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Part 41: Chapter 40: EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION


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They are here.


You're... Infel!?
But, you died 400 years ago. That's why you became a mind guardian...
Mind guardian...? You really are stupid. You thought an I.P.D. would have a mind guardian?
I just trespassed into Cloche's mind from the Infel Pira.
Sure, my body has died. But...
If you have the courage to break away from the body, Reyvateils can continue to live in the Binary Field.
Isn't that so, Miss Lady in Black?
...! You searched my info earlier, didn't you?
Of course. I prefer to have as much information about an enemy as I can.
I knew... after the tragedy 400 years ago, with the people's betrayal, and Nenesha's death...
This world has reached rock bottom. It must be reconstructed with a new order.
...Say, what do you think of this world?
Where 99.3% of the world is covered in clouds, and life clings to the scarce land.
Al Ciel's Will has shown its anger. The people are denied their existence.
Certain Eras demand a civilization and lifestyle that are fit for them.

This world is but a shadow of its former self, and mankind clings to nothing but fading hope.

The world's souls will surpass the material dimension, and move on to the spiritual world.
They will be free of the shackles of 3 dimensions. They wait to move on to the next stage...
What kind of selfishness is that? Whoever said they wanted such a thing?
I just saw with my own eyes, the people of this world are wishing for Metafalica.
I will return to them and create Metafalica!
It's impossible. The current populous can't create Metafalica.
You need many people to have pure emotions for it.
With the rotten emotions of the people now, the best you can get is another Gaea.
Metafalica no longer exists in this world!
That's not true!
Listen here. Even if they smile and say they want Metafalica...
In their true hearts, no one wishes to live on this world anymore.
People clash with others, get hurt, suffer, and yet, continue to live.
Everyone is suffering. No one has any hope for this world anymore.
They don't know what they live for... they can't find meaning in their lives.
People don't want to get involved with others.

These poor fools need enlightenment.

I have the method to make that a reality.
Here, come.
I'll tell you my secret.

So I'll show them the truth. The end.

I entered Ar Tonelico's Cosmosphere through Frelia and finally found it.
Found what?
My precious partner.

Oh Nenesha, finally we will be reunited!

With you all things are possible...

...It's Nenesha. The Maiden of Fuero, and my greatest partner...
And this world's new Goddess.
So you were the one who hacked into Frelia.
Hack...? We're not that vile.
Replacement Goddess.
So, Frelia... Now, we are you.
We can even make the trees of your forest move like dragons, see?
We are this world's saviors.
We can connect the Infel Pira and Ar Tonelico. We are this world's Goddesses.
We can even change this entire world into a happy paradise in just a few minutes.
...You mean, you're going to cast an Ascension on this whole world!?
Ascension...? I suppose that's half correct.
But Ascension isn't big enough to describe a soul transfer on a worldwide-scale.
Yes, the best word is...

World sublimation. Liberation of the soul from the physical body...
Every person will become independent, and be able to live on their own.
No more hurting each other.
No more sadness between people.
No more mourning of others.
No more reason for anyone to get hurt!
Why? Because people will be able to live on their own from now on.
They don't have to interact with others anymore!
True happiness lies within dreams.
A world where everyone can freely live their dreams will soon arrive!
That's not right!

Who the hell does this wretched child even think he is?

But it's different now. Everyone is cooperating for one wish. They all desire Metafalica...
Sure, people clash with each other, get hurt, and wrap themselves in a shell.
But they recover. And when they finally understand each other, they gain the greatest happiness!

Families trying to protect I.P.D.s getting killed by them from behind!
I'm willing to risk that.
I will... rescue Cocona!

You must be kidding! Who would ever give in to you?
I'm the maiden protecting this land! I won't let you destroy this world anymore!
This world...
The people of this land...
We're going to protect them!

I... might not even have a tenth of Lady Cloche's courage...
I've run away from a lot of things...
But I'm not going to run away this time...
I'm... I'm going to protect Lady Cloche!

