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Part 48: Luca's Infelsphere, Level 1 Part 1

: Ok, here it goes!

: ...Yes?
: It's me. May I talk to you for a minute?
: Lady Cloche!?
: I'm sorry it's so late at night.
: What's going on?
: Actually, about Gaea... There's something on my mind.
: Something?
: Yes. A way to find the clue to solve the mystery of Gaea...
: Really!? How?
: Sleep with Soope as your pillow. You might be able to meet Luca.
: What!? my pillow?
: Yes. That's how I met Luca back on Promise Hill. That's how I knew Luca was still alive.
: Now that you mention it...

: At first I thought it was only a dream, but it was so realistic... And I still remember everything she said so clearly...
: So what did she say!?
: "My mind values Freedom and Equality" and "I'll fix the government"...
: Use Soope as a pillow and you can enter the virtual world. It worked for Luca, too, so it's legit.
: So, if you sleep on Soope, you might be able to meet Luca again, right?
: Well, that's the favor I want to ask you. Can you use Soope as a pillow and try sleeping?
: Me!?
: Well...Luca hates me. I'm sure it can't end well.
: ...... Whether that's true or not, I understand. Sure, I'll try.

: Yes.
: ...It's kinda embarrassing having you watch me sleep.
: W-what are you talking about? Just hurry up and go to sleep!
: Yes, ma'am... .......
: ......

: Soope!?
: After close investigation, you have been judged as not in accordance with the goals of the Infelsphere. Therefore, sadly, you do not qualify to enter this world. Please go away.
: Qualify!? What do you mean by that? Wait a minute! Soope!

: Damn, girl.
: Ahh!
: How was it!?
: ...... I'm sorry. It seems I don't qualify to be there.
: ...What?

: I see. Soope said...
: I think the only way is for you to enter, Lady Cloche.
: No, I don't want to!
: B-but...
: ...I'm sorry. But, I'm really scared... Because I made Luca sacrifice her life. I'm sure she hates me.
: I don't think she hates you. But I do understand how you feel. ......
: Croix!
: Yes?
: You are a knight who protect me!
: Um, well...I quit the knights, but I still want to protect you.
: Then protect me from Luca.
:, how? Don't tell me...
: As a bodyguard! But I won't allow you to if you're thinking naughty thoughts!

: Mine too, teehee.
: *sigh*
: Let a girl have fun.
: That's because you're thinking of bad ideas!
: But if Luca sees us like this, she might get even madder...
: Then hurry up and fall asleep before she finds us!
: But that's so hard...
: You're going to protect me, right!?
: Y-yes, ma'am! Okay, I'll go to sleep, so please be quiet...


: Qualified!?
: You've been judged as in accordance with the goals of the Infelsphere. Therefore, you are granted permission to take actions within the Infelsphere.
: We got it! Looks like you had to be the one to go in.
: However! The man there is not approved. Please leave immediately.
: What!?
: Wait! Please let Croix...
???: Soope, it's alright! Let Croix come in too.
: ......
: Luca!
: Welcome, to my world.
: Luca! I'm so're alive...
: Luca... You're really alive? And you manifested Gaea as well?
: That's right. I told you before. I'm the will of Gaea, and the land itself. I'm here, alive.
: Luca, it doesn't matter what form. I'm happy to see you again. Happy to be able to talk to you...
: Croix really seems to be the type that loves women for their minds rather than their bodies.
: That explains his connection to Jacqli.
: I'm happy too, Croix. That I was able to welcome you in. I needed you for us to be happy.
: Luca, if you're the master, do something about Gaea. The devils are overrunning our country. People are suffering.
: "Suffering"...huh? You're really one to talk.
: Wh-what are you trying to say...!?
: Who was it that couldn't save anyone until now? I'm amazed and disgusted. You're the one who made the I.P.D.s suffer.
: I-I suffered too, and I worked so hard to do the best I could...!
: You really think so? Seriously? Hah, I somehow doubt that!
: Luca...?
: But, soon enough, you won't be able to say all that. Because in this world, power is everything. In my world, those who work hard, and those who are able to gain power will receive proper rewards. Hehe... Isn't it wonderful? For that, I decided to give everyone an equal chance and an equal environment.
: Don't be so selfish! To rule over people, you need the appropriate power and ideas, the basics...!
: But you couldn't do that! That's why there are so many people who suffer! I won't let you say it's not true!
: Luca...?
: For our paradise, I will completely destroy this current government and create a new order. We can do nothing about this current world, environment, situation. Everyone is too busy barely trying to live. You would probably never understand this terrible life and endless labor... But luckily, I've gained a body, this land. And so I will create it! First, I will destroy the world that forces you into the environment you were born in. And I'll make a world where everyone has a chance to become happy. There, everyone has freedom. Their own power controls their world! Physical power, mental power, it's all power! ...I'll make a world where everyone is equal in the beginning. For that, all the government powers now will be destroyed, and I'll flatten out the difference in poverty and wealth.
Luca sounds practically like a stereotypical JRPG villain there.
: ...That's just stupid.
: Lady Cloche, are you afraid to lose the power you have now? Are you scared to lose your status you were born with? From now on, everyone starts at the same level and competes with effort. So if you try hard, you can be a princess again too. Though I highly doubt it. Because there are so many people in this world who tried hard, but were rewarded with nothing. A different kind of people from someone like you, born wealthy without even trying!
: Luca! You've said enough. You know Lady Cloche didn't have much freedom either.
: Croix... You don't understand my feelings? I thought at least you would understand me.
: It's alright, Croix. Let her say what she wants. I came here knowing this was a challenge. I can endure this.
: Lady Cloche...
: I see you're calm Lady Cloche. When you defend yourself with that know-it-all face, it makes me even more upset! Looking down on people with that smug look. But your understanding is only in theory on a desk. Book smart.
: ......
: The Grand Bell Hall? The Sacred Army? A desirable Pastalia? We don't need any of that!
: Luca, what's wrong? The Luca I know isn't like this.
: I'm sure you'll understand me soon enough, Croix. Though I doubt it's possible for the princess. I'll burn everything, and I'll create a new world, starting here. Ah yes... I know I can do it. Our paradise, Metafalica!
: Lady Cloche, it seems Luca isn't in her normal state. We're going nowhere like this. Let's go back for now.
: ...Alright, yes. I'm sorry for having to drag you into this.

