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Part 42: Chapter 41: EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA


Stream continues...



It's nice to see you're back!
What a great miracle...
Welcome back...
Coo! I'm so glad you're back, safe and sound...
Sister Clo! Are you okay? I just found out, not too long ago.
Nana: Luca! Welcome back! Really... welcome. Mrs. Lahr was anxious, too!
You're back in perfect condition. It's kind of boring, I must say.
Jean: Lady Cloche! You really are the strongest!
Master... I love you!
We're back...
Thank you... everyone.
Thank you so much for trusting us...

There were many sacrifices...
So many sad things, and hardships...
I always wanted to run away...
But even then, we still moved forward.
We continued to live.
Patiently... Even when we were surrounded by darkness, we lived.
Everyone here knows what I'm talking about.
And that's why I want to say this out loud!
The people who live in this world now know the same pain, sadness, and happiness.
That's why no one has to cry alone when they're sad.
You can share your happiness with anyone else.
Because we lived through this difficult world, and arrived where we are now...
Everyone helped each other, supported each other, and that's why we're here.
We can continue to live like that, too.
That's all I wanted to tell everyone.
Thank you very much for believing us... and waiting for us!

700 years of belief, the paradise of the people of Metafalss.
It's not just one person, but everyone... Each and every one of you will create it.
That's why I would like to tell you what Lady Cloche said before, in my own words.
I want to sing Metafalica with everyone!
I want to feel the same emotions with everyone, and sing Metafalica... Together...


Yup, of course!
Reine: Then, I shall feel free...
I want to eat lots of delicious food! Sleep in a fluffy bed! And, wear fancy clothes!
Eat a bunch of sweets! Not get bitten by bugs! Clean bathrooms!
...Reine, it seems you've got a lot of things pent up.
Reine: Of course! I've been living in the Slums a long time.
I always wondered why there was such a huge gap... We didn't do anything wrong.
That's true...
I hope Metafalica is a world without such a big gap between the people.
Though it was a necessary evil, Pastalia did have too much of a difference from the other places.
It would be nice if the harder you tried, the more you'd be rewarded for all your hard work!
Reine: Yup!


It's the flow of time. No one's at fault.
If anything, everyone is responsible for it.
What a philosophical opinion. It's just like you.
Hahaha, yeah, that's very Chester-ish.
...Well, I guess we're the only three from Kanakana Pier now.
So, um...
Do you think we can all live together again?
You don't have to take care of the Infel Pira anymore, right Sonia?
We can go shopping together. And eat sweets as we walk around. It's so good!
...Shopping? Sweets?
Will I be able to do those things?
Hahaha! Don't worry, sure you can! This is gonna be fun teaching you! Hehehe.
Come on ! Let's all live together. Because...
Chester, you're my big brother. Of course I want to be with you.


Not just here. But this entire world has gone through many events.
Say Croix, where did we part ways?
How come we reunited as enemies, after everything we've been through?
I can't say for sure. But I know there were many misunderstandings.
Yes. We both judged each other by our imaginations.
We were under critical situations. It couldn't be helped.
Do you think we can do this all over again?
Will we be able to return to those days when we were just little sword-wielding rascals...?
...I'm sure we can.
How can you be so optimistic?
If we both want to be like that, we'll eventually turn out that way.
...I see. That sounds more like something you'd say when you were still a kid.
I'm sure I was harsh to you because of my status and honor.
From now on, I want to change, and interact with you like we used to.

I'm looking forward to it. Bring it on.
Hmph... Act tough while you still can, partner.
Now who's trying to act tough?
...I look forward to it. I can hardly wait for Metafalica to be complete.

In Rakshek...

That's up to you! You're gong to sing with us, too.
Mrs. Lahr: I-I think I'll pass. I'm rather tone-deaf... It's embarrassing.
Songs come from the heart! You can blow away your tone-deafness with it!
Nana: Luca, you're awesome!
I think... I want to continue doing Dive Therapy...
But I also kinda hope for less customers coming in to Dive.
Mrs. Lahr: What!? Nana! What are you saying!?
Nana: Well, you see...
Coming for Dive Therapy is flat out escaping from reality.
Since you're coming to this imaginary world to get something you can't in the real world.
So having less people like that means the world is a fun place. Get it?
Wow, Nana! That's deep!
Nana: Hehehe, well in the end, I can leave the hard stuff on the side.
Nana: If I can flirt with you forever, that's all I want!
Wait, Nana! I didn't know you were that kind of person!

