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Part 37: Chapter 36: Hartes Ciel, Melenas Walasye

Chapter 36: Hartes Ciel, Melenas Walasye

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth
Take it from me, singing in front of all of your friends is more terrifying than facing down a giant death machine.


What are you saying!? You've been singing in front of us all this time.
Ummm, this is a little different from that.
It's just... you know? The feeling of singing your mind... or like, your heart and everything...
...Yes, that's true. Since it's not Hymnos.
Let's just all have fun! That would be the best!
Yup! You're right!

Amarie decided to accompany me on strings.

Big Bro: Hey! Luca's singing!
Big Sis: Let's listen.
Uncle: It looks fun in there.
Auntie: Is it some sort of event?
Uncle: Who cares? Let's drop in and listen for a change.

Yeah and then Rakshek decided to show up. We picked up a drummer and a guitar at some point, too. It was all sort of spontaneous.

Young Man: Let's join in!
Boy: Yay yay! It's a party festival!
Girl: No it's not! She's singing a song!

There was a feeling in the air, like everything was going to be all right.


Big Sis: Let's actualize Metafalica with Lady Cloche and Lady Luca!
Auntie: Lady Cloche saved my son's life, risking her own!
Was there ever a Holy Maiden who would do that much for the people?
One who would carry and save an injured child, one who would share their happiness with others.
Enna Chairman: I believe what Lady Cloche says. I think I can follow her.
Big Sis: Make Metafalica a reality, with us!
Jean: Yeah!
Girl: Let us help you too, Lady Cloche!
We'll even cook and do laundry for you!


We will unite our hearts as one, and make our paradise, Metafalica, a reality!
There's no time to wonder! This world is heading toward its end.
We must unite now, or else this world will fall to its doom!


Mrs. Lahr: Has anyone got any balls around here!? What a shame!
Anyone who helps us with Metafalica gets a free Therapy session with Luca!
Uncle: What!? Really!?
Nana: Wha-hey, Mrs. Lahr! That's just not right!
Mrs. Lahr: You think so, too? Hahahahaha!
This is a lot of people... I've never seen so many people other than at the speech courtyard...

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I was done.

Nana! You got better! I'm so glad...
Master Luca! I didn't know you had such talent... I'm even more deeply in love with you now!
Uh no, it's okay...
Um... There's something I would like to say to everyone!
I'm Luca, and I do Therapy in this town. Even though I'm a maiden now...
Until a while ago, this town was my world.
And I was the only one important to myself...
I didn't even want to think about other people. I was only concerned with my own happiness.
But as a maiden, I traveled with Lady Cloche and Croix, and realized...
Mrs. Lahr, Gen, they've always treated me like their own child.
My best friends Skycat and Nana.
And the customers that always picked me.
No matter how far I go, no matter how long I'm gone, you still worry about me.
When I came back, you always welcomed me warmly. You're happy for my return.
In all honesty, I couldn't believe it. But at the same time, I was so happy.
Everyone... says they need me.
That's why I want to do what only I can do for everyone else, too.
At first, I didn't want to. But, I'm truly the Goddess Maiden.

For everyone. So that I can live with you all, like this, having fun and singing!
So please! Cooperate with us!
Mrs. Lahr: Luca, dear! You're awesome!
Dive Shop Gen: You've grown up... Ah, you're gonna make me cry... *sob *
Big Bro: Luca! You go girl!
...Luca, thank you.

There was just one problem: Mint Block.


The governor of Enna's finally lifted her butt, too. The residents are all up for it.
The people of Rakshek said they'll cooperate, too.
Which means, other than Mint Block, everyone's accepted it.
Mint Block... is impossible.
Because, unless I understood this situation first-hand, I would be against it, too.
But, the people of Mint Block would receive permanent residence in Pastalia!
That's not the problem! For them, this is the best place.
Even with Metafalica, I want this place to always be here. That's just how it is.
Pastalia isn't the best place for everyone...
Because, this place is filled with memories of my days with Mom...
And for that to disappear completely, I wouldn't want that, either.
...I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry, too.
Um... Can I be alone for awhile?
I want to save as much scenery of this village in my mind as I can...

I thought Pastalia was absolutely better than Mint Block...
But it's just as Luca said. This town is filled with the people's emotions.
I'm embarrassed that without understanding that, I still tried to convince them.
Croix, do you feel the same way?
It must be a hard thing to let Mint Block fall...
...Yes, of course.
I'm sorry.
No, that's all the more reason why you should take that feeling and talk to them again.
I'm sure you can get closer this time.
Yeah, you're right... If I give up, who's going to keep hope alive?
I feel a little better now. Thanks, Croix...

Croix came out to talk to me, he was losing as much as I after all.

