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Part 22: Chapter 21: Resurrection of Aqua

Chapter 21: Resurrection of Aqua


Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
So we just got Jacqli. Let's talk about her for a second. She starts with three Song Magic trees: Those Memories, Moody Girl, and Pretty Medicine. The first two are punishingly powerful Red Magic Songs, and the third is a strong healing Blue Magic. All of Jacqli's Songs are stronger and more expensive than either of the others' Songs. Jacqli starts with a Harmobody Suit, the strongest Revyateil armor. She can synthesize with Skycat, Cynthia, and Spica, which fills things out so that we end up with 3x2 and 1x3. Anyway, let's get back to the story.

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
We returned in time to save Lady Cloche. However, things were not going to be so simple.


Jacqli... I leave it to you.

Jacqli tried singing Sphilia, but it wasn't working.

...Are you done?
It won't work.
It won't go back.
Why!? What's the problem!?
She doesn't have the will to come back.
She doesn't... want to?
Simply put, she has no motivation. Not even the will to live.
But, why... Can't you do anything about that!?
Even if I sing, if she doesn't have the will to, it's pointless.
My Song only takes on the role of a bridge.
All we can do is try our best.

She had an idea, though. I just hope it works.

Go into the Infelsphere and convince her.


You're always fighting each other, but when she's gone, you're worried. Am I right?
What do you plan to tell her when she comes back?
I suggest you be honest about your feelings. Nothing can beat honesty.
Honest... feelings.
No matter how hard it is to say it, if your words come from the heart...
They will understand you. It will never go in a bad direction.
It depends on how ready you are.
I'm... scared.
Because, she... tried to kill me. Seriously...
Even if I'm honest with her, if that fails, then it's all over.
That is true. However...

I lied to my own heart.
I don't want you to make the same mistake.
...I've said too much.
...My honest feelings...

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
I truly at that moment wished for nothing else but death. I was ready for all of it to end when he came.

Where are you?
Lady Cloche! Are you alright?
Let's go back to your body. At this rate, you're going to disappear with the Heart of Gaea.
Ah, I see. But... that's fine. That's what I would prefer.
What are you saying!? That means you'd die!
I understand that!
Lady Cloche!
It's impossible for me to go back now.
I can't face everyone. I tried to kill Luca.
And, while I was Gaea, I did terrible things.
I did irreversible damage to this world.

I can't go back as if nothing happened...
Lady Cloche, you tried your very best. Moreso than anyone else.
You tried to change this world for the better. No one can blame you for that.
And this isn't just your problem. Everyone involved with Metafalica, we're all at fault.
So I don't want you to feel so troubled about yourself. We're always with you.
That's a lie! Sure, it sounds reasonable, but I know everyone hates me...
That's not true.
Won't this be easier for you, too? You're not bound by duty. You can stay with Luca...
Lady Cloche!
You won't have to try to hard to deal with me anymore. I'll be fine.
I'm not forcing myself. I'm doing this out of my own emotions.
Lady Cloche... I still don't understand myself.
But I think I've fallen in love with you.

To hear those words, what he could have never said in the real world, to get to air the feelings we would likely never have a chance to admit again... That's what kept me alive.

I'm sorry... I know all too well that it's not something a mere knight is allowed to say.
But... that's how I honestly feel.
Me, too...
I think... maybe I do like you, too.
But I'm so confused about everything. I can't keep track of my own feelings...
About our positions, about Luca, about this world...
Everything is spinning in my head. Nothing is coming together.
It's the same with me. But that's why I want to be with you.
If we're together, we can solve all our problems. And we can get closer than we are now.
And I will always be by your side. Being there, to protect you.
That is my greatest happiness. So please... Come back.
I'm sorry for asking you so selfishly.

Lady Cloche...?
That someone who thinks of me is close by... I think I kind of found my spot.
I might be in love with you, or I might just be confused. But, I do want to be with you.
So... If you'll protect me, maybe I'll go back.
Thank you very much. I'm so happy. Being able to stay with you gives me the greatest feeling ever.
It's only the beginning. If I give up now, everything will end. So...
Let's go home...

I realized I had too much to live for, and returned to the world that needed me.

...Lady Cloche.
Lady Cloche...
Welcome back.
Welcome back!
Yay! You're back!
Thank you for returning to us.
Puu! Puu! Pulu pulu pu!
Lady Cloche, I'm sorry!
Luca, I'm sorry!

We camped to discuss what had happened and our next move.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Notes: Regardless of who you chose in Phase I this scene loads dialog from Luca's version. I make something up that fits to go in its place.

Yes... That time, when Laude did the ritual for the download...

