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Part 94: Cloche on Others

Cloche's Talk Topics: On Others

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
These are all some examples of Cloche talking about others. I do have a few of Cloche on Croix or Luca in here, but I'm going to leave the majority of those for their own updates.

No Partner?:

Why don't you work with a Reyvateil?
...Is it because you have some kind of perversion and they're all avoiding you?
I don't know what you think of me as, but that's not the case.
Then why? Are you immune to girls?
Or, can you only function in the presence of a young girl, like Cocona?
...Before we talk about a partner, why don't we talk about this misunderstanding you have about me?


Excuse me?
Luca. She said you were her fiancé?
Ah. I'm not sure, actually.
I think that rumor originated from when she mentioned me to someone earlier.
It was somehow over-exaggerated as the info was passed around.
...You look happy about it.
Eh? Not really...
Are you sure?
Whatever. Don't daydream of her too much and lose focus on your duties.

Sasha #1:

What about her?
Is she always working at the shop?
Every time I'm there, she's always there, too.
Are you a regular customer of hers?
It may look old, but they have a pretty good collection of merchandise.
I see... she's a hard worker.
Yeah, but I've never seen her not working. I'm a little worried.
Also, I've never seen a shop clerk there except for her.
What about her family?
I don't know much about that. I don't talk to her much even when I'm there.
Let's go to her shop sometime soon. I'm worried for her.
...Did you like the shop that much?
I just like Sasha.
(She's being pretty sincere right now for some reason...)

Any Normal Friends?:

Don't you think so?
Like your old friend who does Dive Therapy and the other friend from the Sacred Army.
Ah, you mean Luca and Targana.
When I first met them, they weren't a therapist or a Sacred Army soldier.
I'm not talking about that!
I'm saying, don't you have any normal acquaintances?
...Probably not.
...Why don't you widen your social circle?

Medicine With A Skull Sign:

Apparently. But, I think it actually is a normal store.
...Didn't you look at what she was selling at her shop?
Eh? Was there anything unusual?
On the second shelf from the top...
...There was a jar of medicine with a skull-and-bones label on it.
...Doesn't that mean poison?
It didn't look like cold medicine in any case.
Such a shop as that selling dangerous medicine is inexcusable.
You mean, you wanna take action against her?
...First, wait and see for a while.
Her medicine has been helpful for us, and...
...That shop keeper seems to be hiding her true nature. We should be cautious if we come up against her.

Do You Like Cocona?:

She's my Gergo friend.
Does Cocona really like Gergo so much?
You don't understand.
You don't even know Gergo. How can you understand it?
Eh... are you angry?
How dare you use her Gergorilla tooth brush? I can't believe that!
If I had been there and caught you using it, I would have slain you on the spot.
...Is my life... less important than a tooth brush?
Do you really want me to answer that?
Actually no. I know what the answer would be...

Which One Do You Like?:

Okay, go ahead.
An immediate "okay"?
I've been the Maiden for years, I'm already used to any questions.
I'm pretty sure I can answer most questions in a graceful manner.
All right, then.
Which one do you like better? The Fancy Shop or Sasha General Store?
Ah, that's...
...Ah, I'm sorry. It was too mean of a question.
Actually, I think I like the General Store better... but the Fancy Shop is nice, too.
Aghh, but I'll feel bad for Sasha if I choose the latter...
But, I'll feel guilty if I chose the former just out of mercy. Ahh, well...
I'm sorry, it was too cruel of me.

Cloche's Bodyguards #1:

Yeah, but I honestly didn't expect there would be so many.
Well, seeing as how they're really your fan club, that's not bad.
Besides, when we're in danger, they might help us.
...Yeah, I guess...
Nonetheless, I'm kind of having a bad feeling about it...

Sasha is Inexperienced:

...I thought you were more shocked or disappointed.
What you said was worse than Cocona's revelation.
...Yeah, you are right.
In any case, isn't she a little bit too uneducated?
She sure seems to not know anything other than about her shop.
I'll tell her she should go out a little more often, if you like.
Don't do unnecessary things.
You just let me take care of her, okay?
Yes, Lady Cloche.
(Seems like she's really taken a liking to Sasha...)

Jacqli's Your Type?:

Really? I don't think so.
That's a lie. I know you come to see her every night.
I guess you're right. I've been seeing her every night recently.
I, I'm sorry.
Oh, you shouldn't be sorry.
She's just joined us. You are supposed to be friendly to her.
Or, she'll feel isolated.
Really? Well, if you say so.
(...She's glaring at me.)

Controversial Remarks:

Yes, it can be horrifying, like her story about the world she terminated by messing with the crystal...
Well, to begin with, I'd like to know why she knows those stories...
Actually, none of us really knows much about her past.
...But anyway, she is more than just an evil girl...
Yeah, she's more an unfriendly delinquent girl.
Precisely. She may be a little intimidating sometimes, but she's very helpful, so let's bear with it.

So Sad:

...Do you really think so?
Why don't you run the Weapon Shop with her?
(Damn, I have to change the subject.)
Well... what about you, Lady Cloche?
I'm not going to be a shop keeper.
I mean, didn't you have anyone you wanted to say goodbye to?
I'm worried about Sasha...
Oh, you didn't talk to her yet?
I should tell her I won't be able to see her for a while, but she has to be a good girl.
...I don't think you need to worry about that.

Jacqli's Your Type #2:

Really? I just visited her room to talk at night...
I said you go to see her too often!
You just go to talk with her every single night!
First of all, it is not appropriate for a man and a woman to spend time together in one room at night.
That means it is inappropriate that we are seeing each other right now.
I'm an exception.
What a...
...Anyway, I think it is not a bad thing that you are so friendly to her.
But, you shouldn't neglect me.
...I'm sorry, Lady Cloche.
If you don't mind, could you please spend a longer time than usual to talk to me?
...As long as you'll come to see me tomorrow night, too.