Why did we decide to live in this useless, worthless land...
...I'm not sure.
I asked my mom the same thing a long time ago. She told me this.
The people of Mint Block were originally devoted Metafalica believers who lived in Rakshek.
They came here with hope in their hearts, aiming to develop their own utopia to reside in...
The Mikry Forest was the best Metafalica they could make.
That's why the people of Mint Block don't live in the forest, to keep it precious.
I really understand what the mayor said at the Grand Bell conference.
Even this miserable land, this town that may look worthless to others...
For us, it's a precious form of Metafalica.
If this place goes down, the sunsets I saw with you, the fields we used to play in...
They'll all be gone, as if they never existed...
I think I really wanted everyone to understand that.
I'm sorry I talk a lot. Can I stay just a bit longer here?

Lady Cloche came by too.

No, I'm sorry, too.
After what you said, I realized something.
To you, this place is filled with memories!
I only saw Mint Block as a place, I didn't see the thoughts of you or the mayor.
Lady Cloche...
Hehe... if you understand that, it's enough. It makes me happy.
So let's go talk to the mayor one more time.
Yeah... let's go.

With new resolve, we hoped to convince Mint Block's mayor this time.

Mayor: No, it's alright. I overreacted in the heat of things. It was immature of me.
If you were able to understand our feelings, that's more than enough for us.
I'm also very sad, just like you, Mayor.
I even got in a fight with Lady Cloche earlier because of it... Hehehe...
Mayor: Don't worry, Holy Maidens. Despite what I said, we won't stop your plans.
If you're allowing us to move to Pastalia, we will gladly accept it.
Mayor... But!
Mayor: Well you see, when I came back after the meeting, I told everyone what happened.
I was deeply lectured by everyone here. Oh dear, what a shame as the mayor.
Auntie: Of course!
We wish to build Metafalica.
You may have heard that Mint Block was created by ancestors who wanted to create Metafalica.
If the true Metafalica can be born, then it would be our heart's desire, even if this town disappears.
...But still... it's so sad. *hic *
Mayor: We don't have the strength to do anything like the people of Rakshek or Enna.
But if our sacrifice is needed to create Metafalica, we'd be very proud.
Auntie: Yes. That we were able to be of some help towards the creation of Metafalica. Hehehe.

They did have one request.

Mayor: But, we don't even know where it is anymore.
Mayor: Yes, our guardian warden. The great being that raised life in the Mikry Forest with us.
Auntie: Anyway, do your best to work towards actualizing Metafalica.
Mayor: Yeah, that's right. Don't worry about the people of Mint Block.
If we stopped you now, our ancestors would be greatly upset. Hahaha!
Now then, excuse us.
Auntie: The townspeople have begun preparing already, so we can move any time.
So we've reached an agreement for now, it seems.
I don't feel satisfied.
I know how you feel. But Frelia's power to maintain areas is reaching its limit.
We need to purge as soon as we can, or else Enna or Rakshek might fall first.
...Yes, you're right. We need to hurry.
The place where we have to go sing it is the Conductor Activator.
I'll go get Frelia and meet you there. You guys go ahead.

We had a discussion later about our decision.

To demolish Mint?
...I know I must do it. I have to be ruthless that way.
But, still...
If I'm feeling this bad, it must be even worse for you. You're from Mint, right?
...I don't feel that bad, actually.
...Why not?
I do feel sad... but you're thinking so much about my hometown, so...
When you decided to sacrifice Mint for the new world, I was so sad that I couldn't help crying, right?
But then, I felt your feelings, so now I'm kinda glad...
Mint is, for me, the most important place in the world.
Now that you've decided to drop it, you have to succeed, alright?
...Of course I'll do my best, but you have to do your best, too. You are one of the Maidens after all.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
...Let's do it, Luca.
Yes! At all cost!

I just couldn't let the forest fall yet, though. There was something I had to do.

...What's wrong?
I want to go get a keepsake of Mom's.
Right... since the forest is going to fall, too...
I can't do anything about the grave, but I can at least take one thing as a keepsake right?

So we went to the forest.

Yeah, no problem.
Thank you.
Hairpin. I'll take Mom's hairpin!
Um... Is it okay if I call you Leyka right now?
Yes, go ahead, Sis.
Hehehe... Leyka.
Thank you for coming with me. I'm glad I was able to come get a keepsake from Mom before the fall.
It's alright. I actually wanted to come here, too. I'm glad you're honest.
Hehe, then we equal out.
I guess so.
I'm happy I was able to come here today. There's something I wanted to give you.
Here... This.

I had a surprise for her.

Yup. A sun pendant. I thought it might look good on you.
What brought this on?
Um, well, Leyka...
Happy birthday...
Huh!? Today... is my?
Yup. I secretly asked Mom the other day.
The birth ceremony is actually my birthday.
Lady Cloche was born on that day. Since it was in the records, they couldn't change it.
...I see.
So your real birthday is today. And we're the only ones who know.
Sis... thank you.
I'll treasure it forever!

And it turned out she had one for me as well.

I wanted to give it to you... but haven't gotten around to it till now, but...
...This is the moon pendant from my birthday.
You mean... you picked it up and had it the entire time?
Yes, that's right.
Leyka, I'm so sorry...
You must have been so hurt. You could barely hold yourself together. But I...
It's okay. That was both of our faults.
See, now we match.
Our necklaces... the moon and sun. We match.
...Oh, you're right. Hehehe...

