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Part 63: Cloche's Soulspace, Level 2

Cloche's Soulspace, Level 2

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That guy seriously came back again, even after being constantly rejected in word and action. I think he's got some kind of mental issues, if you get what I'm saying.


You're here again?
This is a strange place.
...Really? I think this is pretty normal for a Cosmosphere.
I see... So, what am I supposed to do here?
Why would I tell you that? Why don't you figure it out yourself?
You're supposed to explore and conquer a Cosmosphere yourself. I'll just sit back and watch.

Braintrust managed to get himself lost five minutes in and wound up at the Tower of Life.

???: Whoa! We meet again!
???: I didn't think we would ever see you again.
That's what I was going to say. What are you guys doing here anyway?
???: I'm not telling you.
???: My mom told me not to talk to strangers.

Anyway he eventually stumbled upon an inhabited area and the person he actually came here for, somehow.

Ah, there you are...
Hey... you!
Ouch... You can't just hit me whenever you want.
You're the one who's trespassing here! What do you want anyway!?
Um, well, I'm here because we Dived.
Ugh... why am I exposing myself to some stupid guy! I feel so violated...
Well I think you look good in that outfit.
That's not what I meant! I wasn't talking about whether or not I look good in this outfit.
...So, what were you talking about?
It doesn't matter! If you care about me, don't come in here anymore!
Leave and don't ever come back! Get out of my sight!
Alright already...

I'm not really sure where some of these recent intrusions are coming from, but annoying new people are causing serious problems recently.

Grand Bell... Café? Manager...?
This has nothing to do with you! Please leave us alone!
Oh yes it does... You two are fighting in front of my restaurant. And you're scaring my customers!
A café? Restaurant? ...Wh-what's going on here?
My apologies, dear customers. It looks like the renegade shop of our shopping district is at it again.
Who are you calling a renegade?
Dear customer, the Grand Bell Café is the one and only renegade shop in this district.
Please, come to our Sacred Modern Café to finish your dining experience. We're proud to offer you our best services.
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Oh, you weren't going to the Grand Bell Café, were you? I just wanted you to experience the best food.
Plus, we're a very trendy café. We have freshly made omelets.
We can make an omelet, too!

I thought that was your "special menu"? It's pretty out of date.
We're proud of our traditional menu!
You're right, tradition is important! But why don't I see anyone in there, when our place has a line out the door?
Your restaurant stole all of our customers!
We didn't steal anything. Customers have the right to choose. Maybe they just got tired of your place...
I can make a better omelet than you. Then I'll take all my customers back.
You sound pretty confident. How about a competition over which one of us can get more customers?
...A competition!?
Yup. Our places are rivals. We don't need two eateries in this small town.
Rather than risking both of us going out of business, the less popular one has to leave town.
Yeah. Don't you think it's a good idea?

No way! Are you saying that I'm gonna lose!?
Alright, then! So the bet's on!?
What!? Well...
You're not going to back out now, are you?
Of course not! You better start packing your stuff.
Lady Cloche!
Hehehe. You look nervous.
Has it always been like this?
Well we've always been competitors, but the Grand Bell Café hasn't kept up with modern society.
They've got a stubborn, old fashioned owner, so they can't follow the trends.
Modern society...
Anyway! Aren't you hungry? Come on in, if you want!

Seriously this figment has a lot of life to it. I mean it's not outside parameters but unusually strong feelings must have spawned it.

This looks pretty good, but the combination of an omelet and cabbage seems...
That's the best part. Here, try it!
Alright, if you insist.
This... this is great! No wonder you've got a line out the door.
You really like it!?
Yeah, the shredded cabbage is what does it!
...The shredded cabbage!?
Yeah, umm... did I say something wrong?
Oh, no! Thank you very much! Please, let the chefs know, too.

Our dear customer loves your food!
Ishikawa: Thank you, Jean Ishikawa is very honored.
Ishikawa, serve him some more shredded cabbage.
Ishikawa: Yes, it would be my pleasure.
Amazing! The cabbage is being shredded in seconds!
Ishikawa: Again, I sliced something stupid...
Ishikawa excels at everything, except when it comes to corned beef hash.
Other than hash, huh...

What great service.
Our service is number one!
Hm, that shredded cabbage was pretty good.
But the omelet wasn't that special. I wonder if people go there for the cabbage?
If the competition is about omelets... There may be hope yet.
...Anyway, where did Lady Cloche go?

