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Part 74: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 3

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 3

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
With all these world crises going on, I think we all needed a breather. I don't know why I keep forgetting these Dives with Jacqli aren't exactly restful.


We picked up some time after the end of the last episode. Can I also just say now that Jacqli has a really strange concept of what a home economics class is?

"Good luck in a thousand years. Good bye for now...!"
That's so... cool!
That story might teach me something in the future. I'll need to take a good note of it.
Next, I will explain how to look conservative and domesticated.
"I made this. It's nothing... but please have some."
"Really? It looks like you put a lot of work in it with herbs and stuff."
"Oh, I grow them on my patio... I just picked some off."
"Whoa, you know how to take care of the house. Honey, you're amazing."
(I thought this is a home economics class...)

System Message: Miwa was coming to class everyday.
"Is she here because I asked her to come?"
That though made Kuroaki happy, and troubled him at the same time.
Good morning, Miss Togasaki.
H, hey, did anything happen yesterday?
...Not especially.
Oh, ok, well that's good then.
...So, what is it?
No, nothing. Sorry about that.
...Class is starting.
Oh, right.
Miss Togasaki is nonchalant as usual.
But she does respond to me when I talk to her, so it's not like she's ignoring me.
However, if she is Miros, it would make sense that she came to talk to me in the first place.
My power interferes with Miros' plan... so Miwa is trying to use me...

Miss Togasaki... Miwa...
Okay, the next question is for Miss Togasaki.
So what is the right thing to say when you are handing over a hand-made scarf to a boy?
Oh no... Why would you ask that to Miss Togasaki?
I'm interested to hear her answer though.
(What is it? What would she say...)
I wouldn't give him anything.
So, you're saying that playing hard to get is the best way?
Being attached is annoying.
Hm, umm... I guess that could be right... I think...

Miss Luca Manabe, can you answer that for me?
What!? Eh, err...
Squeeze all the water out of the towel...?
Hmm, it's close but wrong.
That sucks. What a bummer...
Okay, don't get so sad. There are going to be more chances to be right next time. The correct answer is...
Open your eyes wide, and clean the windows like you're kind of annoyed with a sulky attitude.
It's important to make the glass squeak. That shows that you're serious, and you will look cute too!
Topics on saying good bye, cooking, knitting... and cleaning... I guess it's kind of like home economics.
Alright, that's it for today! Do your best to show your strength guys!
Being attached is annoying...? She did say that earlier...
Mawata-kun, next is P.E. The teacher is pretty difficult, so hurry.
We're going to the school grounds today. Hurry, hurry!
Difficult teacher... I like being active but hopefully it's not too hard...

I couldn't quite put my finger on it but something seemed odd about the world since last time I'd been here.

Man, he is so excited... as usual.
You two right there! Where are your uniforms?
Um... well, um... um, I'm on my "danger" day today so...
Miss Manabe and I are on the same wave, so I will be watching today too.
I can't believe you're making me say this! Can't you keep track of that for everyone?
That... might be a little hard.
Well, didn't you two use the same excuse last time?
Well, but, um... it's true. It doesn't mean that I don't like this class. I promise.
I... actually like it a lot.
Hm, where is Miss Togasaki...
She's not watching from anywhere. I wonder if she went to the wrong class.
Mawata! I can finally show you my real strength!
We're going to pair up and wrestle each other. There is no chance for you to win.
(I should go look for Miss Togasaki...)
Hey! Are you running away!?
How dare you ditch my class... Mawata.

I'm not sure what's creepier, Jacqli's idea of Targana or the fact that she's not too far off of the mark.

Oh!? Sorry... you were changing...!
I'm already changed. I'm sorry.
No, you don't need to apologize...
Didn't the class already begin? What are you doing here?
Um... because... I didn't see you out there...
...What does that have to do with anything?
Well... nothing...
...Okay. So, why don't you go back to the field now?
Yeah, I will in a sec.
Um, that answer you had in the last class. That was a little strange that you said "I won't give him anything."
...I thought that was pretty normal.
What did you mean by "being attached is annoying"?
I don't remember.
......Oh, okay.

Oh, yeah... I kind of want to talk to you more...
Such a weird person. I don't have anything to talk about.
...A weird person, huh?
You seem to not realize that about yourself.
Anyway, um, if you like... after school today...
Oh, she took off...
...Oh well, I should go back now.

