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Part 86: Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 4

Wackyhabara Panic! Episode 4:

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Jesus this section. So it's largely voiced, which is good. It's actually got a part so shameful that the actors don't even say the line that's on the screen. I will preserve this section in its full glory except for a few things that just bug me because they fuck up the actual meaning of a section.

We're getting towards the climax of our story!


Yeah, but what's going to happen?
You'll see soon enough.
Now, let's begin.

This time we picked up directly where we left off. Also, I think there's some kind of virus or something corrupting the dialog files, and it seems like it's getting worse and worse.

You belong to the scary Syndicate just to do those things?
Kuroaki, you just wanted to do the experiments. That's why you joined them?
Kuroaki, you wanted to do bad things?
If she already knows about your past, you should explain it to her in your own words.
Yeah, you're right.
First off, I got to know about the Syndicate because they came to me.
They told me, "If you join us, we'll let you do whatever you want."
To be honest, it was a fishy story, so I said, "No," then.
Then they said I should decide after I got to know about them better, so they took me to their place.
What a nerve you had to follow someone who was so fishy?
I did think they were dubious, but they said I could do anything... so...
What did you want to do? Why did you join them for that?
The Syndicate is really great. It was a great opportunity.
You'd understand, Miwa. They have amazing scientific technology and labs to create unbelievable things.
Their high tech is big trouble for me.
For example, Fururu...
Let's say... you have a big ambition. It's almost more a delusion than an ambition.

But someone comes up to me, saying "I'll help you make your dream come true right now," then what would you do?
Couldn't you just realize it all on your own by making effort? I wouldn't achieve any ambitions without effort.
Cut the crap and be realistic, Fururu.
You know it's impossible to achieve on your own, and someone else will help you do it with no sweat.
Whatever ambitions, or even delusions you have are futile.
Imagine you were in that situation: could you still be so idealistic?
I lost to the temptation and joined the Syndicate. I have made incredibly strong weapons there.
Of course, I joined them not because I wanted to build weapons. I just loved to create anything.
I think it's human nature to want to make the greatest thing you can when in the presence of great power.
I became obsessed with making powerful weapons.
Sure, I used human samples, and most of them ended up dying.
That must be a lie!
Cuz, when you were still working with them, you were seeing me every week.
Even though you were doing those cruel things, you were still you, sweet Kuroaki.
If you had been doing those cruel things, you must have been acting weird.

He had some lame excuses for what he'd done.

Actually, it was after I was already used to people dying in front of me.
So, it was nothing to me. I sometimes even kidnapped people for human samples.
I thought so. When I first got to know about the Syndicate, I had similar feelings to you.
I just didn't want to be ordered by someone. That was only why I didn't join it.
But, why did you become their enemy?
I was scared of losing myself to the temptation of the Syndicate.
I'd rather rival them and kill them off than lose my dignity to them.
I see... in the beginning, I couldn't think that way.
I don't want to hear that!
But, it is true. I was hiding it until now.
So, I wanted to tell you everything.
Anyway, they're going to come to eliminate us.
Their boss seems to like you, but definitely not me.
Even so, their policy is "No traitor shall live." If the boss breaks the rule for me, the others will hate me.
I guess so... Sorry for bothering you, but can you take me to Mewon?
I just remembered I left something important there.
Okay. Let's go, Fururu.

I'd had enough listening to him.

Let's go.

I wasn't happy about things, but it'd be silly to just run away.

No, we're not customers.
Oh, then what do you want?
You are Miwa! Why are you back here?
Skycat, you're losing your "character for the maid café."
Miwa, are you back to work with us again?
I just came back to pick up something I've left here.
Hey, because of you, Miwa, we've got more weird Masters.
Ah! You're Ja... Miwa!? The bomber maid Miwa, right!?
Please throw this "bomb parfait" at this pathetic Master.
See what I mean?
Maybe, I should open my own bomber maid café.
Don't talk so stupid.
Well, we'll go back now.
Thank you for taking me here.
Are you scared of Mawata now?

At least ask him why he gave up his obsession and left the Syndicate, knowing he would be in danger...
Before you decide whether you still like him or not.
Okay. See you later. As soon as I'm ready, I'll stop by your office.

We went back out to Wackyhabara street.

Is this the question Miwa told you to ask me?
Yes. Why did you leave the Syndicate? You always wanted to be a part of it.
I know you're a sweet person, but they made you do cruel things. It must've been hard for you.
You're right...
But I never thought I'd leave them, even up until I did.
You may not want to hear this, but I had a good time there.
That is, until they assigned this one mission to me.
It wasn't anything strange. Just the usual abductions of people to experiment on.
But, what?
Unlike the previous times, they ordered me to kidnap one person in particular.
That person was...
When they told me, I didn't know what to do.
I ditched the Syndicate and went to work for Reisha.

I don't think this next part went quite how he expected.

