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Part 39: Chapter 38: The Tower to the Heavens

Chapter 38: The Tower to the Heavens

Carrier signal corruption detected. Attempting to correct...
Signal restored. New record detected, loading stream...

It seems they are coming for me. They seem so excited to march to their destructions.


Enna Chairman: I pray... for a miracle upon us!
Jean: Lady Cloche! Smack some sense into the Goddess up there for us, yeah!?
Auntie: Jean! I'm so sorry he keeps saying strange things.
No, it's not a problem. Jean, of course I'll go slap some sense into Her.
Jean: Yeah!
Auntie: We will be praying for your success down here, too.
Jacqli. I never thought you would do anything to save a world. I still can't believe it.
What's that supposed to mean?
If you die, I'll publicize all of your embarrassing "secrets". So you better come back alive.
...You don't have to tell me.
Mrs. Lahr: I never thought you would be leaving for the heavens, Luca dear.
Mrs. Lahr! I'm not dead yet!
Dive Shop Gen: Luca, good luck! We'll be praying for you down here.
Come back and do some Therapy on my machines again, okay?
Nana: Luca... It's our final goodbye. I'll make sure to earn enough for you, too!
Why are the people around me like this...?
Master... This will be our goodbye. Lastly, I want a goodbye kiss...
I-will-not-do-it! Geez! I'll be back soon enough!
Aww, how boring.

How sentimental. I almost vomited.

Grand Bell Knight B: Those who have joined the knights all did so, longing for Metafalica.
I did that, too.
Grand Bell Knight A: I never though such a grand event would happen during my time in service... *hah * *hah *
You're overreacting... Anyway, I leave things here to you guys.
In case the Goddess decides to attack, you'll be the ones the people will be relying on.
Grand Bell Knight B: Yes, sir! You can leave it to us! We will protect this world even if it costs our lives!
Grand Bell Knight B: Ooh, there she is. Good luck, Croix!
Coo! You're really going to leave me, huh?
What will I do if you go away? How am I supposed to go on living?
Well, I'll be back. So why do you sound so melodramatic?
Oh, you're so mean! I'm acting out a lover's parting as it should be!
Who are the lovers?
You're lucky to have such a pretty lover see you off!
Really, I'm so envious.

My little girl's all grown up and unleashing masterful snaps. I'm so proud.

Later, Cynthia. It'll be a long, long time. Go find someone nice.
How horrible! You're abandoning me!?
Mint Block Mayor: Holy Maidens, thank you for listening to our wish.
No, it was my wish, too.
I may have been the most affected by Mint Block's fall.
Auntie: It must have been tough. It was where you grew up.
So when I found out we could take Mikry Forest to Metafalica, I was so happy.
Mint Block Mayor: We were so worried about our warden guardian. As long as it's alive, we can recreate Mint Block.
Mayor! After we create Metafalica... Let's do that!
We'll raise Mikry Forest again, and create a Metafalica within Metafalica!
Mint Block Mayor: Hahaha! A paradise within a paradise? Truly the happiest place in the world.
I'm sure Miss Reisha is happy up there...
Yup. I brought a keepsake of hers.
So she'll always be with us.
Mint Block Mayor: That's good to hear.
No regrets for heading to a new world! Isn't that right? Hahaha!
Thanks for everything! I'll be sure to create Metafalica!

And then there's that pawn who was so useful earlier. I really should have had Raki kill him in retrospect.

Prince Targana.
I'm no longer a prince. Just call me Targana, like you used to.
Alright then, Targana...
...I'm going now.
Don't worry about the people.
Yeah, I won't. You'll be here.
...Hmph. Go... partner.
While we speak with the Goddess, I'll leave the lower world to you.
It's in good hands.
We'll be back soon!
Aww, so I'm shipping off alone, unable to capture your heart.
What gibberish are you talking about now?
Oh, nothing.
Come back alive.
Of course!
Finally... to the heavens.

I let them get a ways up the tower before I sent the Divine Army at them.


What!? ...The Divine Army?
Damn... They're quick...
Don't worry. They won't attack us. Frelia's here.

