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Part 24: Chapter 23: The Girl at Kanakana Pier

Chapter 23: The Girl at Kanakana Pier

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
You have never heard so much crying as I did today. You'd think I almost killed everyone or something.


You're right... but, it's too small.
Don't worry.

Oh yeah, that's one way...
W-wait a minute!
Crap, back off!
There, it's bigger.
That was dangerous!
It's fine. I controlled the explosion radius.
Next time, just say something before you do stuff like that.
You're such a worrywart. Did you think I would burst out a Song that would get us all hurt?
No, I didn't think you would, but...
You never know. Hehehe...
...So which is it?

What a wuss.

A dangerous choice...
It's quick and easy. Come on.
Either we don't have enough guts, or it's the other way around...
...Women are strong, that's all. Let's go.

We entered the foundation of the Rim.

The foundation's the same. Inside the Rim isn't just dirt and rocks.
This is a huge Song Magic facility created by the ancient civilization...
You guys just piled dirt over it, and decided to live outside is all.

It's shocking how little the people of Metafalss know about this place.

Obviously, this is a connector.
...For what?
A coupler that connects to the Rim.
The Rim is made up for 7 blocks, which are all connected together.
And this is a coupler between each of those islands. This is what keeps the Rim together.
We live on top of some pretty amazing stuff, huh?
Right. None of the places you live on now were meant for people to inhabit.
700 years ago, the builders tried to create a huge tower with land. This was their drafting tool.
Drafting tool!?
You mean like a ruler or protractor?
I suppose. You're on the right track.
I see... It's so strange.
Come on, we don't have time to talk.

All I hear all day and night is whine, whine, whine.

Let's say I launched a mass destruction magic right at you. What would you do?
...That's a scary thing to say.
I wasn't sure whether you trust me as your ally or not.
Remember when I helped you in the Dreamy Fields? I asked if you thought I was going to use magic that would hurt you?
You never gave me a straight answer, so I was still wondering?
I'm not about to try hard to get your trust, though.
...Well, we are newly acquainted, so I'm not 100% sure yet, but...
You may sound intimidating, but I know you wouldn't do harm to us.
If you had any intent to kill us, you would do it when we are alone.
So, I know I don't need to worry about that.
...What a naïve boy.

Anyway, after that little break we kept going. I really need to find the Teru responsible for us not being able to go overland to Kanakana and express my unhappiness with them.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This next video has all the dungeon crawling left in, so you can hear the music, see the cool vistas, and see Jacqli's Songs like Deadly Deathlene. There're a couple of scenes interspersed but I've transcribed them naturally.


I don't know what this is.
I saw it as the Cat Mansion, too. That one was so bright and shiny.
But I wonder why this one is dark.
...Maybe it's broken?
Come on, we don't have time to chatter. Hurry up.
I don't think we need to rush things so badly.

Do you think Mr. Leglius maybe likes Amarie?
What!? No way!
Is it because you saw how much he kept bugging her?
You know, when guys like girls but can't be honest about it, they end up bullying them...
Oh, come on... it's not like he's a kid.
You'd think so, right? But surprisingly, guys act like kids even when they're grownups.
Oh... I see. I guess you learn a lot from doing those therapies...
Hey, you two!
What!? Sorry! Yeah, I know we should hurry...
About that conversation. Can you explain it so that I can understand, too?

Um, well, not always, but...
Hmm... they've so hard to understand.
What are you doing!? We need to hurry before something happens.
Let's go.
...He got mad at us!
Um, was he looking at me?
I need to go apologize to Cro later...
I don't think he was actually mad at you...
I see. So this is love...


Chester... what in the world did you see?
Sonia... Why were you there?
...I should go.

...Someone's inside!?
...This is!
F-re-li-a... No way...
???: Grrr...
When'd that get in here!?
I guess I'll just have to fight it alone!

We eventually found ourselves at the Kanakana Pier. The place was a total dump, and as Amarie was discovering it was infested with monsters.


That voice...
Amarie! She's fighting something. Let's hurry.
Leglius!? And... Croix, everyone! How did you get here!?
You're such a little trouble maker...
Acting all tough and going out on your own. But you only cause us more trouble that way!
What? How dare you? I never told you to come here!
We'll talk later! First, we have to do something about this!

The enemies were easily dispatched, largely thanks to how awesome I am. But even I could never have anticipated what was in that room...

Oh my god, everyone, you have to see this! Hurry!
Th-this is...!

