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Part 46: Chapter ??: The Search for Hibernation

File Restore Completed. Estimated Completeness of Restore 99%.
Identity Tags are Heavily Corrupt. Estimating based off Context.

Welcome to the Sol Marta Dedicated Simulation Cluster! Logfile 56928830400
: You bored?
: Yeah.
: May I remind you that this action violates Grand Bell Treaty 3208?
: HAH! That's a good one.
: Anyway, I don't see what's so special about that girl anyway. But I guess you were "connected" and all.
: Exactly. Now I just need to open a terminal here...

SMDSC: Welcome Generic_Administrator!
Note that use of the Generic_Administrator account is discouraged for security reasons.
SMDSC:~ lu "Luca Trulyworth" -cos
SMDSC:~ Luca Trulyworth: Cosmosphere ID 0x79DEA8FCCB80E697
SMDSC:~ coscopy 0x79DEA8FCCB80E697 /costemp/tempLuca
SMDSC:~ WARNING! Copying a cosmosphere for simulation purposes is considered a severe invasion of privacy.
 You must authenticate with an Administrator password.
SMDSC:~ sudo coscopy 0x79DEA8FCCB80E697 /costemp/tempLuca
Error! This password has been flagged for reset by Administrator 
for reason: 
"Absolutely terrible, it's very short, it has only letters, it's the name of your BEST FRIEND WHAT THE HELL."
: ...
: Heh.
: Anyway...

SMDSC:~ sudo coscopy 0x79DEA8FCCB80E697 /costemp/tempLuca
Successfully copied the cosmosphere to /costemp/tempLuca
SMDSC:~ sudo cos_emulate /costemp/tempLuca -level 6 -diver "Croix Bartel"
Error. Insufficient compatibility between diver and reyvateil. Please try another diver, or select the 
-force option to proceed anyway.
SMDSC:~ sudo cos_emulate /costemp/tempLuca -level 6 -diver "Croix Bartel" -force
Using the -force option requires simulating alternate prerequisite events. Do you wish to do this now?

: (Everything I believed in until now; the [Grand Bell], Captain Leglius, and [Lady Cloche].) She seemed so lonely, having to suffer all by herself.
: (A completely new place; the Sacred Army, the Divine Messenger, and now Luca's there.) Luca's painful face is burned into my memory and won't go away.
: ...... It's a huge decision that I can't take lightly... (It's not just me. This determines Lady Cloche's and Luca's destiny, too.)

: Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Shun. It's nice to meet you. We will now head to Enna City, the home of our headquarters. Only kindhearted people who are serious about the world and the Goddess make up our ranks. Anyway, let's head to the aircraft.

: Croix... why are you here?
: I was betrayed by the Grand Bell, too. And... ...... I want to protect you.
: That's...really strange. I said really terrible things to you...

: Welcome, Croix. We are very happy to have you.
: You're...
: Whoa, that's quite an angry expression you've got there. We were enemies at one time, but that's all behind us now.
: ......
: By the way, how is Cocona doing? Has she had any more complications?
: How do you know about that!?
: Amarie told me. I'm sorry to hear she's an I.P.D. Today, I.P.D. occurrences are 10 times what they were 10 years ago. Did you know the current government is infecting people with it on purpose? Innocent people are now suffering from a disease they shouldn't have. All in the name of a War Against the Goddess...
: And I had been helping them all this time...
: Don't worry about it. They tried very hard to keep their secrets safe. What matters now is what you do knowing this.
: What I do...?
: It'll still take a while. Please rest and enjoy the trip.

: I'm sure you're tired. You should get some rest in town first. When you're ready, please come to the Sacred Army HQ. Now, excuse me.

Luca Talk: Are You Sure?
Man the grammar here was atrocious, I had to clean it up a lot.
: Croix, do you regret choosing my side?
: Why?
: You went over to my side and left the Grand Bell. Was that really okay?
: ...Honestly, I can't tell if it was the right decision.
: ...Then, you should go back before you regret it. I'll be fine alone...
: I was betrayed by the Grand Bell. Besides, I will really regret it if I leave you alone. That's why I chose your side.
: Do, don't blame me if you regret it.

Rendered video from the Simulation was recovered.

: I've been waiting for you. I was about to send a squad out to find you.
: ......
: Jokes aside, Croix, would you come with me please? Our liege, Prince Targana, would like to see you in person. And, I hate to ask this but, can you wait for us somewhere, Luca? He wishes to see Croix private.
: bed!
: I know you can come up with a better burn than that.
: Sorry Luca, I'll be right back.
: Okay.

: It's been a while, hasn't it, Croix?
: Targana... So it really was you.

: Mind your tone, Croix. As I told you before, you and I are as different as heaven and tower.
: ...... I'm sorry.