Master! Me, too! If I can be with you, that's all I need!
Wait, you guys are just weird! Absolutely weird!
...You're so popular.

At Enna...

Hmm... what kind of place do you want it to be?
Jean: I want a really big field where I can roll around and stuff!
Auntie: Well yes, it's true these areas have ruins and rubble all over the place, it's dangerous.
I want to make a farm that stretches to the horizons, making so much food, I couldn't eat it all!
Jean: Momma, no! If you get any fatter than this, I'll be too embarrassed to walk around town!
Auntie: Why you little...!
Jean, you're so honest!
Enna Chairman: Hahaha! Well, jokes aside...
I would like to live on a wide stretch of land, in a big house.
After all, Enna has so little land, I'm sure everyone'll think of that.
Yes... If there really was a land like that, I'm sure everyone would be happy to live there.
We work during the day, and sing stories at night.
Not about the end of the world, or about food for tomorrow, or badmouthing anyone...
But how to have fun tomorrow, and who makes us happy... Wouldn't that be nice?
We can do it.
If we all imagine it, and create it, I'm sure we'll be able to...
Enna Governor: ...You're right. I'm starting to get a little excited now!

Shortly after...

Yes. It was fun hearing various people's thoughts.
Only Rakshek was a little overly crazily hyped.
Ah, don't say that!
Hahaha! But that just goes to show how popular you are.
But, it's in the weird kind of popularity... Like... br...
Well, we should prepare for Metafalica. Luca, let's go to Bell Strike Hall.
I'll go gather the knight squad. We need to prep the stage for the ceremony.
I think I'll come along, too.
You're just gonna cause trouble. Go play around in the city.
Humph. I'll bother you all I want.
...Fine. I won't tell you what to do.
What should Cocona and I do?
Why don't you go home and rest for a change? You've been overworked.
True. Why not have some family discussions with Cocona for once?
That's also important for Metafalica.
Oh, okay.

At Croix's house...


I haven't really thought about it yet...
I see...
It's been so long since I've talked to you in such a relaxed time.
It's the first time since Lady Cloche's attack that we've been alone in this house.
Hahaha! Yeah. There's been so many things that happened since.
Yeah... a lot of things.
It feels like you're always saving me!
That's not true. You saved me quite a few times, too.
Hehehe, if you say so. It makes me happy, though.
Hey, Cro. It's because of you that I'm here right now.
My precious family. My precious person...
Even though we're not related by blood, our hearts are connected. We're... family.
Right... Cro?
Yeah, that's right.

The Speech Square...

Thanks for the hard work. I'll be right there. Line up and standby.
Knight: Yes, sir!
...Metafalica, huh?
Thanks for the hard work. I'll be right here. Line up and standby.
Y-you-wha! ...What are you doing!?
Pretending to be Leglius! Hahaha! Did I surprise you?
*mumble * ...So much trouble.
I finished the job you assigned to me.
Captain Leglius! All preparations are finished!
I'm busy right now. I have no time to play around with you.
Then take me somewhere next.
Why me!?
Huh? Because it seems fun.
...That's just stupid.

!? ...What the hell are you saying!?
Don't be stupid. Alicia is nothing like you.
Then maybe I'll do my best to be like her!
Well, the only think I would say you have in common is... your competitive attitude.
Come on, if you lag behind, I'm leaving you.

In the palace...

Ooh, welcome back, Leyka!
Hey you! Why are you in my bed without my permission again!?
Cuz it's so soft and fluffy and comfy and...
You're still the same...
After we sing Metafalica, it's goodbye, huh?
Why's that?
Because you have to work in the Grand Bell uniting everyone together.
...Stupid. You're coming with me.
M-me!? ...But that's impossible.
What are you ranting about now? You're the true Goddess Maiden, you know?
And, I've already decided.
...About what?
From now on, there will be two maidens who govern the land.
What!? You can't just decide that all by yourself.
I didn't. There were two maidens to begin with. Don't you remember?
I'm just going back to how it should be. You and I are two people, as one.
And plus...

