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Part 44: Ar Tonelico Phantasm: InfelxNenesha

Simulation loading...

That's funny, it seems early somehow.

Projection: Additional content from Cosmosphere simulation.

How odd.


...What do you mean?
I mean, Infel is not here! "Infel is in far"... Meaning, she's not here...
If a drunk person says it, they'll say "Infel is infel"... I can't believe you don't understand this level of comedy.
It's not even funny...
Sh-shut up! It took me a while to come up with it!
Okay, okay. Anyway, I have something to ask you today.
Did you create the Heart of Gaea in Mikry Forest?
...What? Mikry Forest? What do you mean? I've never even heard of Mikry Forest before.
The Mayor told me that Mikry Forest was formed by a Heart of Gaea that was created by the Maiden 400 years ago.
Did that jog your memory?

Dammit, I hadn't even realized I've almost died without knowing how that all turned out.

...Experiment? What do you mean?
That Heart of Gaea is actually a prototype from Metafalica research.
So the Heart of Gaea was made 400 years ago.
Well, in that size, at least. Anyone could've done that if they wanted to.
I asked them to run an actual test with it, since it was too good to just go to waste.
But that brat didn't agree to it. Or at least while I was alive... I felt like I was being betrayed up until now.
I was looking forward to it...
Anyway, the result sounded great. A successful Heart of Gaea could create an ecosystem and the laws of nature.
That "Mikry Forest" has succeeded in creating lives and the law of nature, right? It has made a "living world."
I see. Now I understand why the people of Mint Block worshiped the Heart of Gaea like a God.
Oh... is that right?

Buncha rubes.

If Metafalica is created, they said they will make a Mikry Forest there, too.
...Oh, I see.
...What's wrong?
Nothing. I just remembered something from the past, and I'm a little embarrassed...
Embarrassed? Oh, was it your lover who you asked to run the test?
Shuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuup! Stop revealing my past! You're invading my privacy!
Whoa, calm down! Calm down!

I am truly thankful that at least I never had to suffer that indignity. Wait, there's more simulation?

Yeah, Infel... thank you.
...F, for what!
You helped me out a lot. Especially when we fought the devil Lady Cloche.
Th, that was because I needed to get her out of my way for the research...
...Either way, you did save me. I wouldn't have been able to be standing here without you.
...W, well that's good for you. It's like killing two birds with one stone, right?
I can tell you this now, but you will not see another Cosmosphere like this.
I hardly ever panic like I did.
I see... You're right... It was a lot of work...
Yes, Croix and Cloche, you guys are full of trouble...
W, what!
...That was pretty painful...
How rude! How long are you going to stay here anyway!?
If you're done here, why don't you leave already!
Yeah, yeah.
System Message: Magic [Mind Zapper: Lv 3A] "Infel Breeze" acquired.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Infel Breeze is almost as powerful as Infel Pira and attacks with a bad joke from Infel. Not even kidding.

Okay, just load the parts of the simulation that are different from how it really happened.


I mean surely even with how powerful Cloche became they failed to penetrate my defenses.

Travel through Sol Marta.

Ummm... Okay. Well, I'm sure we managed to triumph, right?

Final Battles.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall
This is why you don't fight every random battle. You get so farcially strong that you blow through these fights with trivial ease. I do manage to get to use at least one of Cloche's Synchronity Songs and Infel Pira during these fights, and I use a few others in Sol Marta. Enjoy.

Okay that's just crap. Only one thing to do, then. Computer, does this all turn out?

Preparing simulation...
Simulation Projection: Cloche's Ending