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Part 85: Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 3

Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 3:

Feinne's Shouts From The Fourth Wall:
By popular demand I'm going to leave Engrish in unless they just straight fuck up a word. I'm really not sure what sub-literate troll man they got to localize this section but damn is it ugly. This time there's no voice actors to go 'wait what' and it really shows.

This is really starting to get fun.


You're really into it too, Frelia.
Of course. The more you're into the game, the more fun you get. Hehehe...
Now, we'll resume the game. Ready? Go!

We still were no closer to finding that suitcase.

Well... I think we have been to all places we could look for it.
Anyway, it seems we have no choice other than doing some leg work.
I don't mind as long as we can be together.
Hey, Kuroaki. Don't you wanna have some fun with me, this sexy girl?
Who are you talking about, "sexy girl?"
Please don't seriously answer. I'm just kidding.
What are you saying anyway? Don't you have anything else to say?
You and Furi are so lovey dovey.
I'm sooooo jealous. How dare you ignore his sexy girl.
You still say "sexy girl." We aren't lovey dovey. And, please don't cry.
You are! You guys just show off how intimate you are! Of course I envy!
We aren't showing off. There is nothing you should envy over.
You are just playing with me.
Stop saying those misleading things. There is nothing racy between us.
So, why don't you accept my love for you and be naughty just one time?
Perhaps, once you accept it, you'll be addicted to my affections.
You just said, "just one time," but it's not going to be just one.
Kuroaki, you're a man. You should act manly and accept the way it goes.

This is seriously crazy.

Again? I was taught that integrity is very important for a man. How can I lose mine so easily?
If there is a light hope, I'll try it!

You know how they define that, right? Repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

Please stop that! Kuroaki, let's go to work.
Y, yeah, ok. I'm leaving.
Kuroaki, don't let Reisha bug you so easily.
Have you actually thought of having an affair with her?
N, no way.
Anyways, why don't we go look for the suitcase. You can't leave the client waiting for us much longer.
(They know that I betrayed them again by now anyway, though.)
(In either case, they had no choice but to make me do this mission, so it must be important to them.)
Okay, let's go to Miwa's place. She looks very knowledgeable.
Also, we have to say thank you to her for the other day.
You're right. Let's go to the maid café.

Hello, again, my brother. Why don't you sit with me and see the maids?
Maybe it's not quite appropriate for you to call me "my brother." Anyway, there is a cute maid over there.
Oh! How saintly.
Well, we're actually working right now. I want to talk to you for a second, Miwa.
Miwa, is it right? Ok.
She's already left here.
Left? Why? What's happened to her?
She was fired because she threw an explosive at a customer and ran away form the shop.
F, fired? What should we do, Kuroaki, she was fired because of us.
Luckily, no one called the police, but we were all freaked out... She's such a psycho.
Actually, I'd love such a maid. A peeping maid. She would be so moe!
Let's go Fururu. We'll go look elsewhere.
You guys should go to the train station. Miwa should be looking around there for a new job.
Kuroaki, we have to help her find a new job.
Yeah, we owe her a lot. Let's go.

I know it's just a game and all but it'd just be horrible to get someone fired and not help them out.

What is?
Somebody's trying to kill me. Why am I chased after by the person in a penguin costume?
I don't know. We never know what those nut cases are up to.
Not just that.
I'm not like a wealthy man's daughter or anything. It's so odd someone has been trying to get me for a long time.
Ma, maybe, they just saw you at the shop and decided to chase after you.
Why me? There were so many other people at the café. He knew I wasn't alone. Why didn't he pick someone else?
Besides, I think the person in the penguin was a woman. I don't think she liked me.
I'm really confused.
I have no idea.
(Fururu is smarter than I thought she was. She's an assistant of a private detective, after all.)
But, you know, I'm not worried at all.
Why? Why aren't you worried? Someone's trying to kill you.
Because, you'll protect me, Kuroaki. I always trust you.
So I'm neither worried nor scared.
You give me too much credit.
I really trust you, Kuroaki.

Of course little did I know the dark secret he held within... Bum bum bum (dramatic reverb)...

(I'm not proud of it, but I should hide it from her as much as possible.)
Hey, Kuroaki, there's a person crouching over there.
Yeah, what's wrong with that person?
Let's go see.

Hello, what's the matter?
Oh? Well, I am...
Are you sick? If so, we'll take you to the hospital.
No, thanks. I just dropped my contact lens somewhere around here.
Contact lens? That's no good.
Yeah, that's really a problem.
If you use a dirty lens that you think is clean, you can damage your eyeball or get dirt in your eye socket.
Hey, that's a little bit too much.
Anyway, don't you have a spare one? There is so much traffic on this street. It's so difficult to find it.
I need that particular lens. It's too inconvenient without it.
Okay. Then, we'll help you.
All right. Let's fine it before someone steps on it.
You'll help me? Thank you very much!
My name is Haruka. Nice to meet you.
I'm Fururu and he's Kuroaki. Let's look for it.

We're really bad at this whole finding things business.

Where is it!?
Seems like I lost it. I'm getting exhausted.
Oh! I found an ice candy bar with "50 points."
Throw it away.
You guys...

Croix kind of lost his train of thought when 'she' showed up. You know who.

Ja... Miwa. You're Miwa, right?
Miwa, we've been looking for you.
Were you chased around by them again?
Miwa, you were fired, right? Are you eating healthy?
You went to the café? Don't worry about it.
Now that the Syndicate's got to know where I was working, I could no longer stay there anyway.
"The Syndicate?" What's that?
Nothing. By the way, you told me you were looking for a suitcase, right?
Are you by any chance talking about this?
That's it!
Why do you have it, Miwa?
I stole it from the Syndicate. Of course I have it.
"Stole?" Hey, come on! Stop lying to us.
A, anyway, thanks a lot. I'm glad we got it before the Syndicate took it back.
I haven't looked inside it. There is nowhere I could open it.

