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Part 50: Luca's Infelsphere, Level 2


: You will get to know and relate with each other even deeper on this level.
: Hey, back on the last level, I heard something strange from Invert Brid...
: Something strange...?
: About the world contradicting...
: ......
: I mean, we don't even know why this world exists. And what it means to be the "qualified"...
: That's a good point... We came to use this as a means to talk to Luca, but what is the real purpose of this world?
: Oh, excuse me. I forgot to talk to you about that. This world is used to deepen and strengthen the bond between the two "qualified" thoroughly.
: The bond between the qualified...? I see... Since they got to understand each other, they were able to create a Combo Magic in the last level...
: It's programmed for you to pass level and get involved with each other deeply, to gain connection on a deep level.
: So we'll eventually have to learn more about each other's hardships and secrets we wanted to keep.
: That is up to you.
: So, what's this contradiction...?
: Who cares about that?
: Luca!
: Why ask that? More importantly, I thought you're here to experience my daily life. If you don't want to do it anymore, I'm just going to make you leave now.
: Wait! I get it. You're right. It doesn't matter what this world's purpose is. I'm here now to learn more about you. Let's do what Luca says.
: ...Alright.
: Alright, sure. Then let's start over. Let me introduce to you, the guide for this world!

: Y-yeah... Nice to meet you, too.

: Luca, Ms. Reisha is very worried. She seems very troubled every day.
: You're so annoying... So what?
: Why do you always have that sort of response to Ms. Reisha? She's your mother, isn't she? Why don't you make the effort to get closer to her?
: Don't talk like you understand. You don't know anything, don't butt into personal stuff, busybody!
: Luca! You don't have to be so harsh...
: Arh, this is so annoying! Stay quite Croix. You went ahead and left for Pastalia so quickly.
: I don't know my parents. I've always been alone. But you had Ms. Reisha as your mother, and I was so jealous. But you...
: Hahahahaha! A family huh.
: Wh-what's so funny?
Demongel: Well let's see. You can try living together and see what it's like.
: That's a good idea! The family life you so admire. Go enjoy it in place of me!
Demongel: Now that it's decided, I'll take over from here. My dark and golden wings will guide you around.
: HuH?
Demongel: Let's go!

: ...! ...Huh? I didn't realize I had fallen asleep.
: Lady Cloche, are you here?
: H-hey you! Don't come walking in!
: Lady Cloche... Did you just wake up?
: Ahem! This is a lady's bedroom!

: Good morning.
: Good morning.
: Let me help you with the food.
: It's fine.
: ......
: ......
: Croix... What's going on here?
: Well, um... Ms Reisha's just really cool most of the time.
: Oh, Croix! You're staying to eat with us, of course, right?
: Oh, yes, thank you very much.
: It must be tough, working everyday, being a knight.
: It's actually not that bad. Rather, are you feeling better with your health?
: I'm perfectly fine now. It was just a little fatigue and malnutrition.
: I see... But take care of yourself.
: Hehe, thank you.
: ...She seems to be acting normal to you though. Is it just my imagination?
: I-I'm not too sure...
: Well, food's ready. Let's eat.
: Thank you.
: ...Thank you.
: ......
: ......
: ......
: Th-this is delicious water.
: Is it.
: ......
: ......
: U-uhh, um, Ms. Reisha, it's a nice day out today. Do you have any plans?
: No...same as usual.
: ......
: ......
: This is the most awkward conversation I've seen this century.
: U-uhh, well um, Ms. Rei...
: Well... I'm going to head out now.
: Wh-where to?
: Same as usual. Why?
: Oh no, um...
: ......
: Uhh...
: ...... You'll be fine without me, won't you?
: Huh?

