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Part 80: Jacqli's Soulspace, Level 7-Punishment

Jacqli's Soulpace, Level 7- Punishment

Loading Excerpt- Personal Logs, C. Bartel
For a minute I foolishly thought things were going to be better because I'd chosen Jacqli over Miros.


Speaking of which, I can see something in the distance...
Is Miros really gone...?

Ayatane was hanging out around an odd tower, I decided to see what he was up to.

That was out of nowhere... What do you mean by background story anyway?
In Mother's mind, I'm a legendary general who took the head of the leader of the human side in a Reyvateil war.
A l-legendary general...!?
Well, Mother does love to give history and a full background story to each of her creations.
I just kindly watch over her. I mean, it's not that bad of a role actually.
You're pretty frank, huh? But it's surprising to learn that Jacqli likes setting up background stories so much.
Is it? She used to write a lot of stories back in the day. It was the only form of fun she had in imprisonment.
The stuff Mother likes most is suspense and romance.
The only thing I can imagine from there is still blood...
Well now that you know, there are still many of Mother's bittersweet stories she wrote, stored inside the tower.
I kind of want to read them but...
Well that's impossible. I don't think Mother plans to show them to anyone.
She often says, it's a thousand times better to be seen naked than to have those stories read.
...In Jacqli's case, I don't think it's much of a comparison.

I'm pretty sure by the way she wouldn't wear clothes if she wasn't forced to. Anyway while I was up at the tower I spotted an odd scaffold, which seemed to be new. I decided to check it out.

What is this place...? What are you doing...?
It's a place for executions. I can finally do this because of your hard work.
What... You mean Miros!?
Oh no, Miros disappeared in the last level.
I... am getting executed.
What!? So who is conducting...
...You're not making any sense.
Do you want to come see it? I'll show you, since you helped me out.
Come with me.
H, hey! Jacqli!
...I guess I have no choice.

The Jacqli from the Doll Shop in the last level was suspended on a cross. No wonder she was dead on the next level...

What is this...!
I wasn't lying. I am going to start the execution myself.
Huh!? Why are you doing this to yourself!? What is the point of all this...?
I will not be forgiven for what I have committed.
I killed hundreds of millions of people, and smashed almost half the world into the Sea of Death.
I wonder how much damage I have done... How much blood I have spilled...
It's over now! You defeated Miros, who wished for destruction, and now you're here to coexist.
Yes, and that's why I can finally do this. Now that I've lost my destructive self, I'm guilty of what I did.
I can finally punish myself.
I didn't help you out so that you can do this! I wanted you to live with the humans and be happy...
Be happy...? That will be impossible. There is no word for "happy" in my book.
I will live with the guilt and regret forever, just like this girl...
Whatever, I will not let you do this.
Do not move!
Whoa! The heat... It's unbelievably hot...
Do not go near her! Otherwise, you will suffer the same fate as her.

How could I have known that only her desire for revenge kept her moving forward? Anyway, there was no way I could let her kill herself.

Croix... Please... Don't... come close to me...
Jacqli! Why...
Even if it's in the past... The wound will never heal.
The crime committed will never disappear...
She hates you. Keep trying if you still don't care.
She will never forget... that you prevented her from punishing herself.
Nothing hurts more than to live with the guilt for what you did.
Dammit... What should I...
Your job was already done in the last level.
...Thank you. Now I don't have to be confused with myself.
Leave. You can't forgive me. You don't even have the strength or experience to forgive me for what I did.
Dammit... Can't I do anything right?
Is it impossible to release her from her guilt...?

I'm not even sure exactly what it is, but it has always seemed like, I don't know, the Sea of Nam is trying to help me. This time it wasn't Ayatane, but another who came to my aid.

???: Ahhh! Pervert!
Wahh! That's hot!

N, no, no! I was just passing by!
Bubbleba: Your mind is so filthy. Purify yourself!
What are you talking about? Purify what?
Bubbleba: The sins that you committed in the past.
The sins.. that I committed in the past!? Can I get rid of them just like that?
Bubbleba: Nope.
Bubbleba: The sins will never disappear, but you can use it for polishing.
Polish what?
Bubbleba: Your value, and your will.
I see.
Bubbleba: What? Are you upset? Were you expecting to get rid of your sins through purification?
Well, a little bit.
Bubbleba: That's not possible... The sins will remain forever. Were you trying to stop the execution of Jacqli?
Yeah, how did you know...?

It pointed something out I'd not considered. I wanted to save Jacqli for my own reasons, but the only way to succeed is for her to want to be saved.

