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Part 95: Cloche on Luca

Talk Topics: Cloche on Luca


...Does she like stuffed animals?
No, "What?" I want to know if she does or does not.
Ahhh... I'm not sure.
I haven't seen her for a while, so I don't know.
But I guess she's a girl, so I think she likes stuffed animals.
Is that so...
Why did you ask?
No reason. That's fine. Forget that.

You're So Strong...:

...If I have to walk more than 30 minutes, it's too far away.
I see...
Luca said, walking for 4 hours was not that long, right?
I thought, at that time, it was not right to judge if a distance is too long by using my own sense of distance.
...I see...
I thought of the same thing, actually.
She said she would walk that distance sometimes.
She is pretty tough, unlike her appearance.
She wasn't that tough before.

Luca's Cooking:

...Actually not even once.
...I see.
What about it?
That is why you are alive until now.
...I wish I could protect her, but I can't.

Can't Believe It!:

Of course I did. I couldn't believe it.
It sure was unbelievable.
How can she keep her books in those piles without putting them on a bookshelf?
And she even pushed those heaps of books toward the book shelf. It sure was impossible.
Of course! She can't even organize books!
Well, I guess it's understandable because it was Luca's world.
That's kind of harsh...

Already Made Up?:

Well, if you haven't fought, you don't need to reconcile in the first place.
...If it was a while ago, I would have been in a huge fight.
...What a terrible thing to say.
But that's a fact.
To be honest. I'm surprised that Luca forgave me so easily.
That was because she came to understand you were caring about us.
We are glad about that.
I wish I had a place full of memories of my childhood.

Feinne's Shouts From the Fourth Wall:
This one has been sort of short, I'll admit, I'll try to make up for it in the next one.