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Part 13: Chapter 12: METHOD_REPLAKIA/.


Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We returned from Rakshek Resort with the Hymn Crystal in hand. It turned out, though, that things were still not quite ready.


Thank you for your... Praise.
I began to worry when the resort was attacked, but now we can move on with our plans.
We can now proceed with the war effort. First, we will announce this to the public.
Finally, the time is here...
Yes, finally! This world will escape from the Goddess' grasp!
The creation of a utopia by the will of people. The Age of Unification is at hand!
You guys did a very good job. You should get some rest.
We'll need to use you even more during the war!
For now, you're dismissed.
Yes, sir...

...That's right, you haven't heard.
Excuse me?
He went to pick up the Goddess Maiden.
Goddess Maiden?
Isn't that...?

Turns out there's no rest for me, though.

Maid: Lady Cloche has summoned for you. She would like you to come to her room.
Hahaha! Lucky you, Cro!
Why's that?
I'm going home. Good luck!
With what...?

Good day. How are you feeling?
Uh, normal I guess.
You just received some time off, didn't you?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry to tell you, but there's no resting for you.
Have you forgotten your real position?
You are my dog, my pet. If I say you don't, then you don't.
...Yes, ma'am.
Honest. Nice attitude.
You will continue to protect me.
Well then, shall we go out?

So we went out to the town.

...Guard? But this is your own city.
I know.
Where's the enemy...?
All over the place. See, even over there...
What? But he's a Grand Bell Knight.
Yes, that's right.
*sigh *
Now, we're wasting time. Let's move fast!
Where to?
The Fancy Shop!

I should really some day point out that having my arms full of bags makes it hard for me to be a bodyguard, but somehow it seems like that's not an argument I'm going to win.

...I see.
Well, you're going to come with me.
Croix! Look at this! Isn't it cute? Especially the mouth.
...It is?
Don't you get it? The width makes it great. Just 3mm shorter and it'd be ugly.
If you say so...
Oh that's right! The toothbrush on that shelf over there!
Oh, that's... the same one I was forced to use.
Yes! And don't you know that toothbrush is a super rare item!
Three years ago, because of their sheer ugliness, only 20 Gergorilla toothbrushes were made!
I understand the ugly part.
That's not the problem! There's only a few unused Gergorilla toothbrushes in the world!
And now there's one less unused one, thanks to you!
So, what do you want me to do about it?

I think it would be stranger if that frog bead necklace did.
Are you saying I don't look good in it? What a creep...
No, it's not about matching you, Lady Cloche...
Forget it! I don't care what you think!
...That's fine.
No it's not! You're my...

I'm really not sure where that was going and I'm not sure I want to know.

Owner: Your grand total comes out to 3990 Leaf. You will receive 19 stamps.
...What's wrong?
Croix, is there anything you need for home? I'll buy it for you.
What!? ...No, I don't need anything.
Come on. So, what's missing?
Um... my toothbrush is getting pretty old...
You already wore out the Gergorilla Toothbrush!?
Well, it wasn't made well. It's like a toy so it's not as durable, I guess.
Uhh... What a waste.
Alright then. I will buy you a toothbrush.
uh, wait...
You mean, at this shop?
Starting today, you will use this.
Huh... Who's this character?

...He's not very cute.
What are you saying!? His combination of ugly and cute is what attracts people.
Look at the young people around you. They all want to be ugly-cute.
...Why would anyone try to make themselves look ugly?
You really are late in riding the trends.
Tell Cocona to teach you. You need to study.
Owner: Um... Miss? Your tab...
Oh my, excuse me. It's 30 Leaf, right?
Owner: Yes. Your grand total is now 4020 Leaf.
Since it's more than 4000 Leaf, I'll add another stamp.
That's 20!
Owner: Y-yes it is!
Then can I please trade it for a Gergo Grade A?
Owner: Oh yes, of course! Thank you very much!
...So, that's what you wanted.

We stepped outside into Waterfall Hill Park.

