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Part 120: Luca's Costumes, with bonus Conversations

Dive #5
Accessed by completing Luca Level 6 (I guess "Dive #5" means it's the fifth conversation about dives, not a conversation about the fifth dive. Or that their translation sucks. Or maybe they're trying to synchronize the numbers with the costumes you've gotten. IDK. Anyway these are off by a level more or less, so dive 5 is for level 6, etc.
: ......
: What's wrong? Why are you staring at my face?
: Well... (This is supposed to be the complete body, but it doesn't look any different.) Luca, do you feel like anything about you has changed dramatically?
: Ah... Maybe, I feel better now. I was converced about my own inabilities all the time, but now, I feel like my sufferings are all gone! I feel like I have nothing to fear. Everything that I used to be scared of has melted away. Hahaha, I feel stupid being overwhelmed by such trivial things.
: ...... (I feel like she's heading in a weird direction...)

Costume #5
: Croix, I really like this costume.
: What? Which costume do you like so much?
: This one...Transform!
: The Wizard costume. I like it for some reason.
: It is kind of bold, though. The skirt is very short, too. Wasn't that quite opposite to your taste?
: But, I attack enemies with magic, right? So, when I'm in a battle wearing this, I feel really excited. I can create Song Magic with more enthusiasm, too.
: Does a costume change you so much?

Dive #6
: ......
: ...What? Is there something on my face?
: Ah, no... (It takes guts to ask this, but...) Ah...regarding the Dive...
: I don't know about that. ...I really don't felt so good last time I had a paradigm shift, but this time, it was more...
: ...Oh, sorry, that was my fault.
: That's okay. It was my fault.
: (I have to do something about it soon.)

Costume #6
: Transform!
: Eh-hehe.
: Suddenly?
: Because this looks so cool on me, don't you think? Secondly, it looks very typical of a hero. I like that.
: Yeah, it sure looks like a hero.
: Yes! ...But, It's got so many weapon-looking things, but they actually are all decorations. That's kind of sad...
: ...Are these all just decorations? They all look so real...
: They may look real to you. Just touch them.
: ...... ...Are they made out of sponge?
: Well, I guess what really matters is the mood, you know?
: However cool it may look, it is just a costume, after all.

Dive #7
: Hey, about the Paradigm Shift you had last time...
: !?
: Wha-what?
: Ah, well... ...I don't know what to say, but... ...No, I mean, don't talk about that in front of me.
: What's wrong with you? You're acting weird.
: Because...well... ...I'm so embarrassed. I feel as if I were standing naked in front of you.
: ...What!? What did you just say?
: Ah! No! I mean, naked doesn't mean physically naked, but mentally...ah, what am I saying? ...That's enough, okay? I can't stand it anymore! My face feels so hot.

Costume #7
: Croix, what happend in my Cosmosphere?
: ...Something always happens in your Cosmosphere. Why are you asking now?
: It's pretty weird being inside me, huh? Anyway... ...Transform!
: ...Was I doing something crazy in just this bath towel in [the] Cosmosphere?
: No, you weren't...
: I can't believe that. That was a too fast answer[sic].
: Believe me! I swear you didn't do anything naughty in [the] Cosmosphere.
: ...... So you were naughty there, right?
: No way! If I had done anything so stupid, I would have been kicked out, right?
: Really? I don't think that's the case...
: It should be the case...
: A, anyway! I don't think this is an appropriate outfit, so...
: I know. Okay, you should wear something else from now on. (...First of all, we should get back tot he original topic...)

Costume #8
: Croix, can I ask you something about the costume?
: Sure. Which one?
: Okay. Transform!
: ...This white costume. ...Was I wearing it in my Cosmosphere, too?
: Of course. If you hadn't, you wouldn't have been able to wear it in real life.
: I guess so...Well... ...So, were...those kinds of things happening in my Cosmosphere?
: ...... No comment.
: It's all about me! Can't you tell me?
: Please's hard for me.
: ...I k now, but... You look so embarrassed, and that means something sooo embarrassing happened in the Cosmosphere, right?
: Well, it was not quite embarrassing, but... ...Please forgive me.
: I'm too curious!

Costume #9
: Ah, how do you like the costume that you got in Frelia's Binary Field?
: It's cute. I like it. Transform!
: ...See? It's cute, huh?
: Yeah, it looks good on you.
: Hehe, thank you. I always wanted to wear a cute school uniform like this, actually.
: I see...anyway, tuck the blouse int he skirt.
: Croix, you are way too conservative.
: It is actually a school uniform, so you have to wear it properly, right?
: You know, school uniforms nowadays are considered a type of fashion. You'll be laughted at if you don't wear it casually. Besides, it would be a waste if you wore such a cute school uniform in a normal way.
: Oh, I guess you're right in a way...
: You are such a dork. You seem like an old man.
: ...You mean, I seem old?
: Your thinking does.
: ...I'm hurt.

Costume #10
: Uh, Croix...
: What's up? You've got a weird look on your face.
: Do me?
: ...Didn't I answer that when you had the fifth Paradigm Shift?
: That means, you haven't changed your mind?
: Of course. Why are you asking that now?
: Then...transform!
: about now?
: How about it now? Why did you changed into the bath towel costume?
: Ah, that's because... ...Maybe this is a little reward for you for making me happy.
: Is that "little"?
: Don't you like it?
: ...No, it's the complete opposite.
: Oh, okay. ...No problem, then.
: Actually, some problems...never mind.

