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Part 92: Cloche's On Clothing

Cloche Talk Topics: On Clothing

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This could be subtitled the 'Cloche is a Freak' edition, as you'll see later on. Just pay attention to the actual reasons she doesn't like certain costumes.

Costume #3:

Sure. What is it?
...Ah, the costume?
This... yukata...
...Ah, now I understand what you want to say...
That's good to know. This is too short. I'm embarrassed.
First of all, a yukata that shows off your thighs is not normal.
Really? Some girls wear these yukatas nowadays.
Is such a yukata as this, showing off my naked legs completely in fashion?
More specifically, those are among a select group of young girls.
...What do you think about this style?
...How should I answer?
...I'm asking for your personal opinion on it.
Can I give a "no comment"?
...All right.
I'm satisfied with your reaction. You look pretty embarrassed.

Costume #4:

Calm down, please. What happened so suddenly?
"What happened?" Look at this! Don't you still remember?
Why do I have to wear such weird clothes!?
If that's your taste, Croix, I could consider it... but...
But... you shouldn't make me wear this in front of everyone!
Ah, well, didn't you like it?
...Do I really have to answer that?
No, that's all right.
You little...
Anyway, when you select a costume for me, please pick a more decent one.
I don't want to even imagine what people would say if they knew the Maiden was wearing such obscene clothes.
They won't know. Your face is hidden.
That's not the point.

Costume #5:

Was there anything in your mind, Lady Cloche?
This one. Transform!
...Oh! That costume is!
How is it? It suits, "Transform!" pretty well, too.
It sure does.
...But why do you like it so much?
That's a typical superhero's costume, right?
Didn't you admire superheroes when you were a child?
Uh, sure I did.
I grew out of it a long time ago, but it is still nostalgic.
I see...
Besides, nobody will think I am the Maiden, Cloche.
(I think everyone will know it, but I shouldn't tell her that perhaps.)

Costume #7:

I don't know about any costumes.
I said I don't know any...
This costume! This is obviously wrong!
That's not wrong at all. I've seen you in it in the Cosmosphere.
Are you saying I was wearing this in my Cosmosphere?
This demonic costume...?
It's not a demonic costume, but it is exactly a demon.
...Don't you even try to make a poor excuse for it.
But, is that what you're so upset about?
What's that supposed to mean?
I thought you would be more furious at me for making you wear this almost-naked diablo costume...
So that was a deliberate crime?
Ah, no, I mean...
...Could you at least make me wear it less often?
I would never wear such an embarrassing costume if you didn't tell me to do so.

Costume #8:

Why would I? That's impossible.
...Well, Croix...
What would you think if the Maiden was walking down the street in pajamas?
If I were you, I would think she had become a sleepwalker. Wouldn't you? It would be pretty shocking.
You're right... I guess it is quite possible...
I'll be more careful in choosing your costume from now on. Maybe you can wear it when no one else is around.
...What's wrong?

Costume #6:

...Why would I be mad?
Uh, do I really have to say it?
...The clothes, or the whole outfit?
...There are too many horrible things in this world.
I've strived very hard to be a great Maiden until now, and you make me become a costumed animal character?
...So you are angry.
I'm not really angry. Do I look angry?
But... I just know what you think of me now.
You don't like costumed animals?
...How should I answer that stupid question?
...Don't you like Pippens?
Hmm... they are okay, I guess, but...
(Seems like she likes it.)

Not The Right Size...:

What's wrong, Lady Cloche?
Umm... do you like school swimsuits and P.E. uniforms?
I'll just say, "No comment."
Eh? Aren't you supposed to just deny it?
Anyway! What about it?
...You know the Submissive Armor, right?
Actually, I was going to wear it for you tonight...
...I would be shocked to death.
But, it was too small at the chest. I had to give up...
I really wanted to make you happy.
...You're so convinced I really love those kinds of things, aren't you?

Costume #9:

What happened so suddenly?
Just answer me if I can change! Just tell me!
Su, sure. Of course, as you wish, Lady Cloche.
...Then, equip!
...Oh, that one.
Yes, this one.
Since I have changed into this costume, it means...
..."That" happened in my Cosmosphere, right?
...I shall not deny that.
...Is that so...
...Do you regret?
If you are asking that question seriously, I'll kick your butt.
Okay... I'm glad to hear it.
This kind of outfit only goes with a partner, in the right surroundings...
So, if you don't mind, I want you to pick another costume.
Really? I'm sorry. Because it was so beautiful, I really wanted you to wear it, so...
Well, I guess I can wear it for you sometimes...