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Part 71: Cloche's Soulspace, Level 9

I mean I set out to simulate what would have happened, but I figured it would end sooner than this. He's actually done it.


Hell with this I'm going in.

Infel... It's unusual that you're welcoming me.
Shut up! This is my job!
Job...? It's your job to welcome me?
Yes! I'm not doing this because I want to!
Hmm! Ahem!
Welcome to the Cosmosphere's last level!
You have seen and accepted everything about Cloche, and given her chances.
This floor represents the completion... in other words, we will conduct the ceremony for approval.
Completion? For approval...?
Hello! Listen up, right there!
O, okay...
See! I forgot what I was gonna say! I worked so hard to memorize it too!

Of course I do. I don't want to embarrass myself like this.
Anyway! This is a place for completion by approving all of Cloche!
And you can learn to do that with your body, instead of your mind! Done!
Um, huh...? Is it done?
Yes, I'm done! You can figure it out yourself from here. See ya!
*Sigh *... So she's gonna be like that after all.

It's lucky I have all the lines and analysis data predicted for this level.

I've been kinda desperate I guess. It's more like, I realized I was here when I got here.
Well, I admit your effort. But whether Cloche shows the change to match your effort is a question.
...Is it.
I'm just saying, people don't change that easily. That's all... But now that I think about it...
Ever since you began Diving with her, she stopped talking to her stuffed animal and sleeping with it at night.
She used to always talk to her stuffed animals before this. But recently, she stopped doing it.
I calculated the number and frequency she talks to it, compared to her stress data as a factor for each unit day...
And then, I found the contact density for your conversations and its weighted importance as an added factor...
Which shows a very interesting proportional relationship.
Uh, if you're that smart, don't be doing such useless stuff like this and...
Oh, it's not useless at all. It's very important research to analyze Cloche's mind.
From this, I find that you're helping Cloche as a healing factor. Well, I'll be honest. I do praise that.
And, I also find that she's been acting a little different when she sleeps now. She hugs her blankets more often now.
And sometimes, she'll call your name in her sleep...
I-I see... Well I guess that is interesting...
Hehe... isn't it?
To me, that change in your emotions is really interesting as well.

The incredible power available to those that have completed level 9 is truly amazing.

...Oh dear.
I'm leaving.
No! Wait! I have something important to tell you!
So, what is it!?
So you've finally reached the 9th level.
Yeah, so what?
I was researching the relationships of the levels and the power of changing emotions, and I discovered something!
What the hell are you doing in someone's spiritual world, anyway?
That doesn't matter! At least I found out something useful!
So Cloche has reached the limit of her mind, which allows her to use the most efficient magic.
With her great power, she is now able to sing this ridiculous magic.
...Well, what kind of magic is it?

He didn't get it.

No way...
Yup... She can call that Gaea for a very short time to attack. It's unbelievably powerful magic!
It sure is unbelievable...
Theoretically, it's possible! Cloche created Gaea itself, so if you say it's magic, it is magic.
But... to be able to actually use it... How did this girl...
Lady Cloche... She's finally crossed human limitations...
System Message: Magic [Mind Zapper: Lv 2B] "Desrandia" acquired!

I mean crap, summoning Gaea for even a short time is terrifying power, and that's not even the greatest power she's supposed to get here.

You're the one who just left me. So, what do we do here?
The completion and the approving ceremony.
You and Cloche are going to go around this world, and approve of all of her personalities.
Lady Cloche!
It took you so long... I was waiting for you forever...
I'm sorry, Lady Cloche... You look beautiful in that.
You won't get anything from me by saying that!
Okay, okay! Stop flirting, and listen!
We're not flirting!
Let's just listen.
First, I'm going to give you guys this tiara as an approval.
A tiara...
It's beautiful, but...
There are no jewels in it...
Good, you noticed. You two are going to go find the jewels to put on it from here.
There are 9 jewels in total, and you will need to find all of them for the completion.

After all the hardship this time around they even get a pretty easy task.

You will need to invite each of them, and show them your appreciation.
Then, get the jewels from each one, and put them on the tiara.
I see. Well, let's get going Croix.

