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Part 53: Luca's Gaea

: Let's see if there's anything interesting...

Cloche Lv6: Is Gaea A Good Place?
: Anyway, this land is weird.
: Oh, really? I like it.
: ...You are kidding, right?
: I'm serious. Why am I kidding?
: Because it is obviously odd. Besides, there are only Pippens and Soopes here.
: That's why I like it!
: ...Yeah?
: Ah, no... ...Anyway, don't you know the saying, "To every bird, his own nest is best"? Don't criticize places you don't know.

Cloche Lv5: Feeling Bad...
This is about the dark forest at the beginning of Gaea.
: I didn't think fighting that many enemies in that dark forest would be so hard.
: Yeah, I wish the forest was at least a little bit brighter.
: It is actually pretty eerie to fight in a dark place like that. ...We are not going through any more of those places, are we?
: I'm not sure. Everything is possible in this world, though.
: I'm ready for it, but I'm still pretty anxious about it.

Moon Cloud

: Wh-what the...!? Whipped cream and candy?
: Now this is an unrealistic world. Metafalica's pretty amazing.
: Was this world created by Luca too?
: That's right! It's full of sweets! Just like heaven, isn't it? There's a bunch of friendly Pippens here, too.
: Pippens!? Sounds like a pretty nice place.
: But that might've been the tragedy. I think the Pippens were a mistake. People who come here will lose all their precious [Pippencuits]. And so, I have a favor to ask of you all. Further beyond the park that's up ahead, there's another Luca there. I want you to deliver at least 15 Pippencuits from that box to me over there. Can I ask you that favor?
: Alright. We'll deliver it.
: L-Lady Cloche!?
: I'm sure I would enjoy doing a job surrounded by Pippens.
: I doubt it's that easy...
So we have to go past a bunch of Pippens that will steal our goodies if we get too close to them. It's not too hard, although I manage to mess it up once. In my defense I was more concerned with getting the talk topic.

: Croix! You brought me the [Pippencuits]! Let's see... Huh? There's not enough. You're so useless, Lady Cloche.
: It's my fault?
: Can you bring them to me again? I'll have move Pippencuits ready.
The right side is much easier than the left side.
: Croix! You brought me the [Pippencuits]! Let's see... Yup, you still have enough too! Thank you Croix!
: H-hey! I was the one who accepted, not Croix!
: A Sphere Key!
Obtained [Sphere Key: 1B]!
: I wonder how much bigger this world can actually get.
: It sure does seem never-ending.
: It would be best if we can ask Luca, but I doubt this Luca would know much.
: ...Sorry. I don't know anything about this world.
: Hey hey, I kinda have an idea.
: Of?
: You know that strange shop in town? I saw a [Compass] being sold there. I'm sure it's for use in this world, so maybe we can give that a try?

Cloche Lv6: Eat A Lot!
: (sigh)
: What's wrong, Lady Cloche?
: ...I was remembering about the Pippens and game in the Sweets world.
: was pretty annoying.
: Why?
: Because, that Pippen suddenly came up to me, snatched my Pippencuit and disappeared.
: That was cute. I would be worried if that weren't so energetic.
: Ye, yeah?
: I wish I could feed him with more of it.
: ...Why don't we do that after we get back to Pastalia?

Cloche Lv6: Execution Game?
This is for dancing girls level (Amnesty).
: That game in which we had to choose the real person was pretty eerie, actually.
: it was indeed. It may have been called a "game," but we were actually betting our lives on it.
: If she made it for a similar purpose to a death penalty, it is pretty frightening. Anyway, I wonder, when she executes someone, does she play a game like that?
: I would be so appalled by that. It's like playing with human lives.
: But, think about it. There is still a hope for those who receive the execution. That's a good thing.
: I guess. If you think that way, Luca seems merciful a little bit.
: But still, she's playing with human lives! I can't forgive her for that!
: Absolutely! But, which is better, a chance or no chance?
: Anyways, what are we arguing so seriously over?

Cloche Lv5: Treasure?
This is about the cave with the chests (Cobble Box).
: What did you think of that place brimmed with so much treasure?
: What do you mean?
: I mean what I said.
: ...It was practically the same as saying, "There is a trap over here."
: Yeah?...Different than my opinion. I thought that because there were so many treasure chests, I couldn't appreciate it as much.
: I guess that that would be a natural reaction, but I thought it was obviously a trap.

