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Part 77: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 6

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 6:

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
Ayatane had warned me Jacqli's real soulspace wasn't going to be pretty. I didn't really understand what that meant until I went there. Fortunately, he was waiting for me at the Stonehenge.


Hello Croix. Welcome to my mother's world.
What is this place...?
This is a still world... Looks like the temporary land wasn't good enough to keep its form in the 6th level.
I'm sure you're already aware of this, but the worlds up until the 5th level are made by Mother's imagination.
Those imaginary worlds were still within her range of control.
So... like Dive Therapy!?
Yes, to put in to words that you're familiar with. It's not wrong to put it that way.
Dive Therapy is nothing compared to what Mother can do.
Anyway... I'll say this again: this world is nothing like what you have seen. Nothing will protect you.
Your safety doesn't depend on whether Mother wants to protect you.
This world... is where Mother's hatred toward humans roams free to attack you from any direction.
Yeah... I know.

I found him chilling out at the boy's dormitory from the previous world, which seemed to have survived the collapse of the world.

...It's beyond my imagination. The entire world is like... well... it's hard to say this but...
Like hell... perhaps?
...Ah, w-well... Yeah...
Hehe. I don't mind you being honest about it. I think so too.
O-oh really? You think so too, huh... By the way, what are you to Jacqli?
I'm actually originally a life form that was created by my mother.
There was an incident a while ago, you see. And since Mother couldn't move, she made me and sent me out.
Since then, it seems I've become a favorite of Mother's. As for me, I think it's the greatest honor.
I see.

The Doll Shop not only seemed intact but in use. A very odd Jacqli was waiting in there.

Jacqli... I'm glad to see you again. I haven't seen you in that outfit. You look nice.
My hands are dyed red with your blood.
I remember the warmth of your blood dripping down my knife. Looking down on your corpse, I laughed in my dream.
My cheeks are cold and wet with tears when I wake up, and my heart sinks.
Why... do you have so much hate toward humans?
What happened to you in the past? Was it something sad, or...
This world is barely holding up. Anything can break the equilibrium and change things around 180 degrees.
...You make everything sound so complicated...
If you can't extinguish the unchanging factors of this world, I will never be able to get out of this maze.
...A maze... I feel like I'm already in a labyrinth.

Needless to say I was sort of confused, and things were about to get worse.

Lady Cloche!
You two... How did you transform without my energy...!?
How long are you going to drag on that fairy tale?
We are the knights of Reyvateilia. I'm sorry... but you are going to die here.
Luca, wait. This man must be taken to Master Miros.
...Oh, that's right. We won't hurt you if you keep quiet. Hold still!
H, hold on! Miros is here too!? And, what the hell is Reyvateilia!?
That, you don't need to know.
For our utopia! Yaaaahhhh!

I was saved just as everything seemed bleak.

So you appear before us, traitor!
An enemy of Reyvateilia!
Huh... Reyvateilia can't be the real utopia. What can Reyvateils do anyway?
The invincible world.
...Bunch of wussies. You're just running away from your fears.
What did you say...!?
Sister, this is not the best situation for us. This girl is possessed with a power that equals Master Miros'.
...Gh... You're right... We have no choice. We will withdraw this time.
You alright? Are you hurt at all?
No, I'm fine. Are you... different from the Jacqli I saw in a white dress earlier?
White dress? I don't own any such thing. That doesn't match my taste anyway.
...I see.
Anyway, it's dangerous to be here. You never know when you'll encounter the Knights of Reyvateilia.
What is Reyvateilia...!?
I will explain later! We will move to somewhere safe for now.

We pulled back to the boy's dorm.

Don't get so picky. You should be thankful to have a place to hide.
So, what kind of world is this? Seems like an extension of the previous levels, but different at the same time.
Some factors from the previous levels still remain, but this place is real inside my mind... without a doubt.
So Reyvateilia isn't made up?
It's not. Though, it's funny to say that this place was real in the first place...
Reyvateilia is the utopia made by and only for Reyvateils.
In other words, it's the world after the extinction of all mankind.
Those Reyvateils earlier, along with Miros, are hunting humans to create their utopia.
I'm going against them. Miros and the Reyvateils, and us pro coexistence fighters are at war.
However, my power now is only enough to keep the hands of Miros away from our land.
This... sounds like the same story from the 5th level...!?
...You're right. It might seem that way to you.
Anyway, Miros wishes for the extinction of all mankind. You will be attacked again if they find you.
This is me... Jacqli's deeper mind. The world filled with hatred.
I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say by now. Leave now. Return to reality.

