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Part 23: Chapter 22: The Magic of Teru

Chapter 22: The Magic of Teru

Feinne's Shout From The Fourth Wall:
A lot of this update actually is voiced for once so enjoy.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
We returned to Pastalia, but things were very different now.


It looks like the Sacred Army took over the government.
Then we shouldn't walk around in public too much.
...Lady Cloche? Are you alright?
Hmm? ...Yes, I'm alright.
You don't look alright to me. We should rest for a while.
Let's just go home. We can rest as much as we want there.
Yeah, you're right.

I was near collapse when we got back to Croix's place.


Okay, thanks.
I hope nothing's wrong with her.
...Me, too.
Are you sure we want Amarie to leave?
I mean, I was suspicious of her, too, at first.
But I think we can trust her now.
...I think so, too.
Now that the Grand Bell has fallen, her being a spy is ancient history.
Then why did you say all that?
Because there's no reason for her to still be keeping secrets.
Why she's with us, what her purpose was, why she wants to stay with us...
There's no need to hide it anymore.
Yet she keeps planting these seeds of suspicion around herself.
Who's the one that doesn't have trust?

What are you talking about?
This conversation has nothing to do with kiddies like you.
I'm not a kiddy!
Cocona, how's Lady Cloche doing?
She doesn't look too good. But Luca said she's gonna stay with her for a while.
I see...

It wasn't just my body that was in bad shape. Jacqli might have said that she was sure I was Maiden of Aqua, but I wasn't.

...Say, Luca?
Have you ever felt... like you lost everything?
Huh? Well, I've never really had much to lose to begin with...
I see... I guess that's one way of being happy.
Ever since I met you, I was always in fear of losing everything...
A legitimate descendent of the maiden. Your presence alone was enough to threaten my position.
I never wanted to threaten you.
...What I'm talking about has nothing to do with your intentions.
*sigh *
I don't belong with the current Grand Bell. I don't even know what my status is as a maiden.
What am I supposed to do from now on?

As always Luca was optimistic. I was never sure how she could keep that up.

How can you say that!?
You don't even know what it feels like to lose everything. What do you understand!?
Pupu pupu pu!
What! Stop annoying me with your puing! Are you mocking me?
No, that's not it. He's saying, "Calm down!"
Well good for you. You get to understand Soope.
If I am a real maiden, then why can't I understand him, too!?
If I was a real maiden... Then why couldn't I download Metafalica?
I campaigned for the creation of land in front of 1,000,000 people.
But I... couldn't do it. I couldn't even expel the Goddess being the weapon user...
Can you imagine my insecurities!?
...I'm scared. I'm really scared.
I'm so scared I want to die...
Am I really a maiden? Can I really create Metafalica?

Luca, however, was certain I was the maiden, and she brought me back from the brink.

I don't know how to say this right, but... I think you're a maiden.
You understood the words I didn't know. They were really difficult words.
The Song of Replakia, I actually didn't understand anything you were saying.
What!? Impossible. It was simple Hymnos language. You should be...
It's not. Even if it's the same language, it's stuff I don't understand.
The writing on the stone monument at the Hill of Metafalica. I couldn't read your side at all.
But you read it, right?
So I'm sure that seat was for you, Lady Cloche.
Just like Jacqli said, it's Hymnos specifically for the Maiden of Aqua.
I just think there's something that's still missing.
Why don't we go look for it? I'll help!
Pu! Pulu pu!
...Luca, Soope...
Why are you so nice to me?

Things weren't going so well for us as a whole, though. The Sacred Army had complete control of Pastalia now.

The Grand Bell has completely switched over to Targana's rule.
There's no way we can enter anymore.
I see...
We won't be able to ask for support. We'll just have to go to Kanakana Pier on our own.


Who's there?
Amarie. How do you do, Mrs. Reisha?
It's Miss, okay? And thanks to you, I'm perfectly fine now.
So, what are you doing here? Where's Luca and the others?
It's just me for now. I had to run some errands on my own.
But before I went back, I had to make sure of one thing.
About me?
Well, at least come in and sit down if we're going to talk.
Um, Mrs. Reisha...
Miss, please.
Um, you know that lullaby you sang?
Do you know anything about the song, other than it being a lullaby?
Do you mean that song I sang to Luca?
That's the one.