Hey, he remembered who he's actually here for. Gold star.

Um, I'm actually here today as a customer.
...Fine. Anyway, sit anywhere and order something.
Maybe this is the problem...
Did you say something!?
Nope, nothing, ma'am. Anyway, I'll have the pickled mackerel in oyster sauce.
Well, thank you.
This is pretty tasty...
We've been serving this meal for decades. If it was bad, we would have gone out of business a long time ago.
So, why don't the customers come here?
Westernization is very trendy right now. Everyone's going crazy about omelets.
Really? Their shredded cabbage was good, but their omelet wasn't so...

That restaurant is the only place in town that serves omelets. That's why they have a line.
I see... So, if you added an omelet to your menu...
Don't say it like it's easy! If I could, I would have already.
Our owner won't approve such an idea.
Yes, he's very stubborn. He won't listen to anything I say.
I told him this outfit is too old fashioned, but he says that it's a restaurant tradition.
I told him it's better to add westernized meals, but he says that what we have now is good enough.
Sounds rough...

Just wear that outfit and carry the food as I say, you fool!
But it's obvious that we would get more business if we added a westernized meal...
Following stupid trends and serving half-assed food isn't our style! We only serve the best!
Listen! Don't you ever talk about such a thing, you understand?
...See, I've already given up.
But you've already agreed to a competition with Luca, right?
You're right. I shouldn't say things in the spur of the moment.
Lady Cloche, don't worry. There's still hope. Let's serve some omelets.
But the owner...
Didn't you hear him say that serving half-assed food isn't your style?
You'll just have to make the full-assed, best omelet in the world, and get him to approve it.

Do you have a good idea?
There's a legend about an extreme egg, called an Eggy G.
Eggy G!?
Egg fairies in a flower garden carry them. Once you've tasted one, you'll never eat any other eggs.
That sounds great. Let's go get some right now.
It's not that easy. The real quality of a legendary egg can only be brought out by a professional chef.
It's sad, but our chef only knows how to make pickled mackerel.
Plus, the egg fairies only appear for a very short amount of time at dawn.
But this world hasn't had a sunrise in a long time...
So there are several obstacles...
It's impossible. We're closing now! Leave!
I got kicked out...
What should I do now?

As a positive I was able to get some more data on that wonderful peculiarity while he blundered around. The real question is the long term consequences of this issue. I'll need to keep a close eye out.

You're... Alice?
...What's wrong?
I'm... hungry...
Haven't you eaten?
No. Just some medicine...
That's terrible. Oh, here I have some food that Luca gave to me. Do you want some?
Oh, where is she going? What a weird girl.

Oh, the chef from the restaurant...
Ishikawa: I'm Ishikawa. You know Cloche, right? I want to ask you a favor.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Ishikawa: Thank you. I actually used to work at the Grand Bell Café, and Cloche used to take good care of me.
Ishikawa: Yes. But one day I mistakenly cut off the owner's twirled hair...
Oh no...
Ishikawa: On top of that, it's my habit to say, "Again, I sliced something stupid..." every time I cut something...
That's terrible...
Ishikawa: I wasn't accredited as a professional chef then, so I was easily fired.
I got a job at Luca's restaurant after that, but my task there is to shred cabbage all day long.
I'm just getting fed up with this. Do you know of another job opening somewhere?
I see... So that's what happened...

Ishikawa: Of course.
Then you should...
Ishikawa: No, I can't. The owner won't let me, and...
Cloche has given up on me coming back, as well.

I think even this guy can figure out the solution to this on his own.

Lady Cloche, do you know who Ishikawa is?
...! How do you...!?
I talked to him. He wants to come back and work here.
I've had his shredded cabbage and I thought... I think he could make a great omelet.
Uh huh, that's probably true, but the owner will not approve it.
Is he that difficult?
Oh yeah, he is the most hard-headed person in the world. You'll know once you talk to him.
I see... But I just keep thinking about what he said earlier.
I think he really meant it when he said, "Serving half-assed food isn't our style."
I heard Ishikawa wasn't a professional chef when he was fired.
If he could see what he can do now, he might forgive him.
I'm not sure but... why don't we give it a shot?

