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Part 54: Luca's Infelsphere, Level 4 Part 1

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: So the Infelsphere was how they found out they were sisters? I guess it'll work again.
: I'm running the Infelsphere sim now.

: Luca, Cloche. I see it's just the two of you today.
: Yes. From now on, we'll come here together. But before that, there's something I want you to tell us.
: What is this world's real objective? We were just using this place as a way to talk to each other.
: Oh yes. I should tell you the real reason for the Infelsphere's existence. This world exists in order to protect this one Hymn Crystal. And it guides the development of the person who will use it.
: Which crystal is it for?
: The Hymn Crystal [Metafalica].
: Metafalica...!? But we already had Metafalica downloaded.
: It's a different one from that. The [Metafalica] that the Infelsphere guards is its pair. In Metafalica, two [qualifiers] sing separate songs at the same time to create one effect. For that, the two have to act as one. The program of this world attempts to perfect this communication.
: And that's why we have to do things that deal with the depths of our minds...
: Correct! By doing that, your minds will connect, and you'll be able to sing in unison... It creates a high level Synchronity.
: But, why didn't you tell us this before!?
: Until the qualifiers are stable to a certain extent and are willing to follow the objective, it can't be disclosed.
: I see... But now we know one more thing about Metafalica!
: Yup! So, Soope. Now that we know, it should be easier. I'm back to being human now, so can we begin the rest?
That part was said by Cloche in the game. When I saw it I promptly quit out of the infelsphere to make sure I was in the right one, even though it should have been obvious that it was just a fuckup by NISA or maybe even Gust.
: Alright. The way I see it, the balance seems to be normal... Let's resume the continuation.

: Well then, ahem... The theme for this level is "one's true feelings". To handle honesty is harsher than you might imagine.
: ......
: ......
: Why? Because the truth can bare its fangs at the other person. And that can cause you to hurt each other.
: Sounds kinda scary.
: ...!

: Huh!? You are...?
Goddess of War: I am an existence born from your minds, [Goddess of War]. That aside, where did the strong Luca of Gaea go. I'm sure you have a lot more things you wanted to say.
: N-no I don't! I said everything at the end of the third level...
Goddess of War: Oh shush!
: ...!
Goddess of War: You really think you said anything in that childish fight? War: Fine, I'll speak for you then.
: Oh no! It's the remnant of Gaea's will! Emergency shutdown...
Goddess of War: I won't let you!
: Wahhh!
: Soope! How could you...!
Goddess of War: Such an aggressive princess. But I wonder how long your strong attitude will last.
: It's alright! Stop it! I'm happy the way we are now! I don't want to...
Goddess of War: Cause anymore problems?
: ...
Goddess of War: Running away again. This is going nowhere... If I must...
: Noooo!

: Luca!
: ...Hehehe.
: You're...Goddess of War! What did you do to Luca!?
: Nothing really. I just combined with her. Hmm, but that is a strange way to put it, combine. I'm originally a part of Luca anyway.
: Goddess of War! Return Luca back to normal!
: If you want her back, why don't you try doing something yourself?
: ......
: I'll warn you now. Don't think things will simply turn back to normal when you go back to the real world. You want it right? The Hymn Crystal for [Metafalica].
: ...!
: I knew it... Then try coming after me. I'll show you my true feelings. Possibly more than you wanted to.
: Luca! What can I do...? Ah...Croix... What would you do in this situation...?

: Luca... Where are you...? Please answer me if you're nearby... It's such a dark, cold place... Luca must be here all alone too. Her heart will freeze over if she stays in a place like this. I want to go find her and save her. ...... Oh, I see a light over there.