Sure, of course.
This song... It has the same melody as a song my friend used to sing.
But, the lyrics are different...
...How strange. Where is your friend now?
I thought she died during an I.P.D. outbreak... But she's still alive.
That's great!
Where did you learn that song?
How do you know my hometown's traditional folk song, Mrs. Reisha?
When are you going to call me Miss!?
Anyway... where I learned it?
Where are you from?

Okay, I trust you, and I'll do you a super duper nice favor.
This lullaby was passed on from the last Holy Maiden, Lady Arshe.
What!? For real?
Yup. And it's one part of the Key.
There's two parts to this song. But she only taught me the first one.
And that's because the maidens don't know the second part...
That portion is known only by the People of Aqua.
People of... Aqua?
Yes. They're the ones who lived on Kanakana Pier.
So that would be... me!?
The song I know is the "Fuero Key", and the other one is the "Aqua Key".

If I knew, I might find a clue...
As to why Sonia's in that place...
And why Chester... became so weird.
Thank you very much. I'm gonna go to Kanakana Pier.
What!? On your own?
Isn't it dangerous? I've heard it's infested with monsters now...
That's true, but it can't be helped.
Ah. You had a fight.
No, it's not like that. It's just...
...I can't come clean to them.
I'm scared... If I told them... I think they'd hate me.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
We went to the Dreamy Fields in search of the Kanakana Pier. Of course, there was a little catch I should have seen coming. We wandered the place for hours and were getting nowhere fast.


That's your imagination.
Nooo! That's not true! That signal on the side of the railroad is the same as before.
It's most likely... that these tracks connect to nowhere.
Huh? What do you mean?
I read that Kanakana Pier was a Teru town. And if that's true...
The Teru magic might be causing us to be walking in circles.
...Magic!? Oh please, don't be talking about fairytales.
Besides, what are the Teru anyway?
They're a rare species that are different from humans. They usually have horns and a tail.
You mean like, the Dive Shop workers?
Yes, the Dive Shopkeeper is a Teru.
So those horns and tail are real!? I thought it was a part of their uniform!
That would make a horrible uniform.

I certainly do know about the Teru.

It seems there's very few in this land, and they coexist with humans so its hard to tell, but...
Where I used to live, the Teru lived separately from the humans.
And they had abilities that humans couldn't use.
Teleportation, flying, charming... They even made wishes come true.
Wow... that's kind of cool. So the Dive Shop people are actually pretty amazing!
Well, yes, I guess.
Anyway, if we keep walking through this field, we won't reach Kanakana Pier.
I'll bet 100 Leaf on it.
I don't care about the cash... what should we do?
Want to use an airship and fly through the sky?
We're sneaking past the Sacred Army, and you wanna try to do it in an airship?
I mean, how are you going to get one in the first place?
I know, I know, but...
Damn it... How did Amarie get to Kanakana Pier?

We needed some more information. Luckily, they knew some locals.

Maybe the residents nearby... Reisha!
Oh yeah, Ms. Reisha might know something.
Let's go visit her.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
I'd not been home since we returned from Gaea. I'd never considered the consequences our actions might have had for our loved ones...


That's so mean! Who did all this!?

I'm... home.
Ms. Reisha, what's with all the graffiti outside!?
Oh, that. I guess some people just don't have a heart.
Don't worry about that. You're just gonna waste your time.
I'll beat 'em up for ya!
That graffiti... it's because Metafalica failed, isn't it?
I said don't worry. Nails that stick out get hammered down. That's just how the world is...
Whether it's good or bad.
I guess. Anyway, are you feeling better now?
Yes, thank you. Amarie took very good care of me.
Oh, speaking of which... She stopped by the other day.
What did she say!?

...Why that little!
Croix, we have to hurry after her!
Wait. Are you going to repeat yourself again?
What do you mean?
Come on, let's go for a walk.


