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Part 35: Chapter 34: METHOD_METAFALICA


Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
There was nothing left to do but return to the Infelsphere.


Soope... You were worried for me? Thank you.
Now we can continue the rest, but... To be honest, if anything happens again, I don't think I can stop it.
Do you still want to continue? I can't really suggest it from my end.
Of course we'll continue.
We can't even think about stopping now.
Alright! Of course! Because, one more and you'll be done. I'll do my best to make everything work.
Thank you.
I set it so that you can start from where you left off earlier.
Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Sure enough, we picked up shortly before where Infel and Nenesha appeared.

...! Uh...this is...
S-sis! Sis, wake up! Wake up!
I'm so glad! I thought you weren't going to wake up anymore.
I was about to never wake up because you hit me so hard...
I-I'm sorry... *sniffle *...
No Leyka, you can't cry!
Let's go home! Mommy's going to be so worried I bet!
Luca-! Leyka--!
Oh, it's Mommy! Mommy--!
Hey, me too!

Wahhhh, the rock... The rock...
This rock huh! How dare you hurt Leyka! She tripped all because of you! Tah tah tah!
Oh, you two. Come over here!

Oh... I see big sister protected little Leyka. I'm so proud of you.
You're such a strong girl. I hope you continue to protect Leyka.
Okay! I'll protect Leyka! I can beat up any enemy for her!
Hehe, you're so dependable.
Mommy... *sob * *hic *
Leyka, aren't you glad? You have a strong big sis to help you.
I'm gonna become strong too! I'm gonna protect Sis too!
Yes, please. Leyka. You help your sister okay?
Yup! ...*sniff *...
Well, dinner's ready. Today we're having Kukru stew.

And it ended. I'm not sure how much more we could have taken to be honest.

Mom...I... I'd promised you before... That I'd protect Leyka...
Am I... doing a good job...?
...Yes. You're fine... You're protecting me very well...
Okay... Then I'm glad...
Am I...
Am I of any help to you, too?
Hehe, of course...
Oh, then good...
Mom... Mom's... *sob * Mooooommm... Hwah...waaahhhh!
...Luca... You've been holding it all in, hm. It's alright... You can cry...

I kept my promise with Mom the entire time. That I'll save you, Leyka, that we'll live together again...
...Thank you, Luca. Don't worry... I'm always with you, Sis...
Sis, thank you. Thank you for not forgetting about me.
I've lived alone the whole time. I thought no one seriously loved me.
But, there was someone, far away, that always kept me in her heart...
Thank you... Luca...
... *sniff *... *sob *...
I need to keep my promise with Mom too.
She told me to help you... I have to keep that promise.
Luca-, Cloche-.
Looks like you were able to hear the promise you made with your mom when you were young.

Let's do the ritual of completion for the fifth level.
System Message: Obtained Mindgem: Homely Desire!

It was time for the Infelsphere's Ritual of Completion.

You two have acknowledged each other, and have completed the entire program within the Infelsphere.
And now, you've reached its last place!
This place is the peak of the Infelsphere, your destination.
We really... reached here.
I still can't believe it...
Congratulations! Luca, Cloche! You have gained the right to sing Metafalica.
You've become the real maidens of fire and water, the ones who will give birth to a green land, Metafalica.
And by doing the ritual here, your bond will become stronger than ever before.
You'll reach each other even when far away... You'll gain a bond that unites you two from the bottom of your heart.
Ooh! That sounds amazing!
Yes... I feel slightly embarrassed. I wonder what kind of ritual this is.
That's for you to find out. Well, let's begin. Now, close your eyes...

When we opened our eyes, we were at the summit of the Infelsphere.

...How pretty...
This is the height of the Infelsphere. And this, is the Hymn Crystal for Metafalica.
Now... Luca, Cloche. Take each other's hand and touch this crystal.

