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Part 51: Luca's Infelsphere, Level 3 Part 1


: Hello. Welcome to the third level of the Infelsphere. I know this is sudden, but the theme will change from here on. Be careful, since it's not the same as before. The previous levels were about the "past". But this level's theme is "current feelings".
: Huh? Theme...? So you get to pick the conversations that go on?
: We only come tot his world to talk to Luca. Even if you pick a theme, we'll talk about what we want to.
: That's your goal, which has nothing to do with the Infelsphere's program. As long as you wish to come here, you will have to abide by the Infelsphere's program, at the least.
: ......
: Now, the third level's theme is the "current feelings", but this feeling depends on the relationship of the qualified. And in the case of Luca and Cloche... It's been decided that the theme is: [Destined Battle of Rivals of Love].
: By mean...
: I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this.
: Shouldn't you have already had one?
: ...... My explanation will end here. You two go experience the rest. See you later!
: ......
: ......
: Let's go then. In any situation, we don't have the choice to go back.
: ...Yes.

: Ahhh!
: What's...!?
Clumsy Bear: I'm sorry to have scared you. I am clumsy, after all. Call me Clumsy Bear.
: Clumsy...Bear...?
Clumsy Bear: I am your guide in this world. My pleasure meeting you all. Now, let us go on in!

: This should be good. Those two always struck me as the types that would fight over a man.
: Good thing Croix went with Jacqli. I'd imagine if he didn't whoever didn't end up with him would shred him or Replekia him out of jealousy at some point.
: Croix, welcome.
: Y-yeah.
: ......
: Oh huh. A little extra decided to tag along too?
: That's quite a mean attitude. Maybe you're starting to reveal your true nature.
: I think you're starting to give yourself away too. You're getting kinda hysteric lately?
: "Too?"
: Y-you're so rude!
: Hahaha, ooh, scary! Oh well whatever. I'm gonna make today a fun day. I won't worry about the details now!
: Fun day?
: Come on Croix. It's been so long. Let's go on an all out date today!
: D-date, you say!?
: Hurry hurry! First, we'll go get tea and decide on our date course there.
: Huh? H-hey, don't pull so hard.
: W-wait just a minute, you two!
Clumsy Bear: What, you're going to get in their way?
: I am not going because I want to intrude on them! I want to go to get to--
Clumsy Bear: Alright alright. You're going because you need to get to know her more, right? I'll guide you around. They went to Bombertan, that restaurant.

: Oh, Master. ...Oh, man, you're with your boyfriend today.
: Hehehe. We're on a date today, a date. We're going to plan our day while we're here.
: Well, that is a correct way to use a food servicing shop.
: Is something wrong with the simulation? That's terrible grammar.
: Hmm, maybe a bad stream processor. I'll up the flag-off threshold some.
: So, may I take your order? Since you're with a guy today, you're not getting any special service.
: Aww, stingy.
: It's not being stingy. This is the right way to do business. So? Aren't you going to introduce me, your dear best friend, to your boyfriend?
: Oh, sorry sorry! Croix, this is my friend from my waitress days. Her name is Skycat.
: Hello... Thanks for being helpful to Luca.
: No problem. I'm taking real good care of her.
: And, this is my lovely darling, Croix, who said he loves me.
: Ah yes yes, I've heard the rumors. But to have your childhood friend as your lover, so cliche. I'd get tired of him.
: That's not true. Croix's going to protect me forever. Right...Croix?
: Y-yeah...
: Yeah yeah, so sweet of you. You just came to show yourselves off huh.
: Hehe, you saw through me.
: If so, I'm not letting you go with just a cup of tea. You better order at least a good amount!
: Alright. I want a sweet parfait, just like us. Let's eat it together!
: ...! Wh-what's with her attitude... S-so scandalous.
Clumsy Bear: Love is blind, and it goes both ways. You were like that too.
: I-I wasn't like..!
: Alright, I've decided! Croix, come shopping with me.