5100 x tarm azit tn metafalica
Es tn sol.infel.phira.mea
Lady Cloche, how are you feeling?
It seems different than Luca's reaction.
Either way, the download is finished, right? Let's start singing!
I panicked. A maiden who can't sing Metafalica isn't a maiden at all.
I was too scared. How could I say such a thing...
But that brought upon this result.
If I had been honest, I wouldn't have put Luca and all of you in danger.
Because of me... Because I feared losing my position as a maiden...
Lady Cloche. Thank you, for telling us honestly.

What? It's not that I was worried about you...
Hehehe, it doesn't matter. I'm just happy you thought of me at all.
I don't know if you're a real maiden of not...
But there's no mistake that this world's maiden is you, Lady Cloche!
Because I... can't lead everyone like you.
I think that's really important for a maiden. So...

While I was out at some point we had teamed up with Jacqli, and she had an answer to the question all of us had been asking.

As proof, you can sing Replakia. That hymnos is limited to only the Maiden of Aqua.
Oh, I see... But, what does Aqua mean?
And... what's the reason for it being called the blood soaked maiden?
Originally, Metafalica is said to be sung by both Fuero and Aqua.
But the Metafalica failed 400 years ago, and the Maiden of Aqua was banished.
The reason she's called the Maiden of Taboo is because Aqua can control the Infel Pira.
The Infel Pira was a threat to the Goddess. That's why it was silenced.
So the banishment of Aqua inevitably led to hindering the creation of Metafalica...
That is what happened.
Which means, now we can create Metafalica, the green land... right?
No. You failed. There's still something missing.
But what? How can we find out?

Laude kept repeating over and over, "I must go to Kanakana Pier."
I don't think there's anything there, though.
...Amarie? Do you know something about this?
Not really. I mean, that place has been in ruins for a while now.
I'm sure there's nothing left anymore.
...You're hiding something.
I'm not hiding anything! You're so annoying!
You seem to know something about Kanakana Pier. Who are you, really?
Shut up! Some things I don't want to talk about, I can't talk about!
Don't you have some, too!?
And each and every single time I say something, you have to attack me somehow!
Why do you have to pick at my personal scars, too!?
...Because you're suspicious, and you're on my blacklist.
Forget it! If you doubt me that badly, screw this. I can't stay with you any longer.

Amarie clearly knew something she didn't want to talk about.

...I'm sorry, goodbye!
What? Amarie!
We should get going, too.
What about Amarie!?
...She should be fine. She's traveled alone before.

Rumors said that Kanakana Pier was a dangerous place. Leglius had an idea.

The Kanakana Pier is a nest of monsters now. We'll need reinforcements.
So then, we're going back to Pastalia.

While we were camping Luca and I had a talk, and decided to bring our concern to Croix. He wasn't as disappointed as we'd first thought he'd be by what we told him.


Croix, sorry to disturb you all of a sudden.
Excuse me.
Whah? What are the two of you doing here together?
Actually, we came because there's something we need to tell you today.
Wh-what is it... and the formality. It's kinda scaring me.
About the Infelsphere... From now on, we're going to enter it by ourselves.
Oh I see... Alright...
I-I'm sorry! But it's not because I don't need you anymore okay!?
Yeah, I know. I was actually thinking the same thing.
Yeah. A while back, the Infelsphere guide told me my role is almost over.

So, coincidentally... I was going to pass on the next time.
I see.
So it's getting even more serious now...
It bugs me that I can't help you from here on out, but I'll be watching over you from the outside.
Croix... Thank you for going in because of our selfishness.
Thank you, from me too. You really helped give us courage!
That's all we wanted to say today. So... we're gonna leave now.
Okay... Goodnight.
Good night.
Looks like things are gonna get tougher now. Good luck... both of you.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
These are some interesting people I'm traveling with, actually. Could have some good fun here in a bit. Had a bit of a conversation with that knight, Croix.

Huh...? Never what? You mean, you should do it?
I'll never let you.
What's that supposed to mean? You don't have to refuse me like that...
Why would I want to show my mind to humans?
That's kinda harsh. But won't it be harder in battle if you don't create Song Magic?
My Song Magic isn't weak to begin with. I don't have to let you Dive to create more.
Oh... well, sorry.

...? What?
If you want to Dive, I'll let you.
What's with the sudden change? You're starting to scare me...
Well if you're scared, you don't have to. I'm not forcing you to do it.
I do have one condition. Luca and Cloche have to Dive with you. I'll turn you down if you're alone.
Because you're a human...
I don't get it. Oh well. I'll just ask Luca and Lady Cloche when I want to Dive in you.
Would you?

Heh. We'll see how this goes.

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