Lady Cloche's heart...
It kind of felt like I could touch it...
It's like... An enveloping sensation came across to me.
Luca Trulyworth. From here forth, you will become the true Maiden of Fuero.
Swear upon this moment that you will work together with Cloche, Maiden of Aqua, to create Metafalica.
I... swear that I will sing Metafalica with Lady Cloche, and together, create the green land!
Cloche Leythal Pastalia. From here forth, you will become the true Maiden of Aqua.
Swear upon this moment that you will work together with Luca, Maiden of Fuero, to create Metafalica.
I... swear to sing Metafalica with Luca, and together create the green land.
The crystal is glowing!?
Congratulations! Luca and Cloche have been acknowledged by the Infelsphere.
You both worked very hard... through a long, long path.

Yes, because we...
Know each other more than anyone else...
That's right. Luca and Cloche, your minds are connected as one now.
Well, we've done everything we can here. Go back to the real world, and accept the Hymn Crystal.
Alright... Thank you, Soope. You really helped us here.
I didn't do anything. More like, I'm sorry I couldn't do a lot of stuff...
That's not true! Thank you, Soope... For being with us until the end!
Yup. Congratulations, both of you!
Well then, we'll meet again in the real world!

We awoke in the real world again.


Congrats! Good work to both of you!
I can hear Soope talking now, too!
A lot has happened, but you did so well.
My reintroduction... *ahem *
I am Infelsphere Platomine. Platomine means, "One who leads."
I'm born with the task to test if the two maidens who will carry this world can get along.
And now, Luca and Cloche have overcome the tests within me and have successfully passed!
You both had to care for each other, and feel as if the other was you...
You've become close friends who can share each other's thoughts!
With the two of you, I'm sure you can create a paradise of land.
Now, Cloche.
The rest is up to you. Download me and accept these emotions.
Then, I'm sure my thoughts will lead you the rest of the way...
Good luck, Cloche!

Soope had some sad news for us.

Well of course. Because I myself am the Hymn Crystal Metafalica.
Soope! No... I don't want you to disappear!
Luca, this is a joyous event. Celebrate it with me.
And from now on, I'll always be with you both, as Metafalica.
It was a lot of fun... Luca.

And in a bright flash, Soope was gone. And I had something important to ask Luca...

System Message: Obtained Hymn Crystal Metafalica!
Um... Sis?
Sis... please download the Hymn Crystal into me.
You want me...!?
Yes. Because, this is the crystal we created together.
I'm so happy...
...Leyka, thank you for calling me your sister...
This is my first time, so I'm a little nervous.

What are you saying! Just hurry up and do it!
Hehehe, sorry. Okay then, here we go!
Cezya hymmnos
es tn sol infel phira mea

The world went white, and I was somewhere else.

Nice to meet you.
You're... Infel!?
Yes, I am Infel. I feel honored you remembered me.
...What are you up to this time!?
Don't be afraid. I don't plan to do anything this time. I just wanted to give you a warning.
...A warning!?
Yes... a warning. About the hymnos you created just now... about the other Metafalica.
...... So what kind of warning is it?
The hymnos, Metafalica, will never succeed. So, singing it is a waste of time.
What...? How do you know that!?
Because I was the one who designed that hymn.
To create the first Metafalica, I had the finest technology that ever existed.
But it ended in failure, even though my theory was perfect.
...Why did it fail?

...It's useless.
I don't care if it's useless. Please...
...Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you...
Your Metafalica, collects the hopes of the people and sends them to the Maiden of Fuero.
That's Luca.
The reason we failed is simple. Do you think one person's power is enough to create an entire land?
It's obvious, right? It completely ignores the law of conservation! It's a fantasy world.
If you sing Metafalica like that, it'll eat up your life energy and hurt the people around you.
The Maiden of Fuero is connected to the Goddess, so it'll hurt Her, too. That's why Raki got mad.
So you get 1,000 people to sing together and use that power to create the land. Makes sense, right?
Your role is to gather over 1,000 people's minds into one, and sing together.
The emotions of 1,000 people will flow through the Song, and reach the Maiden of Fuero.
Now I see how it works... That's why it has to be sung by two people.
That's right.
But, it's impossible. No matter how hard you try, the people won't follow.
That's not true! If we do our best, our feelings will reach them!
It's not going to work if you just tell them your superficial thoughts.

