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Part 73: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 2

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 2

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
With how things have been going lately, we could all use a break now and then. Jacqli suggested that if we were to want to dive again she was up for it, so we took her up on her offer. I don't know if I'd say I'm more relaxed afterwards, though.


As with last time, it was like everything outside that world became kind of a blur.

System Message: He has no idea where his power to transform those girls came from.
That battle was just the beginning. He does not know what awaits him in the near future.
Mawata is sitting at his brand new desk in a classroom. Still, he has no memory of his past.

Okay, quiet down now.
Everyone! Can you all hear what the teacher is saying?
You will end up wasting your day if you don't start the morning right.
Thank you, Miss Ryokuya.
No, I'm just doing what I should.
Our teacher... She's really nice, but...
She's just different... Like, she's not very up to the task of being a teacher...
I'm going to take roll now. Looks like Miss Miwa Togasaki is the only one missing.
Marking as absent... hm, she's never here.
She's not here again, huh...
Take a look at the paper I just passed out for important information.
This is Campus Beautification Week, so nothing else is going on. Go ahead and check it out for yourselves.
Okay, and that's it for today.
See, she's so quick and easy.

Well maybe the school is trying to develop your independence...?
Hmm, I don't think so... I don't know.
Enough chatting over there. First period is Mathematics.
Math! Eww... I'm not good at it...

(He looks trendy and kind of out of style at the same time...)
Hm, who's that student I've never seen before?
He's the new transfer student, Mawata-kun.
I see, well let's have you solve this problem now.
The margin of the FFT spectrum oscillation for this core triangle ring is 5.28x10 to the 11th power...
So tell me what the margin of the oscillation of the 4th dimensional core square ring.
Uh, um...
(Hell if I know...!)
Well, well... looks like I can't expect much from him.
Ryokuya, answer it for him.
It is 1.0x10 to the 20th power Hz.
(I guess I'm not good enough...)
Next question...

Don't worry, um... the only student that can keep up with this teacher is big sister Reish.
Oh... what a relief.
So, it's time for lunch.
Did you bring something, Mawata-kun?
Speaking of... no, I don't have anything.
You might not be able to get anything at the cafeteria at this point...
Really... Ah, I'm getting hungry.
I thought this might happen, so I had them prepare lunch for two.
Prepare...? Whoa! This is like a full-course meal.
Big sis has a hired chef at her house.
Oh, I see...

A personal maid!?
Too warm.
I, I'm sorry! Miss!
Whoa, whoa! Take it easy...
Even if it's only warm, you still might burn her.
Don't worry, she's pretty tough. See, she seems fine.
Thank you for sticking up for me.
You're really nice... I might fall for you...
Stop trying to seduce my classmate!
The two of them don't really get along well.
Why do you need to wear such a short skirt when you're pouring tea, anyway?
Hmm, well...
And what's with that grin on your face? You shouldn't flirt when you're working.
They do have completely contradicting personalities.

Oh, Tarooga-kun, do you want to join in?
I'm fine!
Okay... bummer.
(Miss Ryokuya's lunch... I can't even finish one course.)
(Plus a fried shrmp... huh...)
(It would be rude to say no to Tarooga though...)
What's wrong?
Yeah, I'll take some! Thanks!
I worked hard on the breading, so savor it.
Y, yeah.
(...Ugh! The breading is so heavy.)
I've got some time till the next class. I need some fresh air outside.

I wandered around the town, just to see what was there.

There are so many specialty stores. Is it because everyone is so rich here...?
Brand shops and hobby shops for plastic models... Whoa... and even the Fancy Shop.
I'm getting tired... I'm not used to a big city like this...

These classes were kind of insane.

(Damn... I scarfed too much food on an empty stomach. I feel sick.)