: So, you've learned humility... Heh heh, how time flies... Though I would love to prolong this reunion, sadly, it cannot be. We do not completely accept you into our group.
: Yeah...I know.
: Though you may be a friend of the Holy Maiden, you're still a Grand Bell Knight. If you plan to join us, are you willing to give up your armor?
: ...... Yes. When I came here, I knew I could never return to the Grand Bell.
: ...... So you do think ahead. Once again, welcome to the Sacred Army. This is indeed a long awaited reunion. There are many stories to tell. I've cleared up my schedule for you tonight. Let us rejoice and converse.
: Propose to him already!
Sacred Army Knight: Pardon me! Sir Croix, the Lady would like to see you when you're done here.
: Luca...? What happened to her?
Sacred Army Knight: It seems she injured her foot...
: What!?...Alright. Sorry Prince, but I have to look after Luca. Please excuse me for today.
: H-hey! ......

: Luca, what's wrong?
: Sorry. I sprained my ankle or something, and couldn't get back to the Inn...
: ...Alright. Here, let me carry you on my back.
: ...Thank you. Hehehe. You really are nice.
: Seriously, after all she said, how can you still have feelings for her?
: ......
: Let's just rest for now. If you sleep well, you'll be able to walk tomorrow.
: Okay.
: Oh, by the way, the Prince himself wants to discuss his plans tomorrow. better come.
: Fine.

: Thank you all for gathering today, my elite force! The situation is ever more intense now, but we are taking the lead. If we let this chance slip away, we will all regret it later. We will begin our push to fulfill one of our goals. Which is to silence Infel Pira!

: It's the name of the virus, not the disease. Long ago, the people created the Infel Pira. This paranormal power booster was designed for use by Reyvateils. Reyvateils who earned the right to use it gained mystical powers. In those harsh times, those who qualified were called I.P.D.s.

: Ever since then, I.P.D. has caused various abnormal effects. As long as the Infel Pira is operational, I.P.D. outbreaks will continue.

: As of now, the Infel Pira is of no help to us! Therefore, we will use the power of the Goddess to finish it off. And by putting our Holy Maiden to this task, order shall be restored.

: To explain our plan of attack, Sir Shun.
: In all honesty, our plan isn't that complicated. We just need our Holy Maiden to use the Hymn Crystal Hibernation. Hibernation is the only Song that can stop Infel Pira. The Hymn Crystal itself is stored in a certain facility. I am talking about the tall white ruin called the Conductor Activator. Our mission today is simply to retrieve that Hymn Crystal. That is all.
: Listen up, all of you! The Goddess is on our side. For 700 years, we've obeyed Her and have prospered thus far. And now, in order to fight the worst government in history, She has sent us Her own servant! Now we can fulfill our part of the treaty! We will revive relations between us and the Goddess!

: ......
: Now, is everybody ready? Most of you will be heading to the Grand Bell. As for the mission to find the Hymn Crystal... Croix...I leave that to you.

: So, what happens to the I.P.D.s after I sing Hibernation?
: Well... They will all exhibit different symptoms. For low-level I.P.D.s, maybe nothing. But high-level I.P.D.s might...collapse.
: No way...
: Are you have second thoughts about your part? Let me assure you of one important fact. For the rest of human history, no one will ever suffer from I.P.D. again.
: ...... I have to sing, knowing there will be victims...
: If you don't sing, there will be many more.
: But that's... I can't make that decision...

: ......
: Has the Holy Maiden agreed?
: She is deep in thought, as expected...
: What's the matter?
: She's so innocent. I feel bad for lying to her.
: It can't be helped. It's for the greater good.
: ...I guess you're right.

: Well, I guess it's just us four. Croix, Amarie, Cocona, and me... If only Shun could come with us, too.
: I'm glad he's not here...
: Huh? Amarie... Don't you like Shun?
: It's not that I don't like him, it's know. Ever since the Divine Messenger came, the Sacred Army's changed... And it bugs me.
: ...Is that so?
: Yeah. Before, we fought for the downfall of the Alfman Regime and the eradication of I.P.D. But recently, it's all about this treaty and Grand Bell traditions or whatnot.
: ...Hmmm.
: But, people are depending on us doing what we're told, right?
: Well, yeah.
: Then, let's get going.
: Ooh! Wait a minute!
: What is it now?
: Umm... Sorry... I know we have a mission, and I feel really bad about it but, I have a favor to ask.
: What kind of favor?
: Before we go to the ruins, can we stop by Rakshek? With all we're doing, I can't handle my other job, so... I wanted to let Mrs. Lahr and the others know.
: Sure, why not?
: Hehehe, thanks.
: Rakshek, I guess.

: Well everyone's asleep.
: ...Yeah.
: ......