: Luca! Or are you Goddess of War...?
: Welcome, to my world.
: This is... My room...
: What are you saying? This isn't your room.
: Huh? But... Wait, why are you dressed like that?
: No reason. These clothes were originally designed for me. This room is mine, too. Aren't I right? After all, I was the true maiden heir. This room and these clothes match me so much better.
: ...... You are, Goddess of War. Where's Luca? Please, give her back.
: Hahahaha! You must be stupid! How many times do I have to tell you? Goddess of War and Luca are the same thing. I explained that, didn't I? It's your choice to favor Luca all you want, but just because you don't like the person in front of you... Don't pretend like I'm someone else, because that would be plain old deceit. I am Goddess of War, and a part of Luca, Luca herself. And Luca is Luca, as well as the collective of Goddess of War.
: ...Where's Luca?
: I said, she's right in front of you.
: This is nonsense. I'm going to go find Luca.
: Hey hey! I realized it before, but you truly believed that you were the real maiden... That you were Cloche Leythal Pastalia, the daughter of the previous maiden, Lady Arshe, right? Not knowing that you were the fake maiden, for all that time.
: ...So, what?
: If so, then I find it quite amazing how you joined up with that Alfman guy. The current Grand Bell is a coup d'etat government. That guy was the one who killed the last maiden, Lady Arshe. In other words, he should be your hated enemy who killed your "mother"...
: ...!
: You've insisted on the maiden lifestyle even by sucking up to the very enemy who killed your mother. I'm sure you were able to do such a shameless thing, because you weren't really related to Lady Arshe by blood.
: I-I didn't know! The prior maiden, my mother, died in an I.P.D. riot. The Grand Bell came too late and couldn't protect her. Then they finally found me... Maiden Cloche who had gone missing then... That's what I had been told. Just like it's been announced to the public, I believed that too! I never thought Alfman was the culprit behind her assassination... That he covered it up and secured it with lies. I only found that out after you and I had already met...!
: I'm sure you can say anything after it's all out. I mean, you say you were the missing maiden, so what were you doing before you were found by the Grand Bell? You threw away your family, and were lured by the good life, weren't you?
: I-I don't have any memories of my childhood... I don't remember anything. The first image I can remember is the bright light that shone inside the dark room. That's all... And then, the words, "You are Cloche Leythal Pastalia, the maiden who has been blessed by the Goddess"... That's all I had. That's why I believed Alfman. Because other than that, I had no memory or identity I could rely on... I was lonely too... I was scared too... I couldn't just live without knowing who I was...
: The blood soaked maiden.
: What?
: That man killed my real mother... You lived by stealing the seat I was supposed to be in. You lived on top of the blood my real mother shed, on top of my name. Give it back... Give back my seat. Give me back the moments I was supposed to live.
: Man, even I never knew any part of Luca wanted to be the maiden.
: Does she? Or is she trying to get at Cloche? I'm not sure.
: Stop it...
: Give back my real name.
: Stop, stop it! I wasn't the one who caused the coup d'etat! Nor was I the one who killed your mother! I was brought in much later. I was told that this was my seat. I was still a very young child. I knew nothing, understood nothing.
: Give me back my real mother.
: I had no mother either! When I came to the Grand Bell, no one was there. I've been alone for as long as I can remember. I had no one to call family! I have no memories of any warm family. I was forced to sit in the maiden's chair...
: There's the truth.
: What...?
: Shifting the blame when you're in a bad position? It's so offensive to hear. When I showed you proof that I was the real maiden, you were so panicked and flustered and insisted you were maiden. You were "forced to sit in the maiden's chair" you say?
: ......
: I'm so amazed, I don't know what to say. You have no right to be a maiden. Nor any right to lead the people. All for your self-love, you sacrificed the I.P.D. and the people... And you killed my mother. Fake.
: L-Luca...
: You fake, imposter! Hypocrite, murderer! Cursed maiden of destruction!
: Stop it! ...No, you're not Luca at all! Luca wouldn't blame someone like that one-sidedly. She would always care for others. Goddess of War, you're evil. Give back Luca! I'm going to save Luca!
: What? Why draw out your sword...? Are you going to kill me with that? Didn't I tell you? Goddess of War is a structural element of Luca. I'm a part of Luca, and Luca herself. What'll happen if you attack me?
: You're dragging Luca's mind into an evil direction... I'm sure she had some evil thoughts, but she had more good in her than that. You're the evil that fills her heart with darkness!
: You're free to believe what you want. But can you save Luca like that?
: I'll save her!
: Hah. So? What are you planning to do, princess?
: I'll fight you!