Lady Cloche!
You're completely right. Our owner is stubborn but he's never been unreasonable.
I'll do everything I can.

Now they just needed a sunrise.

???: Oh, how unusual!
You guys... know me?
???: Of course, you're pretty famous.
Oh, I see, and you guys are...?
Sunsun: I'm SunSun.
Summon: And I'm Summon.
Sunsun: Together, we are...
Summon: SunSun Summon!
Sunsun: They're boring.
Summon: Yeah, they're no fun.
Sorry, I'm not very good at this.
Summon: What a boring guy. Hmph.
So, what are you two?

In charge... of the sun!?
Summon: Yup. We create the morning in this world.
Sunsun: Well, we haven't been doing that for a while...
...I see.
Summon: It's too much work, you know.
Sunsun: No one appreciates the sunrise anyway.
Appreciate... the sunrise? I don't understand. Is this some kind of trick!?
Sunsun: Well, here...
Summon: It would be a waste of a sunrise if no one appreciated it.
...Is that what this is all about!?
Sunsun: Anyway, that's why we've lost our motivation to work.
Summon: We pretty much play around all day!
...Lady Cloche, they can make a sunrise for us if we told them about the Eggy G.
That's true. I'll try it.

Sunsun: Oh, why's that?
Summon: Why do you need it?
I want an Eggy G to make a good omelet.
Sunsun: Hmm, I see.
Summon: Is it really gonna work?
Sunsun: Eggy Gs need to be cooked right to get their full flavor.
Summon: If you can't do that, there's no need for an Eggy G.
Sunsun: And that means there's no point for us to make a sunrise.
Summon: Nope, we won't do it!
Sunsun: Nope, we won't do it!
Hey, you two! You don't know that it's not gonna work!
Sunsun: But we can't trust you.
Summon: Nope, we can't. If you want us to make a sunrise, bring the professional chef to us.
I, I can't...

Ishikawa: I will take on this task.
Ishikawa: Long time no see, Cloche. You look like you've been doing well.
Sunsun: You are that famous chef!
Summon: That super chef that can cook anything except corned beef hash!
Sunsun: Jean Ishikawa!
Summon: Well it can't go wrong if he's cooking it.
You're going to cook for us!?
Ishikawa: If Cloche wishes, it will be my pleasure. However, I have one favor to ask.
If we win this competition, I want you to plead to the owner to let me return to the café.
Ishikawa: Yes. What do you say? Will you do that for me?
Alright, fine. Plus, I want you to come back, too. I can try to talk to the owner.

Ishikawa: Thank you very much. I will do my best to meet your expectations and trust.
Sunsun: Looks like it's gonna go well this time.
Summon: Yep, I think we can bet on it.
Really!? Then...
Sunsun: Alright, let's do this...
Summon: Summon the sun!

Look, the sunrise!
Let's go now! The legendary fairies should be out now!
Let's hurry!
Okay, SunSun, Summon... Thank you!
Sunsun: Don't waste our work now...
Summon: Promise us that you will make the best omelet!
Of course!

Cute Drive: Level 1A: SunSun Summon acquired!

It's pretty well known around here.

Eggy G: ...Huh?
I have a favor to ask. Can I please have that egg?
Eggy G: You want... my egg?
Yes, please!
Eggy G: You can have it, but... be nice to it.
Thank you!

Cute Drive: Level 2A: Eggy G acquired!

Now we can make the best omelet!
Yes, let's go back!

Shocking, she actually made it easy on herself.

Ishikawa: Good idea. I'm looking forward to this competition. I can finally cook.
Lady Cloche, good luck.
Thank you. Let's head to the kitchen.
What the hell are you doing without my permission!?
Developing a new menu item for the Grand Bell Café.
Who said that's allowed!? Plus, you right there... Ishikawa was it!? I thought I fired you a long time ago!
I asked him to come back to work with us again.
What...!? Are you joking!?
No, I'm just doing what I can to help this place.
Shut up! Who is going to take responsibility if this doesn't work out!?
I will.
Don't be a fool!
I'm not being a fool! I'm here to make people line up out the door and eat here.

