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Part 75: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 4

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 4

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
I don't even really know what to say about these Dives with Jacqli. This last one started off the next day.


System Message: Is Miwa Togasaki really Miros? And if so, what could he do about it?
He kept thinking of the things he can do for Miwa Togasaki.
Once he found Miwa Togasaki in a lazy morning light, he said...
Good morning!
System Message: Miwa Togasaki returned a normal reply.
System Message: Miwa's left hand was wrapped with white bandage. The same hand that Miros used to protect the three.
Kuroaki pretended not to notice.
Miwa pretended it wasn't there.
The two struggled to pretend to be calm.
They did not realize that the moment was only attracting the two to each other, even more.
Anyway... class is starting, so...

Yes, I did.
I don't know, but... aw, it's heart wrenching.
Don't be fooled! You know who Miss Togasaki is!
Yes... I'm sorry.
Mawata-kun, do you have a moment?
Miss Ryokuya! Where did you...
Let's go to the back.
Big sis...
You know what I'm about to say, right?
...About...Miss Togasaki?
Yes, what are you trying to do!? Hanging out with an enemy that's a threat to the world... the main boss!
Main boss...
Be quiet!
Listen, Mawata-kun!

What are you doing being infatuated during this important task!?
Plus, that's the main boss... Whether we win or lose, you're going to get hurt.
I know it's hard, but... Just get over it.
Big sis...
System Message: Kuroaki was troubled. Miros is a threat to human beings.
They are destined to be enemies.
Does he have to get over her? Or is there a way? What is he supposed to do?
He could see Miwa and Miros' crimson eyes filled with sadness.

I wanted to pretend there was nothing wrong, that everything was going to be okay.

Miss Togasaki...
Wait! Please, wait!
You know I have nothing to say...
...I know, I won't ask.
It's fine... I don't care anymore...
Do you wanna have lunch together? I bet you didn't bring anything, did you?
I don't... need to eat...
See, that's why you're so small. You're gonna keep getting skinnier if you don't eat.
It's none of your business...!
By the way, we should go to that café again. Didn't you think they had good cake? You looked like you liked it.
...Well, yes...
Remember we didn't get to eat one of them? Was it the rice pudding? That café's choice. We should try it.
Miss Togasaki?

I'll go see you at work again. I'll have some coffee next time, instead of water.
Don't come.
I will.
...Do what you want.
Yeah, I will.

Miss Ryokuya... and Miss Manabe...
Sorry, I saw it...
What do you not understand? She is a threat to all human beings.
I warned you earlier. You are the one who is going to get hurt. Just stop.
Couldn't you tell...? I like her. I like Miwa Togasaki. I can't get over it.
Listen, Mawata-kun. Since you are being blind, let me tell you something. We need you.
You are just being used by her.
Whoa, big sis, that's pretty straightforward.
Do you both think so?
Well, I... realized that Miss Togasaki is just like the other girls...
She's Miros... She is our enemy.
Y, you're right. Yes...

You two can tell too, right?
So what if that's right? What are you going to do? What can you do?
I want to save her.
Don't be a fool! You can't save an enemy you're going against. The world will be destroyed!
You might be fine with it, but what about the people at school, and everyone in this town...
Everyone will fear the evil, and die. The world will collapse!
I know!
No, you don't. If you did, you wouldn't be doing this.
Miss Togasaki is not our enemy! She is... just a girl!
She might be mistaken. Maybe she just happened to be born the way she is.
So what!? I still like her!
So you are a fool.
Uh hmm...
I, I know that too... but!
You can't be fixed...

If you really believe in yourself, I think you should follow your heart.
Miss Manabe...
Miss Manabe! Not you too...
I mean, if he didn't follow his heart now, he's gonna keep regretting it even after the world gets its peace.
The world will never be at peace if it comes at the expense of someone else's sacrifice.
W, well...
So... Mawata-kun... What do you want to do?
I want to face Miss Togasaki as much as I can.
I like Miss Togasaki, but I still don't know anything about her.
The reason she's the way she is... I have to find out.
I might start to hate her, but that just shows how weak my feelings are.
If my feelings are true, I should be able to accept everything... and fine a solution.
That's why... I want to know and accept everything about her... and tell her how I feel.

