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Part 83: Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 1

Frelia's Binary Field, Episode 1

Things have been pretty boring recently. Everyone's so busy, and I'm still feeling sort of out of it so I'm not sure what's going on exactly. That's why I was so excited when that weird girl in black offered to play with me.


You seem normal today.
What!? I'm always normal! What would you like to do here today?
Oh, just a little something I want to try out.
So, Frelia.
Do you have any experience with Dives?
No, I don't.
You'll be okay with four people Diving into you all at once, right?
What!? F-four people... That's impossible!
I don't even think Frelia's mature enough to be able to take Dives...
...Both of you are horribly mistaken. Don't you know anything?
Frelia is a Reyvateil Origin. She's a Goddess. She'll be perfectly fine taking in four at once.
And also, she may look like this, but she's really 737 years old.
She's not like Cocona.
I'm sorry I'm a kid! Boo!
I-I see... Okay, I guess. She s a Goddess.

No, this Dive will be just for fun.
Enemies have been strong lately, so I thought we need some entertainment to relieve our stress.
You're going to play with someone's Cosmosphere...
Cosmospheres don't exist in Origins. They're completely artificial life forms.
That's why they can deploy a scenario that they created on their own.
Well, I just want Frelia to sponsor a location for that.
I don't get it, but if we Dive into Frelia, we can go to a fun world?
I guess that's about right.
And you're okay with that, Frelia?
Yup. Sure. I can have fun there, too.
But I don't have a Cosmosphere, so I'll need to make the world in the Binary Field.
I'm confident enough to make a world...
Don't worry about that. I'll set everything up for you.
Oh, okay. Then good.
Well then, we have a mutual agreement. I'm getting excited... Hehehe.
I'm sure she's plotting something bad again.
But, doesn't it sound fun? I'm kind of excited.

I'm glad we can take a break every so often.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
So now we have access to Frelia's Binary Field story. Unlike the Cosmosphere, in the Binary Field we spend Sphere Points to progress. The Binary Field is very prone to throwing choices at us that straight drop us out if we choose wrong. It's also the place where the translation needs the most help, which I will be providing. For doing this we get some awesome rewards including Song Magic for everyone and bonus costumes for Cloche and Luca. It has zero impact on the ending, unlike the one in the first Ar Tonelico.

I mean everyone's been so serious recently.

Too bad. You're wrong.
You know, this is not the Cosmosphere. It is called the "Binary Field."
Binary Field... So, what're we supposed to do here? should I put this?
We're taking a little break.
From now on, you guys'll take the roles of characters in a fairy tale.
What? You mean we're going to play make-believe?
You may think it's a make-believe game, but you're truly a part of the story.
Isn't that dangerous?
Of course not. I guarantee your safety and excitement.
So, don't you want to play here for a while?
Well... it's a pretty rare opportunity. I think we'll join in.
Now then, there is actually a wonderful story I would like to recommend. Can I choose it for your game?
Okay. As you say.
Roger. Now, we're going to start it.
By the way, what kind of story is it?
Game start!
Please explain it at least a little bit before we start... Whoa!

I even managed to find some other players at a remote location.

Our story opens in the home of Kuroaki Mawata, a mysterious man with a dark secret in his past...

Morning, already?
But, what? Where am I?
My house, of coruse. Oh my... it seems I'm not totally awake yet.
It's still a little early, but I think I'll go to Reisha's- I hope she's awake already.

Welcome to Wackyhabara...

Narrator: This unusual town is called "Wackyhabara."
Kuroaki Mawata was living in this funky city, where tons of people with the same ambitions surge in every day.
For his big dream...
I have to go to the office.

People are sleeping in front of the shop. They've probably been waiting in line overnight for the limited sales.

You know I have a lot of editorial control over casting in this. I sort of add people based on my impressions of them.

I should hurry.

What the heck is moe anyway? I don't get it.

Oh, Kuroaki. You're early today.
Yes, I woke up early this morning.
Narrator: This is Kuroaki's work, the Investigative Office of Reisha, Professional Private Detective.
Apparently, the reason why the office by no means looks like that of a private detective is her odd taste.
She is the private detective Reisha.
She is excellent as a detective, but...
Let's call it a day now. Why don't we go on a date?
The problem is the rest of her personality.
Narrator: For Reisha, who has been a widow for years, Kuroaki was too tempting.
Is it abnormal that a woman, who has been left alone, desires a young man like him?
Sure it is.
Reisha, why are you so pushy all the time?
Why? I'm just honest.
Being honest is good, but we can't do this at work. Fururu's going to show up soon.
By the way, why isn't Fururu here yet?

I don't know if I like my role in this episode by the way. I was really busy while they were doing this.