: I-I... Of course I need you here!
: What...?
: B-because... You're my precious... My
: The fact that she doesn't know that it's actually true is pegging the irony meter.
: ...What are you saying. You're already an adult.
: Huh...
: Heheh, you're done being a baby, right?
: Why...
: Well, I'm leaving now.
: Wait... Please wait, why...? Why are you like this...?
: Be careful when you leave, too. Make sure you lock the doors.
: Why don't you want to look at me? you avoid me?
: You're so silly. What are you talking about?
: Ms. Reisha... Then please look this way, and say my name.
: ...... I'm heading out.
: Ms. Reisha! Wait, mom...! Mom...!
: Lady Cloche...please calm down.
; Why...? Why doesn't Ms. Reisha ever look me in the eyes? This is weird. We're supposed to be family.
: But...Luca's home was always like this from before. I don't quite understand the situation either, but...

: I see... Right. It was my hopeful imagination that having a family would erase all worries. But is it my lack of understanding that I still feel jealous at the fact that she at least has a family?
Demongel: That's a different story. Either way, you experienced Luca's suffering. You should've learned a lot from that.
: ...Yes. I think I know why Luca takes that sort of attitude...
Demongel: Every action has a reason. People can tell whether you know what you're talking about or not, and it makes all the difference in the world.
: ..I agree.
Demongel: Here, take this.
Obtained [Mindgem: First Ring]!
: This is...a Mindgem...! Thank you...

: Luca, I came here because I wanted to see you.
: Oh really? I'm honored. I can't offer you much, but kick back and relax. And you brought Croix with you. That makes your visit worth it.
: Why won't you understand? I want to be friends with you. That's why I'm here.
: I think we're good enough friends. I mean, this is just about it, friends. Come on, Croix. Let's go chat.
: Luca... I want to chat with you too, but that's just rude to Lady Cloche.
: What? That's not true. If it were me, I'd at least take the hint and leave for a while. We're friends right? You gotta give priority to their feelings.
: ...... Hey, Luca. I've always thought this. You pretend to be friendly, but I feel like you keep this distance around you all the time.
: ......
: I want to make this special... I mean, I want to be real friends with you.
: Make this special! Where's the select switch for...
: Down, girl.
: I never had the chance to get to know any other girls my age at the palace, so when I met you, I was actually happy.
: Friends...huh. You're so sheltered and fuzzy in the head, princess. Friends can be useful if you have them, but it comes with quite a bit of trouble too. You say you didn't have friends, but to me it sounds like proof that you lived a happy, protected life.
: That's a horrible thing to say. You have no right to say that. You lived freely, surrounded by many people.
: Ah, and here we go again. Boasting our misfortunes, hmm princess? Think you're all unfortunate, drunk in your own tragedy? What a shame.
: Luca!
: I'm not saying I was unfortunate or anything like that. I'm trying to scold you for saying such disrespectful things about your friends. They are, after all, people who look after you and support you.
: I don't think friends are that heart-warming, nor can you believe them that easily.
: How could you say such things!?
: They're pretty accurate.
: Alright! Then here's a surprise! Today, I'll give you a special day in "my life surrounded by many friends," just like you wish for, Lady Cloche!
: What?
: You should be happy. It's a world of freedom, equality, and friends, just like you dreamt of. Demongel, can you lead her way?
Demongel: Understood. Tiring, but it's master's plea. I'll guide you around. Come on.
: What's gotten into you?
: Nothing. I just want you to experience the way things are.
Demongel: Hey you, if you're coming, hurry up.
: A-alright.
: Hope you have fun~.