Yeah, I thought I could protect you as long as I was always with you.
I also wanted to redeem myself by protecting someone from them. Though, I knew I'd never be forgiven.
So the only reason you stayed with me was for your own redemption?
When you told me you were going to work at my office, I was extremely happy.
I thought we could be together again. You kept asking me to go out with you to places nearby.
But, in fact, you were doing that for your own redemption. That is so cruel.
I was desperate. It was the only way to protect you.
You just wanted to feel less guilty about it!
Were there any other reasons? Even a tiny reason you were with me, other than your own personal redemption or whatever?
I don't care about you anymore, you selfish villain.
The Kuroaki I love is not a devil like you.

And now we approach the exciting final scene of the episode! Oh the drama!

Kuroaki, welcome back. Did you find anything?
Yeah, I found the suitcase, but the client happened to be there, too. She took it home.
Very well, mission complete. It seems like it was pretty uneventful. Were you bored with the mission?
...Yeah, we were.
Did you fight with Furi? It seems she's been in a bad mood since you returned.
Oh, well... yeah, just a little.
Make sure to tell her you're sorry soon. When a man and woman fight, the man is always supposed to apologize first.
Well, it was all my fault, so that makes sense this time.
Good. But you should wait until she calms down a bit first.
Wiser words were never said.
Oh, we have a client. Welcome.

How are you? I heard from Kuroaki that he completed the task.
I came here to pay his commission. The money I paid earlier was just the deposit.
Oh! A commission? How wonderful.
Because we usually handle the entire process ourselves, we hardly ever get commissions.
What an interesting person.
(Damn! That was fast. They're here already.)
(Looks like Fururu's noticed them, too. What should I do?)
(If we run, they'll definitely chase after us.)
(But, not running can't possibly help this situation.)
(Maybe I should text message Miwa on her cell phone. If she comes now, we might make it.)
(Hmm, but what if I protected Fururu by myself!?)
(Then she might forgive me.)

It was up to him to make the call here.

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
This is one of the trickier ones, the idea behind it is that you need to swallow your pride and ask for help instead of trying to be the big hero.

(Okay! I sent the message!)
Fururu, let's wait until Miwa comes to rescue us.
So, Ms. Reisha, I actually have another favor to ask you.
Of course. We'll accept any offer.
Great. In that case, I'd like you to sleep for a while.
Kya! What did you to? ...Ugh?
Ms. Reisha!?
Don't worry, she's just sleeping. I'm not a rookie, I don't kill people for free.
Now, I'm here to take the girl. Give her to me.
Huh? So you're not here to kill me?
The Boss ordered us not to kill you unless you resist. But don't get me wrong, I really do wanna kill you.
So, please resist. You can have the honor of being killed by us.

Miwa burst through the door, ready to rumble!

Take Fururu and run! I'll take care of them!
It's not that simple. Reiju, go!
Yes, Lady Misha. Equipment complete!

You'll regret calling me that!
Come on, let's go!
No, I'm not leaving!
Are you serious!? Grab my hand.
No! Let go of me! I hate you, Kuroaki!
Ugh, I'm sorry, but please put up with me for a little while.
When this is all over, I'll leave you alone forever.
Pardon the interruption. Look at me, Mawata.
Take this, too!
Ugh! Damn...

Kuroaki was out like a light! Oh no!

Wake up, Kuroaki!
Oww! What was that for?
You're finally awake. Are you hurt?
What? I-I was...
Where's Fururu? What happened to her?
They took her away. I barely escaped with my life.
Urgh! Are you going to use me as a hostage? They don't care about me.
I know. I'm not the kind of person who kills people all the time, like you.
So, what're you going to do?
Yeah, Mawata, what're you going to do now?
You better not say something stupid like going to their base to rescue her. That's practically suicide.
Fine, what about if we both go to rescue her?

It's kinda strange because while we're ostensibly the main characters she's the baddest person here.

Heh, idiots. Do you really think you can deal with the Syndicate?
I'm not trying to destroy it. I just wanna rescue Fururu.
Are you dense!? Even if you somehow find a way to rescue her, we'll just kidnap her again tomorrow.
That's where I come in! You see, I'm here to destroy the Syndicate.
But you don't have to worry about that, now that you're our hostage.

Croix was kind of sad we had to end it there.

Too bad. I didn't get rescued before the final episode.
Can't we at least play until Kuroaki and Miwa attack the Syndicate?
We could, but then the final episode will be shorter. Are you fine with that?
Aww, I'll wait until the last episode.
Ooh, you're so patient. But, I'm glad you like it so much.
I want to see it soon. So come back as soon as you can.

I think Luca wasn't happy about her role in this.

I really like Frelia's Binary Field.
I hear it is Jacqli who made the story, so we should credit her for that, too.
Yeah, we should.
Isn't my role in that story just pitiful?
Lady Cloche plays the role of a strong enemy. You and Frelia are the main characters. Jacqli's role is cool, too.
...My character is so stupid. She gets her ass kicked in one blow.
...No, that's not true.
Your role was important, too. I had a great deal of trouble defeating your character.
...How so?
Well... ah...
...Actually, I'm sorry, I told you a lie. Your character was so weak...
...I'll ask Jacqli to give me the role of the antagonist.
...Don't say you want to be my enemy.

Next Time on Wackyhabara Panic! The Finale!