Everything in your heart will be revealed to all I.P.D.s.
Are you purely innocent? Perfectly clean and uncorrupted? Impossible. They'll see everything.
Everyone will think, "So this is what Lady Cloche was thinking of?"
And then they'll think, "Why do I have to create Metafalica for someone like this?"
Even then...
I will sing. Thank you for telling me everything.
...I warned you. The rest is your choice. Do as you want.

No matter how bad things become, I refuse to become like Infel, to give up all hope.

L-Leyka!? Leyka?
Lady Cloche! Phew...
You fainted all of a sudden. I thought you might've gone crazy this time.
I'm okay. I was just overwhelmed by the heavy emotions of the crystal.
...Are you alright?
Yes, of course.
Anyway... We finally have both Metafalicas now.
Yup! All we have to do now, is sing, but...
If we sing, I have no doubt that the Goddess will come and attack us.
Luca, let's go discuss this with Shun.
Huh? What's to discuss?

Reveal the tower...? Then what are we going to do?
I want to have a direct conversation with the "current" Goddess.
And ask Her to let us create Metafalica...

Shun did know a way, but he didn't want to discuss it where people might overhear.

...It's not impossible, but it's too dangerous to talk about here.
Let's go back to the Grand Bell Palace. I don't want anyone else listening to this.

When we heard what Shun had to say, we understood why he didn't want to talk about it openly.


Of course, the tower we're trying to make reappear is also Frelia's Song Magic.
But, she doesn't have enough energy for it.
So then, where is it being used? To maintain this world right now.
I'll just say it. If we drop about half of the Rim, there'll be enough energy for the tower.
That's the truth.
Drop... half...
...Of the Rim.
The energy used to maintain the Rim is about twice that needed for the tower.
But we can't just drop the Rim. You'll get even more backlash than now.
That's true...
Then... we can't do anything?
Just secretly drop it. If the tower appears, all will be forgiven.
I can't do such a dishonest thing!
And no matter how we explain it, it'll look like we're trying to end the world...

There was only one thing to do.

Are you serious!?
It'll be alright... If I tell them with sincerity, they'll understand.
That might be true, but in our current situation, the people don't trust the Grand Bell at all.
You should keep in mind that we do have quite a lot to make up for.


Auntie: What can they possibly say now...?
Big Sis: I bet they're just going to force us into something again.


Big Bro: Well, I'll go listen for the sake of listening.
Mrs. Lahr: ...Luca dear, good luck!


Auntie: I suggest you listen, though. It might just cost you your life.
Big Sis: Oh, you're right... That was close. How dangerous.
Enna Chairman: ......

It was time.

Alright. Thank you.
Good luck.

Everyone voiced their support for me on the way out. Leglius laid out his view of the situation I'd be walking in to.

Today, you should do what you want to, the way you want to.
To be honest, the citizens see us as their enemies. That'll be the atmosphere for your speech.
We plan to support you the best we can, but your thoughts are everything.
So please, do your best, and go all-out.
Yes... I plan to.
I'm sorry I'm always causing you trouble with my selfish ways.
You've been by my side since I realized that. So I depend on you.

Amarie stood as proof that if I could just get people to see where I was coming from this could work.

I thought you were more haughty and the type to whip the citizens into a strict rule.
It was surprising. And now I know why, too.
From now on is when you'll be tested for how you really work your ways.
Good luck! I'll do my best to do what I can, too.
...Thank you. I misunderstood you, too.
You acted happy-go-lucky, and I thought you always had some dark unknown plot behind it all.
But, it turned out you're happy-go-lucky both inside and out.
I don't now whether to take that a compliment or whatever...
Hehe, but you're right. Now, my real self will be tested.
Thanks for being here, and I hope you stay with me.