But this can't be...
She's... supposed to be up in the heavens.
That's why the Divine Army attacked us. Even Shun descended...
We don't know if this really is the Goddess yet.
...You can talk all you want, but doesn't this situation seem really bad?
Because even if this isn't the Goddess, some girl's been sleeping here.
Um, everyone...
What's wrong, Luca?
I... know this room...
I've seen it many times. In my dreams, and... when I sing Song Magic...
It was... this room...
Which means... this girl really is...
...The Goddess!?

You know I never realized how annoying it is to have the villain pop out of nowhere.

Don't resist, please. I would really prefer not to kill anyone.
Kill!? Why...?
That s the law of the Grand Bell, since 400 years ago.
If any outsider sees Kanakana Pier, they and their guide are sentenced to capital punishment.
20 years ago, Alfman amazingly shred that law to pieces.
That's not what I meant!
I don't care about the law, the Grand Bell, or anything!
Why are you... trying to kill me now?
The Chester I knew...
Was always nice to me. Always protected me!
So why are you...?

Huh? What does that mean?
I've experienced many things since then, and learned much more.
The truth about the I.P.D. attack. The truth about Sonia. And the truth about this world...
What is the truth about this world?
I'm talking about the Grand Bell's plan over the last 400 years. The Ascension Project.
Ascen... sion?
This world will abandon material existence, and become a civilization of spiritual minds.
This world has lost its land and hope. Even the Goddess frowns upon its continued existence.
The Goddess!?
Well She's right there. Who is she!? What's going on here!?
As long as we live on this world of substance, we will never be happy.
That's why the Grand Bell has researched spirit relocation for the past 400 years.
With the Goddess, and Her messengers!
She's... cooperating!?

Your regime was rebelling against Her. Of course you wouldn't know.
Either way, it's not necessary for you to know.
...Spirit relocation means you will sleep forever, and live inside a dream.
But that's... How is that any different from dying!?
Wake up, Chester! You're being tricked by someone!
Actually, we are the least tricked people in this world.
Because this project was approved by the Goddess.
As I said earlier, I would prefer not to kill any of you.
I promise not to treat you harshly. Please, if you will, calmly follow me.
Wait, Chester!

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
The rest of this update is voiced.

Chester's idea of not treating us harshly was to drag Luca and Cloche off and jail the rest of us.


Hey, Cro... where do you think Lady Cloche and Luca were taken?
...Yeah, I'm worried about them, too.

...I'm fine. Just leave me alone.
...If you say so.
You're not alright.
Shut up. It's none of your concern.
You're wrong.
How's that?
Well, if you keep looking depressed, I'll start to get worried!
You... worried?
...Yeah, that's right.
Aww, forget it! Alright, I'll tell you everything!
I had a family... but that all changed a few years ago.

So you were married? I thought you only lived for your job.
Of course I was married! And for the record, I've fallen in love many times.
S-sorry. Go on.
Seeing you makes me feel like I'm looking at my daughter...
Are we really that alike?
Yes. Like how you're kind of spunky, and you argue with everything I say.
And yes, she was a handful as well.
One day, she went looking for a treasure that lies in the Moon Culvert.
As you know, that place is dangerous. I told her not to go chasing rumors.
As expected, she went missing. I... abandoned my post to look for her.
You went AWOL? That doesn't sound like you.
That was the one and only time I ever did that.

When I heard you went to Kanakana Pier by yourself, I couldn't help thinking about my daughter.
We chased you down as fast as we could because I couldn't risk it happening again.
Though, with you being a spy of the Sacred Army, I have to keep an eye on you anyway.
...After Alfman's betrayal and the collapse of the Grand Bell, I guess none of that matters anymore.
The reason I came after you this time...
Was more because of my feelings for my daughter.
Pff... hahaha!
You're actually quite a concerned parent. I can't believe it!
Why did I listen to her anyway?
Hahaha... Whew, I'm so relieved all of a sudden. I can't stop these tears.
For the first time, I actually feel safe...
Were you... always afraid?

...I see.
I thought it would be best if I stayed here... like this was my purpose in life.
But I didn't do it for you. It was for Chester, and the Sacred Army.
That was more the reason for me to be afraid. I thought about leaving so many times.
But, you guys kept helping me...
And after you found out what I had done, you let me stay...
I thought I was starting to go crazy.
...I didn't think you thought things through so much.
Geez! Don't say that like I'm stupid!
But... I am relieved.
For the first time, I actually feel like I belong.
Heh. That's good.
Leglius. Thanks... for being honest with me.
???: I never thought I'd hear such a heart-warming conversation in a prison cell.
!? Who's there!?