...She has wings.
Shhh! Don't mention it. She's really conscious about those...
Oh, sorry.
You're the transfer student, Mawata-kun. It might be a little hard at first, but just relax and listen, ok?
Oh, ok.
Anyway, today we will be discussing about the structure of the world.
This universe is comprised of waves.
The big bang that awakened this world was caused by a little atomic nucleus called the exa pieco.
Exa pieco changes the astronomical wave motions at a rapid rate that you cannot measure with time.
An unstable force of wave motion for a short amount of time, a distortion, is emitted on the outside...
Provoking a conducting wave, as you're familiar with from wave science.

All the conducting waves will transmit through the air and create the universe of exa pieco.
This universe is a place that is affected by exa pieco.
Okay, any questions?
(...Damn, I don't get any of that.)
Um, Mawata-kun... don't worry. This class is so ridiculous that no one can come up with a question.
Even big sis Reish is taking notes, but she doesn't understand it at all.
Looks like no one has a question. Hehe, I'm so impressed you guys are so smart.
Isn't anyone going to tell her that it's too complicated to understand?
Shhh! She's really sensitive! Don't you dare tell her such a thing.
Oh, really... I see.
(I probably shouldn't tell her that the universe has nothing to do with world history.)

This is a result after the conducting waves produced by exa pieco have affected the Sea of Nam.
From this, you can say that the Sea of Nam is the universe at this point.
Just as an established theory of the universal wave theory, an energy of a conducting D-wave by...
The "interference of a wave" will determine the amplitude and frequency of the initial space at zero.
So, Mawata-kun, here is a question.
Hah? A question?
About the singing stone.
An aggregate of the atomic nucleus has two elements, Grasno and Parameno.
Parameno absorbs energy of H-waves at a rate much better than the "ears".
So, what is the function of Grasno which emits the energy of D-waves?

Functions as... a mouth?
Correct! I'm so happy!
Good job, Mawata-kun!
(I, I was right...)
You're right! Grasno functions as a mouth that emits the energy of D-wave.
Everyone, make sure to take note of that.
Next, I will explain about utopias. Since ancient times, people have...
I'm getting so sleepy.
The teacher's voice sounds like a lullaby.
Well then, that's it for today. See ya!
...!? (Oh crap, I fell asleep!)
Hehe, this class makes no sense whatsoever.
Is this how a top school should be...?
*sigh * Finally, time for a break... What should I do?

I went back into town and found a very odd sort of doll shop. And that's when I saw her again...

I mean, I did walk in here, but...

...Miss Togasaki!?
...Oh, um, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to see you here.
Me, neither.
Really? You don't seem all that surprised.
You... look nice in that. You work here?
Yeah, of course. Sorry for asking the obvious.
You weren't at school today. Were you sick?
Not really...
Well, you don't look very healthy.
How rude! I always look like this.

(I was told to day away from her, but I'm kind of interested...)
Do you sell dolls here? ...I mean, of course you do. Stupid.
We have ball joint dolls, 1/12, 1/24 dolls, and glass eyes. Guns for enthusiasts... and a café.
We only get those kinds of customers here anyway...
...I see.
(What is up with all the tension in the air...)
...Are you here just to look around?
If you're not going to buy anything, please leave. I don't like talking to amateurs.
Uh, no! Umm... a doll! I wanna doll.
For yourself or for a present?
Do I have to choose right now?
If you can't, then go home.
Okay, okay! I'll buy one.

Do you remember when we first met, and you said something about my hands glowing? What was that all about?
...What are you talking about?
Oh, it just seemed like you knew something about me. Guess I was wrong.
I have no idea. ...I don't have any friends.
People just come and go. I'd just end up hurting them in the end.
...Yeah, you may be right.
Everyone has different opinions. It's easy to hurt someone with a single word.
Then you feel guilty about it, and you end up feeling bad for hurting someone else.
I mean, it sucks to get hurt by someone, too.
...Am I talking too much?
Do you... really think that?
Yeah, of course... Why?