Luca wanted to come out with me.

No, Luca. You stay here.
But I don't want you to get bashed again. I can...
Luca... you have the heart to embrace the people.
You'll unite all the people of this world when the time comes.
Please stay here for now.
And if I can't do it anymore, you lead them your own way.
If we both go out there now, you'll be crushed with me before you can even show your good side.
I can't let that happen...
...Okay, I understand.
I'll cheer you on from here, so that you can do your best out there.

Jacqli was unusually supportive.

The most ideal nation was on this land.
Everyone was civilized, they all had dreams, and there were no poor people in this nation.
I admired that Metafalss, and finally came to this place.
But the result I saw was horrible. Honestly, I was disappointed.
That's why I have high hopes for you. That you'll revive the glory of Metafalss.
Yes. I will do my very best.
To make a paradise even better than the Metafalss from long ago.

Shun looked back on how much things had changed since we first met.

Sorry. Right now, I only have one hope in mind.
To save Frelia and this hopeless world, we need your power.
The only one who can unite the people right now is you, Cloche.
I pray that you and Luca will create Metafalica together.
Of course. Though I feel more confident with the Divine Messenger telling me this.
And because the real Goddess is here with us now, I have hope.

Croix expressed his support.

I admired Metafalica and became a knight of the Grand Bell to help.
It's you that gave me this dream, and allowed me to work this hard for it.
You can do it, Lady Cloche.
You can once again give hope to the people who have lost their faith.
I now you can do it. To prove it, I'll stand beside you.
Thank you, Croix. How important your presence is to me...
It's all thanks to you that I can walk outside feeling safe.
Please continue to protect me...

And Cocona wanted to lend her support to Metafalica.

I've never created Song Magic but I'll try my hardest from now on.
I want to sing with you.
Because you and me are the same. We're I.P.D.
We're Reyvateils who can create land.
I had a lot of hard times, but I can still try if I think hard enough. Let's do our best together!
...Thank you Cocona. Your existence gave me a lot of courage.
You live to the fullest. That's why you're here now. And I'm trying to, also.

There was nothing left to do but head out on stage. The atmosphere was tense.


Auntie: You screwed the world!
Big Bro: Kill 'em! Kill each and every one of those Grand Bell bastards!
Grandfather: Take 'em to the scaffold!
Everyone... thank you very much for gathering on this day to listen to my speech.
First, I want to apologize for the many scandals of the Grand Bell, and for failing your expectations.
I, unworthy Cloche, plan to do my best to regain your trust.
Big Bro: Quit being a maiden!
Uncle: Yeah, what he said!
This world is in a dangerous predicament. Our land is disappearing.
What are we to do in this situation? How can we make it so that all of us can be happy?
Every day, I think of solutions for these problems.
Uncle: Stop eating up our money!
Big Sis: You no-talent-ass-clown!

Many times, it has been tested, and many times, it has failed.
However, I hereby declare that I will create this paradise, and I will lead you all to happiness.
Auntie: She's lying again!
The other day, we finally found the method to create the true Metafalica.
The Hymnos Metafalica exists as a pair. It must be sung by two people...
That is the true key to producing our real paradise.
However, in order to make this Song a success, we need your help.
Your thoughts... we need your strong desires of wanting to create Metafalica.
Now is the time that we, the people of Metafalss, are going to be tested!
All people must unite, and pray for the creation of our paradise, Metafalica!
Big Bro: What gibberish are you talking about now!?
Big Sis: You found the Song right? Then sing it!
Uncle: Yeah! If you're the maiden, then sing it!
Young Man: Show us you can sing it first!
Auntie: If you're the maiden, sing it now and show us our paradise!
Uncle: Sing, sing!
Big Bro: Sing! Sing!
Big Sis: Sing! Sing!