: Hm? What's going on, Luca. Oh, Croix's with you too. Hello. You're cute today as always.
: We're on a shopping date. Right, Croix?
: Y-yeah...
: My my, dropping by the pharmacy on a date? What kind of medicine are you looking for? Cold medicine? First aid ointment? Or maybe...a love potion?
: I would have thought of a different thing.
: W-w-w-we're not here for that...!
: Oh really? I just made a very good potion earlier, it's new.
: Knowing Spica, it'll mess you up pretty bad.
: Hehe. Well too bad. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it though. Then maybe I'll use it. I've got a lovely guinea pig right there.
: What!?
: Say, Croix. Won't you try drinking this for me? If you do it, I'll give you a special secret recipe as a reward...
: U-uhh, um... S-Spica?
: Waaahhhh! No, no no no! Croix can't do that! Gee! You may like younger, cute boys, but Croix is officially mine! You can't advance on him anymore!
: My my, this isn't calming.
: It's a lovers' declaration!
: Erm, I understand, but are you really saying this to me?
: Khh!
: What are you talking about? I have no idea!
: Y-you...!
: I don't want you to seduce Croix, so we're going to go! I'll come shopping again another day. Come, Croix. Let's continue our date.
: Y-yeah. I'm sorry Spica. See you!
: Hehehe. What an energetic window shopper. See you again.

: Hehehe, hello!
Mrs. Lahr: Ah, with your boyfriend. I see you're on a date!
: Ahh, don't say it out so loud...
Mrs. Lahr: He's a Grand Bell knight, wasn't he? You'll have a steady life if you get married, and he's good looking too!
: Oh please, Mrs. Lahr! We're not getting married...yet... That's so...
Nana: Oh, hey Luca. What? Here with your boyfriend for a private Dive today?
: Hehehe, does it look like that?
Nana: Wow, in broad daytime, phew. Got enough lovey dovey here.
: U-uh, well I...
Nana: So Mr. Boyfriend. Want a taste of women other than Luca for a change? You might be my type. I'll give you good service.
: No! Croix is mine, so you're not allowed to seduce him!
Nana: Hehehe, I know. I just wanted to tease you a little. I would never seriously hit on your lover Luca.
: You better not. He's my precious, precious Croix!
: ...! Th-that girl...
Clumsy Bear: What? Is something wrong?
: Oh, you're still here?
: Here I am listening to you and you have no shame in front of public eyes...!
: What about it? Me and Croix are officially dating anyway. And everyone acknowledges that, too.
: But why are you showing off so much. Are you trying to pick a fight with me?
: Hahaha. Finally, dense Lady Cloche realized?
: Wha...!
: That's right. This is a declaration, Lady Cloche. I love Croix. More than you do. Even if it was only words, even if I was only using him before... It's different now. I wasn't just using him... I know now, how precious Croix is to me after feeling the gaping hole in my heart. I love Croix. So I will never give him to you!

: I-I won't lose to you either!
: Eesh, after all that, you can still say that, huh?
: Yes, and I'll say it many times. I don't know about the time you spent with him until now. But I know a side of Croix that you don't know either. The time he spent in Pastalia.
: Croix is my boyfriend. You're just using your position to bind Croix as a knight to a maiden. You have no chance. We have a history.
: Using my position...? I see you underestimate me. Listen. It is I who is bound by my position. If I left my position as maiden, I'm just a normal girl. And as a girl, I'm confident that I won't lose to you, in comparison of how much I care for him! You should be grateful I'm bound by my position as maiden.
: Maybe you should realize that and admit your defeat.
: Maybe you should stop spoiling yourself on the past as well.
: Hehe... Alright, Lady Cloche. It's a head-on challenge.
: Yes, it starts here.

Clumsy Bear: Well, guys...can be clumsy. Well either way, now that they've both acknowledged their feelings for Croix, you can take this.
Obtained [Mindgem: Emotional Bomb]!

: Croix! Over here!
: Luca.
: ......
: Um, I didn't call for you.
: I see you're quite straightforward in what you say now...
: I told you. Losing my body made me more refined and took away my confusion. I'm just being more pure and honest. So, we're going to have a special time today! This level's theme was [Gasp! Love's Lovely War Contest], right?
: ...What!? Was it?
: Therefore...I'll show you my best secret with Croix!
: Wh-what is secret thing...?
: I think I'll save a copy of this, for future reference.
: Save the fun for when you see it! Mr. Bear.
Clumsy Bear: You want to show them that?
: Yup, right! It's a shame to let it go, but princess there is so dense. Can't help it. But I'm sure if she sees this, she'll give up.
Clumsy Bear: Understood.