I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't want to know.
You're so lame, Kuroaki.
Haven't you ever thought of leaving yourself to your fate?
No, I have never.
But, don't you think now is a time to think of it?
Since you're being seduced by such a hot woman as me... you know?
Generally speaking, I guess you're right.
So, you should! If you're a true man, you must resign yourself to your craving now.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Choices in here are ever important and we need to maintain our integrity to not have this level end early. At some point I'll show off the failures, but I'm just doing successes for now.

A true man shouldn't lose his integrity, right?
I like boys who have a weakness for temptations.
Even so, please don't impose your preference on me.
How can you stand it? An adult man and woman are alone in a closed space. Of course something must happen.
Well, I mean... We still shouldn't.
Hey, a client came!
It's probably the landlord again. He just came to collect our unpaid rent. Let's pretend there is no one here.
Why can't you act more mature?
???: Hello. Is anyone here?
It doesn't seem like the landlord.
Oh, yeah? Then, we should welcome the new client.
Please come in.

One of our remote players got in on the action. I don't recall her name. Something with an M?

Pleased to meet you guys. This is a private detective's office, right?
Reisha; Yes. We are a highly regarded investigation office. Our success rate is as high as...
Actually, it's not very important. Hi. My name is Reisha, the chief detective.
You are? Then I have some business to discuss with you. Is that okay?
Of course. Can you tell me what this is about?
Thanks. By the way, who is this gentleman?
Kuroaki, my assistant. Now he may be just an assistant, but in the future, he will be my...
Reisha is a little tired today. I'll hear about your case.
Don't be shy, Kuroaki.
Oh, I see... That's fine.
Besides, I think you can better understand my situation.
First, may I ask your name, ma'am?
Well, didn't I tell you? Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Ok, Misha. What's your problem?
The reason I came here today is, I lost my bag with something very important in it.
It is very important for our company. Everyone in our company, even our president, is looking for the bag.
I see... So, could you describe the bag everyone's looking for in detail?
It's a suitcase... More specifically, it's a small suitcase made of metal.
It has a large logo of our company on it. It's very easy to recognize.
What was in it?
I only want you to find the bag. You don't have to worry about what's inside.
But, what if someone took what was inside the bag?
I'll worry about that when the time comes.
Then, please sign this contract...
Wait, stop.
Ma'am, I regret to say we can't accept your request.
What? You can't?

But, Reisha, we've never worked on those big cases.
That's not the point!
In any case, we'll never take a job as trivial as looking for a suitcase.
What if I'm willing to pay you this much to find it?
Besides this, I'll reimburse you for all expenses for this case.
I accept it!
Just finding a suitcase is a piece of cake for us. Hehehehehe!
Okay. I'll leave it to you.
Kuroaki, our client's returning home. Escort her to her automobile.
Yes, boss.
Oh, thank you.
...They took the offer without question.

Of course, things are never as they seem in Wackyhabara...

You don't look very happy. Can't you at least smile for your client?
Sorry, but I can't.
Especially for someone like you.
Don't be so cold to your ex-colleague.
Or...could it be? Have you forgotten about the Syndicate?
Did you forget about the Syndicate's support for your study?
The Syndicate helped me for the sake of themselves.
Are you serious?
Hum... you're so honest.
Anyway, what are you up to? Looking for the bag is not your real goal.
Oh, you're so smart.
You just came to "eliminate" me, didn't you?
Well, it's all up to your attitude.
Of course, so is Reisha's safety.
I know. That's the way the Syndicate handles things.

Bum bum bum!

I'll tell you this much: We don't expect anything from you.
However, I really hate to say this, but you actually were a competent agent.
Therefore, we'd like you to perform one last task... your last mission for the Syndicate.
What is this "last mission" anyway?
Find our enemy... a woman named Miwa.
Miwa? That's impossible!
How can I approach such a dangerous killer as her? She's fighting the Syndicate all by herself.
In addition, I've fought with her before. She's seen my face.
I know that. I am asking you knowing you guys have met before.
Search for Miwa and bringing back the suitcase. Those are your last missions.
What happens after that depends on whether you succeed in both missions or not.
Well then, I'll give you some motivation.
If you guys complete the missions, you're free.
Did you say, "free"?
Yes, free.
We'll never bug you again unless, of course, you guys do harm to us first.

Although... I don't think it's the wisest choice.
Now, that's the last order form the Syndicate. Are you going to do it, or not?
(I left the Syndicate because I was tired of them. Why on earth do I have to obey them?)
(However, it's not very wise to be emotional right now.)
(Besides, if I do as they say one more time, I'll be completely free.)
(I don't know if I can trust them, but what if they really mean it?)
(In either case, I don't want to be killed by them.)