There was nothing else to do but show them I was serious.

I understand.
I will now show you my true feelings.
If you are capable of taking in these feelings, please experience them.
If you feel it is unpleasant, I don't mind if you leave right away.
But if you are able to accept these emotions... Please lend me your power.

I began to sing Metafalica, and a glow filled the sky.

Auntie: You better not start another war...
Uncle: Ahh, scary, scary...
Big Sis: Wait. This... Isn't a bad light...
Auntie: ...Huh?
Big Sis: This light is...

The Infel Pira was the glow's source, and before our eyes it changed shape.

Reyvateil B: Me too! ...It's flowing in. How mysterious...
Reyvateil C: ...I can feel it too. Very pure thoughts...
I tried my best in many different ways.
But couldn't create the land myself...
I was so assertive, yet I couldn't even defeat a Goddess.
Even worse... I realized what I had been doing until now.
And how I feared, and ran away, and I suffered... Lost... Mistaken...
I'm just a single person, a Reyvateil, nothing close to being a Goddess...
But, I didn't give up. I still haven't given up.
Because, I want to save you all. I want everyone to fill this world with hope...
And... because I want to build a happy world with you all...
I will fulfill these goals...
Because I believe...
That's why I won't lose!
That's why I can stand here now!
Big Bro: Go die!
I will live!

When I was at my lowest point, when I felt everything was going wrong, suddenly something changed.

Big Bro: Do your best!
Big Sis: Lady Cloche, good luck!
Auntie: Cloche!
Thank... you.
Thank you, everyone!
I will now head to the land where the Goddess lives, and have a direct conversation with Her.
And... I will get permission to sing Metafalica.
If this comes true...
Next time, I want to sing this Song with all of you.
I want us all to embrace the same feeling, and sing...
That's all I wanted to let you know.
Thank you very much for listening.

Extremely nearby...

That baby chick... She's all grown up...
Pretty impressive...

I was relieved when it was over.


You did well. Good job.
Lady Cloche!

I guess the stress was just too much.

But, truly at heart, you're pretty shy and always nervous...
And that's why you act tough and put on a show. Remember you told me that?
But today's speech wasn't like that at all.
So I think it was a great adventure for you...
And that's why it resonated in everyone's minds.
Yeah... I felt really moved by your speech, too.
I bet this is what it truly means to lead and bring the people together.
No matter how charismatic or super talented a person can be...
They're still just one person. We can never forget that everyone has the same emotions.
Lady Cloche, you revealed your true self as just one person interacting with the people.
That's why you were great out there!
Alright! I need to do my best, too!

When I was feeling better, we got together with the governments of the Rim's cities to explain our plan. They were less than excited.

With the surplus energy, we will create the tower to the heavens!
Enna Chairman: Th-that's reckless!
Enna Governor: You plan to lessen the land by your own hands!?
Rakshek Rep: Even now, as we continue to lose more and more land already...
Yes. If we continue to wait, the Divine Power will only weaken, and another break will occur.
We can't predict the natural collapses. If they occur in large cities, the damage will be tremendous.
If we have a preliminary plan of less important areas to purge...
Mint Block Mayor: Less important... huh? I already knew Mint Block will be sacrificed...
Rakshek Rep: Luca! Your own home is there! Reisha would be saddened.
I know! I'm aware of everything already!
Lady Cloche and I have come to this heartbreaking decision. Because... it's the only way.
We will offer the Metaplate to the residents of Mint Block, and have you move to Pastalia.
Rakshek Rep: Wait a minute! That's not fair.
You might as well drop Rakshek and let the Rakshek residents into Pastalia.
Mint Block Mayor: Ahh, this isn't going to work. I'll excuse myself for today.

Things were falling apart, and I wasn't sure why.