No. She won't tell us anything.
The heart's blocked off.
I can't help her with that.
I'm talking about you.
The reason she doesn't tell you anything is because you're walled off.
If she thinks she can trust you, I'm sure she'll tell you everything.
...I can accept that. As long as she tells me, I'll understand.
I won't judge or blame her, no matter what she says.
And just how do you plan to tell that to Amarie?
...I doubt you'll use the same words you just told me.
Of course not. That's why I'm waiting for her to come out and say it.
Then you may as well wait forever.
First of all, do you hate being with her or something?
...I wouldn't say hate.
No, of course not...

Of course. She's purposely putting herself, and us, at risk.
What's so funny?
You never change. You're exactly the same as 19 years ago.
...Leave me alone.
...Oh. Say, Leglius...
I'll tell you a secret I've kept until now.
Do you remember the day Lady Arshe passed away? When we said goodbye?


...The containment squad's already here? That was faster than I expected.
Containment Squad!? What are you talking about!?
Oh, you're not with the others? You ignored a direct order, didn't you? Heh heh, pretty good.
Sir... Where are you going!?
...Lady Arshe has left us with Lady Cloche, the prime candidate to be the next Holy Maiden.
I will protect this child, even if it costs me my life. And, even if I have to defeat you!
Wha- what's going on!?
Listen, I don't want to fight you. So, let us go this one time...
I'm glad I got ot see you one last time. That was the only thing I was worried about.
Thank you. I'll never forget those fun times we shared.
I will continue to watch over you from the shadows.
Hopefully you won't be burdened with the duty to capture me...

...You don't say.
Hehe, are you surprised?
Honestly, until that day, I never would've been able to choose between you two.
I liked you both so very much.
I went to go save the both of you. I wanted to tell you that as you left.
I wanted to say, "Even if we're apart, I will always protect you."
I wanted to say... that I liked you... a lot.
But I couldn't say any of it. My position and emotions got in the way.
So that's what you were feeling... I'm glad I finally got to hear it.
I never knew what you were thinking when you ran up on us.
If you had told us then... We might've felt a little better about it all.
...I'm sorry.
You're strict, and loyal, and therefore trusted. You even rose to the top of the Grand Bell Knights.
You loved the people more than anyone else, and always put their needs ahead of your own.
Not that it's good or bad, but I think that's what makes you... you.

The you that I liked would've been gone.
It might sound unfair, but that's how it is.
That's why, this time, I want to make everything clear.
You are this world's embodiment of law and order...
But I want you to talk to Amarie as if none of that mattered.
She's only 20 years old, you know?
She doesn't know who or what to trust. She doesn't know what's right.
I understand how hard it is for you to be honest, but... I want you to think of how she feels, too.
I see your point...
I've always believed that mixing personal affairs with justice is unethical.
I can't stop feeling that way all of a sudden, but I can honestly say...
I'm worried about Amarie. That's why I always end up criticizing her.

How could I? I hadn't heard from you since the Maiden's assassination.
I had a daughter. Her name was Alicia...
A few years ago, my wife and daughter were involved in an I.P.D. outbreak. They didn't survive...
...How sad.
I probably unconsciously transferred my emotions of Alicia to Amarie.
My honest feelings weren't suspicion... they were worry.
...I think you should tell that to her.
And that's all I wanted to say.
...Good night.
I'm sorry I made you worry.
...Don't be. After all, you're still very important to me.

I still couldn't believe people we'd known all so long could have written such cruel things on our home.

This graffiti...
If I ran away earlier... None of this would ever've happened.
Why did you raise me? I was a complete stranger...
Why did you protect me and have to suffer?
I was an unwanted child. I was a burden, right?
If that's the case, you should've told me that sooner.
You should have abandoned me a long time ago...
That's... not something I really care to talk about.

I'm sorry I made you feel so lonely...
I'm glad you're alright. I was worried the whole time you were gone...
There wasn't a day that I didn't think about you...

Mom knew how we could get to Kanakana Pier. We just had to hope we could find what she was telling us about.

There used to be a train that went there, but now you have to walk through the Dreamy Fields.
But even talking through the fields won't take you directly there.
Rumor has it there are caves in those fields, one of which will lead you to Kanakana Pier.
It's only a rumor, but it's the only way you've got.
Thank you. We'll keep an eye out for it.
Alright. Take care.

We had no way of knowing that what we'd find at Kanakana Pier would set our adventure in a whole new direction...

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