It's sort of odd, when you really get down to it I've sort of avoided any meaningful relationships. I don't really know why.

No, I'm pretty much the same way. But I feel like I should be happy and act nicer to everyone...
Oh, well, good luck. I'm fine staying the way I am now.
I don't want to be with anyone anyway.
Even if I made a friend, I'd end up hurting them, and ruining our relationship anyway, so why bother?
It's impossible for anyone to completely understand someone else.
That's why I'm fine with how things are now.
...Okay. Then maybe I should be comfortable with how I am too.
What was that?
You're really weird.
...Hahaha. *sigh *

...Sure. Uh, what do you recommend?
Nothing really.
Can't you help me out?
...You should choose the one that catches your eye.
I can tell you about the quality of the dolls, but it's important to pick the one you like most.
Alright, so what should I be looking for?
The face... and then the entire doll.
Okay... umm, how about this one?
...That's a strange choice. Beginners don't usually pick ones like that.
Oh, I... can't really tell the difference.
Why did you choose that one?
Well, I thought it had a cute face.
(Plus, it kind of looks like Miss Togasaki.)
...How shallow.
But you said to pick them by the face...

Oh. You're pretty knowledgeable about these things.
Whoa! What the hell is this!?
I told you it wasn't for beginners.
Yeah but, how was I supposed to know that?
Here's the optional bed that goes with this one.
They come with options, too? Hey, isn't that a coffin?
I supposed you could call it that, too. This doll is fashioned after a death god.
...I designed it myself.
You made this!? That's amazing...
You really think so?
(I wonder if that's why it looks like her?)
Whoa! This is gonna give me a heart attack...
So, are you gonna buy it, or not?
I'll take it. Uh, how much is it?
Hmph, I didn't know you had that kind of money.
So will you sell it to me?

Well, thanks...
(I can't tell if she really wants me to buy it or not...)
Be gentle with her. They're easy to break or crack if you're not careful.
Don't try to brush the hair all at once. Start from the bottom and slowly brush it. And keep her out of the sun.
...Have any questions?
Do you want me to wrap it up for you?
No thanks. Oh, but can you just tie a ribbon around it?
Just a ribbon?
...You make strange choices for wrapping things too.
How's that weird?
Here you go.
Thank you.

I could see in her eyes that she didn't really want me to take it away. I made a quick decision.

What? Why are you giving it back to me? Are you returning it already?
It's a present.
Why would you-
It looked like you really like this doll. You probably don't want to let it go, right?
You shouldn't refuse someone's good intentions like that.
Make that "annoying".
What!? What are you...
You'll never find a girl if you're gonna fish with a present like that.
I-I-I'm not trying to fish you...
...Well, if you're not gonna take it home, I'll let you keep it here.

Anyway, I have to close. Will you leave now?
Oh, uh, it's still pretty early...
I stay open when I feel like it, and I close up when I don't. Satisfied?
Aren't you just a part-timer?
It's not safe to walk home after dark.
Oh, do you want me to walk you home? I can wait around till you clean up.
Stop following me!
...Sorry. I got carried away.
So, I'll see you tomorrow at school, right?
Who knows? I'll go if I feel like it, and won't if I don't.
Alright, just come if you do.
Go home already! ...Thank you very much!

I guess I must have made her uncomfortable.

But I went a little too far...

National language is important for all good nations.
Hmm? Are you a transfer student? What's your name?
...I'm Kuroaki Mawata.
Kuroaki-kun, how about Kuro?
That's your nickname. Simple is better.
It's set then!
Kuro is the blight of the future.
How's that!?
Okay now, that's it for today!
The level of the education at this school just dropped significantly...
Um, Miss Coco is like the school mascot, so she's supposed to act like that.
It's the only class I can understand and she doesn't scare me even when she's mad.
...I think I've yet to be in a class that was useful.

