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Part 84: Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 2

Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 2:

I was happy when we took a break from whatever boring junk was going on to return to the Binary Field. After all, I've got a much better part in the second episode.


Yes, please.
You're into it, huh?
Nothing. Okay, then. Episode two, start.

We picked up a few days after the first episode.

Uh-huh. I'll find it in a second with my reasoning skills.
Is reasoning necessary in looking for a lost item? It's been four days already.
Only private detectives on TV can complete their tasks in one day.
So, we can just take it easy.
What a private detective.
Let's go, Kuroaki. The longer it gets the harder it'll be...
Alright. We're leaving now.
Take it easy.

We swung by Kuroaki's place before we started.

Did you really want to move to such a weird place?
Well, it's kinda complex; anyway, it is convenient that my new home is so close to the office.
I see... but if a giant quake happens, you won't be able to escape.
If a giant quake happens, no one will survive anyway.

Being a detective seems hard by the way. Finding one little case in a big old city is impossible.

Well, it's because we don't know anything about it, except for the approximate idea of its appearance.
Plus, their bags are all sturdily made and expensive-looking. If someone stole it, it'll be impossible to get it back.
You know about the bag?
Ah... well, you know the client brought the same kind of suitcase when she came in.
I see... I wasn't there then.
But, we haven't found a single clue in 4 days...
So, why don't we give it up?
Are detectives supposed to give up their job in 4 days?
It's not like a murder case anyway. It's so boring.
Those things are for the police, right? Those shouldn't happen that often anyway.
I guess you're right.
You should know it in the first place.
Anyway, working on trivial cases every once in a while isn't that bad.
It's like taking a walk with you, Kuroaki.
Yeah, it sure is.

What's that?
Many people are gathering at the maid café.

I'm not even sure what a maid café is honestly. Does it have something to do with that moe stuff? I should ask Shun.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
The next huge scene is voiced.

Why are you so excited?
Welcome to the Maid Café Mewon, Master.
Whoa! Moe maids!
See! Doesn't it look interesting?
Sure. I guess, but you shouldn't refer to somebody as an "it".
Hey, did you just call me an "it"?
I'm sorry, sir. Fururu, you should apologize, too.
I... am an "it"! A girl is treating me like an object...
Oh, it feels so good!
Looks like he likes it.
Sheesh. Okay, let's go back to the office.
No, please stay a little longer. Please, have a seat and make yourself at home, Master.
Oh, you're the master around here?
You too, Madame. Please come in.
What? Me... a Madame?

I distinctly remember not liking that guy in blue and white so I decided that the creepy guy would look like him.

Ergh, I'm getting a headache.
Let's sit down for a few minutes. It seems like fun.
We're supposed to be working.
But it's so interesting. Let's take a short break.
But we just started. It's too early to take a break.
But, I want to talk to you without being interrupted.
We've been so busy lately, we haven't had any time to go out together.
(She's right. I haven't gone out with her in a long time.)
(We've been to so many places, but because of the Syndicate, I haven't gone out that often.)
(I should at least spend some time with her today to make her happy.)
Okay... but we're only going to have a cup of coffee and then it's back to work as usual.
Woohoo! You're the best!
Master and Madame, make yourselves at home!
I... I'm going in, too!

I understand these things also exist in the real world, though I don't think they work quite like this.

Really? I think it's great!
*sigh * I'm glad one of us is enjoying it...
Well, I just wanted to chat with you, anyway.
Back at the office, Reisha never leaves us alone. And the way you guys're always flirting... she likes you.
What do you mean, always flirting...?
Anyway, it's been a really long time since we last went out.
When you were at your old office, we went out every weekend.
Yeah, that was fun.
I never expected you to come to Reisha's office.
I really liked your old job better.
Why is that?
You looked happier.
You looked so vibrant. Especially when you were working on a new experiment. You kept bragging about it.
By the way, what kind of job did you have back then?
When you said "experiment", I assumed you worked at a hospital or think tank.
Well... yeah... sort of...