Cloche Lv6: Luca's Sloppy?
This is about the bathhouse cleanup (Tainted Sky).
: Doesn't Luca normally wear dirty outfits?
: I don't think so. Why do you suddenly ask that?
: I thought of it when I saw the filthy bathroom. There is hardly ever trash in a normal bathroom. But, there were heaps of it there, and she even told us to clean it up.
: Well, at least Luca is not that loose so that she gathers trash in her bathroom.

Cloche Lv6: Can't Believe It
This is about the library room (Melancholy).
: Croix, didn't you feel anything about the world with those numerous books?
: Of course I did. I couldn't believe it.
: It sure was unbelievable. How can she keep her books in those piles without putting them on a bookshelf.
: And she even pushed those heaps of books toward the book shelf. It sure was impossible.
: Of course! She can't even organize books! Well, I guess it's understandable because it was Luca's world.
: That's kind of harsh...

Star Desert
This is one of the areas Feinne didn't go to on Gaea.

: I believe this is what a desert would look like.
: Croix! Oh no oh no oh no! I'm in so much trouble!
: L-Luca!? What happened?
: I lost the [Star of Hope] for world creation when I was making this world...
: Where did you lose it?
: Somewhere in the desert...
: Do you know about where you might've dropped it?
: As far as you can see, is the possible range...
: It's over...
: Please! Find the [Star of Hope]! There should be 3 in this desert.
: Hey, Luca!? Calm down! I can see it's important to you. So we'll help you look for it.
: Really!? Thank you! I was actually pretty troubled. Oh, but... If you dig randomly, a monster might pop out, so be careful...
: What kind of desert is this...
So you hit "X" on interactables until you get 3 stars.

: I didn't expect to experience first hand, the analogy about finding a ring in the desert.
Is this a Japanese thing? Do they even have deserts in Japan?
: Well, I'm glad we found them. I guess anything's possible if you try.
: I don't want to do it again, though.
: Wow! You really found them all for me!? Thank you!
: It was a lot of hard work you know. But I'm glad we found them safely.
: Hehe, thank you...
: You really do seem happy. It was tough, but it was worth the effort.
: A Sphere Key!
Obtained [Sphere Key: 3]!

Cloche Lv6-R: Just Desert...
: It was psychologically demanding to seek out a star out of the desert.
: It sure was. It was quite a simple task, though. But, it was still tiring.
: ...Wasn't that because it was in the desert? When you're looking for something in any area called the "desert," you feel like you're searching in a vast desert. That probably was psychological trap.
: ...I don't think she's that wicked.

Luca Lv5: Confusing!
This is one of the conversations that you have with the girl who's Gaea. It's about the Gaea level with multiple copies of the girl, and you have to pick the real one (Love Flow).
: It's going to be pretty tough to tell the fake Luca from the real Luca.
: Why?
: Of course, you get confused in those situations. They may be the same in appearance, but what they say completely varies. But, I tend to just look at the appearance... It didn't work out as well as it does in fantasy books.
: ...Odd, if you really love me it should be a piece of cake.

Tangy Alley

: Do you think we can eat the chocolate and stuff?
: Don't do that. It's all created you know.
: I meant to make them all very tasty though.
: There seems to be a lot of food in this world.
: Because without food, we can't live. So this is a world of food storage.
: Either way, this is a sight, I must say.
: Well, here's a pop quiz! What food do I hate?
: Tomatoes
This is actually an option, you could answer "Doughnuts" and get it wrong. Also I think it's Pinapples when Cloche is Gaea.
: Hehehe, I'm surprised you knew. Congrats!
: Of course.
: Then I'll get straight to the point. You see, when I made this world, I messed up a little and... The storage room just filled up with tomatoes. There's so many of them that my favorite doughnuts got buried inside... At this rate, I'll starve and die of hunger...
: That's a forceful turn of events...
: So here, I have a favor to ask of you!
: You're not gonna ask us to eat all the tomatoes... Would you?
: I'm not gonna make you do something that mean. I just want you to gather the doughnuts that are buried under the tomatoes. Go grab the tomatoes and doughnuts from here and take it to me over there. You'll get some tomatoes, but make sure you have more doughnuts.
So yeah, this is pretty straightforward. Pick a path for maximum doughnuts.