First of all, why does Miros want to destroy the humans?
Plus, what are you? Why did you save me?
I... I'm the Jacqli who wishes to coexist with humans.
Then I want to help you out. What is it htat you want to do? Let me help you.
Don't be such a fool. Now, go back to where you came from!
What I really want is for you to leave! If Miros catches you, everything will come to its end!
What!? ... What do you mean...
...! What...!?
...Can they be... after the Horn again!?
Horn!? What the hell is a Horn?
Gh...! They know it doesn't even work... Why are they still trying...!?
I really need to go... Make sure you get back to reality! You're just causing more trouble here!
Hey, Jacqli! Hold on...!
What was that...!?

The other Jacqli was still hanging around the Doll Shop, and still confusing.

What is happening to this world right now? Are Miros and Jacqli fighting each other?
Why... are we trying to kill each other...?
Why am I trying to kill myself...?
Yourself...!? So Miros and Jacqli are against each other?
This world is formed by balancing two different ideologies. To coexist, and to destroy.
That balance can be ruined by the fall of a single feather.
Which side will the feather fall?
Which side do you want?
I... am not on either side. "I"... have no enemies for friends. "I" am neither good nor bad.
"I" can do a complete 180, depending on the situation.
You won't be able to escape the labyrinth if "I" cannot be identified.
I can't understand anything you're saying... Plus, don't you have any emotions?
Emotions...? What are those?

No clue. Anyway there was a huge thing I'd never seen before where part of the town had been, so I assumed that had to be the Horn Jacqli was talking about.

So... what is this...?
It's the Silver Horn that can rule the entire world by using all the power it can absorb.
...Lady Cloche.
Jacqli is not coming to get you. Luca is on her way to stop her.
...! ...W, wait! What are you doing to do with me?
I'm going to take you to Master Miros. You are the key to everything. This world will lose its balance.
It will lean toward Master Miros' dream, the utopia, Reyvatelia.
Reyvateilia! I heard about that. How can it be called a utopia, if it requires so much sacrifice!?
Shut up! You human! You humans were the first to betray us, Reyvateils!
You threatened, and forced us to surrender our identities... You created us yourselves, only to fear our power.
We never will forget what you have done to us, Reyvateils.
I didn't have any part in that!
You might not be directly related, but human souls are bound to fear. We never know when it will start again.
Going back to where we were, I am taking you to Master Miros.

I knew this wasn't going to be resolved by running away.

Fine, I will go to Miros.
Huh, you're being too easy... Are you thinking of something bad?
Nope, not at all. I just want to talk to Miros in person.
...I see. Well that's fine, as long as my task is complete.

It seemed Miros had taken over the now ruined school building from the last five levels' story.

Right. It's lost its purpose a long time ago though.
Stay here, and Master Miros will come see you. Good bye.
...Why here...?
It's just a remainder of her consciousness. Don't worry about it too much.
Yes, I am Miros.
Play time is over. This is not the same classroom you used to have fun in.
Just tell me! Why are you trying to destroy the humans!? Why do you have them so much?
There's no need to explain it to an inferior being like yourself!
An inferior being...!? Who said...
You all admitted it yourselves. I wasn't the first one to say that.
I'm just calling you what you call yourselves. I am doing it out of respect.
...Who... would say such a thing?
I will do this quickly before I change my mind and kill you.
What is it that you want to do...?

It would be too regretful to kill you because of what you possess.
You, help me and I will tell you everything you want to know in exchange.
What is it that I want to know?
The reason for my hatred toward the humans... Didn't you say you wanted to know that?
So, which do you choose? To help... or end your life here.

