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Part 87: Wackyhabara Panic, Episode 5

Wackyhabara Panic! Episode 5:

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Okay this is too much. Watch the video if you want to 'experience' the absolutely appalling Engrish shit that infests the start of this video. The transcript is going to reflect the obvious intent of the passages in question.

And now for the exciting finale of Wackyhabara Panic!


Well, I'm not sure about that actually. Maybe there is a continuation.
I don't know if I necessarily want to continue this story after I beat this game. I want to see the final episode.
Okay, I feel like it's a little bit too early to end, but now we start the final episode!

The story picked up at the detective agency.

Yeah, I still have a little headache, but I'm fine.
Is that so...
By the way, what're you going to do with that thing?
What is "that thing?"
How dare you call me "that thing!" I won't forgive you!
Kuroaki, please take me to the Syndicate or association or whatever.
She's totally willing to be involved.
Ms. Reisha, do you really want to go with us?
Of course. I can't just stand aside after getting my butt kicked by them.
I understand that, but...
It's no use trying to stop me. I'll get my revenge on Misha regardless.
But, it's very dangerous. The Syndicate is a group of people who are as ruthless as demons.
I'm pretty sure of my physical strength. If you can't win a fist fight, how can you be a private detective?
So, I won't get my butt kicked so easily this time.
you're only sure of your physical strength? You're missing something critical as a private detective.
Don't you know physical strength, and not intuition or reasoning, is most important for a private detective.
Hey, Mawata! Aren't you ashamed of working under someone who takes cues from soap operas?

Anyways, I'm going too. It's fine, I won't bother you.
I want to save Furi, too.
I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
Don't worry. But, I was surprised.
I didn't think she was the type of girl who would possibly be chased by such a malicious Syndicate.
That's right, Mawata, why does the Syndicate want to kill her?
I don't know.
As soon as I heard they were after her, I left them.
You're pretty dumb for someone who had a high position in the Syndicate.
That's fine now. Regardless of whether she's got a secret or not, we'll save her anyway.
In any case, I'll defeat them.
I'll find Misha and take revenge on her.
I'll save Furi.
We've all got our roles. Now, let's get started.

It's full of Kuroaki's stink... oh, it's so sexy! I want this bed.
What are you talking about, Reisha!? Calm down!
You're out of it.
This is the headquarters of the Syndicate? Why did we come here?
Well, sorry.
Hey, let's go!
But, I don't wanna leave his bed...

Master's extramarital lover and the girl who was fired?
That's all true, but stop!
No, I don't have a husband, it's not an extramarital relationship. I'm just his lover.
Reisha, please stop being stupid.
Hey, my brother! Now you're home with an older lover and that fired maid, huh?
I'm not your brother. And this is not my home.
I want to be popular like you, my brother. Lately, when I think of it, I can't stop shedding tears.
I'm looking for a looks-like-a-carefree-clumsy-witch-and-younger-sister-type of girlfriend.
Let's get out of here now. This shop is not the right place.
See you, my brother. Let's talk about love next time.
I veto it!

In retrospect their hideout is sort of conspicuous.

Ok, stay on your guard.
Ok, Kuroaki, do you have any idea where Furi was taken to?
Probably. But they must be planning to ambush us there.
It doesn't work if we know it's an ambush, though.
Let's go now.

Kuroaki, we didn't come to another "Syndicate's" office, did we?
That would be a serious problem, wouldn't it?
Don't worry. This is their headquarters. I've been here several times.
Besides, here they are.
I'm impressed. You really came.
Misha, where's Fururu?
Boss took her. I don't know what he's up to.
So, she's alive. Thank God, I made it.
It's no time to rejoice. Do you think you can beat me?
Do you?
You humiliated me enough. I'll punish you like hell.
Oh, you're going to take care of me? Remember how easily you got your butt kicked by me?
That'll never happen again. Kuroaki, Miwa, you guys go ahead and find Furi.
Don't you think it's a little bit cruel for three of us to beat up just one girl?
Mawata, let's go!
Ms. Reisha, I'll leave it to you.

They ran on without her, deep into the bowels of the Syndicate base.