: Goddess of War... She disappeared...?
: You're so stupid... It's useless.
: ...!
: I won't die, I won't disappear. I will be reconstructed however many times. And each time, I will become smaller, and will rebuild deeper and deeper inside Luca's heart. But let us say goodbye for today. I'm getting bored of dealing with you.
: What...!?
: I let you attack me today, but I won't say it'll be the same next time. If you push me to my limits, I might accidentally kill you.
: ...Wait, Goddess of War! Why are you doing this!? How can Luca go back to being herself!?
: Stupid. You think I would actually answer you?
: Kh...!
: Let us meet again. That is... if you still have the courage to.
: Wait... Give back Luca! Goddess of War! Luca---!

: ...Cloche, Cloche...! Are you okay?
: ...Soope... Phew... Goddess of War says she's Luca herself... That, is Luca? With that scary face, and... That's Luca's true feelings...? No, I won't lose. I...believe in Luca. I'll return her body back to her...
: Cloche... I'm sorry. All because I wasn't strong enough, I let Goddess of War take the lead.
: No, it's alright. This is a problem between the two of us.
: ... I can't do much, but... I can give you this... Here. For this time.
Obtained [Mindgem: Underworld Throne]!
: This is, a Mindgem! If I can have this... I assume that we've made a little progress...
: I think so.
: I'm glad... Thank you.

: You're here again. I told you not to come anymore. You want to die that badly?
: Goddess of War... No, you're Luca too.
: I see you're beginning to get it. That's right, I'm Luca. Goddess of War is a piece of Luca's mind, the same thing.
: I didn't come here to fight with you. I want to save Luca, I want to talk to her. That's all.
: Wait a minute, Lady Cloche. You might not want to fight, but I do.
: I won't draw my sword though.
: There's something I've always wanted to ask you.
: What is it?
: So, why did you kill my precious Leyka?
: ...!
: Why? Why? Answer me, why!?
: ......
: Don't keep quiet. Say something, Holy Maiden.
: Luca. I've heard about Miss Leyka from you, many times now. You lost your only sister, and at the same time, your father. I can sense your grief. I also know well that you still love your little sister very much. I don't know what family is, and I might not be able to give you words to reflect on the true meaning of your sadness. And... I don't have that right. I've been a part of the I.P.D. tactics. That is the truth, and I cannot argue there. But you see, Luca. If we speak of Miss Leyka alone... I don't even know this girl's face. And according to you, she was infected by I.P.D. and was taken to the Labs at a very young age... And this happened more than 10 years ago. Am I correct?
: Yes, that's right.
: Then while Miss Leyka was taken to the Labs, it was during the time when I was being considered by the Grand Bell. Miss Leyka is two years younger than you... Even if I was at the Grand Bell by then, sadly, I would know nothing. I was a powerless child... Even if I did know her, I couldn't have done anything for her.
: That's a lie.
: It's not a lie! I was a young child at the time, and that is a simple truth that I have no way of lying around!
: Because... You continued to choose even after that. Even after you became able to think for yourself, after you began doing speeches as a maiden in public. All this time.
: What...?
: The war against the Goddess. To use them as weapons, you artificially increased the infection rate of I.P.D. You even prohibited Dive Therapy, its curing treatment. And even more, planted the image that it's a shady job.
: Nana sure isn't helping that last argument.
: And you robbed those I.P.D.s of their futures, rights, wills... You hunted them like rabbits, secluded them... You chose to use and dispose of them as experimental guinea pigs and weapons. You chose to let all those I.P.D.s be killed!
: ...!
: You made excuses saying, "It wasn't me," all the while, continuing to kill many more Leykas.
: Stop it!
: Poor Leyka... She was only 3... She was an innocent child who knew nothing... She had the right to live a happy future. The girl who was contained in the Labs, she told me that they're being heavily experimented on. That Leyka had also probably been tested with many experiments, and then died... What did you do to her!? How badly did you make her did you make her die!?
: Stop! There was nothing I could do! I was only a child too!
: I'll say it as many times as I want. You devil, you murderer!
: Stop it! Please stop!