I'm exhausted.
Well, sorry that this school is too difficult for you. You can study hard.
(I don't know if it's because of the difficulty...?)
Alright, take a seat. The final period begins now.
Did everyone enjoy their classes today?
(Most of them didn't make any sense.)
Well then, that's it!
(Damn, already?)
Stand up!
See you and all of your happy faces tomorrow. Good bye.
*sigh * Finally done.
I have a committee meeting to go to, but do you have any questions before I go?
Not especially... I'm fine.
I actually have somewhere to be too... hehe. Can you walk home alone?
The dorms are pretty close by...

Those things?
Shhh! Miros! It's supposed to be kept secret from the school. You know... about us.
Oh, that. Okay.
(I don't think there's any point in hiding it...)
Any problem?
No, nope! No problem.
Hehe... See you tomorrow, Mawata-kun.
*sigh *
Are you by yourself?
Well, yeah...
Let me take you to my club meeting.

I'm not sure how this works exactly but the Targana lookalike in there is eerily similar to the real deal.

See ya!
*sigh * I should be good here.
He's a nice guy, but he can be annoying...

This place is like a fever dream, honestly. Especially any time that weird guy in red armor shows up.

Hello, we meet again.
...Hey, you again.
What's the matter? You look sad.
I think I've crossed a line that I shouldn't have, and I made her mad.
I thought it was going well, but I guess not...
A single shadow of a bird in the sky...
The only one feather in the world. Will it get swallowed by the waves...
Even the heaven doesn't know if it will reach there.
Um, uhh...

I don't know who that guy is or what he's doing down at that ocean. I went back to the dorms to think things through.

"I'll let you have it." From Gentle-Hearted Rose.
...It must be from Tarooga.
What an honest guy.
System Message: Kuroaki leaned against the table that was given to him from Tarooga to contemplate.
He looked up at the dirty ceiling in deep thought.
About Miwa Togasaki.
I get a strange feeling... when I'm looking at her. It's not because she's pushing me away...
Everything she does, just gets my attention...
...Does this mean that I like her?
Miwa... Togasaki.
Ugh, dammit, that voice ruined everything...

Leave me alone... Plus, don't barge into my room like that.
I thought I could help you with your problems...
I just want to be alone today! Please, leave...
How's the table?
Agghh! Yes, yes, it's wonderful!
There is a secret meaning to the "Gentle-Hearted Rose" and it's...
*sigh * ...I locked the door, too.
Ahhh, shut up! What is it now!?

But it wasn't Tarooga.

Miros is here! Hurry!
Okay, I get it... Just don't break the door...

Look over there.
The wall... Was it the enemy!?
What is this!
ELMA: Grrr...
What is this... A dog!?
There's no time to waste, let's transform!
Oh, ok...
But why did it attack the classroom and not the town with more people?
It doesn't matter! Hurry up!
Aren't you being a little too rough?
Big sister, don't resist.
I know! But, it just... feels strange.
Same here... I can feel so much power running inside.
We need to get used to it. Just let it be... and there, it's like dreaming.

Sh, shut up!
Charging... complete?

Power of love, pour down! Defeat the evil with Fancy Change!
Millions of powers, a fruit of love! Prepare yourself!
(How is this a fruit of love...)
Scold the evil! Bursting Crazy Cherry.
Ringing sound is a troubled Funny Viola.
(They both know that they're weird...)
Cherry & Viola are here to stay!
Cherry & Viola are here to stay!
I just can't do this. I'd rather die if I have to...

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This is our first battle against one of Jacqli's minions in her Cosmosphere. This time we're up against ELMA-DSRX. We only control Luca and Cloche in these fights and they're always in their Cherry and Viola outfits. The enemies don't tend to hit very hard and die to about a 3000% charged song, you just need to remember that you have no items, no replakia, and very slow charging because you have no vanguard at all. Each of these battles will reward us with part of Jacqli's My Slaves song, the first of which is of course Cutey ELMA.