Uncle: Hey there, Luca!
: Ahh!
Uncle: You're so cute as always! Heading out for work today?
: U-ummm...?
Demongel: You're Luca for today. You're so slow.
: O-oh, so that's what's going on. Yes, yes. Thanks to you...
Uncle: When next month rolls around, I'll come see you again! My wallet's kinda tight right now. Well, Luca, see you around!
Mrs. Lahr: Oh. It's you, Luca dear. Thank you for your hard work. Your Therapy's quite popular, makes me proud.
: Yes, thank you very much.
Mrs. Lahr: We're near the end of the month already, but earn as much as you can!
Big Bro: Hey Luca, how are you? Let's go eat someday after you're done working!
Big Sis: Luca, come by to my shop again, okay? We got this really cute outfit that I think will look great on you?
Dive Shop Gen: Hey, Luca. Today's appointment was in the afternoon right? I'll set up the machine just for you!
: W-wow, Luca. I'm greeted every 10 steps, I can't even move forward. It's like the entire city is your friend.
: Luca was a cheerful, friendly person since she was a child. So she's always been popular wherever she went.
: Ahh... It's so full of life. I can walk around town freely. And...

: The fancy shop???
: Lady Cloche... It might be my imagination but aren't you leaning towards a personal hobby now...?
: I'm Luca at the moment! Ah, I can walk into the Fancy Shop with my head held high. How wonderful... Today, I can shop without having to worry about people looking, or be dragged back if I'm found.
: I bet she's at the fancy shop RIGHT NOW.
: Let's check... Tower Elevator 45D1???
: Oh, right. We'll get this done before they get here.
: I hope so.
: Ah, what should I do? That one's cute too... But so is this.
: (I don't see much of a difference...)
: Croix, which one do you think is better, this one or this one?
: Well um, I don't quite see a difference in the two...
: How dare you speak of such blasphemy! Now look carefully at thi-
: Huh, Master. You're buying quite a bit there. Heya, rich girl!
: Oh. Umm... Miss Skycat. Good day to you.
: ......
: Hm? Ah? What might be the matter? (Did I get her name wrong?) (Having this many acquaintances just walking by, it's getting hard to keep track of their names and faces.)
: Bfff! Ahahaha!
: Huh?
: What's with the way you talk!? "Good day"? "What might be the matter"? Makes me want to ask, "what might be the matter" with you~!
: I-is it that odd?
: What about odds and evens? It's beyond weird. This is Rakshek. Maybe it works in Pastalia, but you sound stuck up. And wow, you're buying so much. I see being a Therapist is good money. Lucky you.
: Oh, no, that's not what I...
: Aw geez, with my wage, I can afford one of these. But I'm poor, so I'll take a humble luxury. Bye Master! I'm heading off to work before I'm late!
: ...... Croix, is this buying too much?
: I don't quite know, but... I think the total price there is about 3 days worth of work at a restaurant.
: ...I think I'll cut back a little...

: Luca should keep more money on her just in case, don't you think?
: Well, as a commoner, that's an extravagant amount of money...
: For point of comparison, I think you could almost buy a light airship for that much.
: Well, you could back when I was little. It's way more expensive now.
: Of the people here, Luca's a high-wage earner, but she still doesn't use that much money. She's quite frugal for anything other than what she needs.
: I-is that how things are...?
: Oooh, hey Luca!
: Oh, Miss Amarie. Hello.
: Hey Luca! Oh pretty please with a cherry on top! Please lend me money!
: Uh...But, that was out of nowhere...
: I'm really troubled~. I really need it right now. Please!
: I can't lend you money without knowing for what purpose either.
: My boyfriend said that he really needs money for his current project. Come on, please! We're friends right?
: Well I'm sorry, but... I can't do that. Your reason is so vague. And I'm lending it to you, but I'll be lending it to your friend, right? That doesn't sound reasonable. (And I used it all at the Fancy Shop just now...)
: I see how it is... Fine then, stingy. I won't ask you anymore. I know you make a lot of money. You're the one who says, we'll help each other out in times of need. Geez. Now that you're some popular Therapist, your attitude changes, just like that? Who do you think you are? Forget it! I'm not even gonna be your friend anymore!
: ......
: Lady Cloche. It was obviously her side that was unreasonable. Please don't let it get to you. A lot of residents of the the Rim have troubled lives. If you deal with all of them, there's no end.
: Alright.. Yes, I'll try not to. By the way, the man at the Dive Shop told me I had an appointment in the afternoon. I think I should go to work.
: Luca! Ah, I'm glad I caught you in time.
: Huh? Oh... H-hello. (Who was this again... I don't know anyone. I'll just greet her as usual.)
: The customer you had an appointment with today can't make it, so he's going to cancel. I came to relay the message.
: Oh? Is that so. Well thank you very much for letting me know so kindly.
: It's fine. You've been working way too hard lately. You should get some rest. I know you're trying hard in your first year, but you'll collapse if you work so much. It's advice from my experience. And plus... He's your boyfriend there, right? Go and have fun on a date.
: Huh? Oh...D-does it look like that?
: Of course. You're a perfect couple.
: I-it's not really, but... Hehehe. I-it does, doesn't it?
: Uhm... Lady Cloche? What are you squirming around for?
: Well then Croix, let's take on the offer and go on a date!
: Uh-umm...? W-wait... Don't pull so hard, Lady Cloche....
: ...Yes, go take your time.