Yeah, it's not complicated enough to get lost, though.
Ouch! ...Y, you're!
What!? I thought I was walking with my boss. Boss! Where are you?
What is she saying?
Probably, she got lost. She got lost in her Syndicate's headquarters. What a horrible sense of direction she has.
That's not true. Don't be rude.
Is that so? In any case, you're made up to look much younger than you are.
Much younger? You can't say that, you hypocrite! You're wearing makeup too!
You're too old to wear that maid costume. You should be ashamed. Only a few people come up to you, right?
Mawata, why don't you go ahead and find Fururu. I think I'm about to snap.
Okay. How old are you really, just out of curiosity...?
Do you want me to kick your ass?
Ok, sorry. So, I'll leave it to you.

I think she was looking forward to this for some reason. I wonder why she suggested I call those people on Sol Ciel anyway?

You look awfully confident.
Are you kidding? Where do you think we are?
Here is...
No way!
As long as we're here, I'll take the initiative.
Hey! Mir! That's not fair! You didn't hack this story too, did you?
Hehehe... Who knows?
While you were talking trash, I found some nostalgic data. Why don't I input it into my system?
What're you up to!?
Hehehe... You'll cry out of nostalgia, too. Now, let's go.

I'm not sure what that thing was but it sure was scary.

See? Nostalgic, isn't it?
What are you doing!? This is cheating! You're hacking the game!
Didn't you think of what harm this might cause the other players?
The end justifies the means. All's fair in love and war, you know?
So, it's my turn to defeat you.
System Message: Combo Magic [My Slaves: Lv E] "Sonata ~Despair~" acquired!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Here's the first of Mir's Level E magics we'll get on this level, Sonata ~Despair~. You might remember that as one of Shadow Mir's most powerful attacks from the first game. Oh, and we're now very close to where the voiced section starts.

It was down to just Croix.

The laboratory for weapon research is around the corner.
I'm unarmed. Maybe I should look for something to fight them with.

Oh? This suitcase is... the one Misha took from us.
It's open. What's inside it?
That is... Okay! I'll take this with me.
This is the heart of the Syndicate, but where are they?
Oh? That door is open...
What is this place? What are flowers doing inside a building?
???: Why are you so surprised? There's no law against it.
Who're you?

Despite working for the Syndicate, wasn't sure who this person was.

Fururu! Are you okay?
She's fine. She remains unharmed.
Aurica, was it? Did you save her?
No! Run!
What? Why?
Mawata, do you know who I am?
No. Are you a member of the Syndicate?
Hmm, perhaps you know me by my other name.
What name would that be?
Well, everyone around here likes to call me Boss.
You're the Boss?
That's right. I am Aurica, Boss of the Syndicate.
And I am glad to have you back, Mawata.
What do you mean? I'm not coming back to you!
But you must, I need your abilities.

I don't give a damn about your needs. Let Fururu go right now!
No! I don't even care about the girl, so we're even.
Look, I don't have all day. Promise to come back to us already.
Let's cut to the chase. No matter how much you beg me, I'll never come back to the Syndicate.
Not even in a million years.
Then, let me put this differently.
Do you care about this girl? I'll kill her unless you say, "Yes."
If you promise in writing that you'll leave her alone forever, then I'll come back.
Ah, well you see, I can't do that either. I'm not going to let her go.
Please! Just let her go!
If you do, I'll make whatever weapons you want.
Hmm... I see that she's important to you. However, I still won't release her.
Kuroaki, please run! Don't worry about me! You have to escape!
I couldn't stand it if you went back to doing bad things.
That is not the man I love!

What could we do?

However, I would hate myself even more if I couldn't save your life.
No! Romance stories are banned here!
Urgh! I'm getting tired of this.
I'll just find someone to replace you, because I'm going to kill you both.
You're gonna fight me? Aren't you a little weak?
You don't understand.
I'll make you regret underestimating my strength.

The Boss transformed into her chilling battlesuit!

That costume...
Ah! She's the one who chased me!
Hehehe... I was just getting a little exercise, trying to get used to this new power suit.
So, what do you say now?
I invented that suit. There's no way I'm gonna let it be used to kill me.
Is that so?
Aww, is he dead already?
Of course not! Do you really think you can hurt me with such a weak attack?
Really? Then, rush!
Kuroaki! Stop! That's enough!
What? Are you already dead?
When you face the Boss, this isn't a fight, it's an execution.
C'mon! If you're dead already, there's no point in keeping her alive.