How about... like a concert?
...What? A concert...?
Yes. We should lure them out by performing in front of them.

A good strategy it turns out.

You are... Cureynor?
Cureynor: You know me! If you want, I can help you invite them.
Really!? Well I think I want to ask for your help then.
Cureynor: Sure! Well then, here I go!
...This... place is...
You are...!
From the Grand Bell Café!
Welcome to the 9th level! I completed all my Cosmosphere.
...Oh... that's good.
Thank you for that delicious omelet.
I was so impressed by how you stood up for Ishikawa...
I got to realize how important it is to know what I want to do, and to voice it out...
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Courage"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
This is... the jewel!
We got one of them.
System Message: Acquired the "Courage" stone!

This could take a while.

Hm... um...? This place is...
Good evening, Lady Cloche. Though it's not evening anymore.
I had fun... going to the summer festival with you. I was so happy to hear you open up to me too.
B, but I was...
You tried so hard for me to accept my first feeling of falling in love...
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Warmth"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired the "Warmth" stone!

You are... Miss Reisha... You were such a good singer. I would want to go to karaoke with you again.
...Yes... Thank you. I'm able to relax a little now... because of you.
You let me free myself from my own expectations for myself...
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Possibility"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired the "Possibility" stone!

But it's not all going to be easy.

Cureynor: Hm...? No one... I guess I'm not powerful enough to go on from this level...
Oh no...
...I see...
...You can change yourself into Curall, can't you?
Cureynor: Yeah, I can. I'll need some power though...
Let's try it! I will help you out.
You're right!
Cureynor: Okay, here I go!

We did it!
Now we can invite the other personalities too!
Curall: Okay, I'll try...
Wh, where... am I...
We did it...! Good...
Lady Cloche, we invited you here to give you our appreciation.
I... I don't even deserve to come back. Why...
That's not true... You are an important part of Lady Cloche.
That's right... You made me realize my weakness.
I got to think about it again. What is really important to me... and what I'm supposed to overcome.
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Commitment"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired "Commitment" stone!

...Why... why am I here...
We've invited you here to give you our appreciation.
I'm the root of everything... I was the one who destroyed myself... I don't... deserve this...
That's not true. You are a very traditional, and proud person.
That's right... I can keep my pride because of you. You represent my strength.
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Loyalty"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired "Loyalty" stone!

Every personality fragment is important.

I'm... why am I...
Lady Cloche... we were waiting for you. We've invited you to give you our appreciation.
I didn't do anything but to destroy... Appreciation... Are you guys actually going to...
N, no, really!
You showed me the problems that I kept ignoring.
I was able to become one with Alice and complete myself, because of you.
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Honesty"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired "Honesty" stone!

Oh... where am I...
Lady Cloche... I'm glad to see you again.
Croix... hehe, thank you. I was able to get my memories back and accept my past, because of you.
You are my friend... You are my prince who led me to my true self...
Your courage to get in touch with the painful past and accepting it is very valuable to me... thank you.
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Love"...
...Thank you... for approving me.
System Message: Acquired "Love" stone!

But some parts of one's personality are so deeply hidden that they cannot be extracted easily.

Curall: ...Oh uh... I can't call this one with my power.
What!? But there is no higher healing magic than you...
Curall: That's true... I'm sorry...
Lady Cloche, I know I might be wrong... but do you want to try and put out power together again?
If there is no higher magic, can't we do anything to acquire it? That's how we've been doing this anyway.
...True... We can try...
Curall: We're trying to do something that's never happened before... I can't promise you that it will work.
...Yes. We can still try it.
Curall: Okay... Well, let's try then...

We did it! We acquired more powerful healing magic!
System Message: Magic [Cure Melody: Lv 3] "Curo" acquired!
So, try performing now.
Cureo: Okay, here I go!
Cloche... Croix...
Alice... it's you... That's right, you are one of my personalities.
Did... Alice get in your way?
No, of course not. I'm here because you're here. I'm able to be Maiden, because of your work.
Thank you... Alice. I'm sorry for what I've put you through...
You are one of my important personalities... You possess the "Innocence"...
Hehe... thanks...
System Message: Acquired the "Innocence" stone!