: Huh?
Mrs. Larh: Leaving a customer to go on a date with some guy? Please, give me a break.
: Wh-what are you saying? But I was told the appointment was cancelled by a lady earlier...
Mrs. Lahr: And to be sending in an older superior as a replacement? What are you thinking? Well, it seems the customer was still satisfied with that, but...
: What? I didn't ask for a replacement...
Mrs. Lahr: Keep doing that and you're going to lose your customers. It's too early to kick back just because you're popular now.
: Lady Cloche...
: Could it be... That lady earlier... Was I tricked...?

: Mrs. Larh!
Mrs. Lahr: Huh!? Wh-wh-wh-what is it!? Why do you look so furious...
: You know the lady who came in as a replacement or whatever, right!?
Mrs. Lahr: Well yes of course I know her... But so do you, don't you. She's your superior.
: I'm going to catch her immediately! I...I was tricked by her.
Mrs. Lahr: Huh!? What...are you saying now?
: I can't forgive people who deceive others! Croix, let's go!
: Bit hypocritical.
: Huh!? M-me too?
: Of course! We can't allow such acts of dishonesty! Come!

: I was surprised...
: What do you mean? That was actually rather lenient.
: I didn't think you would shove that lady like that...
: She tricked me, satisfied her own interest, and still didn't regret it, rather she turned defiant! If I could, I would bring her up against Pastalia's laws and give her strict punishment.
: Ah, so Cloche.
: I'm glad Mrs. Lahr and the customer stepped in to stop you...
: I cleared the misunderstanding and I feel much better. I can't stand being told I slacked on my job.
Demongel: You're pretty reckless aren't you?
: This is nothing reckless. She deserved it.
Demongel: I'm not taking responsibility for whatever happens later.

: What? Why would you mention that?
: A neighbor told me that you're spending money quite lavishly and that you must be earning a lot. And also how you put down a superior and...well, stole someone's customer...
: Wha...! I would never do such a thing!
: Right. I believe you, but... Well, the neighbors are all saying many things about you. Even if people say things, don't let it get to you.
: ......
: Luca? You're going already?

???: Yeah I heard. She ditched work and was playing around with some guy~.
???: I bet she's giving all the money she earns to him.
???: And I heard she hit her superior too. That's pretty crazy.
???: Such a big head, I hate her~.
: Why? I did the right thing. Why am I being badmouthed? This is wrong. And even things I didn't do... Why am I being rumored and gossiped about?
: Lady Cloche... Envy and jealousy come together, so...
: This is strange... It's wrong!
Demongel: Well well, looks like you've earned quite a number of enemies now. It's gonna get tough trying to live now~.