And now we learned the awful truth.

Nope. She's just an ordinary human girl.
Nevertheless, she's your childhood friend, right? I needed her to rest your loyalty.
But you ran away from me. So, I knew I had to use her as a hostage to get you back.
I figured that with her in good hands, you'd be more obedient, but that didn't work out so well.
Wait. So you're telling me...
That she was being hunted down just because of me?
You got it!
Your abilities are remarkable. I was willing to resort to any means to keep you here.
So... you're absolutely right. You got her involved in this whole thing.
So the question from your sweet Boss: Do you want to come back? I'll save both of your lives if you do.
As long as I'm alive, they'll chase after you.
Yes, if you refuse to come back. However, if you die or commit suicide, I'll kill her personally.
Then, there's only one option left, huh?
No! Don't!

I couldn't bear to see him go back to the way things were.

I don't want you to be a bad person! Please, I beg you, don't do it!
But, she'll kill you. If I can prevent that...
Then... tell me why you chose to protect me.
There shouldn't be a problem for you if you only wanted to redeem yourself. There must be another reason.
I'm expecting you to say something. I'm embarrassed, but if there's another reason, I'll be happy.
Kuroaki, just say it... Before you become a demon again.
(Before I become a demon again, huh?)
(Once you've become a demon, there is no going back no matter what you do.)

(For every victim of my stupid mistake, I'm so sorry.)
It was because I love you!
(I know I'll never find forgiveness, but I just want to be an ordinary person.)
I tried to protect you because I love you! I didn't want you to die!
Is that the truth?
Yes, it's true! I know I have no right to say that after all the inhumane things I've done.
You're wrong. I needed to know!
I needed to know that you really are the sweet Kuroaki that I love!
I'll never work for them again!
I just want to love you for as long as I can!
Too bad.
All that's left is to say sayonara.
No! I won't say sayonara.
It's too late, you lost.

But Croix had a trump card to play...

What!? Why!?
Take this!
Cat Shaker: Meow, meow, meow, meow...
Anti-power suit special weapon, Cat Shaker!
I made this in case someone betrayed the Syndicate. But now this traitor is gonna use it. You guys're helpless.
This can't be happening! What should I do?
Misha, help me! Miiishaaaaa!
Sorry, but she's not going to make it.
She's taking a little nap right now.
And she's not the only one. Moira's sleeping two floors down.
Ms. Reisha, Miwa! You're safe!
You look worse than the rest of us.
Impressive, Kuroaki. You managed to guard your lovely face.
Haha, it's not like I was trying to...
So, what should we do with her?
We should punish her in kind, right?
Ahhh! I hate violence!

Can we hurry this up? I'm gonna have to lie down soon.
Oh, are you okay?
Alright I'll punish her real good.
*sigh * I guess it can't be helped.
Huh!? What did you just do?
I just set this building to explode in three minutes.
I'm going to pay you back 100-fold.
You'll never forget this.
Stop! Ugh... oww!
Wait. You have to stay still.
This is no time to stay still! Everyone, hurry! Let's go!
System Message: Magic [Cute Drive: Lv 2B] "Cat Shaker" acquired!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
Cat Shaker is a Red Magic for Cloche. Believe it or not it's the second most powerful regular Song in the game. Only Ar Tonelico is more powerful.

And now for the epilogue...

System Message: However, several key members, including Aurica, were unaccounted for. They won't be able to make any moves for some time.
Taking advantage of this situation, Kuroaki made a full recovery from his injuries.
One month has passed since the annihilation of the Syndicate.

I'm so happy. I can't believe you handed me this marriage registration form. Where do I sign?
No! It's my registration!
I feel sorry for doing this after you let me take the month off...
Don't worry about it. I kind of saw that coming.
But, are you really going to leave? You don't have to be in such a hurry.
Even though the Syndicate was destroyed, the Boss and some others are still out there.
And they will come after me. And they'll be ruthless when they come.
You don't want to involve the people around you, is that right?
Very well. As long as you promise to come back sometime.
Of course.
You... and her.
What now?
Kuroaki, I've got you!

