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Part 56: Luca's Ending

Here's some talks that you can only get if you've dived into Luca 6 (which is apparently how they determine you're on Luca's Path).

Heroine Topics: Luca and Cloche

Intimacy with Luca
: Seems you've been pretty intimate with Croix, huh?
: What are you talking about? I'm not...
: Oh, what an easily detectable lie. I feel he's dived pretty deeply into you.
: Well... I can't say that. It's embarrassing.
: ...It's almost the same as saying, "Yes." Well, you're happy, and that's what matters.
: ...Yes, but I'm a little scared. He goes into me a lot, and I produce lots of new Song Magic... That means he gets to know me more deeply than anyone else does.
: ...That's actually true.
: So, when he gets to know me more, he may be disappointed.
: That won't happen.
: I'm serious. Please deal with this more seriously.
: First of all, did you forget that you dumped him so harshly?
: What!? I... was trying to forget about that.
: Croix is a man who didn't give up on you even after that. Do you think he would ever like you less from seeing more inside of you?
: ...... You mean, he's a stalker?
: Wut.
: No, I just mean you don't have to worry about it. You'll continue to let him Dive into you anyway, right?
: Well, only if he wants to...
: Then it's a waste of time to worry about it. Just be ready to show every part of you to him.
: ...... ...Yeah. I guess you're right. I'll do that, Lady Cloche.

Luca's Jealousy
: Uh...what are you doing with Croix every night?
: What are we doing!? We're just talking!
: ...Why do you sound so nervous?
: Because...I'm not used to these kinds of topics. First of all, you should ask, "What are you talking about with him?" instead of "doing".
: Yeah, you're right. Sorry...
: ...Although, if my boyfriend was talking with another girl in her closed room, I would be suspicious, too.
: No, I'm not. I trust you.
: Aren't you supposed to trust Croix?
: ...I'm afraid if you tried to seduce him, he'd probably fall for it.
: ...You're already talking about "if I tried to seduce him." That shows you don't trust me.
: No! Well...uh...
: Haha, it's alright. Anyway, there is nothing fishy between us. Trust me.

Heroine Talks: Luca and Jacqli

How Deep You go?
: Excuse me...
: What?
: Uh... the pretty fun.
: Oh, yeah. Of course it's fun.
: ......
: Want to talk about Croix?
: ...How did you know? Jacqli, how deep will you let him go inside you?
: All the way to the end, when the story of my Cosmosphere ends.
: ...That means, you'll show everything about you to him?
: Just up to the end of the story, but not after that...
: ......
: ...Don't worry, I won't show him anything about me except what's in the story. I'm not going to steal your boyfriend.
: ...... I see. Sorry for asking such a stupid question.
I really like this conversation, since it's basically letting Jacqli decide not to continue the relationship. If you're seeing this conversation, it means the Luca Level 5 decision was made in favor of Luca before Jacqli's story ended. Effectively Jacqli backs herself down before Croix can say no to her, in order to not hurt Luca, a fellow Reyvateil.

Thanks for Protecting
: Hey, Jacqli...thank you for protecting Croix.
: Oh? I didn't protect Croix.
: Yeah, but you were supporting him while Lady Cloche and I were away from him, right?
: ...I only supported him.
: That was enough. I was worried about him, but when I saw you with Croix, I was so relieved. Thank you, Jacqli.
: ...... Well, I don't think he needed my power, anyway. Your boyfriend's stronger than you think. He would be okay, even without me.
: Really? I'm glad to hear that. Thank you.
: ...Huhn!

: Where'd Raki go?
: I don't know, maybe she's off removing a few more errant lizards from Sol Marta or something.
: How'd it get overrun like that, anyway?
: Blame Infel, I guess.
: Speaking of Infel, I wonder if Luca can beat them. In a lot of ways, she's the weakest of the three Reyvateils they had.

I forgot that Luca gets one song from Frelia's Binary Field, so I used that at the beginning of the video. Also, the comment about Luca being the weakest Reyvateil is serious - according to the game, her best non-synchronity song is less powerful than the strongest song Mir gets when she isn't your ending lock. She doesn't really have anything like Replekia to make up for it.
: Wow, that was easier than I expected.
: I think the Vanguards got beefed up by the sim to prevent a loss.
Actually, it was the grinding I did for the 50,000 DP that did it.

: Seen it, skip, seen it, skip... Here we go!