You better not think that by dying here, everything will be settled!
The reason it turned out like this in the first place was because you were stalling!
Don't act all cool by yourself! Live and take care of your own mistakes!
Isn't that how it should be, partner?

Enna Chairman: Ohh! Everyone, you're all safe!
Auntie: Jean! Jean... I'm so glad you're okay!
He had an injured leg. I treated him with healing magic but I suggest going to see a doctor anyway.
Auntie: Thank you. Thank you so very much!
...I'm so glad.

I'm glad... you're safe.
Mom! No!

Reyvateil: You gave us our lives!
Big Sis: Now it's our turn to repay our debt!
Thank you... everyone. I won't waste your efforts!
I promise to bring Metafalica to this world and happiness to all of you!

*sigh * You can never find good help these days.
This is why sweeties without fighting experience are such a bother...
Alfman! You're alive!?

Oh god does he ever shut up with these anecdotes?

Those scars become jewels, and the treasure of sharing those times with friends lasts forever.
I'm sure you two have created many fond memories, too.
Those happy times can't be substituted with anything else.
No, don't say that!
You should have gained many things from being together!
But more than that, the loss I felt from being separated was greater!
I don't want to lose anything anymore! I don't want to get hurt anymore!
If I must feel pain, I don't need any memories or treasures or growth!
I don't care... I'm creating a world where there is no sadness, no pain.
You don't have a choice.
Because we are this world's new Goddesses...

This is it. The end.

What!? The moon... is disappearing!
Not just the moon. The starts... no, the whole sky is disappearing...

At the Hill of Metafalica...

The sky is disappearing!?
This world is leaving the 3rd dimension.
You mean...

At Rakshek...

Grandmother: It's the end... This world is coming to an end...
Big Sis: ...Our Holy Maidens!

At Enna...

Auntie: I wonder if this world will be okay...
Uncle: Fool! O-o-of course it will be!
Auntie: No!
Big Sis: Ahhh!

All things will cease to be. But that'd be far too easy. There's just one thing I still need on this physical plane.

The entire world's wavelengths are vibrating!
This is bad! We have to stop those two!
Don't worry. None of you will die. You're just going to leave your bodies.
Your minds will be sublimated and remain.
We call that death!
If you're not gonna stop, then we're gonna stop you!
...How will you do that?

I need to prove that I am correct. That I am the greatest that has ever been!

We both bet on the futures that we wish for.
If you can stop us, we'll stop the Sublimation.
But if you can't, we'll just continue on with this world's dimensional ascent.
The entire planet's souls will be sublimated, and the Sublimation will be complete...
You said earlier that the people of this world have been united.
If that's true, it'll be easy to stop us.
Frankly, it's impossible. Because they don't believe it from the bottom of their hearts.
What are you going to do? Go for it? Or not?
If I said no... the result wouldn't change.
No, it will.
Without a promise, we'll continue to interfere with whatever it takes, even if we lose.
...Fine. I'll take you up on that game!
Deal. Now, we won't hold back...
Let's take them on!

Darkness will overtake this world.


This world is ours to command...

Look at their pitiful faces...

Helpless before the power of Ryuju...

The power of Frelia's forest brought to life...

Wait. What is this feeling?

These thoughts...

How can this be?

No! It's mine! You can't use my own greatest creation against me! It's not FAIR!

Where's Raki? Where's our defenses? Have we been abandoned!

It's meaningless! Not even the Infel Pira can defeat Ryuju!


Boss Battle: Ryuju Phase I
The beginning of our battle with the wood dragon Ryuju uses EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION ~lamenza~ as its theme. We face three roots of Ryuju in succession. This form only uses one attack, Universal Destruction, and the individual Ryuju parts go down pretty quickly up against Replakia, a Synchronity Chain, or EX attacks. This is the one and only fight where we can use Replakia and not have it override the battle music that I'm aware of. After we've defeated all three, the first phase is over. In this fight I use Sonata ~Despair~ by the way.