...I'm glad. So, should I get back to guarding you?
Oh, Croix! Isn't this garden beautiful?
Croix, hurry!
I like this park, too. The sound of the waterfall and the great view helps me relax.
When I first came here, the atmosphere and view filled me with comfort...
If everyone could find a place like this, I think they'd be happy.
And... for a moment... even if you know it's not real...
You can get a feel of Metafalica.
...Don't worry, Lady Cloche.
Whenever I dream about Metafalica, I come here.
Because the view from here is the closest to paradise I can imagine.
Even though it's man-made, this place is very relaxing.
And I know that everyone loves it dearly.
And I'm sure it'll feel the same if you build it with this feeling in mind.
...I see.
That's the kind of Metafalica I envision.

Oh, I mean, I can't really explain it well but...
I just feel like this part is somehow connected to Metafalica.
I always kind of thought that, and hearing your story, I think so even more.
It's just... a funny feeling.
You say such silly things. But...
I think it made me happy.
I'm probably not the only one who thinks so. It's a popular place to relax.
This sight...Yes, this is it.
The world I wish for... My goal... Metafalica.

There was a loud couple in the park, which seemed to bother Lady Cloche, though I'm not sure why.

Nyo-chan: What? It's your fault for being so handsome.
Koh, I love you!
Koh: Hahaha, you're such a sweetheart. I love you, too.
A public display in broad daylight? Aren't they embarrassed?
Nyo-chan: Koh, Koh! Open wide. Ahaha.
Koh: Ahhhh.
Nyo-chan: ...Do you like that?
Koh: Yes, it's delicious!
Everything you feed me is always delicious. Hahaha!
Um, Lady Cloche?
Are you alright?
Croix, do you remember what you are to me?
Umm... a dog or something, wasn't it?
Yes! You are my dog!

I really didn't get where this was going right away.

Y-yes, ma'am!
You haven't eaten today yet, have you?
Well, no. You've been dragging me along... I mean, we were together.
Then it can't be helped. I need to feed you...
What!? ...N-no, it's alright. I can eat by myself...
What are you!?
...A dog.
See, you understand. Now... open wide.
...R-rike ris?
Yes, that's right... Now, I'm going to put it in your mouth...
So, how is it? Does it taste good?

If you want, I can do it for you again...
Lady Cloche...
The bag you're holding... May I see it?
Huh? What about it?
Just as I thought... This is a Pippencuit!
It's food for Pippen, the penguin in the park...
You really shouldn't treat your dog this way...
No, this is...! Argh!
...Didn't you know?
...! I'm not ignorant!
Of course I knew!
...I guess I am that lowly of a person to you then.

I'm sorry...

We stayed a while longer, but soon it was time for her to go back to the palace.

...This may sound rude but, was this a secret outing?
Yes, you could call it that.
I better keep it under wraps or I'll never be allowed outside.
Heh, I never though noble people like you would go into the city.
That's why when I saw you the other day, it surprised me.
...What do you think I am? I'm a normal person, just like you.
If I stayed at the palace all the time, I would suffocate.
...Yeah, I see that now.
That's what everybody thinks about us.
Which is also why we can usually pull it off by saying we're look-a-likes.
But I like cute things, I love limited things, and I like doing fun things...
I might even... like other people. ...I'm just a normal girl.
You're right. Sorry for asking.
No, it's fine. But today was such a fun day.
Since I'm usually alone, it had an entirely different feel to it.
I'm glad to hear that.

I have to return to the formal Cloche.
Well then, I'll be off. If only I could do this every day...
Lady Cloche...
If you don't mind, I'd like to guard you again.
You certainly do keep drawing the short straw.

I went home to rest after that. The war is almost upon us...

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
The day had finally come. The day I was supposed to sing Replakia and kill the Goddess. I hadn't been sleeping well since the I.P.D. Labs, that place always fills me with an odd sense of dread.

VIDEO_RECORD_LOAD (I STRONGLY suggest you watch this video)

You killed Leyka!
Everything you've said is a lie! You've betrayed everyone's trust!
I can't believe I ever thought you were nice!
You don't protect this world, deceiver!
I hate you!

It was a dream...
Am I betraying the people...?
Does that...
Make me a demon?
How am I supposed to change history without lying?
...Tell me.
Tell me, Luca!