But the real precious names we got from our mothers, I am Leyka, you are Cloche.
As the Trulyworth family, you are Leyka, I am Luca.
One precious family. Sisters...
And as maidens...
I am Cloche...
I'm also Cloche...
I am you.
You are me...
It's so strange!

It was just about time to say goodbye.

We still fight sometimes, but we still think of each other. We're precious sisters...
So you can rest in peace, and continue to watch over us. Mom...

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This next section can in principle be missed and if you are trying to get Jacqli's ending doing so will substantially delay your access to Level 8. If you do this right you can finish her Cosmosphere basically right after we reveal the Tower, which is actually reasonably comparable to when we can finish either of the others.

While we were on our way out, Croix found something odd.

Do you think we can move this by any chance?
How troublesome. Let's just break it apart.
Wait, Jacqli!
Uh oh! Run!

I swear every time Jacqli blew up some obstacle it took years off my life.

That's the third time!
It's only three times. Stop complaining. Such a picky man, as always.
See, there's a hole. If we're going, let's go.

Deep in the forest, we found something we never could have expected.

This is... huge!
That's... a Heart of Gaea!?
...So small.
This is amazing. I never knew such a big tree could grow on the Rim...
This can't be real. The Rim is a man-made structure.
It's hard enough to spread roots. A tree this big is impossible...
Then, this tree...
Could it be... the Heart of Gaea?
No doubt. This is the singer of Mikry Forest. In other words, the Warden of Mikry.
This is it...!? The guardian warden that the mayor was talking about!?
Most likely. This Heart is what created the Mikry Forest.
I thought it was weird. This was the only place in the Rim where the forests were so thick.
Did the mayor want to take this Heart with him?
Probably. Even if it's a crystal, a Heart of Gaea is a life.
Then, let's take it to him!

Then some weird things came out of nowhere. Jacqli told me what they were called but honestly I can't recall.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
A pair of Nyo? attack us here. You may recall the Nyo? as enemies from the original Ar Tonelico. It's a fun little callback.

Now, this forest will disappear, but its heart will be able to live on.
If we create Metafalica, we can make another Mikry Forest there.
It's so... great. I can take the forest I grew up with...
Yeah. We'll leave it with the mayor so that he can hold onto it.
Good night, Mikry Forest.
It'll just be a while...
And a short goodbye.
Thank you...
For protecting us all.

We brought it back to Mint to show the mayor.


So this was it? The Warden of Mikry?
Mayor: Yes, it is! I never dreamed I would ever see it again with my very own eyes!
It was this crystal that created Mikry Forest, huh?
Mayor: Indeed it ws. That's why it was our guardian.
I only know from hearsay, and there's no proof anymore, but...
400 years ago, our ancestors were given this guardian by the Holy Maiden.
The maiden from 400 years ago!?
Mayor: She told them...
"This guardian is small, but it can create a forest. Use this to nourish the world."
But at the time, this land was in chaos, after having suffered repeated wars.
Our ancestors waited for peace to come, and went on a journey in search of a place to create a forest.
They traveled from Pastalia to the Rim, and Enna, beyond Rakshek, and finally reached this land.
The place where Mikry Forest lies now used to be like the Ironplate Desert.
It's said the warden created the forest in one night. It is indeed a miraculous guardian.
So that's what happened.
Mayor: Thank you... very much!

Auntie: I had my doubts that it was only legend.
Mayor: Don't be so rude! You're insulting our warden.
We, the people of Mint, will never forget this debt to you.
Now I can truly surrender this land.
I'm glad. We had regretted just that one thing...
We can now create Metafalica without worry.
Mayor: Yeah, do your best. We pray from our hearts for you to succeed.
Auntie: Well then, we need to go prepare for moving now.
Mayor: Thank you so very much. This is a humble gift... Please, take it.
System Message: Obtained Thread of Binding!
I'm so glad...
Luca... Thank you.
If you hadn't scolded me then, I would have abandoned these people's feelings.
Oh no... thank you.
For saving Mikry Forest...

I think Croix called Jacqli out on almost blowing us up. Again.

What? Why would I do that...
Hey, are you listening to me? Didn't I tell you that before?
I mean, you do your job of destroying things, but that could attract more enemies...
Then I'll have to destroy them all.
So you're telling me to be responsible for the enemies if I use magic.
Well, not like that...
(I don't think she understands the most important thing...)

I guess she'd seen those things in the forest before as well?

Oh, you're talking about a Nyo??
You know about them?
Yeah, I know all about Nyos?
...Why are you talking in the form of a question?
That's their name. It's not just Nyo. It's Nyo?
Nyo, huh?
No, Nyo?
This is so complicated...

Shun called us to remind us of where we needed to head.

...Hey, it's Shun. I've joined up with Frelia here.
We'll head over in a bit, but where are you?
Sorry. We're still at Luca's house.
Should we head to the Conductor Activator first?
Yeah. ...By the way, do you know how to get there?
It should be to the south of where you are now... There's an entrance at the far end of Cloud's Wharf.
From there, just climb up.
Alright. We'll head there first.

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