: Croix... Where's Croix?
Clumsy Bear: Croix is over there. This is their memorable field. It's where their fond memory lies.
: Their...fond memory?
: Croix, what did you want to talk about?
: Oh...yeah.
: How come there's no teenager Croix? I wanted to see that.
: It's a bug in the Infelsphere program itself I think. Hmmm... Yep. I can't exactly fix it while it's running but it's mostly cosmetic anyway. Nobody except the Qualified can change ages, even in flashbacks.
: What's going on? It feels so serious.
: Well...
: Huh? You're hurt again. Your master is being strict as usual, huh? But I think it's proof that he sees potential in you.
: Yeah, I hope so.
: Don't worry. I guarantee your strength! You protected me quite a bit since we were kids. Remember that time you dueled against that boy three years older than you? You fought for "who gets to protect Luca for life" or something. I didn't know about it then. Kids really are funny. And even though you were so much smaller, you won a complete victory. After seeing that, I was so amazed at how strong you were. They say you're the best at practice too. You're a genius at fighting.
: O-oh...thanks... ...... Luca.
: Hm?
: Listen, I... I'm thinking of taking the entry exam for the Grand Bell Hall's knights. Master told me I'll be fine, and that he'd write me a recommendation letter...
: Really!? That's great! I'm so happy for you, Croix! I'm so excited, it's as if it was happening to me!
: But...the test takes a few days, and if I get in, I'll go straight into training in Pastalia.
: How long will that take?
: One year. Then, I get positioned in the main troops. They say it takes a few years to become full fledged... And, I can't take many days off, and even then it's like I'm on standby, so I can't come home often.
: I see... So while you're there, we'll be separated. I'm going to miss you.
: It's just that, leaving you behind like this worries me. Luca, will you be okay alone?
: Hm... But Croix, you've already decided on this, right? You always think about these things yourself and make your own decisions.
: ...Yeah.
: When's the tryout?
: Half a year later.
: I see...
: I can't just stay at your place forever. And...
: And?
: Luca, I, well... I want to protect you.
: Huh...?
: Even in that duel when we were kids, I was serious. I trained so hard because I wanted to protect you.
: Croix...
: I want to live happily with you forever. So, even if it's hard to part now... I'll come get you when I'm a knight. Will you...wait for me until then?
: Croix... Thank you. I'm so happy! I'll cheer you on!
: Thanks...
: Hey, but what about the travel expenses to Pastalia? And the cost of staying there during the testing?
: I'm thinking about borrowing from the master. If I get accepted and officially join the squad, I'll repay him a little at a time. I won't cause you or Ms. Reisha any trouble. You two have been so nice to me, and raised me as a family, even if I wasn't related. It's time for me to repay you. From now on, I will protect you.
: Croix... ...... ...Alright. I'll support your Pastalia trip!
: What? Hehe. You see, I'm actually quite a popular Therapist coming up right now! So if I try hard and save up for half a year, I can give you that much money! You might not know, but I'm packed on appointments everyday and I get a line out the door!
: I-I see... You must be amazing...
: Are you jealous?
: Huh...?
: ...Hehehe, just kidding. Even though they're Dives, Therapy Dives only go into a limited soulspace. The area that my customers get to come into is really small, like space for a cushion. I devote my heart to you Croix. Ever since we were kids.
: Luca...
: I'll be waiting for you to come get me as a mature knight.
: Yeah.
: You can do it, I know you can. Wow... Croix, living in Pastalia... I'm really so happy... I wish one day, I can live with you there too...

Clumsy Bear: And so, that's it.
: What do you mean by that?
Clumsy Bear: I'm saying there's no space for you.
: You're kidding! Why do I have to back down just because you made me watch a glimpse of your past?
: You have to back down because the simulation is stacked against you - and Jacqli too.
Clumsy Bear: I see... Then can I take that as a declaration of a challenge?
: ...Y-yes! Of course!
Clumsy Bear: Right then. To celebrate that you both now stand at the starting line of battle, here's this.
Obtained [Mindgem: Flyfront Pact]!

: Ah gee, I think I remembered it.
: What's wrong, Luca? What did you remember?
: When I got reaaaaaally hurt. I think I want Lady Cloche to know about the pain I had to deal with.
: What are you talking about? You have to make yourself more clear.
: Oh I see, you don't get it. I knew it. Of course you wouldn't notice. I was being such a nice, friendly girl. ...More like, selfish little princess doesn't even care about the lower class people most likely.
: What do you mean!? Just tell me.
Clumsy Bear: If you want to see, let me guide you.
: Oh, Mr. Bear, how kind. You're even gentlemanly to a woman like this. You're a good guy.
Clumsy Bear: I am on your side, that's all the man I am. ...Just clumsy.
: Since Mr. Bear will take you, why don't you go and see?
: Yes, I'll do that.
: You really want to know that much about me, huh? You're strange.
: Luca, Lady Cloche is trying her hardest...
: Hardest? To do what? You don't even know how much I've suffered!
: Huh?
: See, you don't know. You can at least try and understand me! I wasn't okay at all!