(There are so many girls ditching it...)
It's your turn! Take on Tarooga... Fight!
Come Mawata! I'll show you what coming to club meetings can do for you!
A sword!? I thought we were wrestling...
What club did Tarooga-kun join?
It's that Rosen Knight Club that always takes over the entire field.
Ohh... that annoying... They're a part of the track team, right? So what is the Rosen Knight about?
It's a club that studies how to battle beautifully.
So that's what it's about! I'm so glad I didn't join in... I'm so glad I didn't rush to a decision...
If you're not coming, then let me start!
Whoa! Hold on a sec!
Go Mawata-kun...
You're too relaxed...
Stop that half-ass cheer! Just because you guys are only watching...
To the chest!

I have no idea how Jacqli keeps coming up with all this weird stuff that happens in here. It's almost like she's based this place on a combination of stuff she read in books and what's been going on recently.

I got rose petals in my eye... Oww...
Alright, we will start our closing class.
As I mentioned before, this is Campus Beautification Week. Every row will be assigned a section to clean.
Ewww, we're doing this now?
You must not go home until everything is squeaky clean. All of you will be responsible for any dirty spots.
That's it for now.
Miss Manabe, where do you think you're going? You're assigned to this classroom with me.
Y, yes...
...Miss Togasaki... She's not here. She was assigned to the hallway...
Miss Togasaki... There you are!

She looks so serious...
With her eyes wide open... and a little annoyed with a sulky attitude...
Wait... she's not following Teacher Marie's instruction, is she?
No... not Miss Togasaki...
Miss Togasaki...
I'm busy right now.
Oh, right, well, will you listen to me while you do that?
...I can't help it if I can hear you, can I?
I didn't get to ask you earlier, but will you...
...Walk home with me after school?
After school...?
Yeah, what do you think?
I'm sure we will see each other on the way.

I decided to just lay things out and get the rejection over with.

Hang out?
Yeah, it's a really nice day... I thought we can go for a walk in the park... or something.
...That doesn't interest me.
Well, how about getting some coffee?
I don't like the bitterness.
Well, then...
I don't think we're close enough to make promises like this.
...Oh, okay. You're right. Sorry.
...I don't like bitterness... but I might like some sweets.
Umm... then, do you wanna get some cake?
...Sure, but remember, I don't have anything to talk about...
It's fine, that's alright! Well, then do you want to go somewhere else on the way?
Um... but I don't know where...

It sounds boring.
It will be fun.
So you say... Well... I'll come with you then.
Really!? Okay. I'm gonna go clean up and wait for you by the gate.
Oh boy...
I'm motivated to clean now.
...So start cleaning already. You're in my way.
Oh, uh, sorry! I'd better get to work!
...How stupid. How is this motivating...?
System Message: Kuroaki had mixed feelings for Miwa Togasaki, but he couldn't help for her even more.

Me too! I can't believe you were slacking off!
Luca... that's not the problem!
Mawata-kun... I told you so many times not to get close to Miss Togasaki...
...You were watching me!?
Oh my, big sister... it's not nice to separate the two that are in love.
The two in love...? ...What do you mean?
Hmm, that's funny... That's what it looked like to me.
Me too. How perverted.
Perverted... (I don't hear people using that term to describe this kind of situation anymore...)
...Well... it might just be a one-way thing from my end.
Whoa, whoa! Mawata-kun... you just admitted it! Well, I'll need to help you out then!
Hmm, I can feel it burning! Big sis! This is romance, ROMANCE! He has a crush on her!
Luca! Stop it! I'm against this!
Oh, how are you going to let her know? We will need your super observational skills, big sis!
W, well... if you say so, I wouldn't mind helping...

Th, thanks... (I actually don't feel good about this.)
Well, so while you're at this... um... Do you know of a good place for a date?
Ooh...... Mawata-kun is so serious... I'm so jealous.
Movie theaters would be a safe choice... The one across from the station has a brand new screen.
Hehe... They have a love seat for couples like you!
Y, you two better not sit there, or you will be expelled! You understand!?
Hmph, you're so strict big sis...
They're showing a really good movie right now. It's an anime with cute little animal characters!
I can't imagine it...