Boss Battle: Ryuju Phase II
Now we're fighting the main body of Ryuju, which itself has two parts. Now the fight gets serious. Let's talk about its attacks: Hellfire does serious damage to the party in several hits. Evil Mist does damage and random status effects. Breath of Purity is another strong attack. Thorns of Life is a rarely used single target attack. It often means Ryuju is going to use its most annoying attack, Origin Melody ~Prelude~. This attack will activate your current Red Magic at the start of your next Player Phase, which really sucks. If you watch the video I get screwed by it several times. Still, if you keep up with the status effects from Evil Mist and the damage from everything else you'll be fine. In this fight I use Glutomy, by the way.

It is simply impossible that Ryuju could be defeated! I refuse to believe it!


I think this world still has potential.
I've seen this world with Lady Cloche. I saw the people unite.
And I saw their desires for Metafalica.
So... I beg you. Wait just a while longer.
I want you to wait until we try creating Metafalica with the people.
And if that doesn't work, then I'll leave this world to you.
...... You really believe in them, huh? Poor souls...
Alright. Go ahead and try it right now.
If you show me you can create Metafalica at this moment, I'll think about it.
What are you saying?
Huh? ...Nenesha?

I suppose it won't hurt to give them a chance.

We haven't lost yet. Until this soul disappears, we live on!
Nenesha! You don't have to be so stubborn...
...Infel, you and I are one. You are me... I am you.

How could I have forgotten...?

We have a grand task.
...A grand task.

It is up to us and us alone...

ZaBaMa's incredible version with English lyrics, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Maybe if you watch it you'll understand all the crazy shit we've been saying since we got these new avatars (hint: they're all lyrics from omnes chs ciel sos infel).

Until our souls disappear, we will live on.
We will live on...
This isn't good... Looks like they're caught by the influence of the Heart of Gaea.
...I see! It happened during that land creation, too...
That's right. Their own beliefs become everything. The power of an incomplete will!
To defeat Ryuju... That's unbelievable strength.
We will...
Never lose.
We have...
The task of making people happy!

I will turn my life into a world for the sake of love!

Final Boss: InfelxNenesha
This is it, the final battle and the greatest Hymnos of all. InfelxNenesha have a truly huge pool of health and can dish out some serious damage with their attacks, as befits a final battle. Their Prism Light hits the whole party and has a chance to Mute, which prevents song evolution and limits us to level 1 attacks. They've got several different powerful single target attacks with widely varying timing including Crystalune, Sword Chorus, and Sword Tune. They have a normal whole party attack called Explosive Ring, and can heal themselves for ten thousand points with their Strongest Heal ability. When their health gets critical, they'll start using their ultimate attack, Twin Circler. You want to beat them quickly at that point, because it's a real pain. Only bad men use Replakia and override omnes chs ciel sos infel, so be a man and don't. In this fight I use both Phantasmagoria and Lucid Slasher, by the way.

All around the world...


Boy: Hey! Look, over there!

It's simply impossible that we could have lost. Nenesha and I simply will not... Nenesha?

Nenesha! Where did you go!? Come back!
Nenesha! Please! Show yourself!
Why do we have to go through such sad feelings and still continue to live?
...I don't understand!
Tell me!
Will the world you create with Metafalica be a place where you won't have to be sad!?
Will everything really be made into a happy paradise?
No one can make that.
Then how can you call it a paradise? Why would you even want a world like that?
Why do you dwell on this world!?
That's because...
This is the only place where we can actually feel alive.
There are people you like, and people you hate.
There are fun times, as well as fights.
You can fall in love, and be betrayed.
But that's when you realize you're alive.
That's why living is so fun.


You need people around you, hundreds, thousands, of them.
Only in the interactions with these people do you realize you're alive.
That's why, no matter how apocalyptic this world is...
No matter how badly we're hated by Al Ciel's Will, I will live...
In this world.
...Just go already.
Metafalica... you're gonna make it, right? Then hurry up and do it!
I'll watch from up here and see what kind of land you're gonna create...
Just keep watching.
After we create Metafalica, I'll come get you. By then...
Go already!
...Tah tah.
Thank you...

So everything is over. A promise is a promise, though. They'd better not screw this up...

Next Time on Ar Tonelico 2: EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA