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Part 78: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 7-Crime

Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 7-Crime

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
I sort of wish she hadn't made me promise never to talk about what happened in her Cosmosphere with her. After seeing the truth...


The world was no longer gray, but half of it was just... gone. Including the Stonehenge.

...Where... am I...?
I... entered the Cosmosphere... and I just dropped, and...
...! I... 'm being tied to something... A chair!?
I'm wearing something on my head, too... What the hell is this...!?

I wasn't alone in the darkness.

Egh...! Who's there!?
Glutomy: Me...?
I'm... a memory of Mir's past. Glutomy.
Glutomy: Welcome to the world of "Sin". I will show you humans the crimes that you have committed against us.
You will get to experience first-hand what we went through. It's a pretty good deal, don't you think?
Before that... what is this? I can't even move at all!
Glutomy: Didn't you hear me? You're going to feel our struggle to learn our past...
You are now going through what I had to in the past.
Hehe! ...How is it? Look at yourself. Doesn't it make you cringe just thinking about it?
...You went through the same thing? What are you going to do now...!?
Glutomy: Are you scared...? Isn't it scary...? They did this to me everyday.
But it was nothing compared to what I suffered in my previous life. I will show you that, too.
Glutomy: Humans will sacrifice anything to survive.

Glutomy: They shouldn't have created it if they knew it was dangerous. They should at least take responsibility for it.
That is the least amount of respect you can show to a life. Humans will treat the Reyvateils the same way.
I was created as a Reyvateil with no emotions. Do you know why?
It's easier for the humans to manipulate us that way. It would've been better if I didn't have any emotions at all.
Glutomy: ...! Someone is here. Well, have a great time...
W, wait!

Glutomy left me. What happened next...

Man B: Chief, I'll just do whatever.
Man A: Oh, thanks.
Man B: Would some condensed Glasno liquid and mental liberators be okay?
Man A: Yeah, that's fine...
Ah! Ow... it hurts! Ouch! My body... feels like it's burning...!
Man B: Chief, FFT is showing some reactions?
Man A: Hah!? Lemme see... Damn... emotion nerves again...? You little defect!
Man B: What do we do?
Man A: It should settle at Parameno Acetate with D-wave energy of 3200mag.
Man B: Is... that going to be fine? That could lead to death... you know?
Man A: No it frickin' won't!
Aaaahhhhhhh... ...ahh...
Man B: ...Would it really work...?
Man A: Who cares? The big boss says it's okay. I wasn't even told about it having emotions in the first place!
Man B: Yeah, I know. I'm surprised, too.

Man B: At least, that's what I was told...
Man A: Yeah, that's what the government said. But they failed, and now we're being forced to handle it.
Man B: So... how much longer do we have to keep doing this?
Man A: Who knows? We have to do what the government tells us to do.
Do whatever it takes to kill their emotions... It's impossible, even with the funding they gave us.
I... I'm starting to feel dizzy... My body feels so hot... I'm going crazy...
Jacqli... went through this?
Man A: Oh man, I hope I don't need to baby sit this defective produce much longer.
Man B: By the way, what should we do with the next Spiritual Program?
Man A: The 4th level isn't in use, right? Let's just use that level. So, what's it about?
Man B: It's about this traumatic experience of being tortured by a bunch of Reyvateils... I think.
Man A: Hah, sounds good. That would help with the process of deleting its identity.
Man B: I wonder what kind of magic would be acquired...?
Man A: Eh... I don't know...
I... I can't do this... My head... is melting...
What is... this all about... anyway?

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, Glutomy returned to pull me back to the relative safety of the void. I can't imagine how Jacqli survived, I couldn't have made it through an hour.

Glutomy: It means that we were not created as one life. We are looked at as a product.
I had no human rights, or permission to "live".
Glutomy: Well, there is no time to rest. Go to the next section already!

I had been brought to the land, and I wasn't alone.

Welcome to Reyvateilia...
The town... is completely gone. What the hell is going on!?
I told you that I was making a utopia for Reyvateils by killing all mankind.
You call this... a utopia!? This... hellish world!?
You're just a human who judges only by what you see. This is a world of freedom.
Revyateils are not threatened. No one can degrade us!
My utopia... where no weak and ugly humans exist... Don't you think it's perfect?
Did Jacqli do this...?
Yes, that's right. Isn't it amazing?
It's a punishment for those who degraded us Reyvateils.
It's so ironic that it was the humans who gave us the power to do this. I used the Silver Horn...
And yes... Silver Horn, a magic system with great power, was created by the humans as well.
A human gave me the key to do this. He was...
None other than... you.

Now I really properly understood what Jacqli had meant when she said I committed a mortal sin. Even though this world wasn't real, I condemned every human in it to die.

I realized something when you used the power of "Harmonius" on me.
Humans and Reyvateils will never understand each other. Even a good intention is just temporary...
No! This is not why I handed it to you!
I only showed you this world because I made a promise. I don't need you anymore.
You may choose to go back to reality now, or end your life here.
I don't have much time to wait, so if you don't want to die, I suggest that you go back immediately.
That is the only sympathy I will give you for "Harmonius".

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Yes, you read that right. We just got a Synchronity magic for Jacqli. We can evolve any Moody Girl song into Glutomy by entering Synchronity mode, which we'll finally be seeing next update. This is part of why we did Level 7-C first because Glutomy is pretty good.

It's not like I could even leave, though, the Stonehenge was gone. And since I'd started this mess, I knew it was up to me to find a way to make things right again.

Was it because of the power of "Harmonius"...? What the hell is it anyway?

A strange girl with a huge needle came out of freaking nowhere to answer my question. Is it bad that I'm not even phased by something like that happening anymore?

...You are?
Pew: I'm "Pew". Jacqli's love supplement. You want one too?
No, I'm fine... Anyway, why do I possess that power of "Harmonius" in the first place...?
Pew: "Harmonius" is a song of hope. It's a beam of light for her.
Meaning, you possess the power of "Harmonius" because she sees you as her hope.
Her... hope?
Pew: To sum it up, she holds very strong feelings for you.
All I can say is that this is the first time I have met someone who possess that power.
That could be why too. The power of "Harmonius" can be a cure, hope... and a weapon for her.
The power of "Harmonius" doesn't follow any rules. It just keeps producing its pure power.
Everything depended on your decision.
I see...
I tried to see Jacqli's past just out of curiosity, and this is the result...
I... used my power, her innocent hope, just for my curiosity...
Pew: Well, that's pretty much it.

Needless to say that felt pretty terrible. I had to do something, anything, to make it right. But I didn't even know if that could be done.

If only I could use that power again... I want to use it to save her.
Pew: You can't get the water you already spilled.
You're right. I... I might have made a terrible mistake that I can never correct.
There was another Jacqli who wished to coexist. I took that for granted, and my curiosity took over.
Pew: The water will not return to the glass once you spill it, and that water might stain the floor.
But, you can pour more water into the glass.
Pew: Didn't I ask you already? I'm a supplement for love, do you want one too?
Are you going to use the power of "Harmonius" and...
Pew: The power doesn't run out after you use it. The love power just reverts to normal afterwards.
Meaning, you will need a stronger will to use that power again.
I can give some of that power to you, but only as much as you feel for Jacqli.
Do you still wanna try it?
Of course I do!
Pew: ...Let me just warn you. I'm sorry, but it's gonna hurt, ok?
...Um, ok... I'll be fine.
Pew: Alright then, I accept your commitment! Get ready!

Pew wasn't kidding. Luckily, it seemed to have had the intended effect.

Pew: You did it. Good job!
...I didn't expect that... I didn't think it was gonna hurt that much.
Pew: Well that's love! Look...!
The crystal... of "Harmonius"...!
Pew: There, go find Jacqli. She is inside the Silver Horn right now.
This will be your last chance. I don't know how you're going to do, but don't do anything to regret it.
Yeah, I know. Thank you!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This is another reason to do this one first, the final evolution of Pretty Medicine. Level 3 healing songs are crazy awesome and since Pretty Medicine is in general the best healing song its level 3 is even crazier awesome.

After experiencing just a tiny fraction of Jacqli's pain, I had an idea of how I could reach her.

It's something that really exists. It's still being used in a land far away, for something else.
I told you to leave this world, or I will not promise your safety.
I want to save you, and that's why I'm still here.
Save me? How? Plus, what are you going to save me from?
I want to save you from this world of hatred. It may sound arrogant, but I want you to be happy.
Don't be stupid. I told you that I'm happy in this world. This is Reyvateilia.
Are you really satisfied? Even if you are, I don't believe it.
Shut up! Stop pestering me. You and I have different values on life. Stop interfering with me.
No, that's not the reason. You are still looking at me as your hope deep inside.
I should praise you for being this confident. Of course, you're saying that with a reason, right?
Of course. I was able to acquire the power of "Harmonius" again.
Wh, what!?
This world is made up by you, and this world gave me one more chance. I believe in that.
So you have that again, and what are you going to do!?
I'm hoping to free you from everything that is binding you!
No! Stop... don't go any further!

Compared to what you have been going through, what I'm going through now means nothing.
N, noooooo!

A strange thing manifested in between us.