I headed to the school gates to meet with Miwa.

Miss Togasaki! ...I'm sorry it took me so long. Thanks for waiting.
...So, where are we going?
Um, uh... Do you want to go see a movie?
...A movie?

...It's an anime.
W. well... you're right, but... I heard it's really good.
...Whatever. If you want to see it, let's go in.
Okay, let's go.

Be quiet.
B, but... uhh... *sob *
You're crying way too much...
System Message: Magic [Dream Diver : Lv 1] "Pi" acquired!

It ends up getting eaten, though.
Don't point that out... That side character was pretty good too...
The last attack! Miracle happy ending! A person's effort does pay off in the end after all...
It's not a person... it was Funbun.
Well, what's important is that you keep trying, even if you know that you can't change your destiny.
The miracle return of Funbun! Oh, I still tear up thinking about it...

I think I touched a nerve at some point.

It's just a made up story to trick the children.
You can't just come back alive in the real world. You can't change your destiny.
Well... you might be right, but there's nothing wrong with having hope.
Hope? What would that do for you? It's just sad to have hope, if it's not going to come true.
I'd rather not have any to start with... It's just too cruel to have hope.
Miss Togasaki...?
Rabbits eat grass, and eagles hunt rabbits. It's a never-ending cycle. Nothing will come back from its death. Miracles only happen in fairy tales.
But... if you tried, you might be able to change something, even though it might not be a miracle.
Try? ...And?
Only a miracle can change your destiny. Only humans live their miserable lives believing in that.
You're just like everyone else. You only see what you want to see. Ignorant human... you'll never understand.
...What's wrong?
The world is filled with... How disgusting.

There was a strange noise, like glass cracking. What the hell's going on here?

...Anyway, Miss Togasaki... What's wrong? Are you getting sick?
N, nothing...
But you look...
I said it's nothing! Don't touch me!
Miss... Togasaki...
...You're so boring. We don't need hope... in this world.
Miss Togasaki... Is that true!? ...So, why are you with me right now?
...Fool... I'm just using you!

I'm not sure why I always go down to the Sea after things go sour.

...What are you always looking at?
The sky is covered in fog, and I cannot see the heavens.
Oh... I see...
Hey, do you think I'm doing something wrong...?
...What happened this time?
I... don't think any effort is a waste of time.
If I can make a small change, that should lead to something good.
But... I told that to the girl I like, and she got mad at me.
Can't we change our destiny...?
The sky will change color, as it is faithful to the heavens. No one knows which feather may unravel our destiny.
If we can't change our destiny... What are we struggling for everyday?
The quake...! Is it Miros again...?
Dammit... I'm not in the mood right now...

I rushed back to the city. Sure enough it was under attack.

You were just here. Where did you go?
What? How did you know that?
Hehe... a movie date with Miss Togasaki! I'm glad you listened to me!
You can't just stalk me like this!
Well, we went to the theater with you, but Sis was crying afterwards...
Then we lost you when I had to buy a new handkerchief.
Stop, please!
Okay, sorry.
Looks like they're here.
I wonder if that guy with the cow lick is here again?
Do you really not care if someone hears you...?

This is crazy! It looks like a monster!
This... is bad.
Mawata, what are you doing? Hurry up and transform!
Oh, okay!
Ah... this feeling.
Please keep your words to yourself!
But... uh, Sis.
I'm trying not to resist, but... uhh!
Ahh... ohhh!
Full... power?

Love fire! I'll defeat evil with a Pinky Change!
A royal life and running rainbow bridge! Prepare yourself!
(Where do they come up with those lines? They don't make any sense...)
Promiscuous, flirty and cute, Cherry.
Performance in the sky, secret love Viola.
Cherry and Viola are here to stay!
Cherry and Viola are here to stay!
I wonder how they don't get attacked while doing all this.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This time we fight the Zodom monster from the end of the Hibernation sequence. It's basically got the same attacks, but has a lot less health and does less damage. You shouldn't end up needing to heal this time around, just focus on whacking him with a big Red Magic. As with all the fights in this, we get Zodom as an evolution to My Slaves for winning.

We defeated the monster, somehow. But we weren't out of the woods yet.

