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by Feinne

Part 88: Cloche and Jacqli's Costumes, Part 1

The promised Conversations:


Costume #1:
I want to ask you about something, okay?
Okay. What is it?
About the costume. You know?
Co, costume? The costume you're wearing?
(...Seems she's really into it.)
...This costume.
Oh, that costume.
It looks pretty good on you.
That's not what I'm asking!
Did... did I offend you? I always just thought it looked very good on you.
I want to know why I have to wear this costume that looks like one used at a few special kinds of cafes?
...Wait, you said since the Cosmosphere?
Yes, you were a waitress at a cafe in the Cosmosphere.
...Now I'm scared of letting you Dive.

Costume #2:
By the way, that costume...
Eh? Which costume?
I'll show you... Transform!
...This costume.
Ah, that one. Were you offended by that?
No, quite opposite.
I always wanted to wear something like this.
But, I never had a chance because I am the Maiden.
I didn't know you were interested in that.
Of course I am interested in what girls of my age are normally wearing.
...Why is that, though?
What is that?
Why did it come with the glasses?
...Ah, well... I don't know.
(She'll be mad if I tell her it's because it looks like a student chairman.)


Costume #1:
hey, I want to ask you something.
The costume that you were wearing...
...Ah, that one?
...This school uniform, right?
Yeah, that one.
That's for a male student, isn't it? Don't you feel weird wearing it?
I guess...
...It's still better than not wearing anything, right?
...I won't ask you what that means...

Costume #2:
Hey, Jacqli, I want to ask you something about the costume...
...Wait a sec.
(Can you just transform without shouting so loud?)
...You talking about this costume?
Yeah, that one. I was curious about it.
...You have such a taste, huh.
No, that's not it.
What I want to ask you is, why does the costume come with the gun?
It's pretty hot, isn't it?
I have no idea what you are saying.
Anyway, if you have such a good weapon, could you please support us with it?
This is just a toy. I can't use it in real battles.
...So why do you carry it, anyway?
Cause it turns me on.