: I'm sorry... I'm sorry...! I...I couldn't do anything...
: It's no use to apologize now. It's all too late. Your hands are soaked in blood. You can't wipe away your sins.
: I have to avenge Leyka's death. I can't forgive this world that killed her. Or else, it's too sad for her. How am I to face Leyka then...
: Luca... Goddess of War. I see... I see now. The piece of your mind just isn't able to forgive me...
: I won't... You killed Leyka.
: Yes... I'm sure. That's how deeply you loved Miss Leyka...
: That's right. Murder must be punished. Accept a worthy retribution. Yes, a method of atonement that is fitting for you...

: You imprisoned my Leyka into that cold darkness, and killed her... So maybe I'll kill you too, by tossing you into that darkness. Doesn't it sound fun? Don't you want to taste that same pain? Don't you!?

: I-I...know this place... Wh-why...!? Ah... I-it's hands...are shaking... I-I'm scared... ...Noooooo! Let me out! Let me out of here! Please, I'll do anything! Let me out! Let me out! Luca, please! I don't want to be here... Noooooo! I'll do anything you say... I'll be good, I'll be a good girl! Please... Please... Help me... Save me...!
: How do you feel, Lady Cloche?
: ...Luca... Please, help me... I don't want to be here...!
: I'm sure Leyka said the same thing. But no one helped her...
: Luca...!
: Are you scared? Are you suffering, Lady Cloche? Do you want to come out? Do you want to ease the pain?
: Please...
: Then I'll kill you. Then you can come out of here. You'll feel at rest.

: Ah... Ah...

: Cloche! Cloche!
: Th... That terrible...
: Are you okay!? Cloche!
: I was... It's hard on me too... That place... Why did I...
: Cloche... I'm sorry... This wasn't supposed to happen...
: *sob*
Obtained[Mindgem: Eternal Grudge]!
: A Mindgem... Why... Why... She hates me so much... I'm being treated horribly, and still...
: Luca... Believes in you, Cloche. I'm sure...
: ......
: Maybe that's why she's taking the risk of treating you this badly. Because, after all, Mindgems never lie.

: Goddess of War...!
: It's Luca. Goddess of War is Luca. I thought I told you already.
: Tell me how to turn Luca back.
: Hmm...I'm not sure either. I wonder how she'll come back.
: Are you trying to mock me?
: Then how about you defeat each Goddess of War and pile them up? Just like what you've been doing with the I.P.D.s. I am a fragment of Luca. And so, maybe if you gather them all, they might turn into Luca again.
: Don't mess with me!
: Ooh, scary. Pulling out your sword again! Our dear Holy Maiden. How she loves to suppress with power and fear. You haven't changed at all. Just like that, you pressure the people into your self-righteous happiness theory.
: What did you say...? What do you think you know!?
: See~, that again. Every other sentence is a "What do you know" or "Stay quiet, commoner"... After all, you never tried to understand our true desires.

