normal clothes. Her standard color scheme is black with red accents. She's actually wearing the Harmobody Suit, which is designed to improve her Song Magic. Now let's take a look at her Costumes.

Long Uniform: This is the school uniform we got from the first Cosmosphere level. She's actually wearing a combination of the male and female uniforms, with a long skirt and the coat from the male uniform. She's wearing the coat in the style of a bosozoku, a sort of Japanese delinquent. The coat has her black with red accents scheme on it. It's a noticeable improvement on the standard costume so it'll definitely see some time in use.

Spirit Gunner: This is the maid costume we got from the second Cosmosphere level. The name comes from the pair of fake guns she's got with her. Obviously the clothes themselves are black, and the red comes in with the neck ribbon. We also see the first costume that brings in white, which we'll see again as a secondary color quite a lot. Once again this is a pretty good upgrade in every way.

Dorky Girl: This is the PE uniform from the third Cosmosphere level. It's interesting because black actually has become the minor color, just her underclothes, while red and white take the forefront. This is definitely the first costume so far that's a bit more immodest than the standard one. As with most of Jacqli's early costumes it's a solid choice for use as soon as you get it.

Southern Cross: This is the bathing suit from the fourth Cosmosphere level. As noted in that level, it's really small. The suit itself is black, and the inner tube is red. If you're not on Jacqli's path this is probably the best costume you have available.

Funbo T: This is the Funboon T-Shirt from the fifth Cosmosphere level. What's there really to say about it? It's a shirt with a Funboon on it. It breaks the color scheme Jacqli normally uses, and given that it's pretty inferior to the costume we're about to get on Jacqli's path you won't be using it much.

Lady Drape: This is Jacqli's outfit from the sixth Cosmosphere level, and also what she wears at night. The main part is a black robe with red accents. She's got something small and white under it. This is the first costume that's actually a real representation of part of her, the part of her that hates herself for what she has done. It's one of my favorites art wise very strong in game terms.

Miros: This is the outfit Miros wears all throughout the Cosmosphere, and it comes from level 7-C. It's noted as one of if not the most naked outfits she wears. It's mostly reds and purples, with the black coming in through longer than normal hair and accents on the various demonic parts. Miros is of course the Jacqli that hates humans. Miros is a really strange costume to use and personally I avoid it, because it makes your harmonics really funky.

Pure Ritual: This is the outfit from level eight, and it represents Mir's original self. It's all white and pretty youthful in design, as it represents Mir when she was still 'innocent'. One thing you might not notice without looking at the whole thing is that the dress is actually quite short. I mean it is still Jacqli after all. Pure Ritual is a very good costume and can potentially be used end-game if you prefer it.

Dark Rose: This is the dress from the ninth Cosmosphere. We're back to the black with red that is Jacqli's dominant color scheme, and amusingly she looks pretty pissed to be in it even in the character select screen. Dark Rose on about the same level as Pure Ritual, though I tend to prefer the benefits it brings.

Bath Towels: Here's Jacqli's bath outfit. She's wearing a couple of towels. You only see during the Dualstall conversations, it's never in the Cosmosphere nor is it a battle costume.

This is the best piece of art in the artbook. It speaks for itself.

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