I braced myself for their reactions, but things didn't turn out quite as I'd expected.

Ugh... I can't believe you guys...
I'm sorry Miss Ryokuya, but I...
I don't care, ugh! ...Just do your best.
Miss Ryokuya... Thank you...
H, hmph... I just don't have a cure for a fool! Plus...
I heard of a saying, "Whoever interferes with someone's love should be stoned to death by Funbuns."
(I think that was by a horse...)
That's perfect, big sis...!
(No, I won't say it...)
Hehe, I think... Miss Togasaki likes more tough guys.

I wanted to ask her out someplace really special, and for some reason the Sea felt like the most special place in town.

No... not especially.
Oh, so you have some time.
No... it's not like I have time.
Right, sorry. I used the wrong words.
If you want, do you want to go to the sea with me?
The sea?
Yeah, have you been there? It's a weird, foggy place. It's pretty close to here.
There's always this strange guy hanging around there, but it's quiet and really pretty.
Pretty... That place?
Mawata-kun, you can go there?
Oh, so you have been there before, Miss Togasaki?
No... um... I've passed by... before.
Really! Well, that's perfect. It's set then!
I never said I was going...

I didn't say...
See ya!
She needs someone to force her into things like this. I think I'm getting a hang of it...
He doesn't understand...
How could anyone...
System Message: The night has passed.
And the following day...
Alright, let's go......

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This next scene is voiced. There's not as many of those as I'd like in Jacqli's Cosmosphere but all of them are really great and worth watching.

I noticed I wasn't alone while I was walking down to the Sea.

Am I being followed?
Who's there! Show yourself!
Don't make me find you!
How horrible!
Manabe, get off of me!
Hey! What are you two doing here!?
Hehe... Well, we thought we should look out for you.
I'm just going to make sure you two don't break the school rule!
Please stay out of this.
We're not going to interfere, we just want to supervise!
Don't tell him that!
Why not!? We're talking about Miros for crying out loud!
You know, it's gonna be your fault if I'm late and she gets mad and leaves!
So stop following me!

Let's continue...
But this time, we'll stay further back!
Roger that! But if we get too far, we might miss them doing... you know what.
Hehehe... That's what these binoculars are for.
Wow! You think of everything!
Hehehe! You have to use the tools of the trade. Oh, how I love mystery novels.
C'mon, let's go!

There's still 10 minutes till noon.
Something doesn't feel right...
...Oh, that guy isn't here today.

Just then Miwa came into view. How do I describe her swimwear? Small seems inadequate.

Whoa! Miss Togasaki! You came!
I had no choice... You forced me to make a promise before I could turn it down.
(That's a crazy looking swimsuit...)
(I'm sure she's wearing it to swim better, but what should I say to her?)
Y-your... swimsuit...

I think it's cute.
You really have weird taste. A person with interests like yours is hard to find...
Nothing. Well, if you like it, then I don't see the problem.
(Is she fine now? I can't tell...)
(Alright! I'm not gonna let her ruin this. I'm just gonna try to have fun!)
Let's go swimming!
Did you hear that? I'm so jealous!
Plus, I didn't even know there was a place like this around here up until now.
...That swimsuit defies all morals.
Hmm? I have a swimsuit like that, too.
*sigh * Girls these days...
What are you talking about? You're one of them too!
Shh! Oh, they're playing in the water. They're holding hands! This is bad, this is bad.

Pro tip: When you're spying on people don't talk very loudly.