: I hope there's more doughnuts. Hmm, one, two...
: ......
: ......
: I have the numbers! Here's the result! You got 7 tomatoes, and 26 doughnuts! You had more doughnuts! Thank you so much!
: Of course. I wouldn't be mean to you on purpose.
: Hehehe, I'm so happy. Now I can eat doughnuts every day again.
: I'm glad you're happy.
: A Sphere Key!
Obtained [Sphere Key: 3C]!

Cloche Lv6-R: Melt Away!
: I was expecting Pippens in the sweets world...
: Not this time. That should be fine. This is a world of sweets.
: Do you like sweets, Croix?
: Not me. You, Lady Cloche, don't you like sweets?
: Yeah... Honestly, I don't like sweets that lie under my feet.
: ...That's a natural answer.
: There were no Pippens, too. I hope heavy rain's going to melt the whole world away.
: It sounds pretty sticky and gross...

Free Prison

: Of course it is. Because this world is here to torture you all.
: Excuse me!? What are you saying!?
: Because. Lately, I just hate everyone. I don't know why, but I hate you.
: Why such unreasonable feelings...
: ...... Just kidding! Jokes aside...
: Whoa, wait! That didn't sound like a joke to me.
: Who cares which it is. Either way, I'm troubled by this world too. I'm sure it's coming from the inside of my mind, but... The spewing magma and monsters are threatening this world. So here's my request. Can you go in and defeat the master of the world!?
: The master of this world?
: It'd be nice if I could do something about it myself, but I can't. Because the enemies here are born from the hatred within myself. I can't erase that...
: ......
So this is a dungeon where we take damage constantly. YAY! Watch the video. Anyway, your primary threat is starting a battle with everyone at low life. So basically when you get low on HP you run into an enemy to enter battle so you can pop a healing song. It's a bit counter-intuitive and I really kind of miss the song management from the first game where you had a certain number of uses and this let you use healing spells outside battle.

It's basically a bigger, tougher wizard with more friends.

He's not exactly very hard.

: But wow, it's still very hot. My clothes are drenched in sweat...
: Either way, let's get out of here. We need to report back to Luca.

: Wha-hey, what do you mean, unbelievable... Did you think we couldn't do it?
: No way. This place is already deadly, and you were going to fight a strong monster. No matter how I thought, it was a losing battle.
: That's a harsh treatment. You pretty much sent us out to die.
: Hehe, that's not true. I trusted you, Lady Cloche!
: Whoa... I felt a strange chill down my spine...
: Really? That's good! It's hot here, so you should be glad you got cooler.
: I don't know if she's joking or not... The Luca here is dark.
: This world is just like that. Let it be.
: Hehe, sorry. Was I being too mean? Well, even if I said mean things, I really did appreciate your work. The existence of this world was a hard thing on me too. Thank you!
: A Sphere Key!
Obtained [Sphere Key: 3D]!
After this in the video I go BACK in to get the talk topic.

Cloche Lv6-R: Coward
: That magma world was too much! It took away our energy just for walking on it. How unfair!
: I agree, but that proves how far we've advanced.
: Well, I was expecting the further we advanced, the tougher the going would get, but wasn't that still too harsh?
: Seems it couldn't be helped. We have to move on.
: What really gets me is, the enemies were all fine. They didn't look exhausted even a tiny bit. It didn't make sense!
: ...Let's not think about that.

Imperial and the boss battles play out pretty much the same way, but are included for the sake of completeness and Stabby's desire for dungeon videos. IIRC I use Lady Momoyo a few times in there.

Luca and Cloche: Still Want to Help?
: Anyway, that was a disaster. You were tricked.
: You tricked me!
: It was something Luca did, so I guess it's like the same as me doing it, but I didn't. That was not "me", but the original Luca.
: That's...complicated.
: But, it's the truth. So, what'd you do now? She almost killed you, but do you still want to help her?
: Of course! Also, I can't go back having been humiliated so badly; it would hurt my pride.
: Is that how you honestly feel? Or are you just acting cool?
: ......
: Anyway, it doesn't matter to me. I can't live without this big continent.

: Ok, on to the main event! Luca's cosmosphere! I bet it's terribly messed up!