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Part 89: Jacqli's Costumes, Part 2

Reyvateil Talk: Jacqli's Costumes

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall: I'm going to start with the talks that relate to Jacqli's Costumes, and clothes in general. Rather than dump these out in huge updates I'm going to hit smaller updates every day or other day. The last two costumes were in a previous update, so let's go to the third one.

Costume #3:

...Can you do that after you finish saying it?
What about this?
Why are you only wearing the top of the sweats?
If you're so cold, shouldn't you cover your bottom too?
...You're such a tasteless fool.
...Shouldn't you answer my question before you call me a fool?
There would be no point in wearing a workout outfit if I covered my shorts!
...You're so unintelligent. I'm just wasting my time talking to you.
...Am I being so wrong?

Costume #4:

You mean this?
What else would I be talking about?
I just think it needs more material to cover yourself...
Well, I thought so too.
I thought about going old school and wearing something like Shurelia does.
But that's not being very unique, so this is the result.
Uh, no... That's not what I mean...
I know my body isn't quite fit enough to wear something like this.
So I combined the floaters and such...
(I was only concerned about her catching a cold...)
Well, you probably don't understand the style...
(...How long are we doing to talk about this?)

Costume #5:

...Will you listen?
I am. What do you want?
Well, um...
...Will you at least wear some pants or something?
But it covers everything.
Plus, people are more interested in the design. They don't even notice it.
...That's impossible.
...Let me tell you something.
This shirt is a little big on me, so if you pull it down just a little, it might fall down completely...
What the hell are you saying!? I wouldn't do such a thing...
Oh really? You look like you're interested.
Even if I was, wouldn't it be inappropriate?
Oh, so you're not denying it. Would you like to try it?
...Are you teasing me?
I'm not ashamed of my body, I don't have a problem at all.
Well you should. And, I'll never do that to you.

Costume #6:

You worry about the smallest issues.
I guess it doesn't matter...
What a waste of time...
Don't you know I sleep naked?
H, hey, you're not supposed to talk about that!
Oh, well you asked.
I want to be comfortable when I sleep, don't you understand?
...Not really.

Favorite Outfit:

Is that a handmade jacket? I guess it counts as an outfit.
It's so light and warm. It's perfect.
That's what jackets are for.
You're supposed to wear it inside the house like a coat.
...Oh, is this supposed to be worn over something?
What's with the obvious question?
Oh... I don't want this anymore.
I'm not gonna ask why, but you change your mind so quickly.

Costume #7:

...You mean Miros?
Yeah, that... Oh, you don't need to...
Didn't need to do that!
Too late.
Whoa! Go change! You can't be wearing that here!
Oh, why? What's wrong with this?
I wanted to tell you to get a jacket, since you're like half naked in it.
The bottom is already covered, and my hair covers the top.
The wind could blow away your hair.
No problem. I'm used to it.
I'm not embarrassed to show my body.
You're embarrassing me...
Does it bother you? ...I could show you more, if you like?
...Are you teasing me?
You're asking for it. You need to stop acting like a child over a naked body.

Costume #8:

Yeah, what is it?
Your outfit?
...Yes, this one.
What's the problem?
The problem...
...I don't think this looks good on me. I want to change it.
You don't think it looks good?
Can't you see it? First of all, I'm not okay with the color white.
Plus, the color white reminds me of someone.
Lady Cloche?
No, someone I used to know.
...And Luca keeps looking at me when I wear this, too.
I'm just embarrassed.
...I see.
I think you look good in it.
But if you don't like it, then we can...
Fine then... If you say so, I'll bear it for a while.
Well, no, you don't have to...
I said it's fine, so just get over it!
...You're so selfish. But I'm glad you're okay with it.

Costume #9:

That black one?
So you were too.
This one...
Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
That is supposed to be like that so...
But you see what I'm thinking, right?
There, just say it. Whatever you say, I won't get hurt.
Oh, well... Then, um...
You look like you're going to a funeral.
Um, are you... okay?
No, I was just... thinking the same thing.
...This outfit should've been white.
W-well, you still look good in it.

Taste in Clothes:

What is it?
This outfit... Do you happen to like this kind of outfit?
Um, well... I don't not like it.
...I see.
Well, no... I think it's cute, and...
...So you do like it?
...Yeah. Plus, you're wearing it.
...You don't need to compliment me. I don't have anything for you.
Anyway, why do you ask?
I-I only own this one outfit.
So... I was gonna buy an extra pair...
So I just thought that I'd buy something you like.
Oh, really... That's really nice of you.
(I'm more surprised about the fact that she only owns one set of outfits...)