Demongel: So, how do you feel? How's it like, having so many friends?
: Why... Why would you use people's friendliness like that... I don't understand...
Demongel: You think so too right? That's why.
: Huh?
Demongel: You don't think Luca was born with the personality of keeping superficial relationships, do you?
: Oh...
Demongel: That's why. Get it? Now you know why Luca is the way she is. Whether it's good or bad is beside the point. It's whether you can understand why she decided to be like that.
: ...I see now. I had been blaming her without knowing these things...
Demongel: That's right. Then, here you go.
Obtained [Mindgem: Scarlet Land]!
Demongel: You better take care of it. It's proof that you and Luca are closer.
: ...Thank you.

: Does Luca sound kind of upset?
: It
Demongel: Master is very hurt right now. Don't even think about intruding in on her right now.
: Hurt?
: Argh, gee, I shouldn't have remembered that! It pisses me off so badly~!
: What is she so angry about?
: I have no idea. I would assume you'd know more about her.
Demongel: Gee... Who do you think hurt her?
: Huh?
Demongel: You're such a dense guy. Fine. This is for master, okay? I'll show you inside her mind. Hope you're ready, go on in!
: Wah!
: Ahh!

: It's similar to the Cosmosphere, but... It feels kind of different.
: ...!? I can hear someone's voice...?
: Everyone's so mean. Lady Cloche this, Lady Cloche that. I know the maiden's important and all but... The Holy Maiden always gets priority. I come after that. Mr. Leglius treats me like some heavy burden.
: Luca...? It's Luca's voice. I wonder where it's coming from.
: You're right. Luca? Where are you?
Demongel: You're inside master's mind. What you hear is master's inner voice.

: Let's go back.
: Oh, yes sir. Sorry.
: ...I apologized back then, but I felt pretty annoyed to be honest. I mean, ordering Croix to give the agent to Lady Cloch with me, his girlfriend, there? At least do it so I can't hear. Cocona looked so sick and he didn't even realize at all. That Leglius guy just doesn't have any consideration for girls. I don't care if he's a captain or whatever. That grumpy grouch will never get a lady like that.
: I bet his late wife would be surprised by that statement. So would Reisha.
: What's she talking about?
: When we were in the Mikry Forest. It sounds like the time when...y-you administered the life extending agent for me...
: O-oh, that time...
Demongel: Hey you guys. Can you not give off that atmosphere in someone else's mind? Gee, talk about shameless impudence.
: In the end, it's always only Amarie who would side with me. But she's just not enough. She has the weakest influence in the party, and it doesn't help that people doubt her too. I really appreciate that she takes my side, but it doesn't raise my position at all. Speaking of which, that guy's pretty mean to Amarie too. He treats her even worse than me. Well, I appreciate her being there in that sense too. I can feel like I'm not the lowest there.
: Hmm. It's true. Captain does seem to be overly suspicious of Amarie...
: But even then. I don't think you should say that kind of thing without really knowing what's going on.
: Argh, I feel even more angry now. Who does he think he is, that old fart! And that unbelievable response to my offer of kindness.