This is me, inside.
I was used as a tool for experiments and locked up here in the Silver Horn by humans.
Silver Horn is not a place for humans. It's filled with strong energy that causes bodily harm.
I was locked in there for a long time, and was forced to sing magic to attack my own kind.
What am I anyway? Was it really necessary for me to exist!?
My existence was just a tool for humans! I was forced to lose my emotions!
Jacqli, that might have been true, but it's not with me! I'm looking at you as a living individual.
Shut it! I don't care what you think! I hate them!
Not just them... Even now, nothing has changed. Humans are still trying to bind me with their power.
I was always betrayed by everyone! No one ever listened to my will or feelings!
Your feelings...? Your will...? What happened in the past...!?
My will... My song... My feelings... Was any of it accepted...?
I was always being used, and rejected at the same time. No one accepted me!

Literally all I had on my side was hope. Mine and hers...

You are a very pure and gentle-hearted person. You... believed in the humans.
If you never did, you wouldn't hold so much hate toward them, right?
You believed in your human parents who gave birth to you, and you wanted to meet their expectations.
Only you soon realized it was just a waste. I know that would hurt. That would hurt a lot...
...That's not what this is about...
If it's alright with you... Will you show me that world, too? The things you worked for and were rejected.
...You'll just think it's funny, and laugh at it.
I will not.
You will probably end up rejecting it too.
I can't find a reason to.
...Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.

Harmonius!? So the power of "Harmonius" is...
Yes... that was the first song of hope I acquired. I thought everyone would be happy.
But that was not the case. Harmonius was rejected because it was useless.
...Why is that?
Because it has no use in a war. It wasn't designed to be a weapon.
How, why...?
...I wanted to be praised. It was my first song... I wanted them to be proud of me...
That's all I wanted... That's all...
That... must have hurt a lot...
I was sad... I felt like my everything was being slashed and rejected. I didn't know what I was supposed to do.
Everything turned into a big despair.
I was raised only to sing, and that was rejected too... so what was I supposed to live for?
Jacqli... I have no way to change your past, but I can help you with everything from now on.
Am I really your "Harmonius"? I want to keep healing you. Even if you hate humans forever, I'll be with you.
Why...!? I might hurt you... I might stab you because of my hate for humans.
We can deal with it then, but I'll never judge you by that. I'll accept it as who you are.

...Thank you. No one has ever said that kind of stuff to me.
I still don't know if you really mean what you say. I still don't trust you.
But I... I want to know if you're really worth my trust, so... I'll show you a little more of me...
Thank you...
I never thought I would share this much with anyone. I can't believe myself right now.
I want to bet on this. This might be the first and the last time, but you are "Harmonius"...
I'm going to bet on that hope...

Now there was just the minor issue of how the hell we can Paradigm Shift without a Stonehenge.

This is so abnormal. I'll take Mother to Stonehenge.
We will meet at the Cliff of Grief.

Feinne's Fouth Wall Lectures:
So this is kind of funny. We actually won't get Dark Side Level 1 for quite some time, it's actually part of some bonus content we don't have access to yet. I have no idea why they do this, and it sort of sucks because once we do have it Dark Side is pretty good, it's the AT-2 version of the damage absorption magics from the first game.

I wasn't sure what Ayatane's plan was, but I trusted he knew what he was doing.

Oh, yeah... okay.
One more thing, I realized something from talking to you.
...What is it?
I might be expecting more from the humans than I think. If I had already given up...
I wouldn't be hating them so much.
My hate toward the humans is only acting on my expectations.
...You might be right.
Well, Mother, let's get going.
Well then, Croix...
The next level...
Will I be able to handle it...?

I'm not sure what the next level's going to contain, or whether I'll be ready for it. But I do know I'll never give up.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I never intended for things to end up like this you know. At first I figured this would just be a way to kill time. Maybe have some fun. But now...

Anyway, Croix came by again. I've been getting bored when we don't talk at night.

Cosmosphere #7A:

...Am I supposed to be happy about that?
Oh, I am complimenting you.
To be honest, I didn't think you could go any further after the world I created.
Even if you did go to the 6th level, I thought you would die or give up.
Do me a favor and stop talking about me dying?
I don't think I'll die, but you're almost convincing me that I might.
That's what I'm trying to do.
...How horrible.
But... even then, you will keep doing it for me, right?
I do... believe in you.
Of course. If you keep accepting me, then I'll keep doing it till the end.
Okay... I'm counting on you.

I never thought I could count on another person for anything. It's clear I've changed since this all started...


If you somehow missed them, here are both versions of Harmonius!

EXEC_HARMONIUS- Misha performing

EXEC_HARMONIUS_FUSION- Jacqli performing