I saw an odd light from the distance out my window for just an instant. At the time I wasn't sure what it was.

Was that... just my imagination?
Maid: Lady Cloche, it's time to get ready.
...Alright. I'll be there soon.

We were going to show the whole world our power and our resolve.


Auntie: Oh my, what's going to happen...?
Big Bro: It'll be fine. The Grand Bell says they have a good chance of victory.


Big Sis: Fighting the Goddess... I still can't believe it.


Uncle: This world is coming to an end... What is the Sacred Army doing!?
Big Bro: Whoa whoa! What are you saying? This is the beginning of a new era!
Big Sis: That's right! I'm tired of being oppressed by the Goddess or whatever.
Grandmother: No one can disobey Her...
Man: Oh shut up! She can eat a bowl of crap!
Auntie: That's blasphemy!
Man: So what? You wanna fight!
Big Sis: Come on! Stop it!

Mint Block...

Grandmother: ...Neither did I.
Auntie: What are you yapping for! We should be evacuating!
Grandfather: Where do you plan to go? It won't matter where we are.

It seemed like everything we'd worked so hard for was about to come to fruition.

Let us take the first step in creating our new home!
We, the Grand Bell, have spent many years searching for a way to oppose the Goddess.
And finally, the ultimate weapon in the sky...
The Infel Pira shall be successfully activated!
As the only weapon to earn Her fear, She silenced it for 400 years...
We will revive Infel Pira and aim our attack at Her once again.
With bitterness in our hearts and respect for our ancestors' technology...
With highly trained Reyvateils, we hereby declare war on the Goddess!
All for the people! All for Metafalica!

I started warming up for Replakia. But of course things are never quite so simple.

Lady Cloche, stop. A war on the Goddess? That's impossible...
You can't stop us. Unless we face her now, our world will forever be enslaved!
But solving this by force is wrong! And...
Don't you dare talk to me like you know anything!
I don't care if you are the true maiden, you don't know anything about this world!
What can you do? Nothing. You can't do anything...
If you're that stubborn, I won't hold back either...
I'll disable all I.P.D.s right now.
What hope will your actions give the people!?
I don't know, but...
I do know that you're making I.P.D.s suffer and bringing destruction down on this world.
You're going to leave this world in ruins!
Don't act like you know everything!
I'm the Goddess Maiden and I can hear Her voice, so I know at least that!
What do you know about the people!?
I know you can't make anyone happy!
I'll show you what I can and cannot do!

I began singing Replakia, setting everything into motion.



Urh... ah... ha...
Luca! What's wrong!?
I can't sing. Whenever I try, I feel like I can't breathe.
Could it be... Frelia?
Oh no! The Song is almost complete!

I could feel the power of the Infel Pira flow through me as it changed shape. It fired a burst of energy, though I couldn't see what its target was. Whatever was there seemed to be expecting it, though, and a streak of light shot out to meet the attack, broke it, and continued on to meet us...

Loading Excerpt- Sol Marta Security Logs, R.
Violation of Sol Marta security detected. Forbidden technology "Infel Pira" activated. Commencing investigation.


You broke the 400 year old oath to do this?
Physical intervention of Sol Marta is prohibited by treaty #9032 under the 5th clause.
You have violated the law. Therefore you will be severely punished...

Boss Battle- Raki, Divine Army x2
Veterans of Ar Tonelico are likely already quite concerned by current events, as they recognize that despite appearances that thing that just dropped from the sky is a Child of Light, the strongest kind of Tower Guardian in existence. The first phase of this battle she won't even act, and we're basically just fighting the Divine Army. That's because this battle serves as the Replakia tutorial. We can now use Replakia in combat if Cloche's Harmonics are maxed. While Replakia is active, the Burst Gauge will increase exponentially faster than normal, with the rate of increase depending on how many I.P.D.s are in Cloche's Fan Club. You can only use Replakia with Red Magic and only once per battle, though you can maintain it as long as you like before firing it off. We also gain access to EX skills with our Vanguard now. If you fill up the Emotion Indicator enough times during battle you'll activate your EX attack and can unleash a super move on the enemy. When I get a chance to actually use one you'll see what I mean. The video explains all this as well, so you might want to watch it if you're confused.