Hmm, sounds pretty complex.
Yeah, but it was kind of fun.
...Wait, actually, it wasn't. That's kinda why I quit.
I never knew that.
But, I'm glad we get to work together anyhow.
Honestly, I didn't think you'd want to work with me. I thought you'd get tired of always having me around.
Hahaha, of course not. Don't be silly...
Though, I did have one little expectation...
And what was that?
...That you'd say you came to Reisha's office because you wanted to be around me.
...We've been friends since we were very little, right?
We even went to the same schools. So... I kind of expected that we'd go to work at the same place, too.
It seems I was right.
Do I sound conceited?
Not to me. Actually, I thought it wouldn't be so bad if we were close to each other forever.

It's too bad I can't get Shuny in here...

Well, you get my point, right?
Are you feeling alright? You never say nice things like that to me.
Actually, I'm glad. I kind of like it when you talk to me like that.
???: There you go.

This whole thing was her idea so I decided to give her a good part.

Thank you, but why are you acting so cocky? Aren't you a maid?
I'm the blunt type. Can't you tell?
Blunt-type? Do you know what she's talking about?
No idea.
Just eat it and go home. We don't need geeks around here.
Was she angry? What did you do to her?
Damned if I know.
Well, she seems to know you.
Is she a friend or something?
A former colleague. Mind if I go say hello to her for a second?
Sure. Take your time.

Stop playing around. I could just eliminate her first, you know.
Seems like you really hate me. I don't blame you.
We were rivals, after all.
Were? Sounds like the rumor about you quitting the Syndicate was true.
How did you know about that?
I'm fighting a one-woman war against the Syndicate. That sort of thing requires reliable sources within it.
Although I still don't fully believe it.
Because of my position within the Syndicate, right?
You were one of their top dogs. That's not who you expect would betray them. In fact, I still suspect a trap coming.
So leave, no, without even telling your girl. Go out the back door and leave town forever.
I can't.
Do you wanna die? I can arrange it.
I can't leave Fururu alone. At least, not now.
What are you talking about?
They're trying to kill her. I have to protect her.
So it is a trap. But it's to get her to join them, am I right?

(If I were Miwa, I wouldn't believe this story either.)
(But under the current circumstances, she wouldn't believe a word I say. So, I may as well tell her the truth.)
Pretty lame. Couldn't you come up with a better story than that?
Well if you want me to lie to you, then...
I'm carrying out my final set of missions for the Syndicate, in exchange for a certain reward...
Our safety and freedom from them.
One of those missions is to discover your whereabouts and report back to them.
I see... so it's a thriller. Okay, I buy that.
So, how does this story end? Do we end up killing each other, or does it depend on our choices right now?
(Now what do I do?)
(Even if I told them about Miwa, there's no guarantee they'll let us go. But betraying them again is... suicidal.)

This wouldn't be any fun if he didn't team up with her. They make such a cute team anyway.

Why don't we join forces? I know quite a bit about them. Together, we can cripple their operations.
In return, I want you to help me beyond the fight.
I don't give a damn about protecting you. Even though you left, you did belong to them at one point.
I don't care about my own life. I just want to protect Fururu.
In fact, I know I can't protect her forever. I need a powerful ally, like you.
You mean your friend's life is more important than your own?
Yes. Thanks to her, I realized I was going down the wrong path.
So I beg you. Please help me protect Fururu.
...Now that I know a defector of the Syndicate is in danger, I can't ignore it. Okay, I accept.
However, I'll only protect that girl. I don't give a crap about you, alright?
That's fine. As long as you promise to protect her, that's enough for me.
You're such a fool. If you just told them about me, you'd be free.
If that really was my mission, I would have. But I can't sell someone else's life for ours.
But to be honest, the thought did cross my mind.
But then we'd have no chance if they ever decided to double-cross us. We need each other if we want to succeed.

This next bit may have been a bit too close to the truth and not the sort of thing to say in front of one of our special guests.