: Hey, welcome back. How was your chat?
: ...Chat?
: It wasn't an easygoing chat at all there. It was a one way lecture...
: ...Oh. Well okay. Either way, the world seems to have expanded a little.

: The world...expanded!?
: She may have said all that, but she connected with you somewhere.
: ......

: Skip the redundant stuff...

: Croix...
: Yeah.
: ...How long do you plan to lie beside me!?
: Tsundere never gets old.
: Sorry!

Chats: Is Gaea A Good Place?; Infelsphere
: Anyway, this land is weird.
: Oh, really? I like it.
: ...You are kidding, right?
: I'm serious. Why am I kidding?
: Because it is obviously odd. Besides, there are only Pippens and Soopes here.
: That's why I like it!
: ...Yeah?
: Ah, no... ...Anyway, don't you know the saying "To every bird, his own nest is best"? Don't criticize places you don't know.

: ...Croix, does everyone think I'm much better off than they are?
: ...Are you talking about what Luca said to you in the Infelsphere?
: "You don't make any effort or struggle to live today. You just live a happy life." Do people really think so?
: ...I can't completely deny that. As long as you are the Maiden, your life is guaranteed.
: ......
: But, again, they only know about the good side of your life style. Luca wasn't an exception in that respect. That's why she said that harsh thing to you. So, if she gets to know about the other side of you, she'll understand you more.
: ...It sounds hard, but it seems to be the only way, huh. She will like you if she knows you more.

Optional Dungeon Video

Talk Topic: Feeling Bad...
: I didn't think fighting that many enemies in that dark forest would be so hard.
: Yeah, I wish the forest was at least a little bit brighter.
: It is actually pretty eerie to fight in a dark place like that. ...We are not going through any more of those places, are we?
: I'm not sure. Everything is possible in this world, though.
: I'm ready for it, but I'm still pretty anxious about it.

Now returning you to the regularly scheduled Infelsphere.

: What? You don't have to yell, I can hear you.
: Luca, there's something I want to ask of you.
: Hmph, what is it?
: I want to experience what kind of life you had to endure until now.
: That came out of nowhere. What's gotten into you?
: You told me, that the poverty and hunger that I know is merely information. Then there's a need for me to actually experience it, like you said. I want to know if it really is just book theory. And if it's true, then there's a need for me to know what everyone is feeling. And... I want to understand your feelings too...
: Hmph... That's an admirable thing to say.
: Luca. Lady Cloche came because she made this serious decision.
: You seem quite fond of each other. Soon enough, you won't be able to talk. A princess who can't do anything on her own is worthless in this world. ...But well, I guess I can have a little entertainment! Alright. I'll show you the world I used to live in. The poor, cold, squalid, unrewarding world, full of insecurity. I'll upload that onto this Infelsphere right now. Here are some guides for you. They're the Invert Brid.
: Ok, what's a "Brid"?
: Got me. Maybe it's glitching and it means "Bird"?

: Never mind. I haven't a clue now.
: It seems to be a combination of their first song trees' magics.
: I can see that, but "Brid" still makes no sense.
Lanternal Brid: The red scorching heat...
Naturebloom Brid: And a blue freezing cold...
Invert Brid: Will guide you around.
: Depending on your choices, they will show you the world you want to see.
: ...I see. Well thank you. Croix, let's get going now.
Lanternal Brid: ......
Naturebloom Brid: ......
: What's wrong? I thought you were going to guide us.
Lanternal Brid: You're asking us to do something.
Naturebloom Brid: Shouldn't you behave yourself suitably?
: What...?
: H-hey, Luca! These girls...
: I have no part in it. I'm not the one taking you through anyway.
: It's fine, Croix. It was my fault. Please, I beg you to take me into Luca's world...
Lanternal Brid: Okay.
Naturebloom Brid: Then.
Invert Brid: Two people, guiding through!