: Croix...
: What are you doing here?
: Nothing really... Just... Thinking about how I've become a Holy Maiden.
: ...Is it tough? Being a Maiden and all?
: No, not at all! It's actually pretty fun. If something ever happens, Lady Cloche is there to help me out.
: Hmmm. Sounds like it's going well.
: Yup! But now that I see it... It's amazing.
: ...Huh?
: Metafalica, the green land... I see it but I still can't believe it.
: ...I know what you mean.
: Now that I think about it, it all began here. We created a false Metafalica, and I became the land... You tried so hard to save me that time, too.
: That I did...
: ...... ...Why?
: Huh?
: I still regret it. And now that I really like you, I regret it even more. I was using you. I tricked you, you know? So...why did you risk your life to save me after all I've done?
: What can I say, I like you...
: But I used you. I lied to you...

: When we were in prison and you told me that you used me, something dawned on me.
: ...Huh?
: That's when I realized I fell in love with you again.
: Whaaat!? But, you were so angry... Or...did something naughty come over you?
: What do you mean by that?
: Well...maybe you discovered how much you like it when people are mean to you.
: No no no no no no no!
: It's okay, you don't have to hide it. But if that's the case... I'll be sure to treat you very lovingly...
: That's...just scary.
: ...Hehehe! Just kidding!
: Don't do that to me, woman! But seriously, I felt like we had gotten much closer. I think it's because it was the first time you spoke honestly to me. Before that, you were kind of a stranger. I didn't know how to handle certain situations. I think that was the first time we had opened our hearts to each other.
: ...Yeah, you're right!
: If not for that, I'd still be keeping you at arm's length.
: In that case, I guess I made a lucky mistake!
: Heh, I guess you'd call it love fortified by discord.
: Hehehe. That works, too! ...Croix?
: Yeah?
: Can I...lie on your lap?
: ...Sure, I guess.

: Ahh... It's so... Comfortable...
: Ha. You seem like the type who lets people sleep on your lap, but not the other way around.
: that I think about it, I've never really depended on others. I always felt alienated from Mom, and all of my friendships were only skin deep. I never even imagined having a lap to sleep on. I guess I just treated everyone like a pawn.
: ......
: I shouldn't be revealing my dark side to you, but I feel like I can tell you anything. And feelings toward people have completely changed.
: Luca... I've felt hardships...and betrayals...and that's why I acted as I did. But I was never offended by it. I just assumed that's how you were. You always seemed hurt...
: ...What?
: Whenever I saw you, you looked pained and lonely. I didn't know what to do to help. I figured if I was your boyfriend, I could at least help you blow off some steam.
: Croix...
: Luca... Am I by your side now?
: ......
: Am I next to you... Supporting you, protecting you?
: ......
: Are you reassured? Can you say everything, the truth, what you really want?
: ......
: That's the kind of relationship I wanna have with you. Where we can be ourselves and be as one.
: Thank you...Croix. I always felt alone... I locked myself up in my own lonely prison. But you let me out...
: ...Luca.
: ...I can say it now. You are a precious person. I could never live without you. Please, Croix... Don't ever leave me alone...
: ...That'll never happen.
: Always stay with me...
: I'll be there for you, all the time...
: Hehehe. Thank you. Croix... Let's stay together... Forever and ever...

: Aww, that was so cute. Well, now that that's over I'm bored again.
: You're bored already????
: Well, I don't have anything to do right now. With Metafalica finished my purpose is complete, at least as far as Elemia would be concerned.
: Well...
: Disengaging Stealth Mode.
: !!!!!
: Hi.
: Hello.
: Wh... what were you guys doing here??!!?!?
: Returning the D-Cellophane, remember?
: So uh you saw...
: Oh yes.
: was just bored, ok? I'm sorry.
: Wow, you're taking this better than I thought. I'm not in a good enough mood to just accept your apology, though.
: .... Raki, HELP ME!
: Unable to comply. Unit is in direct-command mode.
: Elemia Command Directive: Sit down.
: Acknowledged, Elemia Control.
: Ulp.
: Anyway, we're just here to work on your boredom problem. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen.
: We jusä¨minf vmhd @ÄÄÄ9hdlrdhlralisappl
Unexpected Stream End. Files cannot be recovered any further.

Loading excerpt- The Melody of Metafalica, L. Trulyworth, C. Pastaila.
When Frelia complained to me about being bored, I knew I had to do something to help her with it. That's where the idea for the Divine Self-Improvement Cooking School came from. Every year, a sample of people from around Meta Falss who are judged to be most in need of help with cooking spend time with Frelia, who uses her extensive knowledge of first-era cooking to help them improve. Sure, it requires that she and Shun taste everything we cook, but that's a small price to pay for the privilege of making life more pleasant. I don't think I'll ever graduate, though!