They managed to defeat the robot monster.

Huh! That was nothing.
Heeey, big sis, we forgot something important! The concluding statement after we beat them!
Oh right... that's not good. We need to think of one fast...
The beginning is enough... Just don't worry about it.
Miss Manabe, do you have any ideas?
Yes, of course! About 10 of them!
Okay, well then...
???: There's no need for that.
Who's there!
???: I'll praise you for defeating it, Cherry and Viola.
Y, you are...

Right arm...... Umm?
It means that he's the sub-boss.
Great! We finally got the higher ones to come out. Cherry & Viola are amazing.
Never mind the 10 statements I came up with! I'll think of something better.
I said, there is no need for that.
You will all be defeated here, by me. You don't need such a thing.
What!? Now that you've mentioned it, I can feel a tremendous power from you.
S, so what! It doesn't matter how good you are, you cocky bastard with a cow lick in your hair!
A cow lick!? You fool! This is called fashion! I'm doing it on purpose!
I don't know if you think it's cool... But it looks pretty ridiculous, you know?
You fools! I will not let you guys go!
I'll blow you all up with a full cannon!
Damn, how did I get in to this......
Turn into dust!
???: Stop.

We never would have expected the source of our salvation.

You are... the root of all evil.
I won't let you go this time!
(Now we've got the sub-boss and the main boss surrounding us. Where are these girls getting this confidence?)
You won't let us go? You're talking about yourselves!
I will go ahead and torture you to death!
You will be crying with regret soon enough!
Alfman Omega, did you not hear me?
We will be leaving for today.
Wh, what do you mean! I can kill these little brats in a squeeze!
It's too soon.
Master Miros! However...!
We're leaving now.
Dammit... You guys are lucky.

But as Miros was leaving, I heard an odd sound, one I'd heard earlier that day as well.

(This voice... Can it be... No, it can't!)
Wait, Miros!
I... just heard the voice of the death god doll.
Where did you get that doll... answer me, Miros!
You... what did you do to Togasaki!?
Miros! Depending on your answer... I will not let you go!
......I don't know of such a girl.
Miros... How did you know that Togasaki is a girl...?
No, wait... are... you...
Miss Togasaki...?
Wait, answer me! Are you really...

Wait! Wait, Toga...
I said, no!
Next time... I will kill you all.
Mawata-kun, are you okay?
Oh, yeah... I must have been mistaken. I'm sure of it...
System Message: "That voice surely came from that doll of Miwa Togasaki."
Kuroaki was trying to convince himself...
That Miros and Miwa Togasaki are two different people.
Paradigm Shift... So that's it for this time, huh.

Again, I'm not sure exactly what I accomplished here. I mean I'm supposed to be helping her through problems, but I'm not even sure what those might be...

I didn't think you were gonna make us fight for real.
Why not? That way, it's more exciting.
My life depends on this!
Don't you just go back to reality if you die?
Well, you're right, but...
...There are exceptions though.
Don't say that...
We can stop here, if you're scared. We don't need to complete the Paradigm Shift.
No, go...
Okay... You just don't learn. Well, have fun in the next level.
Am I... just being teased?

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
He came to me later that night to talk. He was concerned about something.

You came again? You don't learn at all. It's only a waste of time.

Topic: Cosmosphere #2

I think some people are not serious enough in the Cosmosphere, so I made the battle scene.
That way, they have to fight to the death. If they lose, they get hurt and kicked out of the Cosmosphere back into real life.
...Are you a devil?
Don't compare me with such a weakling.
If you like, I can make a scene in which you charge with bare hands at a large group of demons...
Please don't... Anyway, do you feel any different since that Paradigm Shift?
I don't know. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Besides, you are supposed to notice it, instead of asking me.
...You're right.
(Maybe I shouldn't say she doesn't look different than before at all.)

Have I changed since this started? Would I even know it if I had? I'd like to think so, but I have my doubts...