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Part 72: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 1

Jacqli's Cosmosphere, Level 1

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
I decided to take Jacqli up on her offer.


I know. I'm sorry to bother you, Luca and Lady Cloche.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Will you please come with me to Dive into Jacqli's soulspace?
What... You mean... Dive with all three of us!?
Well, yeah.
Wh-what, how!?
That's impossible! Taking three people in will crush Jacqli's mind!
Diving stresses the mind for each person you take. Three people is impossible...
...Did you hear that, Jacqli?
Don't worry. Unlike you girls, I can handle three people no problem.
N-no way! Having that strong of a mind is like... crazy.
I'm a different type of Reyvateil than you. There is no comparison.
It's alright if you're too scared to Dive, though I promise there's nothing to worry about.

Luca and Cloche actually agreed, which surprised me.

Will you really be okay?
Of course.
Then maybe we will go for a visit.
Luca, wait!
I'm not forcing any of you to do this. If you don't want to, that's that.
Don't worry, Lady Cloche. We don't get to enter someone's soulspace that often.
...That's true. But, I'm not going in because I want to, alright?
If you say so. But you're still going, hm?
Good for you, Croix. An agreement was reached. Now, let's go.
Thank you both for agreeing to do this with me.
It's all for you.
Well, it can't be helped this time.

When the Dive started, it's like a wave of forgetfulness washed over me. In an instant I was someone else, like being an actor in someone else's play.

System Message: Kuroaki Mawata has forgotten about everything like he was in a dream.
Oh no, I only have five minutes!
System Message: Even about the girl who traveled with him...
It's closing...!
It's exactly 8:30 am, close the gate.
Oww... ww...
Are you okay?
Why can't you just do everything 5 minutes earlier, Luca Manabe?
Big sister Reish, it's bad for your health to be so tense, you know?
You are too careless!
Look at the length of your skirt, and the way you're dressed! Why can't you just dress the right way?
But, um... I think you're too conservative... yeah?
You're not gonna find a boy like that, you know?
A boyfriend! I, I, I... I don't need such a thing! How disgusting!
Hehehe! I love that about you. You're so cute!
Don't you think so?
What... m, me!?

Um, yeah I think so...
You're going to agree with her!?
Awwww! Big sister! You can talk to a boy!
Y, yes?
If you want to get closer to my big sister Reish, you will need to go through me first.
You can't go on a date with her at night until you've been with her for half a year.
Why you...!? Are you her manager or something!?
She's a little difficult to handle! I suggest you go out with me first!
What am I... supposed to be doing?
Miss Manabe... This is enough...
I will correct both you and your attitude!
Owww! Ugh... it's all your fault! It's because you're just standing there not doing anything!
What? It's my fault?
Now that she's mentioned it, I've seen you before. And that outfit...
You don't look like you belong here. You are?

I was honestly coming up short on any details about myself.

Name yourself.
You are...?
I lost...
I won't accept an answer like, "I lost my memories", you understand?
(Oh she got me...)
I'm not sure why I'm here...
Whoa! ...That's like what everyone says as a last resort!
Anyway, any strangers will be reported to the police.
Um... that might not work out.
Miros was causing problems in front of the station this morning, so all the cops when there.
What!? Again!?
Yeah, Miros causes problems somewhere everyday...
This school is still fine, but it won't be long until they get us...

I had no idea what they were talking about, but I was about to find out.

...You're right. That's a possibility...
H-hold on! I don't even know what's happening... I really don't know where I am.
Okay, then let me ask you a different question. Why did you target this school?
You've got it all wrong, I'm not related to that Mi, Mirole or whatever.
It's Miros. You just said that on purpose... You're probably some low level spy with no name.
My name is Kuroaki Mawata! That's all I know.
Huh, now you're freaking out... So suspicious... Reveal yourself already!
I don't...
Whoa! Wh, what!?
...Could this be...!
...Yes, it must be! Let's get out of here! Big sister!
Oh! Hey...
I have a bad feeling about this... I should go too...

We ran to the school yard. A monster was attacking!

Just as we thought... The Miros are here!
What the hell is this...!?
...They will get us!
No! I don't wanna die here!
Crap! I need to help them!

I ran over to shield them, and something incredible happened.

I came to help you, and this is how I get treated?
Nobody asked you to! Plus, why are your arms around me? How filthy!
I was just trying to save you...
Strong arms... with beautiful flowers in both hands... Just kidding!
Miss Manabe! What are you saying!?
But big sister... can't you feel it? Something warm... through his shoulders.
Hm...? Y, you're right......
I feel better. How weird...
...! ...My body is... overheating.
All of our bodies are glowing. They're so bright and warm.
My body... feels good, and... I feel weird.
Ahh, it's hot!