*sigh * ...That was a little tough.
Hahaha! If that was tough or you, looks like you are going to die like a piece of trash.
You are...!
You again, middle management!
You...! I'm not middle management! I'm the right arm!
Oh, that's right. Were you the sub-boss, Cow-Lick Man Omega?
Gh...! You little brat... I will sacrifice you to the bloody festival!
Take this angry power! Regret this in the netherworld!
N, no!

At the last second the killing blow was stopped!

...Master Miros! Why did you!
Alfman Omega... Leave. It's time.
It's time!? The time!? Master Miros, if you can just give me 10 more seconds, I can just...
That's it for today.
Master Miros... What do you owe these fools!? They are interfering with our plans! We should just...
Are you going against me?
...Understood. I will leave for today...
Miros! You... your arm!
Why did you try to protect us...
...! Miros... are you crying!?
...Filthy humans. Am I crying? Are you blind?
(What sad looking eyes... deep red... those eyes... I've seen them before...)
Learn from this, and don't ever interfere with us.
Humans... cannot compete with us.
(Those words... I've heard them before...)
I will kill you all next time...

I don't even know why I did it but I had to call out to her.

Don't go... Miwa...!
Wait...? Why did I... Just call her Miwa?
N, no way... Miss Togasaki...?
Wha... Whaaaa!?

Miros! Is it true, Miros!?

System Message: You could hear an argument between Luca and Reish.
However, Kuroaki and Miwa were screaming inside themselves louder than ever.

The Paradigm Shift told me the 'episode' had ended.

It's getting harder... I mean, what the hell was that about...
Well, it's pretty exciting.
Whatever... Anyway, I wanted to ask you something.
I heard a sound of shattering glass in the middle of the story... What was that...?
...Oh, was there?
W, well... if it was just me, never mind...
You're just thinking too much... So what are you going to do? Are you gonna keep going?
Yeah, of course. ...Please.
...I see.

I'm committed to seeing this through to the end. I'm going to show her that happy endings can come true. After the Dive, Luca came to talk to me.

Jacqli's Cosmosphere was pretty exciting.
Yeah, that was totally different from your Cosmosphere.
If you wanted to, could you make your Cosmosphere more dramatic like hers?
Ah... I don't know.
Because I am a Dive Therapist, I have pretty good control over what kind of world I make, though.
But, I don't think I can temporarily take away the Diver's memory like she did.
I see... Mysterious girl.
It was fun, though. I've learned a lot from her Cosmosphere.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
Luca came to ask me something last night.

Hey Jacqli, your Cosmosphere's pretty amazing, isn't it?
You can make up stories and have people you know play in them.
I admire it!
I'm not quite comfortable with those sincere compliments, but thank you, anyway...
I do Dive Therapy, but I don't think I could make such a wonderful world.
...It's not something you can train yourself to do.
I see... that's sad...
Even if you could make a world like that, you have to have the ability to create a story.
Oh... yeah. I don't think I could ever create a good story...
Really? I'm relieved.
If you were wishing to create such a story and Cosmosphere, I would feel so bad for you.
You would? You're so kind.

It's impossible to forget, I'll just keep it secret.

Later, Croix came to talk to me.

You just don't learn. I guess it's fine to waste some time.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This next talk topic had a serious screw-up in it, I have repaired the issue.

Hey, I've been wondering since a long time ago. Don't you have a guardian in your Cosmosphere?
Of course I do have one.
Oh, of course...?
But, I was just wondering because I've never seen them before.
You are just unaware of him. You must have met him in my Cosmosphere by now.
Re, really?
...Lately, I don't need that guy much, though.
That guy?
Forget about it. We don't need to talk about him at this point, anyway.

Croix's noticed something's odd in my Cosmosphere. I guess he's not a complete idiot.

Congratulations on your Paradigm Shift. Kay, conversation's over.
...Don't end it so abruptly. I haven't even said a word.
I don't want to let you talk.
You have to! I've got things to ask you.
It feels like a Paradigm Shift is supposed to have a meaning about it.
I didn't see that much change after them, but at least the world changes its shape because of them, right?
...Who knows?
In any case, you'll Dive into me again, right?
Yes, I will.
You haven't seen the end of the story yet. Of course you can't quit it yet.
Not just that...

I'll just need to play it cool. I've let things get this far, I'll just have to see it through to the end.