Now there's just one left.

Yeah, most of them. Lady Cloche, how many did we get?
We have 8 of them for now.
I wonder where the last one is...
You missed one of them.
What...? Who...
You're thinking too hard.
...! Is it... me?
Hehe, that's right. You haven't approved yourself yet.
We will now begin the ceremony. Face each other like you did in the 7th level.
Okay, ready?
The time has finally arrived. Cloche has overcome many obstacles...
Provoked countless Paradigm Shifts... And has finally reached this point.
Croix has accepted every aspect of Cloche, and the two of them stand here today.
*ahem *
Cloche Leythal Pastalia...

I do.
And, Croix Bartel...
Do you hereby solemnly swear to protect this woman, and share an everlasting bond with her forever?
I do.
Umm... alright then...
These two have made their decision...
Now hold each other... to show your commitment.
We... what now?
Aren't you embarrassed to say that?
Oh, no! Don't mind that. Just hold each other already!
Hey! Don't push!

Some things shouldn't be done halfway.

...Yeah, I know.
And you accepted it all. You accepted this corrupted world...
Why? Why do you-
I promised... to protect you.
That's the only reason?
No, there's more to it...
Lady Cloche...
...I love you.
Croix... I love you, too. I love you so much!
This is...!
...The jewel!
The 9th jewel... "Self".
Yes, yourself.

You need to have all of them... Each one of them means something to you.
You are made up of all of the above.
I am... all of them.
You possess much potential. That's how you've come so far, to help the citizens so much.
It couldn't be done by just one of your personalities. It took all of you to reach this goal.
...You're right. It was about me... and what I can do.
Don't reject or deny your weakness... Or your past.
They all have a place that makes you who you are...
...Thank you, Infel.
Here, put the last jewel onto the tiara.
Congratulations. You are now complete. You have accepted and approved yourself.
This will lead to having great confidence toward the future. I will be able to do something you could not.
...Something I couldn't?
Yes, that's right.
We'll be going to the Tower of Life. There, I will grant you the strongest Magic.

My greatest creation will finally see its true power realized.

Source of power...?
As you know, Reyvateils receive their powers from the Magic Server.
And the Magic Servers and Reyvateils are connected by the Tower of Life.
I see...
Cloche's Magic Server is called "Infel Pira," since she is an I.P.D.
She receives her power from that floating Infel Pira when she sings magic.
Cloche's magic was being controlled by the power she received.
We will conduct a ceremony now, so that she can control the power herself.
That way, she will be able to fully utilize the Infel Pira.
That... sounds amazing...
So... what is the ceremony?
It's not as fancy as it sounds. You just have to touch the Tower of Life.
There, go on...
Amazing... this... is the Infel Pira!? I can feel the world expanding inside of me...
See... isn't it...? You will love it once you sing.
...Hehe, I can't wait...
It's kind of scary...
System Message: Magic [Mind Zapper: Lv 3B] "Infel Pira" acquired!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Infel Pira is goddamn amazing. It's not quite as good as Ar Tonelico but still. It's an attack with the final form of Infel Pira, the one it takes after METHOD_METAFALICA. After completing this level you can actually go back in and get another song that summons Infel that's an upgrade to the Geometrica cannon, but you can't see that in the Event Viewer. I'll see if I have a save where it's possible when I'm recording the final stuff.

And so things come to a close.

Lady Cloche.
I'm glad that you accepted me into your Cosmosphere.
I got to understand all of you... and I feel very close to you...
I'm so happy.
...Wh, what do you think you're saying!? You're embarrassing me...
S, sorry.
You're right though... I did show you... everything.
I don't know why... I'm so happy... I don't know why I'm so happy...
Croix... thank you. Really, thank you... I'm not alone anymore...
I have... you...

I'm not sure I can bear this, but I have to go on. Now that I've seen this far, I have to know how it would have all ended.

Simulation Projection: Showdown: InfelxNenesha