Whoa! Look at you!
No way! We... transformed!?
...I look so perverted and weird, but I can feel the power rising in me.
This is cute. I think I like it...
Who are you two...?
Stop it! This is all because of you, right?
Well... we might be able to beat them with our power now.
I can't let them destroy the school anymore. Miss Manabe, are you ready!?
The glowing power, rain on them! Defeat the evil with Lovely Change!
Flowing power is a color of tears, prepare yourselves!
Burning heart is like a ripened cherry.
The song being played to sleep is the Viole.
Cherry & Viole are here to stay!
Cherry & Viole are here to stay!
I can't, this is just not me.

They managed to defeat the creepy eye monster.

This power... amazing... We might be able to save this city...

But things weren't over yet.

Who are you!?
Don't come near!
You know me, huh...?
I never thought... you would appear.
Big sis, who... is it?
The root of all evil, Miros!
What!? If I could just get rid of it...
Get rid of me...? Don't flatter yourself! You will never defeat me.
Thank you for fighting this scum today. It was a good way to waste my time.
Yes. The weakest of the weakest.
Anyway, I got to see something interesting. I've never seen humans that transform.
Well, I'm going to excuse myself.

Miros disappeared.

Don't give chase! You'll only get attacked.
As Miros said, its power is a lot greater than ours.
We need to think of a plan...
You're so patient.
Of course I am.
System Message: Magic Moody Girl: Lv 2 "Staring Eye" acquired!
Anyway, can you change us back now?
I don't... It just happens...
What!? You're telling me to stay like this!? Do not degrade me!
I thought you liked it.
I'm okay with this... P.E. would be so easy.
Miss Manabe!
Y, yes! I'm sorry!
Um... I think, if we just do what we did when we transformed...
The same thing... you... you want me to do that disgusting thing!
I'm sorry, I can't think of anything else...
...I have no choice!

Do it before I change my mind.
I... I don't mind whatsoever. It felt really good!
Now hurry!
Oh, okay...
Whoa, it's returning.
! ...Ah, this weird feeling... Can't we do something about this?
But, um... it feels good...
So, you said you're Mawata, right?
I bet you don't even have a place to stay. I will take you in.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...! Big sister! That didn't sound right...!
...R, really?
That sounds like Mawata-kun is your leeching boyfriend.
You're right... I'll explain. I'm the daughter of the principal of this school.
I will talk to my father, and have him let you stay in the dorms. What do you think?
(I have a bad feeling about this... but I don't even know when my memories will come back. I'll take the offer...)
Yeah, please. That's a great help.

You will be someone that we are going to need.
Just be prepared to use that power anytime! You understand?
Y, yes...
Well then, I will take you to the dorms. Come with me.
Big sis... Can I pass on that?
That's fine, I was going to leave as soon as I take him there.
I, I have a bad feeling about this...

I really have to wonder what this is all about

This is your room. Ask anyone around if you have any questions.
(This is my room? ...It's dirtier than I imagined!)
That's all. The school is nearby, so don't be late tomorrow.
What!? I have to go to school too!?
...Of course you do! It would be silly not to go to school when you're living here.
I will do all the paperwork through my father. You better come tomorrow!
O, okay...
Well, good night.
...I feel like I'm being tangled into this...
Anyway... this place is a mess...
Y, yes, who is it?

Um, uh... it's Kuroaki Mawata.
My name is Tarooga. Nice to meet you.
You should join my club. You won't regret it.
...I don't feel too good about it, so let me think about it first.
You! Are you rejecting my invitation!?
No, I'm not denying it. I just want to think about it...
You're so indecisive. Whatever, my room is next door. Come over anytime.
Okay, thank you.
Wait, I mean, I don't have that much time to waste.
Just come over when you think it's the right time.
I'm not the kind of person who would live in a place like this, but this time is an exception.
I see.

No, that's not...
It doesn't matter. I'm not going to help you move in.
I don't have anything to move in, so that is fine.
S, so, um, nice meeting you.
You don't have a shelf. It's a pain in the neck, but I'll take the measurement and order it for you.
No... I don't even have anything to put on a shelf.
Is that right...?
(I wonder if he just wants attention...)
(But I kind of want some time alone now...)

Thank you, but I don't really...
Never turn down someone with good intentions.
Oh, okay... Well, I'll come and get it tomorrow...
Tomorrow... okay...
(I can't take this!)
Um, I just remembered something really important! Excuse me!
Hey, you!

That wasn't the strangest person or place in the Cosmosphere, though. There was a vast stretch of water as far as the eye could see, and possibly the strangest person I've ever met was waiting there.