: Looks like a restaurant. Luca's sitting there.
Clumsy Bear: This was the day Luca first met you two.
: What? I thought she went to a Therapy session that day...
Clumsy Bear: Well, just watch.
: *sigh*
: You're so~ annoying gloomy. Mushrooms are going to start growing soon.
: ......
: You're kinda causing trouble to the other customers.
: Sorry.
: It's fine. It's pretty empty during this time of day. Did something happen?
: ......
: I won't know if you keep quiet.
: ......
: Do you want something sweet? Like ice cream or something.
: Not today...
: Well, fine if you don't want to tell me. I'll give you an extra cup of tea.
: Thanks... Geez... Holy Maiden this, Holy Maiden that. Is work that important?
: The Holy Maiden is pretty important, but Luca hadn't realized that yet.
: Protecting the integrity of the system is most important.
: Oh, feeling better now?
: I can resume protecting the system now.
: Okay...
: It's more like being flirty with her than doing work at all... I'm the girlfriend. He could at least show me he cares... We finally got to meet in so long, why so mean.
: It's not about you, you stupid little girl.
: Luca...
Clumsy Bear: Go on and console her.
: Huh? Me?
Clumsy Bear: Who else.
: I guess... Alright.

: I'm going.
: Croix!?
: Luca.
: What!? C-Croix... Why are you here?

: Y-you can't do that here Croix... Everyone's looking...
: I'm sorry I made you feel so sad.
: Croix... I-I wanted to see you so bad. I was so lonely!
: H-hey, aren't they a little too closely all over each other? And in public too... How shameless.
Clumsy Bear: If you want to know, continue to watch.
: Er...!
Clumsy Bear: ...Well, I'm impressed you endured it. How did it feel to be in that situation? Luca felt the same way.
: It sure is hard to bear... But at the time, I didn't know the circumstance.
Clumsy Bear: I'm not blaming you here. Nor am I telling you to apologize. I just wanted you to share that feeling with her.
: ......
Clumsy Bear: Well, it's already past. You've tasted enough of the pain, I'm sure.
Obtained [Mindgem: Underground Fires]!

Clumsy Bear: There's nothing more to teach you in this third level. The rest is up to how you apply this knowledge. Let's go do the ritual of completetion at the [Sphere Gate]. Come soon.
: Wait a second! There was another point in the Infelsphere!
: I thought you wanted to get back to the cosmosphere?
: Well yeah, but this is interesting too. And we've got probably 40 or more hours until they get here.
: It's closer to 30...
set_var sphere_gate_3 closed

: Hehehe...
: Why are you laughing out of nowhere. Don't you think it's a bit rude?
: Well, because I know.
: A-about what...!?
: That you're terrible at cooking!
: C-cooking!? And what about it!?
: You don't get it, do you Lady Cloche? Being able to cook well is the first part of making a spouse happy! Your dear husband will be so unhappy, I'm sure. You can't do the things a good wife should.
: I'm pretty sure Cloche can afford someone to cook for her.
: Wh-what are you talking about!? I have quite the skills for cooking actually! Isn't that right, Croix!?
: Why ask me!?
: I mean, you can only make terrible cooking as well. Face yourself before you complain about other people.
: Aww, come on. I can cook correctly...
: Oh, really? I remember clearly why you quit the restaurant and what kind of dishes you made.
: Y-you can't bring up all that stuff about the past! It doesn't convince anyone here!
: Oh, was it that long ago? According to Miss Skycat's story, it sounded like it was quite recently.
: Er... E-either way! I can't let Croix's life go to someone who doesn't even know how to cook!
: Funny enough, it did turn out that way.
: As long as he doesn't mistake the cooking that explodes for the kind that's just a touch odd.
: It's too dangerous to leave Croix's life in your hands as well! I bet he wouldn't last three days with you!
: ...Well if you're going to insist, I can't back down now...
: W-wait, you two, calm down...
: Well I say, bring it. Then how about it? A cooking battle?
: Hehe, that's a great idea. I can already feel the excitement of seeing you on the ground, begging for forgiveness.
: You think you're going to win? Seriously!?
: Hey, calm down, both of your...
: And who gets to decide who wins?
: Of course it'll be Croix. We'll have him eat it and wed whoever made better food.
: What...?
: I see. So we're going to have Croix pick his bride.
: That'd be it.
: Wh-what's that supposed to mean!?
: Well, now that the judge has been agreed upon, why don't we begin?
: Wait a minute! I didn't say I would do it yet...
: Alright! Hmph, I'll show you my skills. Now, what should I make?
: I've already decided mine...Hehe. Well then, I'll be off now!
: Hey! That's not fair! Me, too!
: ......
Clumsy Bear: That's a ton of responsibility.
: More like...will I even live...?
Clumsy Bear: Well, this is destiny. Succumb to it. More importantly, shouldn't you go see what they're up to? You might be able to slightly change your harsh fate.
: Y-yeah, I guess... Well, then. I'm more worried about...