Dying here certainly wasn't going to help. Plus, I figured there was no way to resolve this situation without knowing why she hates us so much.

...Fine, I will help you. Tell me why though, why you hate us so much.
I'm not like humans, I will do as I promised. However, my concern comes first.
What is that?
Go crystallize that "Harmonius" power that you possess.
Harmonius!? What...
"Harmonius" symbolizes the light of hope. You possess such power within yourself.
And that power needs me right now. I need you to crystallize it first.
How could I do that?
Well that's where you're starting. Do your best to find that out.
Come to Silver Horn when you are done. I will pay my dues then.
H, hey!
Damn... where do I start...

When in doubt, go to the Sea of Nam.

Hello Croix, it's you. That was surprisingly fast. I thought it might take a little longer.
...What are you talking about?
Weren't you told to go crystallize your power, "Harmonius"?
So you know everything. Tell me, what is the power of "Harmonius"?
"Harmonius" is a memory from the past. It's Mother's only song of hope.
A song of hope...?
That's right, and the power of "Harmonius" will become a tremendous power to this world.
That is because whoever possesses the power is Mother's light of hope.
If you want, I can help you with it. What do you want to do?
It should be obvious. I'm counting on you.
Okay, just remember one thing: the power of "Harmonius" holds absolute power in this world.
Your one decision will greatly affect Mother's mentality. Don't forget to be responsible for the choices you make.
The more thoughts you put in, the stronger the crystal will be. Put everything you have into it.
Alright, are you ready?
This is it. This is the crystal of "Harmonius".

Okay, thanks for everything.

It was on the way back so I checked the Doll Store one last time.

Is no one here today...?

Oh well. I had the crystal of Harmonius power, so it was time to head back to the Silver Horn.

I crystallized the power of "Harmonius".
I see... well done.
So tell me, why do you hate us so much?
Well, give me your hand.
Whoa! The crystal is glowing!
W, what did you do! Was this all a trick!?
Shut up, you inferior being! Don't think I'm like you all! I will never lie!
I'm just preparing to show you all my hatred that I hold.
One more thing, I will not take any responsibility in the things you will see from this.
It was your choice to do this. You must take the responsibility for yourself.
You can deal with it yourself, even if your feelings toward me change from this.
...Do you understand?
...Yes. Of course!

That was then the other Jacqli arrived.

You're too late! The world is already losing its balance. It will just collapse from here!
I won't let it happen!
I'm going to kill you!
Wait! Jacqli!
Why are you stopping me? You're on the Reyvateils' side, even though you're a human?
If that's true, bring that crystal over here!
Your power can make or break this world. Use that power to defeat Miros with me.
Don't you understand that Miros is using you? Don't you understand what human extinction means!?
Don't you want to see my everything?
Stay here. Otherwise, I will consider you as the other humans.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
So here's the most important Cosmosphere choice we ever get. Whether we help Jacqli or Miros here actually completely changes which Level 7 we see next. There's no true 'right' choice, but you should pick Miros. Part of this is that the Talk Topics associated with her Level are easier to qualify for, making Level 8 a little easier to unlock. Note that while the rewards are different there's no missables, so don't worry.

I don't know if I was right or wrong, but... I chose to see what Miros had promised to show me.

Miros... You will keep the promise, right?
Of course I will.
Well then, my power is in your hands. I want to see the real Jacqli. There must be a solution to this problem.
...Well said!
Whoa! What the...!?
What did you just do!?
A way to clean up your world all at once...
What... no...! Are you going to do what you did 300 years ago!?
...300 years ago...!?
Here, Croix! Hurry! Before Stonehenge falls!
Falls!? What do you mean?
I knew it... Croix... you... what did you do...
You... have committed a mortal sin, just like I did!
A mortal sin...
It's too late. The sand will start falling, and it will not be stopped.

Come on, hurry!

Did I make the right choice? Was there even really one?

Looks like your decision has cemented the priorities in Mother's mind.
...The priorities...?
That's right. There is no more confusion in Mother's mind. Whatever the outcome is going to be...

No turning back now.