: Hey Croix... Why did you join the Sacred Army?
: ...Because I made a promise.
: ...Huh?
: That I'll protect you.
: Huh? But that was like... 5 years ago.
: I don't put expiration dates on promises.
: ...... How can you have so much faith in me? I said really terrible things in that prison cell. Like I only got close to you so that I could find my sister...
: ......
: It's true that I want to see my little sister. And it's true that I wanted you to take me to Pastalia. But... The "I never even really liked you" part... Was a lie.
: ...Interesting.
: Hah... Hey Croix...
: ...Yeah?
: ...Can we start over from the "Hi, nice to meet you" part?

: I'm sorry I dragged this along. Let's get through it fast.

: ...What's with this crowd of people?

: ......
: The War on the Goddess will soon be upon us! We, the Grand Bell, have attained the legendary weapon that even the Goddess feared! Now is the time to free ourselves from her curse! The time has come for all of us to unite, defeat the Goddess, and create our own land! My fellow citizens, unite your hearts and rise! The world is on our side!
: ......
: I wonder how Cloche managed to beat three tower guardians without Croix.
: Well... Cloche and her vanguard did most of the work anyway, Croix was just kind of there.
Town Girl B: Lady Cloche! We're really big fans of yours. Please give us your autograph!
Girl B: We're always trying to help you in some way!
Girl A: I want to be cool, just like you!
: ......
: ...Come on, we're going.
: Right behind you...
: ...Are you regretting it?
: No... That's not the right word...

Mrs Lahr: Luca dear, I saw it! The birthday festival!
: Oh...hehehe. So you saw me, huh? I'm so embarrassed.
Mrs Lahr: So you might be the real maiden, huh!? I was so surprised. No wonder you're so good at giving therapy. Hahahaha!
: Um, I don't think that has anything to do with it...
Nana: Oh please. You're more fit to be the the maiden than our current one.
: ...Huh?
Nana: Maybe it's just that I don't really like her. It feels like she's kinda stuck up, you know?
: ...Y-- Yeah!
Mrs. Lahr: I'd be so proud if you were Our Lady of Holy Maidens! After all, I taught you everything you know about therapy! Hahahahaha!
: Uh-hahaha...
Uncle: But seriously, if you were the maiden, I'd try harder at lotsa different stuff.
Big Sis: Me too! I'd raise my kid to become a knight and make 'em your bodyguard!
: ...What!?
Big Bro: Same here! I won't waste any more Leaf on luxury! This is Metafalica kind of economizing!
Big Sis: What the hell is that!? Are you stupid?
: U-um...
Mrs. Lahr: Luca, there are many times when things may get harsh, but we'll always be with you.
Big Bro: You're not alone. We'll all create Metafalica together.
: Thank you. And, um... about my job...
Mrs. Lahr: I know. You're going to be busy and can't do it anymore, right? It'll be fine! Don't worry about us. Go become Our Lady of Holy Maidens!
: ...Okay. Thank you very much!
: Hmm. Luca, you're really popular. I'm impressed!
: You can never be too friendly!
: ......

: Don't worry. They're important to you, right?
: ...Yeah.
: Alrighty then! How 'bout we get going! It feels like it's gonna be a big adventure! I'm already excited!
: We're not playing around.
: We can get to the Conductor Activator from the Clouds Wharf station.
: Then, let's go.

Luca Talk: What Did You Say
: That person, Targana, right? Is he your old friend? What did you talk about with him? You must have had a lot of fun.
: ...Not really. On the contrary, he said we were different in social status..that was pretty hurtful.
: Is that so...
: He said he would make some time for me, but I escaped from him when you called me. If he told me more of those things to my face, it would've been worse..
: I see...But, it seems like...he is... Tsundere?
: What? Tsundere?
: Ah, no, nothing. Nothing.

Luca Talk: Can You Talk To Me More?
: Croix, can you come talk to me at night like you used to?
: Why do you ask?
: Be, because, I said very bad things toward you the other day. We used to talk a lot before, but I thought you might be sick of me... But, I guess I deserve it. I did something really bad to you.
: ...... I said we would start over, right? So, in order to catch up with before, we need to talk a lot.
: ...Oh, I see.
: I don't want you to get sick of me, though.
: I would be glad, even if we talked every night. Why don't we?
: Hoping for a little more than talking there?
: You're just not very good at this "burn" thing.

You get sent here early on Luca's path. That's why all the enemies outside are hilariously weak.

: Wow! I've never seen anything like this!
: We won't know what to expect. Let's be careful from now on.
: Okay. But, the wall...
: Even if there are buttons, don't you dare push them.
: OOO, what does THIS button do? Drops the Rim, heh.
: Ok that's a little better I guess.
: shot me down!
: ...I was expecting that.