Once we've fired off Replakia, Raki gets serious and kills your entire party in one hit.

Confirm new directive: Exterminate Maiden of Aqua.

However, it is not enough. I will show you... True power...!

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
Things were looking pretty grim out there on stage, what with them about to be annihilated by a Child of Light and all. It's annoying having to help out but they've not served their purpose yet.


Maiden of Disaster, for the stability and order of this world, you shall be deleted.

Wrestling with Tower Guardians really isn't my thing, but whatever.

Jacqli: Hurry and take command of the I.P.D. Destroy the Divine Army!
Jacqli spoke!?


Of course while they were busy trying to comprehend what I was explaining they needed to do the Divine Army was advancing on the Goddess Maiden. Typical.

Grh!! I can't move...

Some middle-aged woman ran out of nowhere and hit the Divine Army with a frying pan. I really didn't see that coming.

Why are you here!?
I was worried, so I came to see the declaration of war. Are you alright!?
I'm okay! Please, you have to go home!
You'll be in danger if you stay here, too! Now, hurry!
There are things I still have to do !
Don't be foolish! There's nothing more important than your life!
Don't act like my mother and order me around! You tried to throw me away!

Then to make the scene even more pointlessly melodramatic of course something bad happened.

*gasp *

Yeah and that's about when the world started ending.

The world...
It's sinking! How can this be!?
Raki! Frelia is...!
I know...
Jacqli: I won't let you get away!
Laude! Now is the time. Hurry, take the Maiden!
Jacqli: Metafalica! Make her sing Metafalica!
But Aqua is...
Jacqli: What are you afraid of? It's only a matter of time before the world sinks. Just as you said!

Laude seemed to be forgetting the big picture here. And since I was kind of stuck it was his job not to screw this whole thing up.

Grh! You're so demanding all of a sudden...
But it's true. We're out of time. We have to bet on that girl...
Lady Cloche, Lady Luca, please follow me!
Quickly! We must hurry or we'll end up in the Sea of Death!
Luca! Let's go!
Mom! You have to be okay!
I'll look over Ms. Reisha! Please go!
No! I'm staying here!

Get ahold of yourself! And you call yourself the true Goddess Maiden!?
Listen, those destined to lead must always keep the people's lives as their top priority.
Your own wishes come much later!
Accept Amarie's offer. Trust in her.
*sniffle *
Luca, sing us a super beautifully pleasantly awesome Song, alright?
Stop! You mustn't sing Metafalica! If you do, this world will end!
Amarie...! What are you thinking!?
Chester, I'm sorry...
But we, the people of the world, desire to create more of this land.
That's why I want to place my bets on her. On Luca... On Cloche...

Even in our unfair situation, we followed the Goddess and lived our lives...
But in all honest, I'm sure everyone wants more land.
That goes for me, and... You too, Chester!
This is getting us nowhere. I'm leaving.
Shun! Wait!
Chester, wake up!
Our goal is to save the I.P.D., and to break apart the current government.
Ever since the Divine Messenger came, you've... changed a little.
We worked so hard for our ideals. To crush the Grand Bell and save the I.P.D.s...
But recently, you're completely obedient to the messenger!
...What happened? Where have your ambitions and past hopes on!?
If Sonia were alive and saw you right now... I'm sure she'd be sad.

I really hate guys like that, you know? Of course, given his situation it's hardly strange that he's sort of upset.

Hey! Chester!
Seriously... what's wrong with him!?
I don't get it...

As long as Laude gets the job done I'll be one step closer to accomplishing my goal on this rock. Even if this whole damned place sinks into the clouds as long as I get what I came for it'll all be worth it in the end.

No, I don't.
That's not a surprise. It's been sealed away for centuries now.
The Bell Strike Hall lies beyond the locked doors at the back of the Grand Bell Palace.
I just released its seal. You should be able to go through now.
Now, let's hurry!

Next Time on Ar Tonelico 2: EXEC_METAFALICA/.