: ...Captain.
: I won't stop you, but I won't be held responsible. I can't guarantee your safety. If you accept that, welcome aboard.
: Yes! Thank you very much.
: ...I gave him that great smile and all, but inside, I was really shocked. How could he be so open to say, yeah, I'm only going to protect the Holy Maiden. How insensible is he? Without Song Magic, it's not like he can do anything in an emergency. I'll never sing for that guy even if he begged me. I only went because I was worried for Croix. What's up with Croix anyway? He was there too, but didn't even say a word. I'm sure there's knightly order and I'm not saying I wanted him to say it then, but he can at least console me later.
: Luca... I didn't know I was making you feel that way...
: I see Luca's point there, Croix. As a guy, you're pretty careless too.
: L-lady Cloche!? I mean, I agree, but you're selling me out!?
: You can refute it? You can train in your spear all you want, but have some sense in caring for a girl's heart too.
: Why is Croix like that anyway? He's so whipped by our dear Holy Maiden... He's being bossed around so much, but he doesn't look like he hates it all that bad. Maybe he's actually a masochist. Here I am, all trying to be devoted to him, but when things get bad, he doesn't even treat me well. Grr, frustrating... If he wants to be bossed around and bullied, I think I'll quit being the nice girl and pull out the whip.
: Wa-wait a minute Luca. Why does it have to be that way!?
: I-it's not that I'm bullying him around either. That was just...well... E-educational guidance! As a maiden, as his superior, I had to teach the notion of being a member of the knights...
: Y-yeah, that's it, Luca. I'm just receiving thankful guidance and...
Demongel: Oh. ...So he says, master.
: What!?
: Oh... I see. For guidance, you two seem like you're having quite a bit of fun.
: Wait Luca! Why are you like this!? It's not fun, at least not for me! It's pretty, well, quite tough!
: What!? That's what you thought of your thankful guidance from your superior!?
: N-no, that's not what I meant! It was just the wording and...! Well I truly appreciate, with honor, your advice and guidance!
: Oh...I see. Croix, you really are a masochist, aren't you... If you like being bullied so much, I'll whip you around with guidance too.
: Wa-wa-wait a minute Luca! Why do you take it that far!?
: Hehehehe... It's alright, Croix. You were just hiding your real interest until now, huh. You can be more open with me. If it's about you, I won't be surprised to hear anything.
: Calm down. Calm down, Luca! We can talk about this! Let's talk, alright?
: Now, Croix. Come here...
: Croix, you actually like that sort of thing!? Wha-how immoral!
: Wahh! Seriously, why do you say that!? Someone, help meeee!
Demongel: Ah geez, you're so loud.

: Thank you... You saved us.
: Let's rewind and try a different option...
: What's gotten into you?
: Boredom mostly. I'm more awake but do less.
: Sorry. That was unexpected.
: Anyway...she's always smiling cheerfully to us, but that's what she was thinking behind that smile...
Demongel: It's not that surprising, is it? When people interact with other people, of course this much strain would occur. But what I wanted you to feel here was Luca's experience while she was with you. You have one or two incidents where you felt something like this too, don't you?
: ...You're right.
Demongel: Hehe, you're honest. Well, I'm sure anyone would have that kind of experience.
Obtained [Mindgem: Lean on Me]!
Demongel: Since I made you take on the full force of Luca's feelings, let's call it even.

Demongel: Come to the [Sphere Gate]. We'll do the ritual to go to the third level there.

: So, how was it, interacting with the people around me?
: I always wondered why you're so dry and cool with your social relationships. But after experiencing a few things this time... I think I understand the reason.
: ......
: It must be painful. Being tricked, betrayed, hurt by other people... You lived, not just a harsh lifestyle, but with a difficult social life.
: ...You finally understand.
: Well after experiencing that I do. What you show me here is all real, right...?
: Yup!
: Either way, I have no right to scold you. I'm sorry...for all the times I blamed you without knowing.
: It's alright now that you know. I feel kinda happy, I think.
: ......
: We're from different backgrounds, and I thought we'd never understand each other. So it makes me happy. Do you think we can move on to the next level now?
Demongel: Yes, I believe so.
: This is...the gate to the next level!
Demongel: Seems you were able to communicate your thoughts for this level. Congrats.
: Thank you. I wonder what it's going to be like next...
Demongel: Who knows. At least I don't. Well, but I'm sure you'll be alright. Not like I have any basis.
: Well, we're going now.

: Yeah. Thanks for the help.
Demongel: This is so difficult though. Us Combo Magic can't exist without a certain level of connection, so the two need to get to know each other deeply. Though I must say, normally, Song Magic is sung alone. Combo Magic itself must be the abnormal one here.
Combo Magic [Super Potential: Lv E] "Demongel" composed!
This Combo Magic can be used when Luca's Song Magic tree, [Super Potential], appears.