I used to only try to get my point across, but this guy right here made me realize something.
If I just put myself in your shoes, I would've easily understood why you were against this.
I will not let anything that you're worried about happen.
I figured you wouldn't understand if I just explained it, so I decided to show you that it can be done.
If this doesn't work, you can fire me or do whatever you want. However, if this omelet is a success...
I want you to add it to the menu. Please.
Fine, if it'll make you happy. You'll realize that it's not so easy. If it doesn't work... you will have to quit.
Yes, I understand.
...Good. I'm looking forward to it.

It's too soon to say that. Let's make the omelet!
Here it is! The Grand Bell Café's fluffy omelet!
Ishikawa: I sliced many stupid things today. It was well worth the effort.
Is it done!?
Yes, you came at the right time. Why don't you taste it for us?
Okay, well here it is.
This is delicious! It's got a good amount of everything! The fluffiness, sweetness and thickness of the egg.
Yes, this is wonderful. It's a legendary omelet.
We did it Ishikawa! It's all thanks to you!
Ishikawa: I didn't do anything. I just did the best I could with the given ingredients.

Ah, a happy ending. How delightful I guess.

This is more than we expected.
I didn't think you would be selling it on the street.
I can't sell it at the café without the owner's permission... I also learned something from this.
I thought I was the saddest person who couldn't do anything I wanted to because of the owner, but...
I was just using that as an excuse to not try new things.
In fact, I can sell things and help the café without his permission, just like right now.
I should've done this before, to show him that I can do it.
Lady Cloche...
...Man, look at this line.
Sacred Modern Café!
I wasn't expecting this to happen. Now Ishikawa is back at your café, too.
I don't wanna say this, but I lost this time. I'll leave town.
Luca, wait!
You're really leaving? I don't need you guys to leave town...
I'm not staying here, or...
I can't stay here. You should know why, Lady Cloche, because we...

"Here", we probably never will anyway. But it was fun!
I'm thinking of starting another western restaurant in another town. Come by if you get the chance. Hehe.
Anyway, bye!
Ishikawa: So she really left... Well, a promise is a promise.
Ishikawa: Anyway, we need to organize this situation. People are waiting in line too long.
Oh yes, you're right.
Hey Cloche!
This is pretty amazing. I wasn't expecting this.
I underestimated you. I didn't think you could do this.

You wouldn't believe me if I just kept saying it, so I had to do what I could.
Hah... When did you learn to say that kind of stuff? I'm impressed. We can add that omelet to our menu.
Oh, really!?
Oh, and... let Ishikawa come back to the kitchen.
Thank you very much!
I didn't do anything. Your action moved my heart, that's all.

Brave Thunder: Level 2A: Jean Ishikawa acquired!

And somehow he managed a second Paradigm Shift. Maybe this guy's not as stupid as he looks.

Oh, looks like it's happening. There was no chance for my turn this time.
I didn't do much this time, either. Lady Cloche did it by herself.
...I see. Just remember one thing.
Anything that's trivial to you could mean a whole lot to her.
What's happening is an example of what I'm talking about.
...Of course. If you weren't needed in this situation, the situation wouldn't have happened in the first place.
If she could've solved it herself, it wouldn't have been in her Cosmosphere.
Your small influence led to this big result.
I see.
You better be careful. Anything small that you do in this world can greatly affect her life.
Good and bad.

I have been wrong once or twice before, though.

I didn't do much. It was all you, Lady Cloche.
...I always believed whatever the owner said. It's not a bad thing, but...
I used it as a weapon to crush my own abilities.
Lady Cloche...
I might be able to do so much more, and still not be wrong.
Anyway, thank you for this, but...
Could you stop coming to my Cosmosphere right about now?
What!? Well, but...
Don't "but" me! Don't peek into my world anymore!
But I need to come here to power up your magic.
I don't care. Why don't you do that on your own?
Well, I can't!

Do you understand!? Well, I'm leaving now...
You shouldn't let that get to you.
Oh, yeah?
In this world, you don't want her words to get to you all the time.
Every level consists of one of her personalities and her memories.
She could contradict herself in every other level.
Okay, I see. Anyway, I'm glad that Paradigm Shift occurred again.
You're pretty good. I never thought you'd see a Paradigm Shift, but you've done it twice already.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Well, of course it's a compliment.

For this we get the costume Oldmodern Style, which you've seen in some of the boss videos. It's substantially better than the Standard costume in almost every way and you should always use it over said costume.

I might add some Talk to this later, but I don't have that in front of me right now.