What's wrong?
...Nothing. But don't think our audience is talking too loud?
Yeah, and they're not even hiding very well.
Oh no, they're looking over here... I think they've spotted us.
That's because you're being too loud!
So this is my fault!?
Come on, we're leaving!
...It's finally quiet.
The waves are getting pretty high. Do you wanna head back to shore?
I'm okay.
Are you sure? I don't wanna see you carried off by a wave.
Look! There's something over there.
Wait, hold on to me!
Miwa! Hurry!
The waves!

Luckily, I managed to get us both back to shore.

Are you okay, Miss Togasaki?
Oh, sorry, please excuse my hands...
...It's fine.
You can hold my hands...
Miss Togasaki...?
You called me by my first name before.
Oh, ah, sorry...
...Don't be. I'll just call you by your first name, too.

...Yeah, I know.
I know why you attacked the school, the classroom, and the town.
You like going to school, but you were having fun with me, too.
You couldn't believe in yourself... so you tried to destroy the places...
That you knew you shouldn't.
...No, that's not why I did it.
Damn... this is hard. I don't know what you're thinking. It's hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes.
...You're sorta right.
That might be a part of the reason. Fighting myself inside... was a huge struggle for me...
I lied for a long time. To you... and to myself.

I knew it wasn't true, but I was in denial...
Because we're enemies. We are meant to kill each other.
No matter how we feel about each other, our battle must continue until one of us is dead.
We can't escape our destiny. The longer we avoid it, the greater it'll make us suffer.
I thought I could just brush you off...
But my feelings kept growing and growing.
I want to be with you all the time. I want to talk to you all night long. I don't want to be away from you.
But that will only hurt us both in the end.
The more we love each other, the more we will suffer.
I tried to push you away so that you'd hate me... so I could ease my pain.
I knew how much you felt for me...
If you stopped liking me, you wouldn't have to suffer.
You wouldn't have to experience the pain of your heart being torn in half by the truth of our destiny.
I tried to say goodbye to you before I could no longer hide my emotions.
I knew this could only serve to hurt you.

I'm sorry, Kuroaki. I never meant to get you involved. I'm so sorry...
...Miwa, thank you. I'm so happy.
I said nothing but hurtful things...
Even now, I'm just hurting you with my selfishness.
I'm happy because you're being honest...
Honestly, I felt the same way.
Just as you wished, I did think that you might just be trying to use me.
I was scared of being attracted to you, knowing that you might be Miros.
It was too hard to hold in my feelings, not knowing when or how this was all going to end.
But now I know, because I got to hear what you had to say.
Someone told me that if I really believed in myself, I should follow my heart.
I think I know what they meant now.
Nothing can stop your heart, not even destiny. Hearts cannot be restrained by anyone.
Nothing is as strong as the power of our hearts.
We love each other too much...

It seemed, though, that a happy ending was not in our future.

Miwa, thanks for being honest with me.
I've made my decision.
Whatever happens... I believe in you.
I... love you.
...I love y-
I was looking for you, Master Miros.
Master Miros, please come here.
Master Miros!
How long are you going to continue this childish charade?
Or do you think you can keep living in that temporary body?
Oh? Did you think this was her real body?
How sad... You can only see this world as it appears!
This beautiful demon queen is Miros' true form. You should feel honored to see it... before you die.
Kuroaki, please... don't look!

There was a sound of cracking glass once again. I'm not sure what the deal with that is.

...It doesn't matter... how she looks. I know that she's really Miwa!
Hmph, what a loser. Here, Master Miros...
Miwa... don't go!
...Dammit! I need to catch up to her!

I caught up with Miros and Alfman Omega in the town square.

What an annoying brat! Miwa doesn't even exist in this world!
Miwa! You know, right? It's me! Can't you hear me!? Answer me!
I said, it's no use!
Master Miros, leave this place, and let me handle this. I will return as soon as I get rid of this brat.
Alright... Thank you.
It's too bad, but that's reality. Sweet dreams are only paper thin in the real world.
I don't see those annoying bitches today. I can torture you this time...
This world has changed ever since you appeared!
Master Miros and I were absolute in this world! No one could defeat us!
You.. you are possessed with the power to change this world... "Harmonius".
I should've killed you sooner. This will be the first and last time for me to regret.
Alfman Omega... what is "Harmonius"!? I don't even know what it is.
It is... a light of hope. Whoever possesses that power will change this world.
In fact, ever since you came to this world, it's been slowly changing. The rumor was right!
I... should've killed you the first time!