Guess again! Anyway, I need to not rely on those things. They're really useless. I was at least hoping for their numbers to slow these morons down.

They really don't want us to get through here.
What in the world is going on in Sol Marta...
Who the hell is controlling you!?

???: *sigh * You can never find good help these days.

Hey I recognize that guy. Another person I should have killed a while ago.

Alfman! You're alive!?
Of course. I would never allow myself to die that easily!
Why would a cowardly traitor help us?
...Hmph. Is that any way to speak to the person who just saved your life?
I had a change of heart, after what I saw.
I've fallen in love with you, Maiden. You've become quite admirable.
Now, go on... hurry. The people are waiting for you.
I said, leave this place to me! You have a Goddess to beat!
...Thank you very much! Let's go!
...We're counting on you.
Feh... Don't waste your words on that sentimental crap. Leave already...
Well then, I'll be your new opponent for today.
If you want to get by, you'll have to kill me first!

These people waste lots of time, too. It's kind of insulting.

I can't believe the Divine Army went against the Goddess.
Didn't think they were going to come at us.
I felt like we were in a play or something.
I wouldn't want to be in a play where I might die.
I agree with you.
The Goddess has no dignity, anyway. I'm not surprised.
You shouldn't say that... But I don't disagree.

They ran into that little defect halfway up as well.


Huh!? Wait just a second, please!
I am not Raki!
My name is Reki!
I have no combat functions whatsoever! I'm just a precocious and cutesy helper robot!
...Not very persuasive.
And why would a helper robot be in a place like this!?
I dunno. I have no programmed responses to answer your question.
Way to beat around the bush.
I'm just stationed here to serve tea to our customers.
That's an extreme way to serve tea...
Ahhhhh! I forgot!
What now!?
After such a long break, I need to reacquaint myself with my role...
Let me try it one more time. Can you please leave and come back in?
And this time, don't attack me all of a sudden!
You don't have to start all over again. Just tell us where we...
Hurry up and get out!
Let's just do what she says...

And they did it! They walked out and back in! I mean seriously.

Hello! And welcome to the Hot Spot!
Hot... Spot!?
Yes, sir!
This is where traders and transport dealers passing through the tower can take a little break!
What a hectic Hot Stop...
No! It's not a Hot Stop, it's a Hot Spot!
It doesn't matter which one it's called...
Why are there always places like this in the tower? Did the designers have too much freedom?
This is a lodging facility and a resort complex with high-tech Dive Systems!
This non-profit public facility was created by the nation's public works, so they're all very cheap!
Come enjoy this government operation resort complex, the Hot Spot!
I wonder if that dialogue was a recording of some sort.
By the way, you said your name was Reki... Are you related in any way to Raki?
Raki is a combat-type maintenance-roid created at the same time as me.
Our models are the same, but our components are completely different!
And yet you look exactly the same outside? That's pretty amazing.

See it's all this dumb hard-programmed tech. Not crap you can do with it, especially that junker.

Please enjoy your stay!
Her dialogue doesn't segue well at all. Seems like her programmer sucked.

MEMO: Who the hell is that girl in black anyway? She's routing through Sol Marta but I can find exactly zero on her.

All the androids are so similar everywhere.
You mean Reki?
Well all of them including Reki.
So do they all talk with run on sentences, and sound naturally dumb?
Yeah... Well, the others are much better than Reki.
They're always sleeping, through.
...Robots sleep, too?
They do wake up if you wake them up.
Robots that get helped by humans...

It also seems they like Frelia's forest too.

Infel's Insults From The Fourth Wall:
Foolish as you are, you may wish to enlighten yourself as to some of the capabilities of your supposed 'heroes'. Luckily for you they were caught on surveillance.


Why is there a forest here?
It is a strange sight.
Frelia spent 300 years creating this forest.
So this is Magic, too?
That is correct.
Then let's move on.

They're going to breach Sol Marta any time now. I suppose it's time to mobilize our real defenses.

Next Time on Ar Tonelico 2: Showdown at Sol Marta