???: Aha! You like idiots, huh? And they call me weird.
Who the hell are you!?
Cursing Aid: You traitor! I guess it is true, "A traitor never changes its spots!"
Cursing Aid, I never gave you permission to talk! And certainly not to report back to the Syndicate.
Cursing Aid: I never said I'd obey you. I never even trusted you to begin with.
Anyway, I'm tired of hiding I this form. Reverse Transformation!

You're... really Moira!?
Huh? You just figured that out now? Man, you're pretty dumb.
What's going on? Why did that tiny robot turn into a normal person?
Because you got that the other way around. I'm a normal person who turned into a tiny robot for a while.
Recognize this, Mr. Mawata? It's the battle suit you invented for secret agents. I fixed it up a little bit.
You're better than I thought, huh?
I always regret my inventions when they're used against me like this. But I thought only I could adjust it.
You were a competent agent, but far from the best.
It's funny, you betrayed us in the exact way that we predicted you would.
You gave me those tasks because you knew I wouldn't go through with them?
Didn't we tell you, "We don't expect anything from you?" It actually turned out better, since you found Miwa.
Our schedule was pushed back a bit, but it's fine. Now, to accomplish my mission...
Damn! They're gonna escape through the back exit!
Are you going to report to the Syndicate?

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
You need to not chase after Moira, because that would be abandoning Fururu to the veiled operation going on.

I was feeling sort of neglected right about now.

Let's go back for her.
Wow! There's a penguin over there!
A penguin?

Technically a person who was also a penguin. Not that I hold grudges but I think she did try to kill me once, even if she was aiming at the wrong place.

It's getting hot. I'm going to take a short walk and get some fresh air.
Would you like to walk down Wackyhabara street with me?
I'd love to.
That's weird. I don't remember ever seeing a maid like her at this café.
A penguin costume? Actually, she said she was chased around by someone in an animal costume this morning...
That animal-costumed woman! Mawata, hand me that parfait over there!

For the rest of the afternoon Croix kept shuddering and muttering about something called a 'Chalons de Trois'. I have no idea why.

Ah! Miwa!
Let's go.
Get down!
What's going on?
Miwa, you...
Ahhh!? The penguin... exploded!?
Fururu, run!
But, the penguin...
Miwa! Why did you blow up our customer!?
Exploding maid service? Blow me up, too! Please!
What're you doing!? Let's get out of here! Now!
Fururu! Run!
What the hell's going on!?
System Message: Magic Easy Chorus: Lv 2B "Artsy Bomb" acquired!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This is magic for Luca, and attacks with the unstoppable power of the CHALONS DE TROIS. Nothing more needs to be said.

All this penguin exploding was getting sort of strange.

I didn't know Reish was going to come out. This isn't good.
Are you talking about that woman?
I have fought with her several times. Her penguin clothes are kind of annoying.
Hey, Kuroaki, what is going on!?
Oh, I just remembered that you said you were chased by someone in an animal costume.
Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
I'm glad you're worrying about me. But that wasn't the one who chased me this morning.
Oh, it wasn't?
But, she exploded. Is she still alive?
She should be alright. That thing she was wearing may look like just an animal costume, but it's actually armor.
That wasn't big enough of an explosion to destroy it. But it probably scared her quite a bit.
How can you talk about such scary stuff like that? And why is that maid with us, anyway?
Of course to protect you. Things are getting ugly.
In any case, it seems you are in great danger.
What? Me?
Well, they were trying to kill you. Although, I won't let them lay a finger on you guys as long as I'm around.
"You guys?"
I'm saying I'm going to help you both.

See, I told you she likes him. Anyway, that was the second episode, much more exciting than the first.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
For this level we no joke get a Pippen suit for Cloche. It's better than the Metamorole Model costume, and is also hilarious. It's designed to give you a better option for Cloche when not on her path. We'll be getting one for Luca later, though it's much more dignified.

Yeah, now we can just goof off, and she'll beat this level.
Would that still be "a game?"
Hehehe, I'm just kidding. If you want to continue the game, please come again any time.

Next Time on Wackyhabara Panic!: Race Against Time!