The world shook again, and the sky began to crack! A black gloom practically oozed from the rift.

I should've done this from the beginning...
Again... the crack...!
W, what...!? The sky... the sky is separating...!?
...There is no time.
No time to fool around! I will kill you now!
???: Hold it right there!
???: All that work spying around was worth it!
...These voices...

Huh! What can you do without transforming? You're just a human being. I'm not threatened.
Gah... crap...!
Now! Taaaahhhhh!
Ouch! What the hell!
Mawata-kun! Over here...
O, okay...
Gh! Dammit...
Don't forget about me.
I don't think I can defeat you, but I think I can still do something!
These brats... how dare you! I will not let you go...
Us too!

Hurry! ...Ahh... huh, hurry!
Almost full?

I'm not sure why it was okay to skip this time but not every time.

Whoa! ...Some weird robot again!
That was close. Skipping today was a good idea.
...I don't think you need it anytime...
You're defying us! We'll crush you to pieces!

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This time we're up against Jacqli Robo. It's like a super-charged version of the Divine Army we've been seeing throughout the game. Unlike the past two fights Jacqli Robo can potentially do some damage to us with its best move. It's still easy, though.

What's the matter with you!? Toughen up!
Big sis... you're being too tough!
What are you saying!? Mawata-kun, didn't you decide to love her knowing this?
It's stupid to be upset about it now. So you didn't know what you were getting yourself into.
Yeah... you might be right.
I mean, I did know this was going to happen... and I said I didn't care.
But... it's so hard.
I'm sorry. I need to be alone for a little bit.

I went back down to the sea. The strange man was waiting there.

The sun is so bright...
Oh... you're here.
The happy footprints in the sand... will always disappear in the waves.
And also where you guys were laying down.
You were watching?
Young love is just too hot, getting burnt is the usual outcome. You should stop that.
If I could, I would've done that a long time ago.
I just love her... I know more than ever.
So... I will not give up.
You might not just get burnt... You might die.
But... I know that she was suffering and crying for hating humans.
It's not right. If she hates them, she shouldn't be crying or suffering. It can't be what she wants.
That's why... I want to save her... No, I'm going to save her...

Oh dear...
The overlooking sky... wishes to welcome the passing bird?
I see...
There might be a day, when I will tell you about that person.
Oh! Wait......and he's gone.
System Message: Finally their love was approved by Luca and Reish.
However, the last battle with Miros is coming up. The two may be separated at any time.

The Paradigm Shift suggested the episode was over. Like I said I'm not really sure what to say about this. Was it a bad idea to get involved in this? What is Jacqli to me? I guess I'll just need to take some time and think this through.

So, what are you thinking about...?
About an exciting scenario.
This is exciting enough... How can you make it more exciting anyway? The sky is cracking and stuff.
...Don't worry. It's okay.
Well, but...
What, do you wanna stop around here?
No... I'll keep going.
...See. Well then, see ya later.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.

Hmm... This is a serious concern. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep that farce going, even I have my limits.

You're here everyday. Don't you have anything else to do?
Cosmosphere #4:
So you said that the climax is coming up next?
Yes, I did.
Is it really ending? I have a feeling it's going to continue for a couple more chapters...
No, that's not true. The ending is going to be unbelievably great.
Oh, is that so?
I have a way to end it at anytime anyway.
I'll just be like "Our battle has just begun!" or like "We are going to change the future!" and that usually settles everything, right?
...Isn't that called like being shutoff, or lazy?

Anyway, I'm starting to have serious concerns. Was it a bad idea to get involved in this? What does Croix mean to me? I guess I'll just need to take some time and think this through.