: B-bring it...!
Naturebloom Brid: Alright. Then let me start preparing. Did you bring the [Key] you received from Soope?
: Y-yes. What is that key for anyway?
Lanternal Brid: Those are rewarded to you as proof that your hearts became closer.
Naturebloom Brid: When Luca and Cloche communicate and let their hearts connect, a [Key] will appear.
Invert Brid: And right now, I'll have a [Keyhole] appear in the real world for you to fit the Key into.
: A keyhole!?
Lanternal Brid: You can ask the [Keyhole] how to fit the Key inside.
: Huh!? What do you mean!?
Naturebloom Brid: Well then, buh-bye! I'm looking forward to seeing you again...
: Hey, wait!
: ......
: Ask the [Keyhole]...? I hope it's not going to be a monster...
: That is a possibility. Either way, let's go back to the real world.

: Same as before pretty much.

: Heehee.

: Luca. You say I only know by theory, but when you say poverty...what kind of life is it, exactly?
Lanternal Brid: What? Just for amusement?
Naturebloom Brid: Princess, you're pretty vulgar inside. You're curious about the lowly life?
: No! It's not like that. I just want to know more about Luca.
Lanternal Brid: O-h, but somehow I doubt it.
Naturebloom Brid: Then you should actually go experience it. Then you might understand.
: Experience?
Lanternal Brid: See over there? That's the restaurant Luca used to work at.
Naturebloom Brid: Go on, try it out.

Lanternal Brid: For you to really experience Luca's feelings, your body and age were set so that they're closer to the actual time.
Naturebloom Brid: Well, there are worries that only a child can understand.
: But...
: Newbie! You're so slow!
: Huh...?
Lanternal Brid: Oops! It's already started!
Naturebloom Brid: See you later!
: What time do you think we open at!? You need to have more self-awareness! And you brought a guy on your first day? What were you thinking?
: We've just met and you're being so rude... What kind of manners did...!
: Come on you two! Don't chat in front of the customers, it's embarrassing. Move your hands. If you're bored, go bring back the plates.
: Geez, all because of you newbie, I had to be yelled at by Miss Luca!
: M-my fault you say!?
Young Man: Excuse me!
: Oh, coming! I'm sorry! Let me get those plates out of your way.
: Wow, split personality.
: Lots of people have different public and private faces.
: You, for instance.
: Hey, I was just feeling lousy before. I'm much more energetic now.
: So you're the new waitress. You really should've come 30 minutes early. There's training and cleaning to do. My name's Luca. Nice to meet you.
: Luca...? Does she not know about us...?
Lanternal Brid: She's just playing a role in this world. She looks like Luca, but it isn't really her.
: Lady Cloche, what'll you do? Will you be okay?
: Yes, either way, I'll follow their lead and try out this job-thing.
: This'll be interesting.
: Y-yes, nice to meet you too.

: Ahh!
: Argh, geez newbie, what are you doing?
: Th-this guy just t-t-touched my behind...!
: Huh?
: Why you perverted, rude man! Because of you, I dropped the plate!
: What...? Newbie! Have you gone mad!? I'm very sorry, sir.
: You're the one who's gone mad! It was him who first touched me...!
: How old is Cloche here? 12?
: Looks more like 11 to me.
: I gotta agree with Cloche, the idea that it's ok to do stuff like that is nuts.
: Anybody who complains about being called on for touching a kid's rear should be dropped into the sea of death.
: You're so stupid. It's always the part-timer's fault. You're a trainee! Newbie! You're useless! Listen! Our customers are our lords! Don't you know anything? Apologize. Kneel down, bow, and apologize to him right now!
: ...!

Even if the vote had been equally lopsided the other way, I don't think I could pick the second option.
: No I will not! It was this man's fault. I don't have to bow down for such an unreasonable thing!
: I don't believe you... Who do you think you are? You're the one being given the job here!
: Why don't you two stop right there? You're a little loud.
: Miss!
: Can you go clean up the table over there?
: Okay...
: I'm very sorry sir. She just started today. Please forgive her for thing she may not be used to. We will talk to her strictly later on.
: Luca...
: I know how you feel, but you can't do that. If you make the customer mad, everyone working here will be troubled. Even if something you don't like happens, you have to bear with it.
: ......

: Are you alright, Lady Cloche.
: It must be tough for her...
Lanternal Brid: Yup yup, it's so hard.
Naturebloom Brid: It's not easy at all.
: ...You're right. Watching from the side, and actually experiencing it is a big difference. I've realized Luca's suffering now.
Lanternal Brid: As long as you understand. Thanks for getting to know about Luca.
Naturebloom Brid: Then let me give you this.
Obtained [Mindgem: Determined Land]!
: What's this...!?
Lanternal Brid: It's a jewel called the Mindgem. Every time you take a step closer to Luca's heart, we'll give you one.
Naturebloom Brid: And when you have enough of these gems, you'll complete this world, and be able to move on to the next step.
Invert Brid: And so, good luck collecting the gems!