: A war against the Goddess was an outrageous government policy, but... That's why everyone had hope for you. That this Holy Maiden really is thinking about us, the people... That she'll really lead us to paradise...
: ......
: But then... One layer underneath was a leader, full of lies... A government full of sacrifice. The Grand Bell chancellor being a brutal murderer of the emperor and maiden, the maiden replaced by some other liar. Even the I.P.D. policy pretended to protect the people, but in fact was a self acted play to use the I.P.D.s. Everything was a lie. We were fooled.
: Th-that's...but...
: You visited us with a smile, you showed tears of pity, but deep in your heart, we were merely someone else's problem.
: That's not true!
: That is true. Weapons for war... You controlled the I.P.D.s just for that reason... To have their lives used, to have lost their family... Do you know how hard and sad that is? Do you know how many people cried in the shadows of your government policy!?
: ......
: You wouldn't know of course. Because you're the Holy Maiden. The commoners below are simply worms.
: How dare you...! I've never once in my life, thought that way! Goddess of War... Why are you full of such dark emotions? In a person's mind, there's always black and white that coexist. But you amplify only the black thoughts. As if that's the only thing that exists. People can't live with only hatred. It is far too sad, too painful, hopeless... We won't be able to move forward. People brighten their dark with light so that they won't get caught by sadness and despair. No human can live without making mistakes. No human can live with only a pure white heart. That's why, we might pretend we don't know the things we don't want to know, things we choose not to ask about... ...We even pretend we don't know when we do. That's why we close our eyes to some things, and choose to compromise. Isn't this a way of forgiveness and a form of love in a way?
: That's enough lecturing. You hypocrite! In the end, you say it's for people's happiness and justify the act of your forced sacrifices, making people sad. A political authority glossed with hypocrisy and deceit. Your soul is blackened with sin. Go apologize to everyone. Tell them that you've been deceiving them...that you've killed so many I.P.D.s. And... Die to atone for your sin.
: ...I can't do that.
: You're selfish through and through.
: No. It's easy to give up on life as atonement. But that's only abandoning the responsibility... My sins are deep. Just as you say. Even if I create Metafalica and am able to give people their paradise... That doesn't mean the sins I've committed until now will ever disappear. I know that better than anyone else... But you see, I'm not even allowed to repay those sins yet. I still haven't fulfilled the dreams of the people. I haven't fought fully to make them come true. There are things I can do. There are things I must do. That's why I will live, even if smeared by filth. I will do what I must until I am unable to do so anymore. The punishment...I will take later... I've lived all along, thinking that...
: ...... Impressive. You're right. You have the right argument.
: Luca...
: You don't understand though.
: What?
: Just one thought.
: Huh...?
: Just one thought, is all I wanted. Not a sound argument, or an apology... I didn't even want any promises. I just wanted you to understand my feelings. ...I wanted you to nod with me, tell me you understand. All I wanted to do was feel that I was able to get through to you, that you knew what I meant...
: Luca...
: I know you can't buy anything without money. I've lived a poor life, I know all too well. I'm not a child. I knew that in order to gain a greater happiness, there's a need for a price, for sacrifices... But more than that sound argument, I just wanted you to hold that moment's sadness with your warm hands. ...All I wanted were words of comfort. Just an "It must have been sad," would have been fine!
: Luca...
: We can't understand each other, the two of us.
: Luca... That's not true. We can even start now and...!
: It's too late!

: Krh...!
Goddess of War: We're so sad.
: Listen to me... I don't want to fight with you.
Goddess of War: ......

: Heh... Hehehe...
: L-Luca...?
: It's done, the farce is over. I think I hate you after all. I want to mess you up so badly.
: Luca...!
: Don't come here anymore. If you don't want to die, that is. Good bye, Lady Cloche.

: Cloche... Are you okay?
: Luca... was I supposed to say it? I still want to understand her from the bottom of my heart... Does she really hate me that badly...?
: Cloche...
: But... She returned me to this world just now. If she wanted to kill me, she could've. She could even have trapped me forever if she wanted to...
: ......
: Soope, I want to believe in Luca. When she said, "we're so sad," her eyes seemed genuinely sad. Luca had those eyes quite often. When she left our group purposely, whenever she stood a step away, she'd look at the sky with those eyes.
: You noticed...
: I'm going back to Luca again. As many times as it takes, even if she draws her sword too.
: Yeah... That's all you can do now. Cloche, take this...
Obtained [Mindgem: Devil's Reason]!
: Thank you... I'm alright. I can still...try harder...

: ...Huh!?
: I think the Infelsphere is prepared to let you pass level four. You can do the ritual of completion, but... I'm not so confident that I can respond to everything next time. So...
: I'll go...
: Cloche...
: It'll be fine, no matter what happens... Because...the Mindgems are still being created. It's proof that Luca and I are getting closer, right? So...we'll be fine...
: ...