Hah. You can't go without me.
What are you talking about?
Miwa told me.
"He's a pessimistic guy. He'll give his resignation to Reisha and run off somewhere after he recovers."
But I knew you'd try this, too. You're so predictable.
What's that supposed to mean? ...Hey, is that luggage?
Of course. I'm going to go with you.
You can't come! It's gonna be even more dangerous this time around.
If that's the case, they'll just try to kidnap her like they did last time.
Yeah, but-
You said you'd love me forever, right?
Hey, don't be shy now. You did say it and I know I heard it!
...Yeah, I said it.
Then, you're supposed to always be with her. If you love her, you have to protect her.
So, I can go with you now, right?
It's going to be a long journey.

See you, Reisha.
Let's go, Fururu.
Alright. Goodbye, Ms. Reisha.

That story really was great! And we had a surprise reward as well.

It's all over.
Yeah, it sure is.
Hey, Croix, did you enjoy it?
Of course. Do you even need to worry about that?
Really? Hehehe... I'm glad.
I wish I could play it a little bit longer.
Ng? Did you say something?
No, nothing.
So, celebrating your beating this game, I'll give you a wonderful reward.
A "wonderful reward?"
In celebration for your achievement...
We'll give you Song Magic that will link us all with you.
More specifically, it is something you set in Jacqli's body. Anyway, I hope you make great use of it.
System Message: Combo Magic [Those Memories: Lv E] "Phantasmagoria" composed!

Feinne's Fourth Wall Lectures:
And that's Phantasmagoria, the second Level E song Jacqli gets out of Frelia's Binary Field story. It calls on the heroines of the original Ar Tonelico to supercharge Jacqi's Ar Tonelico magic into the strongest attack in the game. It's straight up the big red hammer of judgment.

I don't quite understand what's going on.
Well, basically, when Jacqli creates Song Magic called "Phantasmagoria," those three will give you power.
It sure will be great Song Magic.
It sure sounds great.
Croix, the break time is over.
You enjoyed it a lot, so you should enjoy the real life, too. But, be careful, Croix.
Yeah. Thank you.
Uh-huh. Bye bye.

Well that was fun for a change.

Loading Excerpt- Hopes for the Green Land: Collected Writings, J.
That really was a lot of fun. It's great to be appreciated for the genius I am.

I think this was the first time we were in the Binary Field without an interruption.
Have you been to one other than Frelia's?
I'm sure I have many times for some reasons.
But something always happened...
Changing scenarios because the ending was bad, ghost disturbance, adding another ending.
...Sounds like a mess.
That's right. That's why I'm so happy nothing happened this time.
The Binary Field is so great when there are no interruptions.
It's also risking your life most of the time...

Luca was even more jealous of me and Frelia than before.

...I'm sorry, but it is impossible.
But, I'll do my best. I'll do whatever you tell me to...
Calm down, Luca. What's wrong with you?
...You know I was working as a Dive Therapist, right?
Uh huh.
So, I was kind of popular... I always tried my best to create my customers' ideal worlds.
Do you mean you are confident of your own abilities?
...I think I kind of get it by now, but tell me anyway.
...I made a lot of effort to create their utopia.
And finally, I achieved it. That was the limit of my ability...
...But, compared to yours, mine is still in adequate...
Sorry, I guess I'm just a little jealous.
...That's alright.
But I guess for Dive Therapists, the Cosmosphere is indeed an ideal world.

It is quite natural for you to desire my ability to create a Cosmosphere.
But listen, no matter how much you crave it, you'll never get it.
Even if you cry, scream, whine, or go through numerous ordeals. It is never going to happen.
So, just give up on it and move on. It's a waste of time to think about it. It is absolutely impossible.
Just give up!
...Okay. I'll give up on it.
...I'm glad you're being so rational.
...I'm sorry for being harsh with you.
Perhaps, I shouldn't have shown my Cosmosphere to you. It was cruel of me.
It was my fault. I should know better. Sorry...
No, I'm the one who should apologize.
But... I really like your world, Jacqli.
So, I won't say anymore selfish things. Please let me Dive in them again sometime.
...Yes, of course.

I've never had someone be jealous of me before. I don't really know what to think about that. Anyway, we're getting ready to storm the last room in Sol Marta now. I'm sure we'll find the answers to all of our questions there...