Bubbleba: Plus, you shouldn't think of changing someone else like that.
If you want to help her, do it yourself. I'm not going to get directly involved, but I can help you.
So... what can I do?
Bubbleba: You might be able to help her if you have the power of "Harmonius".
Can I crystallize that power again?
Bubbleba: Not the same one, because you already used it. But you can if you have a stronger will.
How do I do that!?
Bubbleba: Purify your heart and mind. Cleanse your thoughts and poish the power of "Harmonius".
It all depends on your will though. Nothing will change if you're not strong enough.
Okay, I'll try it.
Bubbleba: Alright, then I'm going to scrub and scrub you! Ready!
Jacqli... just wait... I will save you this time...!
...The crystal of Harmonius!
Bubbleba: Whoa, well done! This glow should be enough for what you need.
How do I use this to save her...?
Bubbleba: I'm not gonna tell you that. Crystals will work according to your power. It depends on how strong your will is.
...Alright... Thanks for everything.
Bubbleba: So go already. You are the only person who will be able to release her from her own curse.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
We've now finally got a second level to Those Memories. This is almost enough payoff to be worth doing 7-P first, though 7-C is definitely intended to be done first. This song is brutally powerful and extremely easy to evolve, so it tends to become one of my real bread and butter songs.

Also the next scene is voiced and very worth watching the relatively short video for.

I wasn't just armed with the power of Harmonius this time, though. I was armed with a new understanding of what I needed to do.

Yes, I can.
Stay away! Those flames will engulf your soul.
No... they will not.
Wait! You'll die!
Jacqli, what is this flame? Hatred? Or your own curse?
I'll burn you if you don't stay away.
Why? Because this flame is meant for me?
No! But it might as well be if you're trying to help!
Then, I will take the blame.
...Why!? Stop being foolish. Why should you accept the blame yourself!?
Why are you being so hard on yourself?
You're only going to hurt the people who are trying to forgive you...
Whoever forgives me is my true enemy! They are trying to make me forget the significance of my crime!
It's okay to blame yourself for what you've done.
But how do you plan to move on from this?
...Move on?
Enough! If you come any closer, I really will...

Should everyone be bound by their mistakes like this?
Your sins will never disappear... Nor should you ever forget the mistakes you've made.
But that doesn't mean you should dwell on them either. You need to learn from them and move on.
I think...
If you have already accepted your mistake... you can turn it into hope for tomorrow.
How can that be?
...You'll never make the same mistake! And it'll only make you stronger and more accepting...
Of what?
The light!?
The power of "Harmonius"...
How did you- I thought I used it all up in the last level!
I polished it with my will to save you. I want to be with you...
You already know what you did was wrong. I can see that.
Now you should think of what you can do for this world to make up for what you did.
Croix, I...

I truly feel honored to have been told her dream.

I want to recreate this world. I need to find a way, and once I've done it... I think I can forgive myself.
A lot of people will be saved if you can actually do it.
Do you see how the guilt from your mistake can be used for the greater good?
If you hadn't felt so guilty, you never would've tried to help so many people.
The thought itself should be enough to free you.
You're not relying on anyone's forgiveness, or excuses. If you can create hope from this...
I think you can forgive yourself.

The other Jacqli vanished from the scaffold.

There you go.
I will never forget the mistakes I made, but I wouldn't be able to commit to this if I hadn't made a terrible one.
I've done so much to this world, I have to do something to help recreate it.
I'd like to help you try.

We'd reached the Paradigm Shift. Only time would tell if the problem had been solved.

Your sins were forgiven...

Oh, yeah... okay.
One more thing, I realized something from talking to you.
...What is it?
I might actually like this world.
I hated it. I hated myself for coming out of this world, and everyone else.
I guess it was because I couldn't accept myself.
I will recreate the world, not just to pay off my sins, but with love to save the world.
I will do my best to help you too. I want to recreate the world, just like you.
Well then, Croix...
The next level...
Will I be able to handle it...?

One thing is for certain, I won't give up now.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I don't know, what's the right way to describe how I feel? At peace?

Cosmosphere #7B:

About what?
You let me have a Paradigm Shift again.
Honestly, I can feel it strongly this time.
...Can I ask what it's like?
Sorry, was that a bad question?
No, it's not like that...
I just... I just don't know how to explain it.
...If you feel lighter or happier or something, I would be happy.
Yeah, I think that's the right word for it.
I'm looking for the next Paradigm Shift, Croix.

Let's Talk a Lot #2:

Are you tired?
It's because we're always talking till late at night.
...I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? I didn't say it's a bad thing.
But if that's the reason why you're sleepy, I feel bad.
...Are you worried about me?
Of course.
...I see.
...It's not bad being cared for.

Maybe this world isn't such a bad place after all...