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Part 38: Chapter 37: EXEC_VIENA

Chapter 37: EXEC_VIENA

File Found- Sol Marta Operational Logs, USER NOT RECORDED
Why the hell are they in the Conductor Activator?

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This first video is pretty much dungeon crawling. By the way, if we'd taken Luca's path we'd already have Cloud's Wharf on the map, because it's where Hymn Crystal Hibernation was kept.


I had Raki lock the building down earlier just in case, but they're still managing to progress.

Ma num ra exec guol CA 5982 sos yor.

Sounds like a lift became usable to us.

Of course it's not like they can advance to the top on their own, it needs the highest level authentication.


Looks like it. I guess we're stuck here for a while.
Sorry I'm late.
I-I'm sorry.
The authentication here only responds to Frelia. Go on.
Now we should be able to use the elevator that goes up from here.
Normally, only Frelia is allowed to go beyond this point.
It's a place that is essentially the center of this world.
Don't get too reckless in there. Especially you, Jacqli...

Dammit, even if I hack every Guardian in this hole it's still impossible to make Metafalss itself stop recognizing the one who's singing it into existence.


Okay! I can do it!
Do your best.
Lady Frelia.
How did you feel when you created this world?
Um... It was fun. ...But it was lonely.
Because I had to continue singing alone high in the sky.
I see. That must be lonely...
But, you won't be lonely this time. I'm with you.
And this time, I'm sure...
We'll be able to create a world where you won't be lonely.

Wait a second you're going to do WHAT?

D... Cellophane?
Yeah. It originally belonged to you.
We just used it to be able to use your powers. That's all.
That's why you've become so tired.
But don't worry. From now on, we're going to live on our own.
Thank you until now... And please watch over us from now on, too...

They couldn't possibly be intending to actually use that Hymn. I mean they'd have to drop half the damn world to do it. No way do they have the guts.


Auntie: Of course it will. It has to turn out wonderful.


Nana: Luca...



I mean they're actually doing it. They're destroying the world themselves to create the Tower. What do they know? Are they coming to interrupt us?

Fine have your Tower, you big babies. It's not like you'll ever reach the top.

You will NEVER reach Sol Marta! You will NEVER stop us! We will SAVE this world!

This tower couldn't have been made with just our powers.
The thoughts of everyone in this world made this tower a reality.
Yeah, you're right!
The Warden of Mint. I'm really glad I got to give it to the mayor before the fall...
Yes... truly.
We're all creating Metafalica.
Now there's no time to lag behind. The entrance to the Heaven's Tower is on the Hills of Metafalica.
Let's go to the Hills of Metafalica...

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Lands- Collected Writings, J.
The Origins are more different from each other than I'd have expected.

Looks like? She needs to be.
That's true. ...I want to show her that.
Who are you talking about?
The administrator of the tower in the world I came from.
She still cries for my help trying to get around in her own tower.
She trips and falls down all the time, too.
...Sounds like a mess.

Of course our traveling companions are quite strange themselves. I mean first we've got an eleven year old I.P.D. who doesn't know any Song Magic.

Click here for the full 2108x3208 image

Then we've got a knight with some serious issues and really questionable fashion sense.

Click here for the full 2204x3236 image

I didn't even realize there were half-Teru before I came here and I can safely say one hundred percent of the ones I know are seriously messed up.

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And I guess Frelia's a 'dog' person.

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Our front line of defense is led by Croix, who's been keeping me safe in battle. I have to say it does make me feel better. Just because he's good at it, don't get any silly ideas.

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Then we've got Luca, the Maiden of Fuero. I can't say I think of her as reliable, but she's been improving as time's gone on.

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Then there's Cloche, er, Lady Cloche, the Maiden of Aqua. Do I really have to say anything about the sort of person who is always called 'Lady'? Still, she's actually not a bad person.

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And then there's the linchpin of the whole operation.

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We've met a lot of other strange people here, but that'll wait for another day.

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