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Part 52: Luca's Infelsphere, Level 3 Part 2

Clumsy Bear: However, this one won't be as easy as the ones you've had before.
: Huh? ...What do you mean?
Clumsy Bear: Before, the theme was "the past." The past cannot be changed. So, as long as you sympathized, you passed.
: ...I see.
Clumsy Bear: However! This is a very intelligent Infelsphere program. A program most fit for you has already been prepared.
: And what...does that mean?
Clumsy Bear: That is, for you to open this box.
: What is this box...?
Clumsy Bear: A box of Luca's heart.
: ......
Clumsy Bear: That's the only explanation I got.
: That's it!?
: It's obviously suspicious...
: I think so too.
Clumsy Bear: ......
: It plainly reeks of danger...
: Yes, it does.
: Croix, you open it.
: What!? M-me!? Lady Cloche, that's not fair!
: Wh-what are you saying? You're my knight, my body guard, are you not? It's your job to check if it's safe!
: W-well yes that's true, but... Why would you use that against me here!?
Clumsy Bear: Oh, damn you both... Just open it! Go on, open it! Hurry, just open it!
: Wahhh!

: A jack in the box maybe... I can't see anything with the smoke.
: Argh, it so pisses me off!
: What?
: No matter what she did, she annoyed the hell out of me, that woman. She's haughty and has a bad mouth, but acts all elegant and stuck up. Who is she calling rude, seriously. She's the one who has no decent manners.
: ...This is... The voice of Luca's mind again?
Clumsy Bear: Ah. I see you're starting to become a little smarter. Yes, this is the voice in Luca's mind.
: And I'm assuming she's talkinga bout me...
Clumsy Bear: Exactly. Even quicker to catch on.

: Yes, ma'am! I tend to my customers' mental health and...
: How filthy! What a shameless woman!
: ...Huh?
: She says all that, and in the same breath...
: Croix!
: Y-yes, ma'am!
: You shall Dive into me!
: ...Uh, excuse me?
: ...Wha...Whaaaaa!!!!?
: Seriously? And she was all into it! That's so...what the hell!? Others can't, but she can? What is she? The center of everything? The law?

: Hm?
: Oh, nothing!
: And Sasha is just...Sasha! I'm sorry, I'm not the normal type of pretty! So what if you're so pretty. You'll get bored of it in 3 days. And then...

: Uhmmm...Lady Cloche, you're really pretty! I admire you so much!
: ...Did that really make us stronger?
: What's with that attitude. It's common sense to return a flattering compliment with a humble denial. Does she not understand the virtue of modesty? If she doesn't want to be humble, at least give a "Thank you." Just because she's got a nice body and big boobs, so what!? She lives in a protective palace, eating good food without being in the sun. It's just luxury and gluttony on her chest! Look carefully and her arms are flabby like a baggy shirt. Once she gets a little older, her flub won't be able to stand gravity anymore and she'll have the saggiest boobs.
: Wha-wha-wha...!
: L-Lady Cloche, please calm down...
: Oh man. They're really in for it.
: And she's all over Croix... Using her powers and authority as a maiden. It's so indecent. On top of all that, how did she win him over!?

: I didn't do anything. ...Why does everyone take her side?
: I'm not taking sides.
: ...Sorry, that was mean. I know you're just doing your job.
: She made Croix, who was deeply madly in love with me say that... What kind of witch is she? Ahh, her existence annoys me. Seriously. Sense the atmosphere.
: !
: L-Lady Cloche... Um, well uhh...
Clumsy Bear: Well, it's only natural of her to see you this way if you think about all that you've done to her.

: Hey you! That's enough!
: Wah, Lady Cloche!?
: Oh, there you are, Holy Pig-Pale-Maiden.
: I stay quite and hear you out, and off you go. You always thought that, huh?
: Of course I did. You appeared way later, and you flirted like crazy with my boyfriend! You thief! Shameless!
: Wha...! Who's the shameless one here, you evil-hearted woman!?
: What did you say!?
: I wonder who it was that used their boyfriend's heart for their own selfish plan? You're the one flirting around with everyone and anyone. You're worse! I mean, what's with your revealing outfit!? Go ahead and boast about being slender, but I can see your ribs!
: Y-you said enough, you flabby woman! Always with your laced corset! Stop trying to pretend you have a nice waist! I bet even your legs where it's covered in clothes are flabby too. Your brain is probably not in your head, but stuffed in those huge breasts.
: This is clearly the most petty argument I have ever witnessed.
: Stupid -forced flag.
: H-how dare you say...! Today, I am not going to let you get away with this! It's a duel!
: Bring it! I dare you to fight me! Drop your weapon and fight me bare-handed! Or is the princess not able to fight without a weapon~?
: I need no weapon to punish you!
: Ahh, Croix, help me! Lady Cloche is being mean!
: Y-you're such a...!
: There! You're open!
: Ahh! Now you've done it!
: Oww! How could you!

: Uh-m... What can I...
Clumsy Bear; Let them be. Yelling and moving around is the best stress reliever.
: But...
Clumsy Bear: Don't be full of yourself. Not everything can be solved by you. For you to be here, is unnatural to begin with anyway. This is a field for the two "qualified". You're only an audience who, by chance, was allowed to stay. Normally, it'd be impossible for you to even come in...
: ...I see... Yeah, it was...
Clumsy Bear: And you might've been able to intervene until now. But the deeper you go, the less space you'll have to butt in.
: ......
Clumsy Bear: It's about time for you to stop coming. In the next level... You'll probably be an unnecessary existence.

: *huff* *huff*
: A-are you okay you two?
: Croix, be quiet!
: This is between the two of us!
: O-okay...
: But well...
: *huff* *huff*
: I'm over it now...
: ...What!?
: ...?
: Let's just put everything just happened behind us. Let's make up!
: Luca...?
: Hehe. Or what, are you not satisfied to accept that yet...? I'm sorry... I said a little too much.
: I-it's fine... I don't mind... I had quite a time, and I feel better after saying everything I wanted to.
: I see! Hehe! Then we're friends again!

: Come on, let's go!
: W-wait... You don't have to rush...

Clumsy Bear: ......
: Is this okay...? It kind of feels unnatural...
Clumsy Bear: Yeah. It seems the contradiction is finally beginning to surface.
: Contradiction...!? We were told of that before too. What is this contradiction?
Clumsy Bear: I don't know much either. All I can say is that this progress doesn't fit with this world's true objective.
: ......
Clumsy Bear: Well, it's nothing for you to worry about. This world's not that weak that it would change just because of that. And even in this situation, the two girls' hearts are coming closer. I'm able to cooperate with you now, too.
Combo Magic [Easy Chorus: Lv E] "Clumsy Bear" composed! This Combo Magic can be used when Luca's Song Magic tree, [Easy Chorus] appears.

: Okay. I'm going to simulate some stuff on Gaea for the heck of it, then we'll get to the meat: Cosmosphere Level 6!