...It's so quiet... and has a strange atmosphere.
Who's there!?

Um, excuse me.
Oh, um... isn't it beautiful? I never thought I would see an ocean here.
...We don't get much visitors here.
Is that right? It's a long story, but I'm gonna be staying at this school for a while. My name is Kuroaki Mawata.
...Um, if it's ok with you, could I get your name? We might see each other again.
The waves are the only ones keeping the calm.
Where are the drifting notions going?
...I'm sorry, I don't...
(This seems like a weird person...)
There are no singing birds here.
(So he won't answer my question after all... I don't get it.)

I still don't know who the hell that was or what his deal was. He seemed sort of... out of place.

System Message: Mawata is beginning school with "Luca Manabe" and "Reish Ryokuya".
Mawata purposely avoided Tarooga next door in the morning.
Needless to say, Tarooga was a little disappointed.
Oh, morning.
Hehe, I got up a little early today so I could walk to school with you this morning.
You're still not following the dress code.
Er, big sister... c'mon.
So? Are you getting used to this place yet?
It's only been a day... I just went to bed, then woke up, and here I am.
If... you got to get some sleep, then you shouldn't have any problems.
You're probably... very tough physically and mentally.
(I might be pretty tough and flexible in different situations...)
By the way, have you gotten the text books I sent to your room?
Yesh, I saw a bunch of them piled up when I got back.
This place is actually one of the top schools out here.

I wouldn't be able to help you with your grades, so do your best to keep up.
I, I will do my best.
We couldn't really show you around yesterday.
We couldn't really show you around yesterday. This is the main gate, and the classrooms are across the field.
The track team is usually practicing here, so you can just walk along the side.
Looks like no one is here but... Come this way!

(The dorms are still filthy though...)
???: You're... in my way.

And that's where I met her.

...Those hands...
Still some remaining glow...
You... are you the master of "Harmonius"...
(Wh, who is she...)
(Looks like she's one of the students here...)
That glow calls for a disaster...
Who... are you? What are you talking about...?
Mawata-kun? What's wrong?
You're Miss Togasaki... How unusual...
You know her?

Her name is Miwa Togasaki, but she hardly ever comes to school.
I've never really talked to her before.
She usually just ignores anyone that talks to her...
She's never cooperative. I'm surprised that she got into this school.
So... you probably shouldn't get involved with her, you know?
I'm not trying to put her down or anything... but she is a strange one...
Absolutely. With her extreme absences and rude attitude, she is not fit for this school.
You're new to this school, you don't want to cause any trouble.
Do not get involved with Miwa Togasaki, you understand?
I'll need you to refrain from doing anything that may cause any problems.
O, okay...
Oh no! Class is starting!
I can't be late... Mawata-kun, hurry up!
Miwa Togasaki, hm...

I'm still not sure what she was talking about, though.

You... are you the master of "Harmonius"...
System Message: Miwa Togasaki, a girl whom he passed by at the side of the field. Mawata could not keep her out of his mind.
Who are you!?

I'm not sure why exactly but that provoked a Paradigm Shift.

Was something completed...?

It's over this time around.
What... is this place?
What? It's my spiritual world. What else would it be?
W, well... there's like some mysterious drama going on in here...
My spiritual world depends on everyone. You might have to defeat dragons, or even scoop out leeches.
Anyway, I think it's more fun this way.
Y, you're right... but...
...So? Are we gonna complete the Paradigm Shift or what?
Oh, yeah.
Okay, well then...
W, wait...
She's gone... What the hell is going on...?

I had a talk with Jacqli about what went on. She wasn't very helpful.

You come here a lot. Is it fun?

Topic: How Was Your First Dive?

...Honestly, I don't know what to say about it.
Oh, I thought you enjoyed it a lot.
It was fun, but I've never had a Dive like that before...
I see. Was that a little too dull?
What about this setting: You are being chased around by a huge man wielding a sword.
If you don't like my current Cosmosphere, I can make it more thrilling an intense.
I don't know what you are up to, but I don't need those dangerous events in it.
...You wimp.

Topic: Cosmosphere #1

It was fun, right?
Was that the right way to get a Paradigm Shift?
Oh, are you not satisfied with it?
It's not a matter of satisfaction...
Because I hardly saw you in your Cosmosphere, I didn't feel like I had made it happen to you.
Just forget it.
In any case you made a Paradigm Shift happen to me in my Cosmosphere.
That's all. Is there any problem?
No, but...
Then, should I give you an assignment before each Paradigm Shift like, you must defeat 100 dragons with bare hands?
...No thanks.
Right? The only thing that matters is the result.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I see. So that's how it is then. Everything is in motion now. Who knows how it will all end?