Once again I think I need to do this: Bum Bum BUM (dramatic reverb)...

Ah! Hey! Give it back to me!
I didn't think you were going to bring it back to me.
What? What's going on?
Good job, detectives. Your mission's over.
That voice is... Misha!
What an impertinent vessel. I'm your former superior. You're supposed to call me "Lady Misha."
"Former superiors?" Is she a former co-worker, Kuroaki?
"Co-worker", huh? You're deceiving your girlfriend like that, Kuroaki.
Shut up!
You promised to her that you would let them go free, right?
I'm here with the suitcase. Let them alone now.
Ney, what're you saying?
You just completed the missions. You give her the suitcase, and you brought me to her. It's going to be over, right?
Although, I don't think she can capture me so easily.

Dirty tricks and nefarious deeds!

Huh... I knew it. You scum.
Don't worry. I'm not interested in taking your life.
You won't eliminate this traitor? I don't believe you.
Listen. The Syndicate recognizes your skills. I told you that before, didn't I?
So, if you come back to us and serve us. That's your permanent mission.
What if I say, "No?"
As a reward for bringing the suitcase and Miwa, I'll spare your life. However...
I'll tell your girl what you've been doing. If you want, I'll even tell her your body count total.
Casualties? What are you talking about? Kuroaki, were you involved in a car crash or something?
Stop fooling around and bring it on! I'll take care of you two.
Oh, I don't think you're supposed to interrupt us now. It's not a bad deal, is it, Kuroaki?
If you come with us, I promise we'll leave your girl alone.
No way! You just broke your promise now. You can't make me believe you're going to keep another one!
Do you have any choice? Or else, do you want to be wasted right here now!?
Right? Why don't you try it out? It's going to be fun.

I, I think the program bugged out or something.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
The incredible QA team for this game didn't notice that while the correct option is supposed to be 'No way!' the two options are mislabeled so you have to choose 'Rejoin the Syndicate' to pass this point.

I just sort of made it work.

Did you think I'd be scared? Way too naïve.
I've determined. I'll never go back to the Syndicate, no matter what.
Oh, is that so...
Aren't you surprised?
I wasn't expecting anything from you in the first place. I was happy enough that you found Miwa and the suitcase.
If our boss hadn't ordered us not to, I would have eliminated you a long time ago.
Lady Misha, let's kill them both now. If we attack Miwa at once, we can easily get her.
We're not allowed to disobey Boss's order. If you do, then I'll have to eliminate you.
Mawata, I tell you one thing: what's inside the suitcase is the weapon you've created.
Remember the prototype you had developed after sacrificing so many human lives? I finished it.
Weapon? What's that, Kuroaki? You told me you were working at a regular company.
Mawata, your boyfriend, was working for our Syndicate. He invented weapons and killed many people with experiments.
Way more than you can imagine.

This was all way too much to take in. You know, for my character.

Hey, Kuroaki, say something!
Mawata was one of the best agents in our Syndicate.
Well, he was probably among the best ten soldiers.
Were you that good? I didn't know you were such an important man.
I didn't know that, either. I just did what I was ordered to do.
So, the Boss really wants you back, although we were against it.
However, the cost the Syndicate's invested in your research isn't negligible. We can't just waste you now.
Our boss thought about it, and wants you to come back, even though you rejected.
Well, I think I'll just take the suitcase back with us today.
Hey, what about me?
I think you're a little bit too much for two of us to deal with. We'll be back with more soldiers.
Did you think I'd just say, "Ok," and let you go?
Lady Misha, I'll stop them. Meanwhile, please take the weapon to Boss.
I'll do so, Luca. I leave it to you.
I won't let you go.

Luca decided to stand in Miwa's way.

Do you think I'm an easy enemy? They call me "Luca the Metamorpher."
Are in my way!
Hehehehe... You are great, Miwa. You are way too strong...
What a pathetically weak enemy she is.
I knew I'd seen her before. She was a fledgling soldier who didn't know anything other than how to transform.
She didn't do any help for them except stopping us from chasing Misha for a few seconds.
Sorry for protecting us.
I didn't protect you guys at all.
Kuroaki, is that true?
The story Misha told me... was that true?
I can't believe you killed many people for the sake of experiments for inventing new weapons. Please say that was a lie. You are not an evil person.

That's fine, Miwa. Thank you.
Hey, Kuroaki, what do you say? If that was a lie, please say so.
That wasn't a lie. That was all true.
I served the Syndicate not because I was threatened by them, but because I wanted to.
Just for my ego, I killed numerous people in the name of experiments for new weapons.
......Kuroaki, are you a bad person?

Oh the drama, oh the suspense!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
We get our second and final bonus costume, Luca's Tres Super Bien. It's also similar but slightly better to a mid-range costume. You may be wondering if Jacqli gets one, and the answer is no. She actually always had one more costume from her regular Cosmosphere, because she got one from the first level.

We'll see in next episode.
If you are so worried, then why don't you come back to play the game soon?

Loading Excerpt- Hopes For the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
I know this was my idea but I think Croix got a little too into this.

Binary Field Story #2:

Yeah, it's going really well.
Not that. I'm worried you might be forgetting about your real task.
The Binary Field is supposed to be used to take a break, you know?
Don't forget about that.
Yeah, I know... I'm sorry.
You thought of that story, right? I got caught up in it, because it's so interesting.
I'm sorry. I'll stop for a while.
No, that's not good. You've come this far, so just finish it.
I don't want you thinking about it while doing something else.

I guess I can't be too mad if he likes my story.

Next Time on Wackyhabara Panic!: Melodrama!