...Do You Want It?
You unlock this by synthesizing Gift Wrap Ribbon. It's a ribbon that a Reyvateil wraps around themself in lieu of clothes and features a bow the size of your torso. Yeah It's synthasized by Luca from a recipe that Jacqli makes something even more WTFJAPAN from.
: Croix, do you remember this?
: Gift Wrap Ribbon. How could I forget that? You don't normally see Skycat go so crazy.
: I think Skycat's crazy in the first place.
: ...That may be precise, but it's still pretty cruel. So, what about it?
: Eh...well... This is something you use for a gift, and... If I used it like she told me, would you accept me as a gift?
: ...Ah, I would appreciate that. And even if you didn't use it, I still would...
: So, sorry! Forget that! I, I must be out of it...

One More
Unlocked by finishing Luca's Cosmosphere 9 and going to Croix's room.
: By the way, can you put another bed in your room?
: Ah, I think there is enough space for that, but why?
: Because...well, we don't have to worry yet, but... I...might live with you soon. So...
: Oh, yeah...
: So, I was wondering if you could when it happens. I don't want the issue to bother us.
: It's a little early to htink about it, though.
: Yeah, it's too early to be talking about it now. I'm sorry, forget about it. It's so embarrassing.

Luca's costumes!

This is Luca's normal outfit. It's sort of a robe with detached sleeves over a sports bra and a short skirt. Those shoes look pretty ridiculous, even by Ar Tonelico standards.
Database: We went through a lot of twists and turns to get to this design for Luca. It's difficult to show heroine elegance when she's poor. I thought, might as well go all out beggar-look for more impact, but it got rejected immediately. It's a fun memory now.

This is the Barista outfit we obtained in the second cosmosphere. It's called "Stylishly". There's not much to say about it.
Database: Luca wears cute clothes for business, but she prefers the clean look. This setting existed from the early stages, and so we thought of a boyish outfit. One day, I entered a shop and saw a lady bartender there. At that moment, I knew it had to be this.

This is the maiden outfit, called "Lady Emperor". It's similar to what a holy maiden should wear, and Arshe's sprite is similar (if it's not a re-use, since it only appears once).
Database: Originally, this wasn't meant to be a costume for the soulspace. It was meant to be the official maiden otufit during the imperial days, as shown in the main story. Later, it was decided that since the costume existed, might as well let it be useable in battle.

This is the Sailor Scout uniform, called "Pretty Cherry".
Database: What was missing in the last title, but should've been there, was the girl action hero csotume. We went for the most stereotypical design, so that anyone who sees it could tell at first glance. Luca got the pink and cherry motif.

This is the BDSM outfit, called "Assault Pain".
Database: This title's most risque: The so-called "Sadist" outfit. Quite a few of the costumes come in pairs to depict the relation between the heroines. This one displays very subconscious personalities: Luca's aggressive nature and Cloche's view of their relationship.

This is the witch outfit, "Sorcerer Maria".
Database: This one was a candidate for AT1 as well. It didn't make it last time, but personally, I love the witch outfit, and regretted its loss. Therefore, I knew I had to put this costume in this time.

This is the Complete Body, called "Venus Torial".
Database: The so-called Mech-gril. This is just hard to draw! There's a bunch of parts, and takes about 5 times longer to draw than the simplest costume. But can it fly? The wings are so small, it makes me wonder. Well, I guess the jets in her feet would help with that anyway, lol. Yes it says "lol" in the database in the game.

This is the bath towel. The costume is named "Bathgirl". I'm not sure where the second version is from - I don't recall it being used in the baths.
Database: The bath towel, for some reason, made it in again. Last time, it was really just a bath towel but this one has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes Luca, who won't primp herself. To her, the fact that Croix loves her, not as a Maiden or Therapist, brings her joy.

This is the wedding dress, called "Vow". In Japan it's called "Chigiri" and is one of the few Luca outfit titles to use western letters. I have no idea what that signifies.
Database: Luca's wedding dress is a white kimono. Her bob-ish hair style matches the outfit very well. People joke that they're amazed she can fight in it without it falling apart. But don't worry. It's the product of Song Magic, lol. I have no idea if I should blame Gust or NISA for these "lol"s.

This is the student costume that appears in Frelia's binary field, called "Tres Super Bien".
Database: It appears quite often in the Cosmosphere, but I'm sure many of you thought you would never get it. And here it is, in the bonus. The name, Tres Super Bien, is very strong, don't you think?


Here's some footage of Luca's various songs in action. I tried to get each song that Fienne couldn't get on his playthrough.
Part 1
Part 2

: So, once I explain the plan, it goes from "scary" to something you're totally in to?
: Yeah.
: Anyway, what are you fiddling with there?
: Jacqli called it a "Systems Administration Kit". It's got a lot of tutorials, most of which call me "Shurelia". Anyway there's this one very special program in it that should help us out.
: Arrived at the designated coordinates, Elemia Control acknowledge.
: Elemia control here. Just hold tight for a moment.
: Acknowledged, Elemia control.
: For once, I'm glad to see her.
: I'm glad it worked. I haven't the foggiest what a "Vee Pee Enn" is. Anyway, it's like Raki's designed to be remote-controlled or something.
: Well, let's go over it one more time.