Mint Block Mayor: That's not the problem! You'll never understand our feelings.
Mint Block Mayor: We are in no way against Metafalica.
If our sacrifice will lead to the creation of Metafalica, then that's our wish.
But even though we understand, it's not so easy to be rational...
Ah, wait, please!
Enna Governor: I excuse myself, too. I'm slightly disappointed...
Rakshek Rep: It's over for today.
Enna Chairman: ...Everyone's gone home. Oh dear...
This news won't be accepted immediately, but I believe in you.
Don't lose hope, and continue to do your best. I'll be cheering you on.
How could they...?
We know how hard it is too, but we have to...
It can't be helped. It's only natural, since we dropped this on them.
Let's calm down and slowly get these conversations settled.

It turned out the delay wasn't so much of a problem, because we weren't quite ready to recall the tower anyway.

We still have another job to do.
Another job...?
We need to get the Hymn Crystal Veena, to create the tower.
Veena was hidden by Raki, but luckily, I know where it is.
Where is it?
In the Gryo Stabilizer. Far beneath Pastalia, down in the Sea of Death.
There are places filled with poison from the clouds, but we have no other choice but to go.
We should be able to use an elevator called Lift 0 to get down there.
Lift 0?
My memory's missing the last 400 years, so I don't know where it is now.
I just know that Lift 0 connected the Gyro with Pastalia.
So first, we're going to have to find Lift 0.

I had a talk with Croix about the speech.

I didn't know so many people were still willing to support me.
Of course there are. Why wouldn't they support you, Lady Cloche?
But I was worried...
I deserved to be despised by them since I failed in creating Metafalica.
...One girl in the audience cheered for me when I was giving the speech.
Without her, I wouldn't have made it through it.
...I don't think you're that weak.
I am much weaker and more timid than you think.
So what she did was really encouraging to me.
That one word of hers gave me so much courage and power.
Now, I feel I must be stronger for those who still support me.
...I support you, to.
...Thank you.

And he wasn't the only one.

...Yeah. But, I guess it's still better than nothing happening. That way we can talk about them.
Hey, I want to ask you something...
Oh, you? That's kind of odd. What is it?
...I want your feedback about my speech. I'm sure you'll give me your candid opinion without any formalities.
...Fine. But remember, you asked for this.
I think the content of the speech was fine per se. I guarantee that.
However, it seemed like you hadn't gotten over some kind of experience of failure in speech or something.
Yes. Because of that, when you forgot what you had to say next, you almost freaked out.
If I were one of your people, I would be really anxious about having such an unreliable leader.
But, I guess it's natural to be nervous. You are a human, after all.
So during those occasions, you should at least act confident so that they don't know you are nervous.
Until you can do so, you are still imperfect as a stateswoman.
Are you angry? I was just honest.
No. I was surprised you watched me so closely.
Thank you for your candid opinion, Jacqli.

Jacqli's a funny sort of person. While this was all going on she constantly tried to impress upon us how little she cared about saving Metafalss, but I think her actions speak loudly that she cared as much as any of us. The next day we were to start our search for Lift 0. We had no idea what we were getting into...

Earlier that night...

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Every time we clear a Dive level it changes what will appear before we Talk with a Reyvateil. I've decided to actually show the shot of it this time, because it's a significant change from the earlier 'utter lack of expression' or 'smug smirk'.

Cloche's speech was pretty impressive.
Didn't you think so?
Ah, yeah, of course I thought so, too.
But, I didn't know you would ever praise others...
I'm not praising her. I'm just telling the fact.
She got stuck in the middle of it several times, though.
I don't even want to know what would have happened without the cheers.
...What a surprise. I didn't think you were paying attention.
Hm, are you excited to see a different side of me?
Eh, excited?
Anyway, I do recognize her effort.
However, if she comes to ask, I'm going to give her a strict criticism.
...At least give her some nice ones, too.
This is my way of being nice.

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