: Oh, actually, that's not it... I just kind of wanted to see you cooking.
: What!? W-well that's a happy thing to Alright! I'll do my best to make this!
: Y-yeah... Please take it easy... By the way, what are you doing right now?
: I'm cutting up the ingredients. I'm filleting the fish right now.
: I see... So you can clean fish. I'm slightly impressed.
: You're so mean! Of course I can cut up fish normally. Well, that's done... and ...Use this, toss this...right.
: H-hey! Wait a minute! Why did you throw away the meat and keep the head and bones!? Isn't it the other way around!?
: You don't get it, do you. It's the idea of reversal...
: I-idea of reversal...?
: Keeping the meat and tossing the head and bones is normal. You'll only be able to end up with something normal, see? And that's when the idea of reversal kicks in! If I keep the parts that usually get tossed, what happens? Hehe!
: This can't be real.
: I assure you, she's terrifyingly bad at cooking.
: Nobody can be THAT bad.
stack_integrity_check -all -r 3
simulation stack has no detected faults
: No way. It's gotta be bugged.
: If you want, I can go find some of the actual dish she's cooking here. It's called "Trulyworthit Soup".
: I can't think of anything other than getting a one way ticket to hell...
: What are you saying!? A miracle will occur, a miracle! By stripping the bones where there should be meat, you'll discover a whole new world of flavor.
: The world of living hell... This can't be good... Say, Luca. Don't you want to make it according tot he recipe?
: What!? Why all of a sudden. If I follow the recipe, I'll only be able to make a normal, ordinary dish. I can't bear to make something like that and lose to Lady Cloche!
: Am I the only one who thinks you'd win if you just made "normal" food...!
: Either way! I'm not following the recipe! What's important in cooking is originality. My taste! My cooking! That's what becomes the uniqueness that calls back the repeating customers.
: I agree with the ideas you're saying, but... You're fundamentally wrong Luca.
: What!?
: Even shops with lines out the door first start by following a recipe. From their experience, they find their own taste. If you really want to make something original, you have to follow the recipe first, and research why it's good. The way you're cooking right now is you just being vaguely perverse!
: ...Croix...
: If you really want to win against Lady Cloche, don't just play around. Do the right research.
: ...Y-yeah, you're right... It's exactly what you say. What I've been doing was a little too vague.
: Luca...
: Don't worry! I was a little shocked, but what you said was the truth. I don't think it's too late yet, and so I'll do my best while I study tastes!
: O-okay... Will you be okay?
: Yup! Of course. I'm going to make something so tasty that you're going to melt in your seat!
: ...Alright. I'll be looking forward to it.

: I'm done here too!
: ...Uh... Wh-what is this? A black object with a soapy smell, and a hodgepodge of the most grotesque selection...
: It's sirloin steak!
: It's a fish casserole...
: ......
: Now, go on!
: Eat it and tell us which one tastes better!
: ...Er... I-I have this...?
: Man, he's in trouble!
: Based on my observations, Croix is fully durable enough to survive consuming both of those items, provided medical assistance is prompt.
: Go on!
: Hurry!
: ...Uh, gahh! Forget it, I don't care anymore! I'll go with Luca's first! Uhrm...
: ......
: ......
: ......

: Croix! I'm so glad! You're still alive...!
Clumsy Bear: You've been passed out for a while here.
: I-I see... I kind of remember...up until I ate Luca's cooking...
: Luca's dish must've been quite amazing.
Clumsy Bear: Seems you had to endure quite a harsh time. Well, you asked for it anyway.
: ...I-I did...?
Clumsy Bear: Think about it, ask your heart. Well, whatever. I pity your misfortune this time, so I'll give you this.
Obtained [Mindgem: Icy Fire Dance]!
: This is, a Mindgem!
Clumsy Bear: That's right. I had to think whether to give this to you or not, but... Well, you did get to understand Luca more.

Clumsy Bear: There's nothing more to teach you in this third level. The rest is up to how you apply this knowledge. Let's go do the ritual of completion at the [Sphere Gate]. Come soon.