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Part 90: Jacqli's A Jerk Edition

Reyvateil Talk: Jacqli's A Jerk Edition

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
Today we'll have some of the greatest hits of Jacqli bein' Jacqli. Some might be repeats of ones from the LP that are too good to risk leaving out.

Let me Rest:

Yeah... because you're so strong...
I see... Luca or Cloche would love those kinds of compliments.
That wasn't meant to be a compliment.
I know. You're not that calculating, you simple-minded boy.
However, I don't want you to rely on me too much.
Just fight against enemies without a Reyvateil's help.
Otherwise, you'll be in trouble sometimes.

Go to Bed!:

Uh, I think so...
Don't you have anything else to do?
That's mean... Don't you want to talk to me?
It's a good way to kill time, although there will be less time to sleep.
I know... I'm sorry.
Not me. I'm talking about you. I don't need to sleep at all anyway.
Really? You really are incredible...
I know I am, but it was a lie that I don't need to sleep at all.
...Don't lie to me...
Don't believe such an unrealistic story.


What about it?
That is a resort, right? In other words, we are supposed to relax there.
...Uh huh.
But, in order to get there, we have to go through a lot of dangerous places, right?
How can such a difficult place to get to be called a "Resort"?
I see, so you were attacked by enemies when you first went there as well.
A resort that is located in such a secluded region is pretty thrilling.
Maybe I should write a novel titled, 'The Rakshek Resort Serial Murder Case."
A young couple visits Rakshek Resort and gets lots in heavy snow. To make matters worse, their telecells don't work.
While at the inn, people get murdered one by one. With your personality, you'd be the first one killed... Hahaha.
You've already decided my role? I don't like those scary stories, anyway.

Worried, Huh?:

...That's a scary thing to say.
I wasn't sure whether you trust me as your ally or not.
Remember when I helped you in the Dreamy Fields? I asked if you thought I was going to use magic that would hurt you?
You never gave me a straight answer, so I was still wondering.
I'm not about to try hard to get your trust, though.
...Well, we are newly acquainted, so I'm not 100% sure yet, but...
You may sound intimidating, but I know you wouldn't do harm to us.
If you had any intent to kill us, you would do it when we are alone.
So, I know I don't need to worry about that.
...What a naïve boy.

Cute is Lame:

Cute things?
When we went to the Fancy Shop, you didn't look very interested in anything.
Of course I'm not interested.
First of all, those things are useless, aren't they?
Well, yeah, most things that are sold at those kinds of shops aren't very useful...
I hate anything that's useless... Whether it's a thing or a person.
...That's what I figured.

Enjoy Being the Goddess:

Really? I'm not very big on them...
You're not? But don't you think they're interesting?
There is a whole world in such a small bottle. Isn't it neat?
When you hold it in your hand, don't you feel tempted to throw it down and shatter the world to pieces?
Or, you can shake it up so it's like the world was destroyed by a giant quake.
It's a souvenir. You should think of decorating your room with it or something, instead.

Imitation #1:

You really are...
I couldn't finish reading all the books, so I decided this would be the best way.
Anyways, you had already gotten all the information needed. Did you still need to steal them?
Yes, I did. It was very important.
Why so?
I personally wanted to read them.
The books would be happier this way than buried in dust for ages.

Ruins, Right?

That's... understandable.
If I hadn't been with you guys, I would still have thought it was.
But you at least knew the existence and the location of it.
I was thinking it would be a good hideout in case of emergency.
So, I'm glad I got to know there is a person living there.
Otherwise, if I entered the house to hide myself from my enemies, that girl would so freak out and scream...
Where does that idea come from? You may have to hide from enemies some day?

Jacqli's Bookshelf:

Not all of them. But I keep some of mine there.
I see... then, the journals on those are yours, too...
You didn't read them, did you?
What are you so mad about?
I'm asking if you read them or not?
I didn't. We hardly had time to even read a book, right?
I really didn't!
...Okay. I'm glad you didn't see that.
Had you seen it, I would have...
...You would have...?
...Do you really want to know?
...No, I'd rather not. Thanks.

Imitation #2:

Yeah, I found a very interesting book.
What is the book about?
I'm not telling you. It's just for my personal use.
What, for your personal use!? That's not gonna help us with anything that we're trying to accomplish here.
Well, it will help me.
Well, then... That's the same thing as stealing.
Hey, what would you do if you found a treasure chest?
Well, I would open it and take the treasure.
See, you would do the same. I don't see any problem here.
Plus, no one is going to notice that I took the book.
It's not like I broke into someone's house and robbed their stuff.
...I have nothing to say to you.

What Are You Up To?:

Oh, so you are interested in it after all.
...You're not planning on anything stupid are you?
I'm not planning on anything. It would do you no good even if I did.
It would be different if it regulated all the machines at once. But they're all different.
So, I can't do anything even if I wanted to.
Meaning, you would have if you could.

What is "That"?:

Wh-what do you mean!?
Never mind. I just wanted to say that.
You're so loud. People are gonna get the wrong idea.
...So, what was Spica talking about?
Wh-what... I'm sorry! I won't ask anymore.
(...He is so fun to pick on.)

It's Bothersome:

That's too much work. I reject.
Don't be so harsh!
I know how to control my power. Is there any problem?
But it would be difficult to deal with the oncoming enemies right after you use it.
Fine then, I'll cast a spell strong enough to burn down all the surrounding area.
That should get rid of the oncoming enemies too, right?
...You will probably blow up everything, good and bad. Just don't do that.

Are You Listening?:

What? Why would I do that...
Hey, are you listening to me? Didn't I tell you that before?
I mean, you do your job of destroying things, but that could attract more enemies...
Then I'll have to destroy them all.
So you're telling me to be responsible for the enemies if I use the magic.
Well, not like that...
(I don't think she understands the most important thing...)

Plan on Bullying:

...You like it?
No, I just thought about it now.
See, you can use it to hold candles.
I can bring it back like it's a birthday cake.
...That could be interesting.
The problem is: How would I make it hold 700 candles?
...What did you say?
I bet she would come crying at me if I put all 700 of them. I can't wait.
Anyway, you're just trying to find a way to be mean, huh?