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This choice is also obvious, given that we've been threatened.

Now that's what I like to hear.
You said I'm going to be free. You mean it, right?
If you complete the missions.
You won't try to kill Fururu, either, right?
If you complete the missions, then freedom is yours.
Although, it won't be easy to find Miwa.
I'll do that. If Fururu will be free.
Wise decision. Then, take this with you.
What's this box?
Maybe it's too precious of a gift for you, but it'll come in handy.
It's from the Boss. "It should be better than nothing."
He's pretty generous to a traitor.
Hm... we're countin' on you.

I wish I got the cool part this time...

Thank you, Kuroaki. Well, what should we do with it?
What do you mean, "What should we do?"
I mean, should we take it or not? It's a boring case, but they'll pay us a lot.
But, it's a good opportunity to pay off the rent. You haven't paid it for three months or so.
I know that, but...
I thought we could spend a romantic time together here. Too bad it's ruined.
Anyway, now that you've already received the seed money, we must do it.
I guess you're right. Otherwise, we're going to be swindlers.
Okay, Kuroaki, you start searching for the suitcase.
I'm going to the bank to pay off my rent.
Okay. See you later.

The episode got like ten times better now.

Oh, Furi. You're here.
*huff * *huff * I'm so exhausted.
Hey, Fururu. You came too late.
I was in big trouble. It was so scary.
I was chased around by a big weird man in an animal costume this morning.
What're you talking about?
Our working hours're not very clear, so that's fine.
Yes, it's unethical to keep people by hours.
She doesn't feel bad about coming late? What a...
Anyway, let's begin working. Furi, go with Kuroaki and look for a bag.
Oh, really? It's been six months since we've had a real case.
That's why we must succeed. It seems like a good deal.
Okay, we'll do it. Kuroaki, let's go.
Does she really know what she's doing?
Probably not. Hey! Furi, wait!
She doesn't even know she is wanted by the Syndicate. How naïve.
Anyway, I'll open the box now.

I'm sure I recognize the person in the box.

Who are you?
Cursing Aid: Oh, you're the traitor Kuroaki Mawata. Nice to meet you.
I'm the Syndicate's communication robot Cursing Aid.
Communication robot? We can just use mobile phones.
Cursing Aid: I'm here just in case you're captured by Miwa. If that happens, I'll report to the Syndicate on your behalf.
So, the Syndicate won't help me at all, huh?
Cursing Aid: The Syndicate doesn't support traitors.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This is Song Magic for Jacqli. You remember the Song we got back in Level 7-C? The one I said we couldn't access yet because we didn't have Level 1? This is that Song's Level 1. Cursing Aid improves our critical rate while it's active, which is cool.

Okay, okay... What a bothersome company.
System Message: The traitor Kuroaki accepted his final missions for the Syndicate that he thought he left behind.
What is the "Syndicate?" Why did Kuroaki leave them?
And what correlation is there between Miwa, who is wanted by the "Syndicate," and the suitcase?

And that was episode 1.

Of course not. This is just the first episode of five. It'll be gradually revealed as the story proceeds.
Five episodes? That many?
By the way, Frelia, you didn't appear in this episode at all.
Even so, I was pretty busy where I was.
If you want to see the rest of the drama, come again any time.
Bye bye.

I think we all had fun, even the people who sort of had to sit on the sidelines this episode.

Binary Field #1:

I kind of see that, but what do you envy about them?
Of Jacqli's Cosmosphere and Frelia's Binary Field.
They are both capable of manipulating the Diver's memories and minds, right?
At first, I didn't think that was a good idea, but it turned out to be very fun.
If I could do the same thing with my customers, they would really love it.
Yeah, if you could do that, then I would be your customer.
Yeah? Maybe I should try to do it, then?
The thing is, can you make up a good story like Jacqli?

Binary Field:

It sure is. Even your mind becomes part of the virtual world.
Jacqli's Cosmosphere is still somewhat similar to ours. I wonder if I can train to make such a world as hers?
Are you interested?
Don't you think it's interesting? By Diving, you can play in an imaginary world.
Don't you think it would be more fun if my Cosmosphere were like hers?
Yeah, I guess...
...First of all, I don't like that you are the main character, but I'm not the heroine.
...I see. You didn't like the cast, huh?

Binary Field Story #1:

You think so? I think it happens a lot.
Why do I still have bad eye sight in the virtual world...
Oh, you don't like wearing glasses? I actually like it. I think you look good with glasses.
Re-really? Well then they're not too bad...
...You're so gullible. How cute.
Stop making fun of me!
But you do look good with glasses. You look smart with them.
...So you're saying I don't look smart without them.

Next Time on Wackyhabara Panic! Episode 2: Enter Miwa!