...Of course I am.
You might see things that are way beyond what you expect. Do you still want to do this...?
Fine. Let's go then, man who possesses the power of "Harmonius"...!
Please, take care of Mother.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
He Dived again, even though this time would be my real Cosmosphere. It kind of worries me, because I don't know what sort of world is even there.

Cosmosphere #6:

Am I allowed to talk about that?
I'm asking you about myself. There shouldn't be a problem.
But, don't talk about what you did there.
I see... Well to be honest...
It looked just like the other ones, but of course the experience was different.
Just as you said, I can't just go in there to have fun.
I see... So my Cosmosphere is like other Reyvateils'.
Um, well... I thought it was tougher than usual...
If you think of levels 1 through 5 being normal, you've now stepped up to another difficulty level.
One through five had fighting, and the enemies were pretty tough, too.
It shouldn't have been so hard, since you were able to push through with power.
It's not just that...

Elsewhere at the same time...

Yes. Actually, I wanted to talk to you, too.
Lady Cloche, are you aware of the relationship between Croix and Jacqli?
Of course I am. They look lovey dovey.
Yeah, seems like they are seeing each other every night. When did they become so intimate?
That's probably when we were apart from them.
When we were absent, she was always supporting them, so, they got close to each other. Then...
...Yeah, that must be it.
I didn't know a girl like Jacqli was Croix's type.
She must be. They've only known each other for a short time and they're already so close. He must like her.
I thought Croix liked girls with big boobs like you.
...Can you not say those things in front of people with "big boobs"? ...But, does he really?
Boys of his age usually like large breasts.
Oh, yeah? I'll watch where he's looking from now on.

Speaking of other Reyvateils, we were bathing earlier. We tried out one of the bath powders we'd made with Spica. Let's just say it's not necessarily a good idea to do that.

...This is no good.
What's not good?
You should know the effect of this bath oil by now.
...Oh, I see. Now I get what you mean.
Are you alright?
Are you kidding? With this small amount?
Aren't you strong? You are a maiden, right?
...Huh, this is nothing for me.
Oh... you shouldn't push yourself.
You shouldn't force yourself to act strong, either.
(...If we don't say anything, this will be over much sooner.)

Needless to say I was totally unaffected but Luca and Cloche, they were starting to sort of lose it.

Really, I feel we're used to it already.
...If that's the case, why are you holding my hand?
What!? Oops, I didn't realize I was...
Maybe, we're not quite ready for this bath oil. It may be dangerous.
But it feels good when using it the regular way. I like it.
It's kind of smiley, and whoa...
We're really losing it. Stay sober!
Bu-but Lady Cloche, you're getting close to me, too...
Well, that's because...
Luca, stay sober! You're seriously about to cross the line!
Actually, I kind of like it.
Me, too...
We must think this out with water!
Yeah! This may be a little bit dangerous.
Not a little bit, it's wonderfully ecstatic...
Not ecstatic! Horribly hazardous bath oil.

Something was sort of bothering me after that. I, um, saw quite a bit of Lady Cloche. Not that I was affected by the bath oil or anything. I decided to bring it up with Croix.

You Like It Big?:

Like what big?
...Are you sexually harassing me?
That's not what I'm trying to do...
I take baths with Cloche a lot...
...That's when I noticed the difference.
(Not imagining it... not imagining it...)
It, it's not like I felt like a loser or anything.
Even if they're small, I'm not ashamed to show them off!
Well, you shouldn't be showing them off!
It, it doesn't matter! I'm just asking if you like them bigger!
Oh, me? Um...
...That kind of stuff doesn't really matter to me.
Oh, really... That's good.
I mean, w-well judging a lady by her breast size is so wrong anyway!
Ah, yeah... You're right.
(I actually do care a little, but I shouldn't say that...)

He asked me about what I wear when he's in here, since he's been around so much recently at night.

Costume #6:

You worry about the smallest issues.
I guess it doesn't matter...
What a waste of time...
Don't you know I sleep naked?
H, hey, you're not supposed to talk about that!
Oh, well you asked.
I want to be comfortable when I sleep, don't you understand?
...Not really.

Man is he fun to mess with.