A fragment of rendered video was recovered.

: So this is the Hymn Crystal?

: BUt what is that!?
: Looks like some sort of guardian...
???: Requesting release code from management authority.
???: Searching for Hymn Code with management authority.
: If they're going to interfere, then we'll have to fight!
Divine Army A: Switching to Hymnos Word Analysis Mode.
Divine Army B: Mode change, complete.
: What is this? Shuny didn't say there'd be these things!
: Talking's not going to solve this. Are you ready!?
: Yesss! Guess we'll have to do it!
: They look super strong and tough to me.

: Those things are so totally worthless. Have they EVER won a battle?
: A few, during the war 400 years ago.
: Don't talk to me about that.

: ...!
: What's it gonna do?
Divine Army A: Welcome back, Administrator Frelia.
: ...Frelia?
Are you talking to me?
It stopped...
: Luca, that was amazing!
: But, I didn't do anything.
: I bet it's 'cause you're the real Goddess Maiden, so it reacted to something inside you. But wow, that was awesome, Luca!
: I don't understand...
: Whoa! More importantly! Come on, Croix! What are you standing around for!?
: Huh!?
: Go get the crystal already! Run! Jump!
: ...Me?

Obtained Hymn Crystal, [Hibernation]!
: Hahaha! Well done!
: Man, thanks for giving me the dangerous part.
: Oh come on, the rest of us are all delicate flowers. Do you want us to go?

: Huh?

Announcement: Link with [Sol Marta] complete. DV, CV, both switching to active mode.
: DV? CV? ...Hey, Luca! What's DV and CV!?
: I don't know!
This sequence is what Cloche saw out her bedroom window shortly before the whole mess with Replekia. DV and CV are explained at the end.
: ...!?
: Did you do something?
: ...It's not my fault!
: Heh heh...don't worry! We just did what Shun told us!
: Uh...what's gonna happen to us?
: ...Huh? Nothing happened...
: Looks like it.
: Are you sure?
: Oh well. So, what am I supposed to do with this crystal?
???: Hand it over to me.

: That crystal is a great obstacle for us. I came to remove it.
: How's that?
: If you sing that song, we won't be able to fight the Goddess. It figures that a traitor like you would seek to possess it. You see, the princess there is going to sing Metafalica for us.
: Metafalica!?
: ...Don't you dare touch her.
: And what if I do? Do you want to smash this Jacqli Robo?
: ......
: I'll remind you, she is stronger than she looks.
: What!? You've only got one junky machine!
: Cocona!
: We've got two white ones on our side, so there! Luca, go mess them up!
: Huh? What am I supposed to do?
: Like I said! Use those white robots!
: I don't know how!
: What? I thought you tamed them!
: I've never used them before...
: ...Are you done with your comedy bit yet?
: That's not funny!
: Laude was way better at burns than you.
: Oh hush!
: ...I don't have time for this! Let's end this real quick!

: MAN Jacqli was going easy on them.
: Well, she didn't want to kill the Goddess Maiden - it takes both to sing Metafalica as you well know.
: You did pretty well. I'm humbled.
: Do you still want some?
: No, I hate inefficiency. And what I hate most are pointless battles. Croix, won't you come back to the Grand Bell with Luca?
: What?
: I'll talk to our Lord Chancellor for you. It's not a bad idea.
: No.
: ...... That's too bad. You're highly skilled. Now if only you were smart...
: Someone always said, "Smart is as smart does."
: ...Grh! Jacqli, this is a waste of time! Smash them up for me!
: ......

: ......
: ...Uh, what's it doing!?
: What are you looking at!?

: Uh... Hey! Stop! Don't act on your own!
: ......
: Okay, what was that?
: Either way, we're saved...
: Wait! I'm going to go stop Lady Cloche!
: ...What's wrong?
: I don't want to sing Hibernation if I don't have to... Because even if it's the way to ensure minimal sacrifices... It doesn't change the fact that there'll be sacrifices! Besides, Laude and that Jacqli gave me a weird vibe...
: What does that mean?
: They said something strange earlier. They want me to sing Metafalica...
: ...!
: Why do they want me when they have Lady Cloche?
: Probably because you're the Goddess Maiden...
: Then, what is Lady Cloche? If she can't sing Metafalica, then what are they fighting for?
: ......
: Come on, let's go! If we leave this, I feel like something bad will happen.
: Hey, guys! There's no time to waste.
: Shun! What are you doing here?
: The war is going to start in a few hours. The Grand Bell officially announced it!
: What...?
: Shun! Please take us to Lady Cloche!
: You don't have to tell me twice. We're running out of time. I have an airship waiting for us outside. Let's go.
: It looks like it's identical to real events for a while on. Let's skip ahead a bit.
moveclock +3000 seconds

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