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Part 93: Cloche's Cosmospheres

Cloche's Talk Topics: Cosmospheres

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This update is going to be all of the Cosmosphere talks and whatever else I feel like.

What Happened?:

You didn't take advantage of the fact that you weren't in the real world to do something to me, did you?
Regarding that, I've got quite a few things to talk to you about.
Oh, you want to make a point to me? Just go ahead and do so, then.
As soon as I Dived into you, you slashed at me.
You slashed at me with a sword the moment I found you in your Cosmosphere.
...That suddenly?
I was told I marked the shortest record. I didn't even have time to say a word.
You yelled, "Intruder!" as you kicked me out of your Cosmosphere.
It was the same as dealing with a bandit who jumps on you without saying a word.
Well, ah...
Y-you're a knight. Why didn't you attack back?
You mean attack you, Lady Cloche? That is the last thing I should do, isn't it?
Well, yeah...
If you are a knight, you should be able to handle a Maiden!
Please admit that it is extremely abnormal for a Maiden to attack her knight.

Cosmosphere #1:

I was wondering... because you had a paradigm shift... do you feel any different?
Oh, I did? Seems it's not like you're completely useless.
I wasn't quite used to it, so perhaps I didn't really do a perfect job, but...
Then, you should try harder to help me have more paradigm shifts from now on.
Yes, Lady Cloche.
...Does that mean I can Dive into you again?
If you're strong enough to protect me without my support, could you?
...I'm sorry, it's impossible.
Don't be discouraged. Train yourself or something instead.

Cosmosphere #2:

Ah, yes... But, I didn't do much about it this time.
You mostly did it yourself.
...So? What about it?
You know, until now. I would do as others expected.
So, I have hardly ever done things on my own decisions or will.
...I didn't know that.
Being the Maiden is not as easy as you think.
However, I realized I wanted to change myself and start to act at my own free will.
If I really had a paradigm shift by myself, it explains itself.

Cosmosphere #3:

Eh? What do you mean?
Ah, you had another paradigm shift, so I was wondering...
I did? That's weird, I don't feel any different at all...
...Seems like it.
(Well, at least there's nothing wrong so far...)

Cosmosphere #4:

...All right, you may ask that.
It's not good to suppress yourself, but there is always a limit. Even to what you do.
...I see. Seems like I was pretty much of a tyrant in my Cosmosphere.
Since we last Dived, I've been feeling like unleashing my fresh desires.
There are too many things the Maiden can't do. I'm sick of being suppressed.
...I've never been a Maiden before, but I sort of see how hard it would be...
But, please, don't tell me you'll sing songs in front of an audience until their brains melt away.
...What was I doing in the Cosmosphere?

Cosmosphere #6:

What's wrong, Croix?
Ah, what should I say...
...I had several problems in the Cosmosphere.
Problems in the Cosmosphere?
It was a little different than usual.
...I was pretty certain it would be tougher than before.
...Is that so.
But I still believe you can handle it, Croix.
It is sort of strange for me to say this, but you have achieved a Paradigm Shift so many times...
So... it'll be fine this time, too.

Cosmosphere #6-R:

...Did anything happen in my Cosmosphere?
I got to make your Paradigm Shift happen, but...
...It's hard to explain.
Really? But that's okay. There is no problem with me.
Besides, even if there is one, I know you will Dive into me and solve it.
...I'm honored you think so.
Of course. Because you're my friend.
Oh, no. I'm your friend.
(It sure was a success.)

Jacqli's World:

Or at least completely different than your Cosmosphere, Lady Cloche.
Is that so...
I've never Dived before, so I'm not sure about that, but it sounds like it is pretty abnormal, huh.
More precisely, it's not like a Dive, but more like playing a game.
I personally like it a lot.
Even so, neglecting my Cosmosphere is inexcusable, all right?
Keep in mind what I just said.

Binary Field:

It sure is. Even your mind becomes part of the virtual world.
Jacqli's Cosmosphere is still somewhat similar to ours. I wonder if I can train to make such a world as hers?
Are you interested?
Don't you think it is interesting? By Diving, you can play in an imaginary world.
Don't you think it would be more fun if my Cosmosphere were like hers?
Yeah, I guess...
...First of all, I don't like that you are the main character, but I'm not the heroine.
...I see. You didn't like the cast, huh?

Cosmophere #7:

Wha-what's wrong?
...I'm frightened. I just feel scared...
But, don't worry. Your fear will melt away, or I'll make it happen next time I Dive into you.
So, I'd be happy if you became relieved, could you?
In this case, aren't you supposed to firmly say, "It's okay, don't worry about it?"
Sorry... your Comsosphere's getting difficult lately. I regret I can't guarantee I can solve it all at once.
What an unreliable man you are.
But still... I trust you, Croix. Don't let me down, okay?

Cosmosphere #8:

...You see it, huh?
Yes, because you made my lost memories all come back to me.
This is probably the most obvious Paradigm Shift ever.
I think so, too... So, how do you feel now?
...I don't know.
My memories suddenly came back, but I can't think of what I have to do with them yet.
Or more precisely, I'm a little confused.
I retained a myriad of memories that were once lost all at once. Couldn't you at least do this in installments?
I would if I could, please believe me. I was in big trouble, too.
I know. I was just kidding. Thank you, Croix, for letting me regain my memories.
And I don't know if you'll like this or not, but...
I have decided to let you enter my final Cosmosphere...
...I didn't expect you would say that in the real world...
What do you mean!? I'm embarrassed, too. Don't say unnecessary things.
So, what do you say? Do you wish to enter it or not?
Does it even matter? Of course I want to go into it if you don't mind...
Okay... I accept.
Let's go to the Dive Shop tomorrow. I'm excited about it.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This last one is an out-of-order late addition I decided to include, it's actually like a level 4 topic.


...Are you talking about what Luca said to you in the Infelsphere?
"You don't make any effort or struggle to live today. You just live a happy life."
Do people really think so?
...I can't completely deny that.
As long as you are the Maiden, your life is guaranteed.
But, again, they only know about the good side of your life style.
Luca wasn't an exception in that respect. That's why she said that harsh thing to you.
So, if she gets to know about the other side of you, she'll understand you more.
...It sounds hard, but it seems to be the only way, huh.
She will like you if she knows you more.