This seat is only appropriate for someone like me.
What are you planning to do with us!?
You sure are stubborn.
Fine, I'll get straight to the point.
You will be sacrificed for our new government.
It is a very important ritual. It's the only way to bring the citizens' hearts together as one.
You better have a better explanation than that!
"Obeying the Goddess will bring prosperity back to this World, while..."
"Betraying Her trust will only bring about its destruction."
The words of Pope Jaza have been passed down the Imperial Line... all the way to me.
It's true. We've obeyed Her and continued to live for 700 years after the Great Tragedy.
The Alfman Regime, on the other hand, perished only after a few years.
The prophecy is true!
You were the symbol of the political betrayal against the Goddess, and will be publicly executed.

...The people would never agree to this!
No one wants to live in a world of spirits! No one wants this world to disappear...
Sadly, this is the result that came from the will of the people.
Lead Lady Cloche to the altar.
Knight: Yes, sir!
Lady Cloche...
Lady Cloche!
Now, Lady Luca...
Luckily for you, you have another choice.

What!? But isn't that song just to silence the Infel Pira?
Why do you need it now?
To silence the Infel Pira? Ignorance is a sin. But, that's how the world works.
! Chester...
Yes, that is what I told you.
It was the easiest way to get the knights to agree.
You... you tricked me...
So, what will you do? Will you sing it...? Or...

Laude was in the cell across from us. Seems he's still as much as a failure as ever.

Hmph! I couldn't find a ship and was caught by the Sacred Army.
Damn... To get caught by Metafalssians... What a shame...
...You... aren't from around here!?
Heh... who knows?
...He is a resident of the Tower of Tyria.
What the hell is that!?
Well well, lookie here. Isn't she a dark girl?
With dark clothes, and surely a dark plot. So you did find the hint.
But, you got caught. How could you allow a blunder like that!? Oh, excuse me.
At least I was not caught being an idiot like you.
Oh hoh, you seem to have grown an attitude.
Luckily, I sort of expected something like this, so I was prepared.
It's a good thing I kept something a secret...

Sneaky bastard...

Heh heh heh...
By the way, Jacqli, have you completed your search for the Heart of Gaea?
After this whole mess is done with, I shall resume my search.
I see you take your time. Unfortunately, I don't have that leisure.
I'll do as I must.
...Why did you come from the Tower of Tyria?
What is your mother matrix plotting?
Knight: Hey, stop with the chitchat! Be quiet!
What's happening with Lady Cloche and Luca!? What's going on!?
Knight: Funny you should ask. I was on my way to tell you.
The Holy Maiden will be publicly executed in Speech Square.
Knight: It's a revival of the old days, when we respected our balance with the Goddess.
As soon as the ritual is over, Lord Targana wishes to see you.
Until then, just be patient.
And no talking.

Needless to say this was not going well.

Damn it... Can't we do anything at a time like this!?

I heard afterwards what happened. Sort of wish I'd been there.


We have taken this land back from those devils!
However, they left many liabilities for us to clean up.
The war on the Goddess, the destruction of the land... They led this world toward oblivion.
She is full of anger.
We disavowed Her after 700 years of protecting and living with us.
It's only natural!
We shall reconcile for this crime here and now.
Goddess! We are with you!
Let us recover our treaty of 700 years with a ritual blessed by blood.
The Holy Maiden will be the sacrificial lamb. I offer you the life of the Maiden of Disaster!


Back at the action...

It would've saved you, right!?
Hehehe... I guess so.
How can you laugh at a time like this!?
I couldn't go on, pretending like everything was okay...
...What are you saying?
You've been with us through our travels...
Sure there's a ton of things I don't like about you...
The same goes for me, too...
But, watching you gave me the courage to sing Metafalica...
I got caught up in the feeling of wanting to save the world... And I went for it.

I always wanted to run away. But, I was able to do my best and stand my ground.
Then... don't die here. Keep doing your best to help this world!
I don't plan on dying. I didn't choose to die here.
I'm only here because you, and everyone else was with me. I'm alive...
And I wanna save you.
How do you plan to save me from this? Seriously...
...It's a big gamble... But please believe in me...
...! Are you...?
Um... Lady Cloche... Please hold my hand...
This is divine punishment!
Citizens, followers of the Goddess! Watch closely! Our world is with Her!
We will show you the joy of being with Her! And we will teach you to fear Her!
This is... the fate of all who betray the Goddess' trust.
Ready, aim!
Lady Cloche...
Don't worry... I trust you.

Whatever the hell she did made all of Metafalss shake. That's a neat trick, I've got to say.

What's going on!?
We're getting out of here, too!

To be continued...

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