I can't ever think of separating from you.
I want to stay with you forever, Sis...

This company is dull as dirt. I mean all I've got is a talking dog and Frelia, who keeps bringing up issues I am well aware of and have accepted.

...About what?
When Metafalica succeeds, the Infel Pira transfers to the land's conscience.
I know. I was the one who designed it.
I don't need you to tell me. I know already!
The moment it transfers to the land, Infel Pira's memory gets defragmented.
I said I know! I was the one who designed it!
Infel... You're going to disappear.
...I know. I designed it...
...I don't need you to tell me...

I don't need her to tell me I'm going to die...


Grandfather: Be patient.
Big Sis: But but but, I'm so jittery just thinking about it!
I'm not a Reyvateil, but it means something for me to sing too, right?
Grandfather: Yes, that's right. Everyone needs to sing for this to mean anything.
Big Sis: My dream, Metafalica! I'll sing while I imagine a big house with a big backyard!
Grandfather: Don't be so materialistic!


Uncle: Of course it will! We're going to sing, too. We have to make it a success.
Big Bro: Yeah, that's right! We're gonna make it a success...


Grandmother: Yes indeed! I feel so excited already.
Mrs. Lahr: Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti...
Nana: Mrs. Lahr! Stop it! It's embarrassing!
Mrs. Lahr: What are you saying! If I mess up during the real thing, it'll be even more embarrassing.
Only tone deaf people can understand this fear.
Nana: Then, just don't sing.
Mrs. Lahr: I can't stand that. I'll be sure to sing loud!

Speech Square...

While waiting, quietly close your eyes, and concentrate on the mind.
Reyvateil A: I'm so happy I get to sing with Lady Cloche...
Reyvateil B: Remember, you're tone deaf, so don't drag us down.
Reyvateil A: How rude... Don't worry! My heart and mind are perfect. Too bad I can't show you!
Reyvateil B: Talk all you want now. Once we start singing, we'll all connect and be able to see everything.
Reyvateil A: What!? Which means...
I get to see everything inside Lady Cloche's mind...!
Ahhhh! I'm so excited!
Reyvateil B: ...You are strange.
Hey! There! Stop talking!
Reyvateil A: Okay, sorry...
Reyvateil B: Gee! Thanks to you, I was scolded by my dearest Sir Chester...

So this is the end then...


Was it even that long ago?
Yup. At least, it feels like a really long time ago.
Hmm, I guess so. I wonder why...
Hehehe, this is just a guess, but I think I know the reason.
Hm? What is it?
The two of us now aren't the same as the us from before.
Hehe. Yes, we're completely different from when we sang here last.
I'm sure we can sing it this time.
Yes. Let us bloom the flowers of this world, together.
There are things we hate about each other, but we understand each other the best.
Rivals who can grow together as a precious family...
Let's create it together. The best world...



Grandfather: Yes...


Uncle: There! That's it!


Nana: M-Mrs. Lahr! Not yet! Hold on!

This feeling... I've felt it before. I've done this before...

...Hrgh. Ngh...
No! Stop it!

She's going to blow it!? Unacceptable!

Lady Cloche... has closed her heart.
Lady Cloche...

No you idiot! You know what'll happen!

I knew this is what was going to happen, I knew...
Grh, I can't... breathe...
That's right. The power isn't being transmitted, so Luca's life energy...
Please... Open up... My heart, open...
Open, please...


Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
You really are a big fool until the very end. Why close your heart now!?
B-but... it's scary...
Listen here! There's no other Metafalica-crazed idiot with a pure heart like you!
I know you can make Metafalica a success.
Actually, you better make it a success. ...It's my...

You can do it! If I say so, there's no mistake!
So, go all-out. Gooooooooooo!


I will turn my life into a world, for the sake of love...

...Pretty good. Surpassing the designer...
Take care of this world for me...

Stream lost.

Loading Excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, C. Pastalia, L. Trulyworth

Yup! We did! Metafalica was a success...
Thank you, Infel...
Thank you... everyone...

All around the land of Metafalss, the people rejoiced.

Nobody more than we did.


But that's not where our story ends. It's just the beginning...

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